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Because my brain will not concentrate today it veered into possible getting wheels of my own that is not a bicycle. I've been using the Zagster bikeshare here, but my knees apparently hate me and ache when I've been cycling anything over gear 5 and uphill or even just level ground. I don't know if it's possible for knees to build strength? Do they? Maybe I just need to keep at it and they will stop complaining like little mofos eventually?

But of course bicycles can only take you so far, and I have anxieties surrounding driving, so I looked into motorcycling classes, and turns out that there is a course serving Riverside where people learn how to ride and it's accredited so getting a California motorcycling license is possible, too. Even when I was a teenager I wanted to ride a motorbike over driving a car (even as I dutifully went for driving lessons, which were mostly fine, until a panic attack during my driving exam, and then a little after almost running over my own dog, and then a growing fear of accidentally dying in a box).

I however can barely fathom spending hundreds of dollars the way any vehicle would demand of a person, especially on a irregular basis for maintenance and gas.

I asked my sewing teacher about her bike riding experience (she rode a motorbike for like 30 years, and was part of an older-lady biker gang) but she hasn't ridden in some ten years. She still had some recommendations for me. I looked up used motorbikes on Craigslist and most Honda Rebels seem to be from ten years ago, ranging in the $1500 - $3000 range. I think I might be able to handle that? But then, one doesn't appear to take up motorbiking here in the States to save money.

Still, the thought of having motorized wheels that could get me from city to city, something I could do road trips with, is very tempting. If I snag a job for the fall, I'll definitely look into getting lessons, and see from there. There's an accredited training course, which looks cool (and there's a mix of men and women among the instructors) and affordable. It all seems very convoluted to my public-transit-loving brain, but maybe I can do it?
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Yesterday after a long day of doing nothing and feeling terrible about it, I went to check out the University Village free concerts. I'd wanted to sit upstairs on the balcony overlooking the concert, but a security guard told me I couldn't, new management, so sorry, bla bla bla.

I did a lot of paperwork today. I scanned and printed (using the Sproul Hall printers for the first time ever) and sent my OPT application forms off to the international student center so they can nod and approve of it and tell me that yes, I can send it off to immigration.

Lindsay came to get me and we went for lunch at Best Thai. Been a while since I ate there. We then went to look for dessert- she wanted boba tea, and I wanted something sugar-free. Turns out that the store her students had recommended her and the store we Googled for sugar-free desserts were in the same plaza, conveniently.

The dessert place is called The Thinnery, and it bills itself as a sugar-free bakery, specifically for diabetics, and folks with heart conditions, weight watchers and just plain ol' folks watching their sugar, I guess. There was only one man working there--the only one left of his family doing the business (out of 31 years!) and he'd been cleaned out earlier, so I had to wait a bit to get the chocolate mousse brownie I wanted. It was very good. There were also sugar-free cookies, and I got those too (which also turned out to be very good). And a heat-damaged box of chocolates for half-price so I ganked that too.

Lindsay and I decided to go to Ontario Mills for some shopping. I'd been thinking about how most of my clothes fit but not well. I'd been staying away from close-sitting clothing for years because I have weird body issues (also because grad school left me with no energy to care about my appearance beyond professional), but these days I kind of crave short shorts, close fitting, with pockets, things I can wear to go for my long walks with.

We went to Uniqlo first, and I ended up with two pairs of gym shorts, a pair of dressier shorts that almost matched the one I wore into the store except one size down, a long skirt with POCKETS, and a bra. Not shabby. We also stopped by a store with the CUTEST makeup brushes and I just... couldn't... not buy a set. I don't even use makeup that often, but I really want to? I shall make an attempt. Of course I say that every couple of years...

We spent a LONG time in that mall.

I wanted to go swimming, but there were just too many people in the poo, and my period is still going, so I'm going to try tomorrow. But I also decided to try organizing my makeup basket. I think I have been successful but it also means I have to organize, like, everything else around it. I'm now sneezing because I've been touching things that have not been handled in a long time. I had to throw out a bunch of things, like a foundation that was the only really waterproof stuff I'd found, super useful when I did a lot of water shoots around Halifax. But now it just looks weird and ashy on me, so it needed to go. I should test a bunch of the eyeshadow too, though, but my face feels raw from all that testing the foundation and washing it off and raw so I don't feel like it.

Lindsay also remarked on how visible the weight I've lost is. I hadn't really been paying attention to it, since I'm more focused on learning to just eat less and get more movement in. Ideally I'd also be working towards a more toned body but my metabolism and lifestyle and general genetics do not incline my body that way, so oh well. But it got me wondering about how much I've lost since I started the diet and exercise thing in May. So I started pulling out things to wear that I haven't in a long time because the last time I tried, they were really uncomfortable to wear, or I couldn't button it up, or something.

Turns out it's enough that I can fit a BUNCH of old things I thought I'd have to give away. A Lip Service goth jacket I haven't worn in five years can now be buttoned up. It's still suuuuuper snug, especially on the upper arms (because goths always have thin arms I guess) but I can squish most of myself in now. I'm really impressed. My favourite gray skirt which had been too tight for a couple of years now sits comfortably around my waist again, which is really nice. Who knows what else I'll achieve. Hopefully not the need to buy a new wardrobe, though. There are still things I'd like to give away; I'll have things to bring to next WisCon's clothing swap.
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So I did my 12 laps yesterday which was good--I almost felt ready for 15 laps, but I think I'll save that for next week because my arm muscles were starting to burn and I don't need them to hurt.

But on this day, there was a couple in the pool. In previous pool business there were a couple of kids in the pool. And I wouldn't care, whatever, it's a pool, it's big, I only need a small bit of it to swim to and fro. And I stick to the same spot as much as possible, and it's pretty obvious I am not moving.

Except for some forsaken reason, these folks do not seem to understand this?? They kept moving into my path, and I have to swim around them. FFS people there's THE REST OF THE FUCKING POOL TO HORSE AROUND IN GET OUT OF MY LANE!!!!!! And this means I have to wait for these idiots to get out of my way before starting my next lap, or swerving, or whatever, because they have no sense of perception that someone else is in the pool, and just, ugh.
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Well, another hot unproductive day. I slept at 1am, but then woke up at 5am, which is pretty horrific. Was too sleepy to function, so I napped after lunch for like three hours.

I did write a poem, though. Not sure where to send it.

A new friend from WisCon was free at 6pm for a writing session, so we did a couple of rounds, which was great, I am two paragraphs up.

I'm re-reading Ruth Frankenberg's White Women, Race Matters which was a seminal work in whiteness studies back in '93, for a definition of whiteness. Out of curiousity, I googled her, and found this obituary of her. She died in 2007, aged 49, which seems a huge loss. I'm thinking to buy a copy of this book, because I think it'll be good for future reference.

Had a schmoopy conversation today. I am allowed schmoopy things.
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Things I did not do:

- work on my dissertation
- finish the OPT application
- clean house
- call the computer repair center to see if they know any smartphone repair centers
- make a doctor's appointment for bloodtest
- fold the laundry

Things I managed to do:

- make an ophthalmologist appointment
- swim 12 laps
- clear my writing desk
- have a difficult FEELINGSTALK conversation about something that's been bugging me
- sweep the patio
- do laundry

I really need to learn how to watch the water filter, though, because I forgot about it while making my appointment and a lot of water spilled over, oops. The bright side of the new water filter is that it filters junk water out, and I use that to water my plants. I think the potatoes are a no-go now, but maybe next planting season!
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At 9-ish, after HAUGHing at the weather, not wanting to go to campus because around lunch I'd have to leave the office to find food, I decided that I would go to Coco's, order a bacon and eggs flatbread, because I know I cannot finish it in one sitting, and just sit there for hours, feebly trying to finish it.

It took me 4 hours to get through the whole thing.

Against my better sense, I also ordered a slice of cheesecake pie. I did not manage to finish it, even after two more hours.

I should have ordered clam chowder instead, and maybe fries. Except I'm not sure the fries would have been any better.

I have ~1000 words for my fourth chapter, many of which was not even written today.

When I left, I left a huge-ass tip because I felt so bad for the wait staff because I was so anxious about my writing I avoided eye contact with them almost the whole time.

I DID want to swim today, and thought I would save it for sunset, because it was still going to be a heinous 33'c in the evening. But I wanted to catch a Pikachu wearing Ash's hat so I did my long walk instead. Maybe tomorrow when S. and I go to UCSD I'll hike down to Black's Beach and go for a swim in the ocean? Or maybe not, and go to the Geisel library and work instead (which I never did last year).

My smartphone is having issues charging itself. I'll plug it in, and it'll charge for some time, but then, arbitrarily, it'll decide to just.... not charge. Like the USB cord is in, it WAS charging, but at some point it just stops. It'll recognize when the USB has been unplugged when I pull it out, but otherwise I can't figure out what's going on with it. I wonder if it has to do with the weather, and it doesn't charge so well in intense temperatures. But my laptop is also taking forever to charge fully, despite these being perfectly decent (and new) wires. I'm not sure what's going on.
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exercise stuff )

food stuff )

water stuff )

Riverside weather is supposed to hit 42'C this weekend, which is FUCKING. HEINOUS. Luckily S. is back in California and up for a trip down to San Diego, and we're going to visit the new Clarion cohort, hang with Nalo, and cook bak kut teh for the potluck! I'd like to go back to Black's Beach sometime, and go swimming naked in the sea again, but maybe some other time. Lisa gets back soon and she's housesitting in Santa Ana, and I might try to join her for a week or so, just to escape the weather here. I'm also considering couch surfing in the Bay Area. Who knows. IDK. I just don't feel very productive here.
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I am scared of your hugs
because they offer the
happy illusion that
I am
possibly precious.
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Have stayed at completely different places in the last three days: Corral Creek Cabins was in the mountains right by Kern River, then Sequoia Riverfront Cabins was a weird place which WAS right by a river, not across the road from one, and its front desk was a general store about a mile away, and now in a beachfront resort in San Simeon. My brother has been driving us a lot. We've been radio-surfing a lot.

Tomorrow we'll head to Santa Cruz, and hit up Monterey on the way, and after a couple of nights in Santa Cruz, we'll go to San Francisco.

I'm really liking the beachfront place. The front office gave us two rooms, one with a view of the ocean downstairs, and one upstairs with a fireplace. And I snagged the downstairs immediately because I wanted to work at a desk with a view of the sea. It's not been working, of course, because I spent most of the evening texting with A instead of working. But hope spring eternal?? We don't have to check out until noon anyway.
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well.... commencement happened, I looked banging, I went #7 in line and stayed the rest of the THREE GODDAMN HOURS HOLY SCHNYKIES

Nalo was there to hood one of my friends, yay!

I hoped to get into the Eaton stacks to get pictures of myself in full regalia with my books in the stacks, but oh well. Some other time, maybe.

My parents are annoying but what else is new. But now they have heard from professors in my department how awesome I am, so yay.

We are going to Joshua Tree and Sequoia National Forest (I think) (some of part that range) and then to Santa Cruz and then to San Francisco.

I have worn makeup twice in three days and my face feels very tired >_>

Gonna bring my computer with me on the off chance that I can keep working on the diss while I'm on the road. Wishes and dreams and stuff.

Gotta decide if I wanna take the 10pm Bolt Bus or an 11pm Greyhound. I guess in the long run it doesn't matter? Gonna go with the cheaper option.
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Besides the text message that made me happy last night, I also found that the grad advisor of my department had sent out a mass-email earlier in the evening congratulation me for Trials by Whiteness (followed by a string of congratulatory emails from others in the department) and that I just got a story acceptance.

I'm gonna cook and clean today, and finish a short story before I bang on the diss again. YL is coming over for dinner so I'm making bak kut teh (which she's never had!! and she clearly needs it!!!).
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I had FOUR things today: a doctor's appointment (which I went too early for; luckily it was a follow-up so I was in and out really quickly); a Committee of Int'l Education meeting; an SSFAC meeting, and a GSA Exec Board meeting. All of which were last meetings of the quarter. I skipped on the CIE meeting because I had to make a decision that would carry me through the day, considering that I'm still REALLY TIRED from WisCon. Lisa was still around so we had lunch, too.

And of course I got very little work done today. I started a worksheet for the Brill anthology, and collated bios. But there are things I can't do like give updates on external reviewers and BLARGH.

Tomorrow gonna try to hike with a heavy backpack.
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What the hell has been going on lately? Feels like every other friend I've encountered online and off has been struck by depression, all at once. I've been hella depressed too, and it's a fucking miracle to be able to write just a measly 400 words a fucking day. I can't get out of bed earlier than 10am, I get to campus around noon, and I stay until maybe 6pm, come home, eat, and then I have no idea what happens to my brain.

I've taken to sleep aid pills, which IDK, I don't think I've had this problem with the liquid version? I'll go back to the liquid version and see if that's any different. But really, shit like ZZZquil is meant for occasional use, not regular use. Blargh. And then there's the fact that I can sleep 8 hours and still wake up feeling under-rested and like hot garbage. I'm going to the fucking doctor. It's time for my yearly physical anyway. I just feel terrified because I've been devouring so much shitty food I'm pretty sure I'm pre-diabetic
by now =(

I thought I finished editing my first chapter, but now that I think about it, after having sent it off, it's not really done and needs a concluding paragraph that pulls the argument together. Argh. I'm gonna try to look it over again tomorrow and see what I can do. They said the editing stage was easier, it was the first draft that was the hardest, but I think that's a god damn fucking lie!

I'm trying to walk more too, for Pokemon Go, but ugh, IDK, IDK.
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In an effort to manage my attention, I have:

- logged out of Facebook and Tumblr on my working laptop
- deleted Facebook and Twitter from my cellphone

So the only way I can get to Facebook and Tumblr is from my main computer. I can't handle scrolling FB on my phone because everything is out of order so I don't have a sense of when I stop, especially with non-stop scrolling.

But I'm still stuck on Strange Magic so I should probably also log out of Youtube on my work laptop too.

In general trying to manage my temptations have not actually worked in keeping me working, because something else always comes up.

Today I had to see a friend off to the hospital after spending hours helping her manage her developing anxiety disorder, so.... here's hoping this is one more thing off my chest. (Yes it distracted me but I think not helping her would not have been good for me either.)

Still, a bit a day! Just a bit a day. I can do this.
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I'm too lazy to start an AO3 account, but yay new fandom! And new fanfic! I mean, I've always used DW for fanfic? IDK, I doubt any of you are subscribing to this junk for fanfic. But still! I'm super late to the fandom which has been going strong since 2015 on Tumblr, so lots of very nice fanart. It's also a great movie.

Title: "Coronation"
Fandom: Strange Magic
Status: Finished one-shot

Inspired by some nifty fanart )
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I fell into the Youtube rabbithole last night and encountered this horrifically ridiculous earwormy video clip from a movie I'd never even heard of before, but which appears to be recent. Which meant I had to read up and watch all clips related to it. After trying to find it on Netflix streaming (which it is NOT, btw; it's DVD only), I poneyed up $4 to stream it on Youtube. I have to say.... that trailer really does not give this plot away.

I can see why people hated the movie. It got a lot of bad reviews, it was called unimaginative, the graphics are supposedly good but the story is supposedly terrible.

None of these reviews matter, because they are all wrong, and they remind me very much of the vitriol Jupiter Ascending got--beautiful visually, but bad story. When in fact there's nothing wrong with the story, really, aside from some minor editing issues. Same deal with Strange Magic. In fact, I have to say, it's actually REALLY refreshing, both in its humour (which works on several levels: worldbuilding, meta-knowledge, comedic beats, and genuinely quirky characters), and the way it uses tropes (beauty and the beast, but where the beast doesn't change! beauty who isn't exactly valued by the antagonist for her beauty! nagging parents! sisters! BFFs who fall in love! grumpy people who have been burned falling for each other! the villain becomes the love interest! it saves us a lot of time trying to justifying our ships by making them canon in the first place). I also love how the binary of Fairy Kingdom vs. Dark Forest isn't a versus so much as it presented as two sides of a whole, and the fairy princess learns to appreciate the Dark Forest, which she has an initially very bad experience with.

DID I MENTION THAT IT'S A JUKEBOX MUSICAL? And that the songs, which play at seemingly random times, ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE SCENE/CHARACTERS? There are DUETS that demonstrate the relationships/connections between the characters singing! SUGAR PIE HONEY BUUUUNNNNCCCHHHH!

The ultimate moral lesson of the film--that love is built on common ground and good chemistry, not on infatuation with the other person's looks (and that you don't get rewarded with love for doing certain things)--is possibly a bit too subtle, but I REALLY love the alternative masculinity presented in this film, contrasted against the toxic masculinity of the antagonist, who manages to pass as a good guy to most of the people within the film through manipulation. Get you a man who: can sing; has a DAD LOOK; knows how to be gentle; is given consequences when he does stupid things like lock away the fairy who made him the love potion he requested without giving her a chance to explain how he fucked up; learns from his mistakes. I know it's kind of a low bar but I was kind of impressed he remembered that he has to rescue his mother.

There are a couple of moments re: expectations which are also surprising to me, worked in as jokes, but somehow are also taken seriously that yes, this is a thing in this universe! it's not just a joke this is real life for them! It's all weirdly heteronormative, but I feel there are some characters you could imagine to be queer, and one character who I think reads as asexual.

I've already read complaints that there were too many subplots, but everyone's plans and arcs weave together really well. Marianne and Bog King's romance doesn't work without Sunny's crush on Dawn which doesn't get acted on without Roland's power hungry attempt to get Marianne. Most of the side characters are also delightful: Griselda as the Bog King's nagging mom who keeps trying to set him up; the Sugar Plum Fairy is HILARIOUS; Stuff and Thang as the incompetent lackeys. They add something to the script, and the script might have been poorer without them. (Although, I'm... still kind of shocked at the role the pixies play in helping Marianne train. Like, oh my god, is she really... batting at them... with her sword???)

There are a few things that I thought could have been improved on, such as the Sameface Syndrome that it has going on, but I still think there are some very slight differences between Marianne and Dawn's facial structure. They also missed the opportunity to make Marianne a truly plain girl, which would make Roland's philandering more plausible. The use of the kaleidoscope effects at the end are also pretty hideous, even though I KNOW, theoretically, it's supposed to refer to the fact that butterflies are referred to sa a kaleidoscope of butterflies. The voiceacting was a little off at times--Alan Cumming has this weird brogue slipped sometimes, and a couple of the characters have a couple of moments where they sound weirdly British. Still, the animation was quite top-notch--OH GOD THE WINGFIC! And how WELL DONE the WINGFIC!--and the body language of the characters was really great--at some point I said out loud, "well they're gonna have fairytale sex tonight."

My point is, Strange Magic is REALLY FUCKING GIRLY, and I suspect that reviewers panned it because, like Jupiter Ascending, Strange Magic is REALLY GIRLY and some people hate GIRLY FUN. George Lucas conceived of it as something for 12-yo girls to match Star Wars, but honestly, I think it's a VERY ADULT movie, like it's family-friendly in the way that there's humour and layers specifically for adults. And so much of the male characters' masculinity is in service or subordinate to the women of the film (like, gosh, while there isn't exactly gender parity, it's still more speaking female characters than the average film), and the one white-looking dude in the film is the antagonist who never gets a redemption arc. WHICH IS SO GREAT. So the only way you could pan this movie is if you missed or refused to acknowledge the ways it DOESN'T cleave to cishet bro sensibilities.

Anyways, someone tell me they also saw Strange Magic, because I don't want to suffer this earworm alone.
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Busy busy week!

- Sunday: last minute went with a friend to the Anza-Borrego Desert to check out the superbloom there. I had suggested leaving at 6, getting there at 8, returning at 10, before the highway traffic set in. But it's too early for him, so we moved it back 2 hours. What happened was we left at 8, got there at 10.30, got back on the road around 12.30, and got home around 4 or so. There was a LONG time spent on a SINGLE road that was jammed up.

- Monday spent working on a cover letter. YL is having a difficult time so been doing a lot of emotional labour there.

- Tuesday I led a couple of events for the Grad Day of Action. Turns out "Courtyard outside the Physics Hall" gets read as "meet in the Physics Hall" *rolls eyes* So only one person showed up for the lunch in the courtyard, and another one for the hike into the Gardens. But the Gardens are beautiful right now, so I can't complain. Hung out the rest of the time with other grads in the Grad Lounge.

- Wednesday, had a very brief SSFAC meeting! And then did the SFRG, and went out to dinner with Lindsay and Eun-Joo. My Clarion classmate, Alan, got in around 10pm :D

- Thursday, Alan visited! We wandered the campus first thing in the morning, then I left him in the Creative Writing department. He came by mid-afternoon, so we went to the Eaton Collection to check out some stuff, like an artbook of Flatland, the original edition of Ted Chiang's STORIES OF YOUR LIFE, the original hardcover of Ellen Kushner's SWORDSPOINT.

We had dinner at Tio's, and at night, I found I had to walk back to campus so I could get the file for the final exam I'm giving students.

Right now, I'm staring at a giant pile of final essays to grade, feeling super thankful I made them go through a gamut of three workshops (much of this pile = previous drafts that I made them attach). They're feeling pretty good about this final essay, confident about the final exam, and I'm going to miss a bunch of them.

Losses of teaching this class:
- Sank in a LOT of energy talking to students that took away from writing my dissertation
- Felt woefully under-prepped most of the time to teach some of the more theoretical texts, like there were problems I feel I should have anticipated #impostersyndrome
- Still can't save some students. A student emailed me at 1am, 6 hours before the essay was due, being apologetic for not coming to workshop and asking to hand in his essay on Saturday. SATURRDAY? I assigned this essay A MONTH AGO to give you ample time to prep, PLUS had three workshops for each stage of writing! Maybe if you weren't gallivanting off to LA two hours away half the quarter you'd be doing better work. I understand some folks gotta hustle, but come on.
- I thought I was a morning person, but apparently teaching at 7am is way too morning for me.

Wins in teaching this class:
- Watching the Engineering students glow as they talked about going through Special Collection archives and handling papers directly about the founding of their college
- Freshman student going from strength to strength with each essay, and being able to teach her directly some database tricks
- One of my students may have scored an internship with a professor to help with linguistics research (his major) as a result of the final essay project.

Not bad for a class I was recommended for simply because I was out of a job.
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Apparently people don't remember blog carnivals were a thing =(
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Students' Outline Workshop had a brief hitch in the beginning as the students couldn't remember which groups they were in (because for some reason checking on ilearn for their groups doesn't seem to occur to them) and one student moved from one side of the class to the other only to find that her group had moved to her side of the class. A couple of students who had been in business are changing their majors so they moved groups too.

I gave them a sheet with instructions (things like, take turns introducing yourselves, your topics and your arguments), opened by introducing to them what the concept of "active listening" means, and let them have at it. They could do the thing where they take turns talking about their outlines and their current problems with it, or exchange outlines (passing outlines one direction, so everyone gets a shot at looking at it). That way they're exchanging ideas and making suggestions as thoroughly as they can.

As usual, there's a range of finished outlines and unfinished outlines, so I had prepped some questions they could ask each other, depending on how done the outline is.

One group was the general social science group, and I think only two students had the same major, and they told me how interesting it was to listen to everyone else's major. There was a group of psych students, having spirited debate on their various topics. The engineering students were diligently passing their laptops and outlines to their right, and the bio group were split between people talking more (because they had unfinished outlines) versus people very quietly going over outlines. And there was a group of Humanities (English and Creative Writing) who were slightly awkward but visibly very earnestly discussing their majors.

For Wednesday I have them bringing in their past essays and reflecting on things they need to keep and improve for this essay, which will hopefully keep them informed on what to do for the paper (which they'll inevitably write on Thursday). On Friday they have to have a full first draft by then, and they'll be doing a workshop on essay structures next. I'll prep another worksheet for them to think through.

When I teach this class again, I'll have all these materials again and I think I'll definitely re-use them, because they seem to work out really well. I feel I can focus on my own work a lot better right now because of it.

Anyway I downloaded Nanaca Crash yesterday and there was no work done on my dissertation as a result. Whoops.
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Today I did manage to get up at 5.30am with Alarmy... it's am alarm app which forces you to do a thing in order for you to turn it off. Options include doing math problems. I chose an option where I would have to get up, turn on the light, stumble to my closet, and take a picture of my organizer. And since I'm there, aaaand that's where the underwear is, I might as well keep on going and get dressed.

I have not managed to stay awake despite this exercise, of course. This morning I got as far as washing up and getting dressed, doing some exercise (sets of 10, squats, push-ups from the knee, crunches, Russian crunches; it hurt), getting breakfast and morning drink, while checking the Internet, and afterwards, around 7am, I went back to bed and got up around 8.30. Well... baby steps, I guess. Tomorrow I'll see a friend for the first time in almost five years, so once I have done morning libations, I'll hie to the nearby Starbucks, do some reading, and refill my Pokemon bag, until he gets to Riverside. I also need to get books for the class I'm teaching this quarter?

Which brings me to the productive things I have done in the new year: I have drafted a syllabus that actually looks rather good (I think). It has some holes in it, because I don't actually know what the text I'm supposed to teach is. We're supposed to get a list of books and pick one, and the St. Martin's Guide to Writing, and we get to choose exercises from that book. The essays escalate from 2 - 3 pages to a 6 pager, although I wonder if the final project might be too much (I'm teaching them how to do an annotated bibliography, and I would like at least three items in the Works Cited page).

The class is Intermediate Composition. It is part of a remedial freshman series to equip students with the writing skills needed at university level. The first course, they're apparently still learning how to put sentences together into paragraphs. The third course is critical thinking. This leaves the second course as a bridge between the two, where the students move from personal writing to more public writing "for multicultural contexts" which is kind of a meaningless description. I do know they have to write at least four essays, so I'm teaching them, basically, how to write about media, and how to read and edit. And cite. You can never teach kids how to cite too early. I'm pondering a library visit, but... the class is at 7am. I'm pretty sure the library only opens at 8am.

(The class at 7am is because the Chancellor has decided to aggressively expand the university and up enrollment without considering whether we have the actual capacity for it. We don't. That's why there are now 7am classes. I have a MWF schedule, which I don't mind, but all at 7am. I am not sure why I volunteered to teach at heinous o'clock.)

I'm wondering if I need to email the professor who's supposed to oversee us... apparently we get very little supervision, but IDK.

Today, rather than faff over my syllabus, I decided to submit some stuff. I was originally only going to do one, but in the end I've sent out four submissions.

Sometime this week, while I have brainspace, I'm going to get Interfolio and my Vitae account into order.

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