New Shoes!

Mar. 3rd, 2013 11:57 pm
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I bought new shoes today! Fontaine offered to take me shoe shopping and we kept putting it off. We were even thinking about it yesterday but we just couldn't go. (I was trying to catch up on sleep and then had a spell of nasty sleep paralysis.)

(Even so, the weekend has gone well; I went to campus to do some grading, and I'm well on schedule. I'm behind on reading for my feminist theory course but oh well. Once I'm done this round of mid-terms I'll catch up on all my exegeses. And yesterday I even got to do some reading outdoors, since it was so nice out! My daffodils are growing! They're blooming! I have six of them outside right now. The garlic bulbs I carelessly buried a while ago are shooting as well, and the parsley is getting aggressively large! The basil and aloe vera and hibiscus, alas, are not doing so well, but I bought some fertilizer for them so we'll see whether I can kick-start them back to life.)

We went to Tyler Galleria Mall and did a full round of all the shoe shops. We stopped by Skechers first... I saw some really cool shoes, in this crazy set of colours! We carried on because I didn't want to commit quite yet, and she'd never been to Build-A-Bear before, and there was one right next door. So yeah, besides looking at shoes, we did stop in a couple other places. Like a dog shop! PUPPIES FOR SALE! Aw, I really want a dog now. Apparently the first weekend of every month is National Adoption Day at PetCo, so I'm going next weekend.

After doing a whole round, I settled on a nice pair of gray suede shoes from Stephens, very classy, although I think I picked them a bit on the tight side, but then, when am I going to a very cold place anytime soon? Even then, I still have my winter boots.

I took FOREVER with this trip. Fontaine came to pick me up at 1, and we were done shopping really around 5pm. I've become really picky with my shoes: their design, the quality of the material, the durability and the flexibility. It's strange because I have several other pairs of fancy shoes (mostly from Malaysia). However, when it comes to my everyday shoes, Serious Hat On!

We went back to Skechers and after much hemming and hawing, I let the beautiful colourful pair go in favour of the slightly cheaper cotton-candy-green pair, which also incidentally happens to be lined with memory foam, so it feels like I'm walking on therapeutic mud. It's kind of amazing.

I also picked out a pair of sensible brown shoes to alternate with the other sensible shoes. That way, they'll last longer. They looked kinda dumb on me without socks, but with socks they look very nice! Which reminds me, I should have bought socks when I was at Payless. Oh well. My long-time socks, many of which are just.... old, like, some six or seven years old now! are giving way. I keep wondering if there's a way to salvage them, or re-use the bits of them which isn't gone. Maybe I can use them in the garden or something? Use to make pulp paper? That might be an interesting project. And then there are these other things to do with old socks. DOGGIE SWEATER OMG.

My black leathers, so beautifully fixed on the sides! But the sole is all worn down in the heel. I'm going to attempt to have that fixed as well. My running shoes which I bought way back in '09, too, have gotten worn in the toe area.... but not anywhere else! So maybe they are still salvageable. I'll take them to the shoe repair store and we'll see. I'm loathe to throw away such nice, expensive shoes, just on account of a couple of tiny holes.

We finished the trip with a stop at Cheesecake Factory, and nommed. Then she dropped me off home, and I cooked dinner. I also cooked lunches for this coming week: a mess of rice, couscous, a can of creamy potato soup, garlic salt, soy sauce, pepper, corned beef, and all my left over cheese. I also made lamb curry with the lamb shank pieces I got from the halal grocery store.

I feel somewhat more prepped, mentally, for the coming week. We'll see how well my appointment with the counsellor goes. I THINK it's this week, anyway.
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So, last Thursday, picked up my passport first thing in the morning, then my dad hustled me over to the US embassy for me to get my interview done. After two hours and being shunted from table to table (well, three stations: one to drop off the documents, another for fingerprinting, and then finally the actual "interview"), I was done and going home. I initially had my pickup location set for Petaling Jaya, since I thought it'd be closer, but turns out, you can get a next-day pick-up if you pick it up from the KL Wisma MCA US visa collection center. And you ARE allowed to change your visa delivery method within the same day. So I gave that a try.

So now I have a new passport with a new Chinese visa and a new US visa, all within one and a half weeks! ^_^ Very happy with how that turned out.

Wilma went to Melaka for a few days, leaving me my own room for a bit. Today she's bunking in with Kat, who came up from Singapore and is joining us for a trip to Penang. Tomorrow, Tuesday and we'll come back Wednesday.

The proofs for my Steampunk: Revolution article came back yesterday! I need to have a closer look but I just won't have the time >< Good thing Malaysia's ahead of the States?

There has been a lot of shopping and eating and meeting people. There's a fantastic shop in Midvalley, Axxezz, with fabulous hand-made fascinators and hats, very extravagant, very steampunk. The designer is Filipina, living in Malaysia. So I've got her phone number and I'm going to give her a call for an interview, for Silver Goggles. There's also a new Indonesian haute designer line doing a Malaysian launch right now, and we met one of the designers while shopping today. So I'm going to get her contact info too. It'll be nice to be able to highlight local artists on my blog.

Still on the lookout for shorts, skorts and skirts to get, and new shirts too, to replenish my summer wardrobe. Sigh.

OK, tired, need sleep.
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So it has been a horrifying trip thus far. I swear, I swore so much this trip that I've never done before, in front of perfectly nice TSA agents, even.

It started with being marked for a closer security check. I've been told that tickets are marked for closer security checks at random, but somehow, it is ALWAYS. ME. I've NEVER seen anybody else besides me in U.S. airports get "randomly" assigned for these checks. There's a mark on the plane ticket, usually "S". I always forget to check for these. I had the choice of a body scanner or a patdown, so I went for the body scanner. This time, I noticed one other woman selected for the scan; I'm pretty sure we were picked before we're both not white.

So there was a delayed flight between Pearson and LA, and I arrived in LA way late, with only 45 minutes to spare in between flights. So I had to run, and ask how to get from one terminal to another. People, LAX has a BUS SYSTEM. Where the BUSES serving the TERMINALS are at the mercy of GENERAL TRAFFIC OUTSIDE. Aside from walking, I cannot think of a worse system. I did manage to get in with maybe 20 or 30 minutes to spare, oh, but guess what? ANOTHER BODY CHECK! I looked at the clock and back at the dude checking my ticket, and asked, "I'm not gonna make this flight, am I?" and he was like ".... no." And I just went "FUCK!"

This time I had no choice but a patdown, just a choice of private versus public. Then I ran and ran to the plane. Managed to catch it, and arrived in San Jose like, 15 minutes after Ay-Leen did. Unfortunately, she thought I got there earlier? So she was already in the hotel XD Since I was on the phone already, while she was at the front desk, she managed to check in.

I hung out to wait for my baggage, and of course it didn't show. But as it turns out, not because it didn't make it to the plane in time! Oh no, the handlers at LAX sent it to baggage claim instead of forwarding it to the other terminal! (I am currently writing this post while sitting in thermal underwear, which is still awkward.)

Shit, ya'll, this trip is expensive. $15 the minimum taxi fare? Fuck me. When I got to the hotel, I then had to wait SEVERAL MINUTES for some folks in front of me to be done at the two open front desks, and I noticed another line building for the other desk and I thought, the first desk that opens up is MINE. If the other people try to go first, I am going to snarl in their face. But the other desk from where I was opened up first and the dude called me over, and he'd been expecting me since he was the one who checked Ay-Leen in.

Internet is $9.95 a day, the cheapest rate for wireless. But I need to at least tell some folks why I'm AWOL since I'm... not used to it. Also, I need to watch My Beautiful Laundrette and today's the freest day for me to do so. So I better get it done. Sigh.
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I bought Apex Magazine #15 and #16! BECAUSE I COULD. Also because a) they're edited by Cat Valente, b) #15 has Theodora Goss and Jeff Vandermeer, and c) #16 has a poem by Shweta Narayan! And then I went on to buy the Apex Book of World SF. BECAUSE I COULD. In ePub format, even! I paid by PayPal and then loaded them manually onto the Kobo. Now to see how they show up.

WEIRDLY, yesterday I searched for Jeannie Lin's Taming of Mei Lin, and tonight I tried to buy it, but I had credit card issues (I suspect it has to do with my third-world credit card). Now, it's not even showing up on the store! I also searched for Maurice Broaddus' King Maker and that's not showing up either (even though I found it last night, evidenced by my picspam). What's going on here!

ETA: I thought it was my credit card, but turns out it's not, because I bought The Dragon and the Stars Anthology.

I re-searched for Jeannie Lin's Taming, and got it!

Yay me!
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Yesterday, I hung out with people! NaNoWriMo people! Chet (as usual; we've met every year for the past four years or so?), Pat (@geminianeyes, [ profile] mistressnaoko, who I've known since 2003, re-introduced by [ profile] divabat?, and then met each other again on NaNo, and then @aprilyim tried to re-introduce us but we already knew each other), as well as someone I had no prior acquaintance with. We talked for HOURS. My brother called me several times and I didn't hear it each time. I feel bad about that. I got thirsty and still kept talking to these wonderful women.

My brother came for me around 3.30, and we went to get his friend. When I got home, I crashed into bed SO HARD. He woke me up at 5.30 so we could go for dinner at Carnivale, which is purportedly a Brazilian style restaurant where people bring meat over to you.

Then, because my brother wanted to check out hand lotions (WTF?) we went to Sunway Pyramid. I shall take some pictures for you all to witness this monstrosity at some point.

While there, I got Baskin Robbins ice-cream (chocolate mousse royale) and harangued my brother to take me to a DVD store. Found a treasure trove selling anime, a range of Chinese and Japanese movies, as well as some Hollywood. ([ profile] dump, I tried looking for stuff that seemed steampunk-themed, but alas... they didn't even have K-20!) No Lady General Hua Mulan, though. I was disappointed at the lack of Shaw Brothers movies. I bought the following, or rather, I made my brother buy the following:

- A new Gibhli set (including Howl's, Earthsea, and Ponyo)
- Avatar The Last Airbender (for RM39.90. That's CAD$12 or so.)
- The Heroic Trio AND The Executioners
- The new Mulan movie (I HAVE THE NEW MULAN MOVIE!!! Even if I missed it on the big screen I can still see it)

Also, check this out, the trailer for Kitaro and the Millennium Curse. It's a fantasy movie that came out a couple years back.
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So, after seeing Princess and the Frog, I went to Chapters. I has loot. <3

Marvel 1602
Gail Carriger's Soulless
AND TWO BDB BOOKS! .... yeah, about time I caught up to you guys >_> I never read beyond the first one. I have Lover Eternal and Lover Awakened! I wish they stated where these books are placed in the series, though.
So yeah. Looking forward to digging into them. ^_^


May. 28th, 2009 08:40 pm
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So tonight Alicia and I went shopping. I'd initially only wanted to buy an engraver from Showcase, but we ended up buying stuff elsewhere. I bought some exercise clothes, and have to alter the trouser pants. I also bought a pair of shorts and a top that, together, looks quite steampunk-ish in a 20's noir sort of way. (My steampunk style is a bit made of fail, lol.)

All in all, tonight's haul cost me ~$130.

But DAMN if it doesn't feel good.

ETA: I just hemmed my running pants. Oh yeah. I'm awesome. I should sew more. Of course, I'm not spending time on the Internetz edumacating myself and all when I'm sewing, but there's something especially meditative about sewing.
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So today I felt like I had a social life, what with the waking up and going to lunch.

Let me backtrack.

I had an AWESOME start to the day. Discounting the spring hives, that is.

I made myself a hot chocolate, and my front door faces northeast so the sun shines onto my deck. I brought out a folding chair, plonked it on the deck, propped my feet on the railing, and basked in the sun while drinking my hot chocolate.

I had lunch with [ profile] castusalbuscor, [ profile] lovely_lici and Andria. I've only met Andria thrice, maybe, but in my mind the four of us are the Fab Four already. Diversity rulez! and all that.

We lunched at the Mongolian Grill. Basically, the waiter gives you a bowl, you go up to the foods counter, pick your veggies, meats, noodles and sauces, and the chef weighs it and calculates how much you have to pay before stirfrying it up for you.

This is not an entirely new idea to me. Back in the mid-90s, there was a restaurant near my mum's shop called Deli Q. Like this place, you went up to the buffet and took your own meats. On each table there was a little fryer and you would fry your own foods. (Also, the fryer was kinda hump-shaped, so any juices would pool at the bottom and you could scoop it up and put it in your rice.) The cook-it-yourself concept is also found in steamboat restaurants, where there's a giant pot boiling on a small (usually gas powered) stove. You throw in meats, noodles, veggies and stuff. And after a while, the water becomes fancy-dancy delicious soup. (Sometimes it's not just water, it's a rice gruel. Delicious!)

So it was a bit of an experience having someone else stirfry my meats for me like that, when I'm used to cooking it myself.

However, they do have a wonderful range of sauces, so I'd still recommend the restaurant.

After that I became a total consumer whore and made them follow me to Venus Envy where I FINALLY bought Book Four of Marilyn French's From Eve to Dawn (History of women!) I'm so psyched. I'd intended to go to the 'Chase to finish reading Journalistas but I instead ended up going into La Chateau (made everyone else try on different hats), Sock It To Ya! (bought myself a new pair of tights, as well as Commandos, more on this in a bit!) and Park Lane (Andria had to pee, and then we ended up shopping for clothes, and I bought myself a neat little dress which can be used for everyday wear, and it even has pockets!!).

Then I went home and bummed and now I have a frigging headache, so I'll be skipping the Fetish Ball, although I really don't want to -_-

So, now I will talk about the Commandos Patches I bought.


OK, I haven't tried it yet, but from what I understand, it is a patch you put on the crotch seam of your pants to replace underwear. Made of cotton and adhesive (they're still working on making it completely bio-degradable), it's designed to allow vaginas to breathe better. I think this is a pretty neat idea, so trust me, I'll be testing this out.

Each packet comes with 8 patches, and costs USD $11 (I bought them for CAD$20). They're single-use patches. To be honest, $20 a week seems pretty fucking steep, so I doubt I'll be ditching my underwear anytime soon to wear these on a daily basis. However, through the website testimonials, apparently women use them when they can't wear underwear due to various pelvic, vaginal and pain conditions. (Of course, they also use them for more cosmetic things, like on horse-riding breeches and tights.)

The inventor, Jo Bernard, founded Freedom Clinic, which is dedicated to teaching and supporting "non-violence philosophy, principles and tools". It also includes corporate responsibility and female liberation as part of its vision. A percentage of sales goes towards this. Not bad.

But again, this is definitely an upper-middle-class luxury item. I feel kinda bourgeois just buying it.

Check the website out:
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I'm also recovering from a fever. Normally I wrap myself up, crank up the heat and go to bed to sweat and break the fever, and then I'm okay. I broke the fever last night, I think.

First few days in villages so darn small you can't find them on the map )

A bit about squat toilets )

Hot Springs Awesomeness )

Yang Shuo, and consumer whoredom )

Guilin, and general temperature misery )
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Has anybody gone into La Chateau recently? The one on Spring. Holy CRAP there are a lot of fabulous dresses there! From the lovely stream-lined shorts to the ruffled, to the crinoloine-edged, and fabulous, fabulous sequins. SEQUINS!

I bought myself a fabulous veiled hat with feathers on top for a shoot in Malaysia which may or may not go through, and stopped by Sock It To Ya and saw CASHMERE SOCKS. Except there were no size "S" left, and she won't be bringing them in anytime, since it was a one-shot deal =( Bought myself B+W stockings. I may have to go back and buy more tights. They're pretty.

(Seriously though, shopping for a "harajuku gothic lolita" theme makes me retch on the inside. I better be able to reuse these things.)

Ah well.
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This was part of my conversation with the owner of Fashionably Dead, which is a new store that opened on Blowers St a month or so ago. I stopped in there because --

Wait, rewind to YESTERDAY.

Good times. )

Oh wow.

Oct. 11th, 2008 11:22 pm
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Today, I got my brows done for the first time in a while... I've been having trouble filling in my brows because they'd look overdone and too thick, and I didn't want to go to Sykea again, because I don't really like how my brows turn out after I leave... something about the way my brows look after that bugged me - too thin, a bit too unnatural. Granted, brow-shaping is rarely natural, but still.

So today, I went to Key Lime Pie to get my brows done in preparation for tomorrow and Monday's shoots.

And I LOVE it! I got a funky bump, probably in reaction to something she used, which was like a mosquito bite, but it's gone now, but the bottomline is, my brow is really nicely shaped now, and it looks *gasp* natural!

And it's $10 cheaper than going to Sykea! Yay!

While I'm still talking about making myself look beautiful, I stopped into Shopper's on Spring Garden the other day - holy crap!! The cosmetics section got way bigger and beautiful! They've brought in brands I've never been able to find in Halifax! SMASHBOX! Bare Minerals! OMG! I can tell I'm going to go broke in there someday. I asked about the renovations, and it'll apparently be all done by February. The pharmacy will be upstairs, and there'll be a glass elevator. Geez! Talk about a classy classy drugstore...
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So I woke up at around 10 - no, scratch that, I woke up at 7 and LAY IN BED UNTIL 10 and decided, hey, it's Saturday, it's Farmer's Market time. Let's calculate how much I should spend for the month and go buy groceries!

Rent - $550
Phone - $80
Cell - $30
Electricity - $70

Which calculates up to around $730, and I figured, okay, I have $70 to spend on groceries for the next month. I can totally do that. Right?


I took out $50 for Farmer's Market, and I did manage to spend only $40 of it (I bought pork chops, minute steaks, chicken and fish!).... and proceeded to spend $70 at Pete's Frootique and $80 at Shopper's.

In my defense, the stuff I bought at Pete's are not things I would buy on a regular basis, like every week. And Shopper's was having a "Buy $50+ and get 20x Optimum Points" sale...

... Which is a LOUSY reason to spend $80. The bright side is, I can now redeem $55, and I think I shall do it for J.Lo's Luxe fragrance. I've been using Davidoff's Cool Water for the last few years (not that I wear perfume often... Canada's nice in that it's a very scent-free space, which is nice, but I still do have the urge to spray just a teeny bit to appropriate places) and while it's a pleasant, watery smell, I kinda wanted something a bit more fruity and sweet. After sniffing about six different scents and sharing them with [ profile] castusalbuscor I decided I liked Luxe the best.... with Calvin Klein's Hot Couture coming in a close second. I'd originally gone in looking to try out Paris Hilton's Can Can too, which I read was a fruity scent, but it's a bit too musky, and I find that suffocating.


My fridge is now stocked up, I have replenished supply of stuff I should have, and I also have more food... there're still a few more things I should get, but that can wait until next week.

DVD Booty

Feb. 9th, 2008 03:27 pm
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I was bad today.

It was really just me and Dayna browsing through HMV for movies to do on a SMUDS movie marathon.

Then we noticed DVDs for sale.

And yeah.

My booty consists of:

- My Big Fat Greek Wedding ($4!!!)
- Stalag 17 ($12!!!) (Bought because Stalag 17 is actually the first play put on by SMUDS when it was first officially a society)
- Labyrinth (20th Anniversary goodness...)
- Pan's Labyrinth ($9!!)
- Little Mosque on the Prairie, Season 1 (Because.... wait, why do I need to justify THIS one? LMOP is obviously brilliant!)

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