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well.... commencement happened, I looked banging, I went #7 in line and stayed the rest of the THREE GODDAMN HOURS HOLY SCHNYKIES

Nalo was there to hood one of my friends, yay!

I hoped to get into the Eaton stacks to get pictures of myself in full regalia with my books in the stacks, but oh well. Some other time, maybe.

My parents are annoying but what else is new. But now they have heard from professors in my department how awesome I am, so yay.

We are going to Joshua Tree and Sequoia National Forest (I think) (some of part that range) and then to Santa Cruz and then to San Francisco.

I have worn makeup twice in three days and my face feels very tired >_>

Gonna bring my computer with me on the off chance that I can keep working on the diss while I'm on the road. Wishes and dreams and stuff.

Gotta decide if I wanna take the 10pm Bolt Bus or an 11pm Greyhound. I guess in the long run it doesn't matter? Gonna go with the cheaper option.
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What the hell has been going on lately? Feels like every other friend I've encountered online and off has been struck by depression, all at once. I've been hella depressed too, and it's a fucking miracle to be able to write just a measly 400 words a fucking day. I can't get out of bed earlier than 10am, I get to campus around noon, and I stay until maybe 6pm, come home, eat, and then I have no idea what happens to my brain.

I've taken to sleep aid pills, which IDK, I don't think I've had this problem with the liquid version? I'll go back to the liquid version and see if that's any different. But really, shit like ZZZquil is meant for occasional use, not regular use. Blargh. And then there's the fact that I can sleep 8 hours and still wake up feeling under-rested and like hot garbage. I'm going to the fucking doctor. It's time for my yearly physical anyway. I just feel terrified because I've been devouring so much shitty food I'm pretty sure I'm pre-diabetic
by now =(

I thought I finished editing my first chapter, but now that I think about it, after having sent it off, it's not really done and needs a concluding paragraph that pulls the argument together. Argh. I'm gonna try to look it over again tomorrow and see what I can do. They said the editing stage was easier, it was the first draft that was the hardest, but I think that's a god damn fucking lie!

I'm trying to walk more too, for Pokemon Go, but ugh, IDK, IDK.
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In an effort to manage my attention, I have:

- logged out of Facebook and Tumblr on my working laptop
- deleted Facebook and Twitter from my cellphone

So the only way I can get to Facebook and Tumblr is from my main computer. I can't handle scrolling FB on my phone because everything is out of order so I don't have a sense of when I stop, especially with non-stop scrolling.

But I'm still stuck on Strange Magic so I should probably also log out of Youtube on my work laptop too.

In general trying to manage my temptations have not actually worked in keeping me working, because something else always comes up.

Today I had to see a friend off to the hospital after spending hours helping her manage her developing anxiety disorder, so.... here's hoping this is one more thing off my chest. (Yes it distracted me but I think not helping her would not have been good for me either.)

Still, a bit a day! Just a bit a day. I can do this.
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Busy busy week!

- Sunday: last minute went with a friend to the Anza-Borrego Desert to check out the superbloom there. I had suggested leaving at 6, getting there at 8, returning at 10, before the highway traffic set in. But it's too early for him, so we moved it back 2 hours. What happened was we left at 8, got there at 10.30, got back on the road around 12.30, and got home around 4 or so. There was a LONG time spent on a SINGLE road that was jammed up.

- Monday spent working on a cover letter. YL is having a difficult time so been doing a lot of emotional labour there.

- Tuesday I led a couple of events for the Grad Day of Action. Turns out "Courtyard outside the Physics Hall" gets read as "meet in the Physics Hall" *rolls eyes* So only one person showed up for the lunch in the courtyard, and another one for the hike into the Gardens. But the Gardens are beautiful right now, so I can't complain. Hung out the rest of the time with other grads in the Grad Lounge.

- Wednesday, had a very brief SSFAC meeting! And then did the SFRG, and went out to dinner with Lindsay and Eun-Joo. My Clarion classmate, Alan, got in around 10pm :D

- Thursday, Alan visited! We wandered the campus first thing in the morning, then I left him in the Creative Writing department. He came by mid-afternoon, so we went to the Eaton Collection to check out some stuff, like an artbook of Flatland, the original edition of Ted Chiang's STORIES OF YOUR LIFE, the original hardcover of Ellen Kushner's SWORDSPOINT.

We had dinner at Tio's, and at night, I found I had to walk back to campus so I could get the file for the final exam I'm giving students.

Right now, I'm staring at a giant pile of final essays to grade, feeling super thankful I made them go through a gamut of three workshops (much of this pile = previous drafts that I made them attach). They're feeling pretty good about this final essay, confident about the final exam, and I'm going to miss a bunch of them.

Losses of teaching this class:
- Sank in a LOT of energy talking to students that took away from writing my dissertation
- Felt woefully under-prepped most of the time to teach some of the more theoretical texts, like there were problems I feel I should have anticipated #impostersyndrome
- Still can't save some students. A student emailed me at 1am, 6 hours before the essay was due, being apologetic for not coming to workshop and asking to hand in his essay on Saturday. SATURRDAY? I assigned this essay A MONTH AGO to give you ample time to prep, PLUS had three workshops for each stage of writing! Maybe if you weren't gallivanting off to LA two hours away half the quarter you'd be doing better work. I understand some folks gotta hustle, but come on.
- I thought I was a morning person, but apparently teaching at 7am is way too morning for me.

Wins in teaching this class:
- Watching the Engineering students glow as they talked about going through Special Collection archives and handling papers directly about the founding of their college
- Freshman student going from strength to strength with each essay, and being able to teach her directly some database tricks
- One of my students may have scored an internship with a professor to help with linguistics research (his major) as a result of the final essay project.

Not bad for a class I was recommended for simply because I was out of a job.
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Today I did manage to get up at 5.30am with Alarmy... it's am alarm app which forces you to do a thing in order for you to turn it off. Options include doing math problems. I chose an option where I would have to get up, turn on the light, stumble to my closet, and take a picture of my organizer. And since I'm there, aaaand that's where the underwear is, I might as well keep on going and get dressed.

I have not managed to stay awake despite this exercise, of course. This morning I got as far as washing up and getting dressed, doing some exercise (sets of 10, squats, push-ups from the knee, crunches, Russian crunches; it hurt), getting breakfast and morning drink, while checking the Internet, and afterwards, around 7am, I went back to bed and got up around 8.30. Well... baby steps, I guess. Tomorrow I'll see a friend for the first time in almost five years, so once I have done morning libations, I'll hie to the nearby Starbucks, do some reading, and refill my Pokemon bag, until he gets to Riverside. I also need to get books for the class I'm teaching this quarter?

Which brings me to the productive things I have done in the new year: I have drafted a syllabus that actually looks rather good (I think). It has some holes in it, because I don't actually know what the text I'm supposed to teach is. We're supposed to get a list of books and pick one, and the St. Martin's Guide to Writing, and we get to choose exercises from that book. The essays escalate from 2 - 3 pages to a 6 pager, although I wonder if the final project might be too much (I'm teaching them how to do an annotated bibliography, and I would like at least three items in the Works Cited page).

The class is Intermediate Composition. It is part of a remedial freshman series to equip students with the writing skills needed at university level. The first course, they're apparently still learning how to put sentences together into paragraphs. The third course is critical thinking. This leaves the second course as a bridge between the two, where the students move from personal writing to more public writing "for multicultural contexts" which is kind of a meaningless description. I do know they have to write at least four essays, so I'm teaching them, basically, how to write about media, and how to read and edit. And cite. You can never teach kids how to cite too early. I'm pondering a library visit, but... the class is at 7am. I'm pretty sure the library only opens at 8am.

(The class at 7am is because the Chancellor has decided to aggressively expand the university and up enrollment without considering whether we have the actual capacity for it. We don't. That's why there are now 7am classes. I have a MWF schedule, which I don't mind, but all at 7am. I am not sure why I volunteered to teach at heinous o'clock.)

I'm wondering if I need to email the professor who's supposed to oversee us... apparently we get very little supervision, but IDK.

Today, rather than faff over my syllabus, I decided to submit some stuff. I was originally only going to do one, but in the end I've sent out four submissions.

Sometime this week, while I have brainspace, I'm going to get Interfolio and my Vitae account into order.
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- I join the ranks of WisCon Chronicle editors who have to chase down submissions! If you want to submit to the WisCon Chronicles but needed more time, let me know! Or if you have an interesting post or essay you wrote a long time ago that you think would work for the theme (Trials by Whiteness) then feel free to forward that to me, too. I'm hoping to have essays, poetry, fiction about conditional whiteness, the change in atmosphere at WisCon, and the use of the safer spaces (of which we now have THREE!!!).

- I submitted two job apps, and just heard back from one... they want more materials. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'm also working on another job application for another creative writing position. I am a lot less qualified for that one, but it's in Oregon!

- I'm writing a postdoc app right now and it's due today and I have no idea what I'm doing but oh well.

- I'm strangely stymied for this last chapter. There's a lot I want to say! But what order and how to best make my argument coherent? Argh!

- My department doesn't have enough TAships to offer me one, so I'm out of a job for next quarter. Put myself into the interdisciplinary and University Writing Program pools, and we'll see what happens.

- The new movie based on Ted Chiang's novella, ARRIVAL, is playing tonight at UC San Diego. I have, of course, idiotically double-booked myself. Oh well. I'm still going but I'll have to do some legwork for the other event I organized tonight. Bah!
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- Finished my third chapter last night! I've checked out a buncha books today on postcolonial writing today to write my fourth chapter, which will be a whirlwind tour of POC steampunk stuff to demonstrate that steampunk doesn't have to be destined for Eurocentrism. Hopefully I can blow through this chapter in a week before Clarion starts.

- I signed a contract for a sale to Interfictions Online today! This makes it my third pro sale, which means I am now a SFWA-qualified writer *_*

- Sent off two of the three Con or Bust items I donated today! (Psst Kate)

- The more I think about it, the less keen I am on staying in academia. When I next go home to Malaysia, I'm going to look into my mother's apartments on Jalan Ampang (one of which is technically in my name, so technically it is mine) as potential places to live. The problem is, of course, my mother's pharmacy is right downstairs so it could be a source of potential horrible-ness. But I could take all the keys and pretend to not be home! Maybe. I'll talk it over with my father and we'll see how it goes.

(Why, oh why, didn't my parents invest in more commercial property. I could use it right about now...)

- Tomorrow I get to introduce Qiouyi to Yilun!!! We're going to the Hsi Lai temple in Hacienda Heights, and then to a nearby hot pot place :D :D :D It's gonna be gr8.

- Hoping to go to Two Trees sometime this weekend, or next week. Before Brian heads to Albuquerque, maybe. Hmmm....
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- First day of school. I hung out after lecture for the GSA Executive Council meeting at 7pm.
- My Co-TA this quarter is a serious dude from the History department. A nice change from the previous co-TAs who have generally been way too chill or too anxious.
- I saw Dr. Anthonia Kalu in her office and sat down to chat. Made small talk, told her some good news, and she said I did look a lot happier than last quarter after being rejected for the Sawyer.

- UGH so I did not realize that when I signed up for Recruitment Day I had also double-booked myself to get out to Long Beach City College for a panel on MOTHERSHIP.
- Went to get a student from the nearby hotel, and hung out generally for breakfast and lunch.
- Around 3pm, Eric and Maurisa and I headed to Long Beach. I brought my Hamilton CDs because Eric still hadn't heard Act 2, and Maurisa and I sang all the way there.
- The panel was good, but Anil Menon couldn't make it, which saddened me. But I got to hang out for a bit, and later we went to a bar in Long Beach downtown which was originally a bank, so it maintained the Art Deco-era style. Very nice. Decent food.
- (Then I asked if we could visit the Vault where they have a speakeasy, complete with password and stuff. Also very cool.)

- Today I came home after lecture and passed right the fuck out. I intend to avoid campus tomorrow, will go to the bank and sort out my credit card issues. Then I'll read a book the rest of the day for my diss.
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So, I had a pretty productive weekend! Maybe. Sort of.

Karen Lord, Tobias Buckell, and Karin Lowachee came to UCR! They came to Nalo's seminar, and then went to the library. There was a late afternoon panel, and I hung out afterwards with Nalo, Toby and Karen. Karen gently pointed out that my suggestion of Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne to play the main protagonists of The Best Of All Possible Worlds didn't work, and she had mentally cast Angel Coulby as Delarua already, which I was cool with. We talked about reviewers, and she was also annoyed at the John Clute review from a while back--which, incidentally, was also the same review article in which he missed the point of my SP3: Revolution essay.

(Karen is so cool, sob sob.)


OK, not actually as productive as it could have been. I was really underslept for some reason, so I went home early and napped. I don't really remember what I did, which is quickly becoming a theme of my life for days that are unmarked by an appointment.


I tried to do some writing! I did a little bit. I also went to listen to the bell tower recital, and Ma Yan came to join me! She's a visiting scholar, working with Dr. Kalu. I'd never had the opportunity to just hang out with her before this, so it was really nice that she came out. After belltower recitals, it's unlocked for visitors, so we went up. Afterwards, we walked to the Botanic Gardens, since she'd never seen them before, and then went to dinner.

Busy Cafe has been bought over my Pho Vinam, which makes me sad! The crispy panfried noodle recipe for Pho Vinam is WAY SALTIER and almost inedible. I HATE complaining about something like that, but the waiter caught my cringing face so I kinda fessed up. I got a slice of cake? Sigh. I'll really miss Busy Cafe... I guess it's really time to move on from Riverside!


Was super productive! Tempest and I wrote for most of the afternoon, then Marianne came to join us! I think I got about 2000 words done today! But now I'm stuck at the second part of the chapter, trying to articulate the form of Eurocentrism that basically says, "so this thing which is super white is getting kind of boring! let's shake it up a bit" while completely ignoring WHY it was super white in the first place. I'm going to try researching around tomorrow and see what happens. If not, Mariam has a seminar on Tuesday--she's running for Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Equity Excellents (Yolanda is stepping down)--and I'll try got grab her afterwards to ask her.

Anyway, other news!

- I have been voluntold by the inestimable Nisi that I will be chairing the jury for the Carl Brandon Society Parallax and Kindred Awards, seasons 2012 & 2013! What does this mean I'm sure I do not know but I will figure it out, I'm sure. But there are a lot of books to judge, and the more the merrier, so if you want to join the jury, please sign up asap!

- The Sea Is Ours is now available in Southeast Asia!! The publisher and distributor, Gerak Budaya, is a favourite of mine; they publish a lot of local academic material, and distribute a ton of great leftist material. They're also a source for local socialist books, and a Malaysian socialist newspaper! So I"m really proud about this!

- I miscalculated and turns out I shan't be missing the first Friday of the new quarter after all! I can go to ICFA and AnomalyCon guilt-free! Now to figure out whether I can get to UC Berkeley for a SEAS conference, Diana's Wedding, and WisCon, similarly guilt-free.
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- I had a writing session with Tempest this morning! I got another buncha words done, describing my primary texts for the chapter. Still feeling woefully un-outlined, though.

- Couldn't concentrate for most of the rest of the day.

- Went to the International Center discussion group tonight. Got free pizza. Yay.

- My chard seeds are sprouting! Hopefully they will actually take this time and I can plant them somewhere.

- Dr. Maier is apparently chairing my CSEAS panel, aaaaa! I really must start putting together that trip. I wonder if Dr. Lam is heading up by plane or train... I'm doing some mental calculating right now and I'm worried that one of the midterms for the class I'll TA for will fall on that very weekend, so I'll have to email the organizers of the CSEAS conference to see if I can come in on the Saturday only. OR figure something out with my co-TA, get back on Sunday and grade like a demon then.
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It has been a remarkably sociable weekend for me!

Friday I went to Dr. Maier's talk on translation, at least the first half, and in the evening, I went to his house! For a SEATRiP get-together! It was fun. Nice house. Got to have extended chats with various people.

Saturday I mucked about, writing my fic prompt, and went to Javi and Maurisa's place to watch ALLIGATOR PEOPLE which is about as terrible as it sounds, but not too bad. I wrote the beginnings of what looks to be a kids' book, about a little girl in a new housing estate who discovers that mutated migrant workers live in the sewers beneath. I have no idea how this will go; I haven't read any kids' books in years so I'll check some out of the library and have a look-see.

Then Eric and I headed into LA for the Radio Imagination Launch, which was also an Octavia Butler commemoration event! I met Moya Bailey, the other founder of the oEB Legacy Network, aaaaaa!! There was an Earthseed ritual, AAAAAAAAA! It was super neat. I got to meet someone who's been a long-time lurker fan of my blog, AAAAAAAAAAAA!

Today Emily Jiang came into Riverside, wheeeee! I went to campus to work with Mary for a couple of hours, and then practically spent the rest of the day with Emily. We went to the Botanic Gardens, then hunted for grapefruit and yaaaayyy.

And I even got to do a 30 minute writing sesh with Tempest! I got started on my second chapter, which I'm pretty pleased about. I have a lot of secondary sources I want to incorporate into my roadmap before I get into the business of really writing the thing, but I'm pretty hopeful about it.
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I gave a review session yesterday which was less me presenting and more: I put a Word document up with some topics, and I made the students, one by one, give me a sentence to add to the document from their own notes. Lots of scrambling. A fair number of students who didn't even bring their notes. Quite a few who didn't even come to lecture. I don't know what they were expecting.

Later, I was kind of dithering around wandering, and I found two professors in the hallway chatting, and one had a box of chocolates, so I HAD ONE. Of course. Then she had to go, and the other prof and I got to chatting, and then quite organically we went to the Botanic Gardens, just for a walk. It was really nice! But it rained before we really got in there, so we wandered back out, and through Pierce Hall--she'd never seen the Earth Sciences displays before. Then we stopped by the office hours of the prof next door to her office, and we had tea. It was really nice. I really got a lot of work done afterwards.

Chi and I then tried to use Google Hangouts to do some work together. Her camera wasn't working, and her microphone was way too old, but we did get to use the chat in Hangout to time ourselves and do more work. I think it was really productive! I made us a hangout called "The Great UCR Dissertation Desperados" and hopefully more people will join us XD
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- Made headway on the last bit of the chapter! Feeling great about it; it's coming together, and my thoughts are clearer about how it works.

- I ran into a former student today, and she actually wished me a happy new year--good for you, Ada, one ang pao for you! And walked until we hit the rec center.

Then in the Step Express class, I met another former student, who recognized me. The class she took with me was like, in 2013, and it was Theda's class, so it took me a while to remember, but as soon as she said her first name, her surname clicked for me, and she was really surprised I remembered.

- Step was good; I always forget how hard it is on the feet, even with this particular instructor.

- I'd eaten half my homemade calzone, and went back to my office to work some more and eat the rest of the calzone. It was a good idea. I think the cheese sauce isn't the greatest for my stomach, though. I rather wish I bought cereal for breakfast now.
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OK so from the top.

My doctor's appointment: pap smear is all okay, so I don't need to do another one for the next three years. Yay. Sleep tests showed normal results, so no CPAP prescription for me. Boo.

Meeting with the UC Regent and Regent Designate, which was interesting. I didn't really have any questions, just wanted to see what was up.

Office hour was quiet.

Went to the APSP roundtable, still the older person there.

Went to the Ad hoc committee on LGBTQ inclusivity. There's a new Queer GSA so we were trying to figure out how it fits into the overall structure of GSA chapters.

Mary and I went to the cycling class at 7.15. Some fifteen minutes in my knees SCREAMED WITH HATRED at me. There were some spots where we had to cycle while standing up, and my knees REFUSED to cooperate. And when I sat back down, my ass ALSO SCREAMED WITH HATRED at me. My arms weren't quite screaming by the end of the session, but I bet they will be screaming at me tomorrow too. I never realized that bicycle seats could be so hard that even a fat ass like mine would provide no cushion. For all the camel toe I get when wearing tight pants, a fat vagina sure didn't help and it was just pelvic bone hitting the seat all the time and UGH EVERYTHING HURTS and I am never fucking going back to that class ever again!

Zumba tomorrow night.
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- Intended to simply sit in on Nalo's seminar (Special Topics in Fiction: The Empire Writes Back) and I decided to just register for the course. I figure it can't hurt to have a creative writing course on my transcript, in case I get to apply to creative writing positions.

The fact that SEAsteampunk is being taught in it may or may not be an obnoxious advantage. We're also reading the books of the incoming Sawyer guests, and get a master class with Walter Mosley.

- I read Stuff Theory some more, which is hellaciously hard because it's so up the ass of its chosen texts I don't really know what to get from it. I'm giving it until end of tomorrow and if I'm still struggling, fuck it. I'm gonna just give up the ghost and go look for William Morris books, as well as start my search for stuff on whiteness. This second chapter ain't gonna write itself.

- Around 4pm I went to see a talk about Harriet Jacobs.

- After that, I went to the seminar on SEAsian Lit. It's got so many more people this time than when I took it three years ago!! It's quite awesome. Dr. HM is also really getting into the swing of it and we talked about the ways of defining nations, national literatures, etc. It was a good time. I don't think I'll register for it but I'll definitely sit in on it some more.
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I finished drafting Chapter 1 of my dissertation!! I had to cut out a lot of superfluous stuff, and there's still a lot of revision to do, lots of citations which need to go in and I need to make clear that there are some oral histories I'm performing here and there. Or I could just wait for my adviser's feedback and just get started on Chapter 2 instead.

Things I want to accomplish over break:
- some articles for Keluarga Killjoy
- draft of a short story for POCDSF or Where the Stars Rise

I also drafted a poem, gotta figure out where to send that.
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Realized I neglected to mention things I did yesterday:

- Went to campus early-ish for a seminar with John Rieder on his book about the emergence of science fiction and colonialism. Small seminar, very nice. Forgot it overlapped with my office hour.

- After the lecture, I went to the APSP roundtable discussion. Was the oldest there, as usual, but this time, not the only grad student!

- Went home and found to my dismay I had to go BACK to campus for a SciFi Reading Group meeting, this one's the MFA version led by Nalo.

Today I went to campus (around 11, because I didn't want to be around for the ShakeOut) and did some work! Spoke to Dr. HBZ about whether or not I want to do an author reading at ICFA. I think I might choose not to do the author reading and instead try to submit a paper. I'm not sure on what yet, but I'll think of something. And if I miss it, oh well--I've got to submit an abstract for the SEAS conference anyway.

Then I had a chat with AA about, oh, IDK anymore.

At 4pm, I went to play pretend at being a teacher for Nalo's creative writing class! It's an Intro to Fantasy class, and this class was on Portal/Quest Fantasies. They were assigned a chapter to read. I flubbed up at the beginning where I tried to get them to help make a list by referring to the chapter, but only two of them even had the text with them. Good thing I had the lists myself, and was assigning a lot of in-class writing anyway (three hours!).

I made them write a moment of a "point of entry" while I listed out the rhetorical strategies of the quest fantasy. Then I made them write prophecies in pairs, while I went around to read through their first pieces. Afterwards, I had them draw maps for their prophecies, and then finished with a discussion on how maps should work in good world-building. I think they appreciated it.

Conference tomorrow! I get to present on Indigenous Steampunk. Better print my script.
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- Apparently I am now Vice President of International Affairs for a new Malaysian Science Fiction Society. IDK what happened. Also got put in charge of policies and procedures, especially wrt harassment. Seems to mean that I handle well-meaning white brownnosers as well.

- Still thinking about the meeting yesterday. I've put it into my calendar to attend the upcoming international student discussion group. I've been to a few last year, and wonder if there could be one specifically for international grads. I'll ask the ISRC about it. It'll give me a chance to follow up on the climate survey for international students that was conducted last year, and I'll have something to bring to the task force meeting next month.

- Reading Farah Mendlesohn's Rhetorics of Fantasy, just the first chapter on Portal Fantasies. I liked how it started, but right now it's a bit of a drag because she gets into all these details about various novels, and rendering them into really academic language. It's also frustrating for me because the book takes for granted that the reader has already read the novels being analysed, and I feel that I miss a great deal of what's going on because I don't know what's happening in the books--I GET her points when she uses the books that I'm familiar with, but her other points are fuzzy for me when it comes to the books I haven't read. And I can't tell if it's because I've become a lesser reader, or if it's because that book does demand quite a bit.

My plan for Thursday is to first establish the terms that the students find useful from the chapter, apply them to media they know, then have them do little writing exercises on examples of the terms in action using a setting they're working on. That seems reasonable, I think.

- Finally found my Mad Scientist paper! It was in a USB stick on campus. I'm gonna look at how long it was real quick, and then rehearse my Indigenous steampunk paper tomorrow. There's also a seminar with John Rieder too, to discuss his book on the link between colonialism and the emergence of science fiction. I can only make the first half sadly. Still, better than missing all of it! And there will be an APSP roundtable tomorrow as well--it's usually populated by undergrads but I really do like going.

- I hung out with Leen and Mary today! Which was really nice. We went to Yogurtland, and talked about Imposter Syndrome. We made a pact to get together in person at some point and do some handholding in sending out abstracts and articles. I have a couple of articles I'd like to develop further: my paper on Secret Indentities and the reliance on narrative over graphic design to identity Asian Americanness, and a silly paper I wrote about Cats: The Musical applying concepts from Hegel and Irigary.

Which reminds me, I need to get my stuff together to write an abstract on Southeast Asian myth re-tellings.
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I have a date for my prospectus defense! It is November 17th. Dr. ML and HBZ and SV talked very quickly and hammered out a date very fast.

I went with the GSA Council President and VPEA to meet with the new Vice-Provost of International Affairs, which was a very interesting conversation. We didn't get any commitments, but we did get a plan of action. There was an international student survey a while back, and it's time to re-visit that. I'd almost forgotten about it--I'll follow up on getting the data tomorrow and trying to figure out how to best refine further questions on issues of concern.

Raccoon eyes! Why do I have them! I've been going to bed at reasonable hours to wake up at 7am... I strongly suspect that even though the last time I did a sleep test they somehow drew the conclusion that I didn't have sleep apnea, I'm still developing some snoring problems. (Also, at that test, the nurse was like "yeah you slept the night through" and I was like uhm no, I distinctly recall waking up at least three times because your beds are hella uncomfortable.) I'm planning on seeing a doctor sometime soon about that, and about possibly getting a prescription for a CPAP machine. (Folks have suggested the nose strips to me; I've tried them, and they don't work. The issue is not with my nose, it's with my tongue falling into the back of my mouth when I sleep. Unfortunately, the simple solution of sleeping on my side doesn't work and I somehow always end up on my back.)

Right after the meeting with the Vice Provost, I went to see Nalo about subbing for her on Thursday. It's an intro to Fantasy creative writing class, and technically it's a lecture. She's got to go to LA for a panel, and she's already assigned some reading to them. I'll go over their reading on portal fantasy! Yay! I'm gonna get them to lay out elements of portal fantasies from the chapter they've been assigned, encourage them to consider how different movies do them, then spend the rest of the time writing and workshopping, and I'll work with them individually on their stuff. That should fill up three hours easily.

I got practically nothing done today except for a couple of ficlets for AnomalyCon... they're putting together a set of "AnomalyCards" which attendees have to trade to get the whole set. The invited authors write flash fic, which are illustrated by the invited artists. Sounds like fun! Also means I get to pull out the characters for the steampunk bomoh story I wrote, and I set them in the Belum-Temenggor forest.
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GSA Office Hour: Mostly wrote emails, then had a sit-down with the VP Ext to discuss how to deal with international student associations, which are classified as "cultural/ethnic" organizations. Currently they run under the same aegis as the undergrad orgs, which they're not. However, the GSA has a budget cut, so we won't be able to offer them any reimbursement. The VP Ext and I are gonna try to talk to the new Provost of External Affairs. Who is conveniently the husband of the new professor in my department.

Office Hours: I didn't do very much. Probably should have.

I moseyed over to the Special Collections to acquaint myself with the new Eaton librarian, because I could. She was on her way out to the Asian American SF panel anyway so we moseyed over together.

Asian American SF Panel: Well..... that was..... interesting, considering two of the four panelists were NOT science fiction readers. They were all Asian Americanists, and it's very reflected in their analysis. The moderator and the guy who didn't come in with a prepared statement were the SF fans (the moderator is, impressively, working his way through as many YA novels as possible). Some quick takeaways before my laptop died:

- two types of As Am writing: the ones which are about specific narratives (intergenerational conflict, war trauma), and the deracialized ones which try to be move away from the narratives.
- Asian American literature that talk about being the Other, or the Otherness of parents, are very science fictional, because aliens
- Ted Chiang's stories are super Asian American even though he specifically says his stories aren't about that.
- A lot of Asian American literature is science fictional because of how they deal with the body, and self.

So, a good day, professionally, if alienating personally.

Back to work. Today's a long day.

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