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I had FOUR things today: a doctor's appointment (which I went too early for; luckily it was a follow-up so I was in and out really quickly); a Committee of Int'l Education meeting; an SSFAC meeting, and a GSA Exec Board meeting. All of which were last meetings of the quarter. I skipped on the CIE meeting because I had to make a decision that would carry me through the day, considering that I'm still REALLY TIRED from WisCon. Lisa was still around so we had lunch, too.

And of course I got very little work done today. I started a worksheet for the Brill anthology, and collated bios. But there are things I can't do like give updates on external reviewers and BLARGH.

Tomorrow gonna try to hike with a heavy backpack.

5am, 1pm

Aug. 8th, 2016 12:55 pm
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I'm in the transit hotel at Incheon. It's been a few travel full days. My computer says it's 1pm, and the clock on the wall says it's 5pm. I got in around 6pm local time, checked into the transit hotel, and crashed.

As soon as I got back from Clarion, I was out having dinner with Birgit. S came over on Wednesday to hang out--we went to lunch and watched Ghostbusters. (Leslie Jones was underused; Katie McKinnon was annoying except when she was talking science and even that was tiresome; Melissa McCarthy is good; Kristin Wiig's character was so incompetent I couldn't stand it.) Stopped by JoAnn's so I could get some jewelry things for my new piece of tree sap (which I saw on a tree in Balboa Park and made my classmate Derek get for me). It looks really good. Then the next day, I hung with Maurisa and Eric, and then Maurisa and I met with Nalo in the evening. Maurisa brought her friend and we went to Haagen-Daaz to get some icecream and listen to the live band playing in Uni Village.

The Amtrak to Oakland was some 11 hours; I missed the 6.50am train to LA because taxis are unreliable. But the 8.10 train got me to the train tracks, right on time for the Coast Starlight. I lugged my luggage to the Bart station, found Claire's place, and was greeted by Tempest.

Spent the whole Saturday with Tempest! We had breakfast with one of my classmates, and then worked in Borderlands for several hours before heading out to dinner with Chris. Then Joyce and Randy came out to hang and play Pokemon Go so we went to Dolores Park for it. So many Pokemon in SF!

Sunday morning, Maurisa came to get me and we went to dim sum with Emily.

Airport airport airport. The flight was 11 hours long so I watched the following:

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2: This was AMAZING and I am SO glad I got to watch it. It picks up 17 years after the first movie, and since the characters have been established, there is SO much more going on alongside the main three plotlines. Paris is annoying as a teen as can be expected, but adorable all the same (especially her face when she discovers her date is a nice Greek boy, and I also like that he doesn't show up at the end); Toula and Ian are still sqwooshy. I was VERY pleased to see the continued involvement of Ian's parents, who were taciturn and a bit nervous in the first movie, in the whole family drama. It took me a while to realize that yes, they were in the family group, actively volunteering to help out. There were subplots involving family reunions, and as usual I really love how the men of the family act so macho but it turns out to not be a kind of toxic masculinity ("It's not good to keep secrets from your family," said Nick and I BAWLED when I realized what happened). Mama-yaya's character got really fleshed out in a really beautiful way; she was used mostly for comedy in the first movie, and she got a lot more moments in this one that's interestingly, uh, symbolic. Things have changed for Toula and Ian, like Toula losing her travel agency job due to the economy, but it was so believable, and the ups and downs of the family are trite but WHO CARES, it's a story about a family, with attendant suffocation and all. It was a satisfying, satisfying movie that hit all my buttons.

ZOOTOPIA: I see why this movie is good--it's got an ambitious scope and the plot twists and turns are really great. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are also really competent characters, which I like. I, uh.... I don't buy the worldbuilding, really. I think the scale is great with multiple climate types in a single city to have multiple types of animals, but what are the predators eating? Seriously. This bugged me all through the movie: WE NEVER SEE THEM EATING. Except donuts and popsicles. But it moves right along, each act feeding into each other really well.

THE MASTER: I watched this because I saw it playing on someone's screen ahead of me, which had two main characters having an intense conversation about their marriage while the husband is beating up thugs, and she's all like "we got married with the understanding that we would separate" and had great lines like "With or without a gardener, flowers die regardless. With or without a man, a woman would still live her own life."| It's not very coherent as a movie: a Wing-Chun master comes to Tianjin to establish a school (translated as dojo in the subs) but apparently the rules are that he needs a disciple who is a local to defeat at least 8 of the schools, and the disciple afterwards must leave Tianjin. Then there's the whole business where he marries a local woman (who's unmarried because she had a baby out of wedlock) for reasons unclear to me. Then there're the machinations of one of the leading schools (led by this woman who never does any actual martial arts, she's the wife of a former Grandmaster, and she's always really well-dressed), some double-crossings by a current grandmaster and the military gets involved and also a dual love story involving the disciple and a local noodle seller who I think is supposed to be coded as an ethnic minority due to her costume and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa what is going onnnnnnn. Like I felt like the movie was shot just so everyone could look cool (and to be fair, everyone does look cool)--it's so artful and posed. I also have never seen a Chinese movie with SO MANY random white people in the background before: the wife worked in a Western restaurant, seemingly the only local there; the grandmaster likes to watch performances of that Russian folk dance where the dancers seem to float across the floor. But really one would watch it for the escalating fight scene, especially the last part where it looks like the protagonist is making his way through a series of final bosses.

THE TALE OF TALES: This movie is hella fucked up and I watched it because I like fairytales but as far as fairytales go, this got hella dark and the bodycount was really high. It has about THREE stories in the one movie, and they never really cohere together other than, sometime at the beginning the characters come together for a funeral, and at the end the three courts come together again for a coronation. But you don't really see the characters from the different threads ever really talking to each other otherwise. And it's super fairytale because it's lush and gorgeous but apparently each kingdom really only needs like the ONE town to sustain it. it's based on a collection of Neapolitan tales, everyone is a one-note character, and it's made to be beautiful and lush and gorgeous, not to make any sense.

THE JUNGLE BOOK: This was pretty meh. There's still hella anthropocentrism up the wazoo; Mowgli is a special snowflake; I don't understand why the animals have American accents. It was entertaining but in the end I didn't care.

I played a lot of Phlinx, and now am in a transit hotel killing time trying to sleep some more. It's 7am, I only need to check out at 9am. So I'm gonna try to be horizontal a bit more.

Brief Stop

Jul. 31st, 2016 07:32 pm
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I am back in Riverside, from Clarion. My classmate Alan and I had planned on staying in San Diego but we couldn't find a hotel last minute and I ran out of people to call to put us up for the night. So he drove to Riverside last night, crashed on my couch, and left this morning. (This was rather necessary as the night prior, he partied until the wee hours and was also awake fairly early, only having a 20-minute nap sometime during our wanderings in Balboa Park.)

I am so tired and so sad and yet also quite relieved that it is over.

I don't get to sleep in my own bed because Soon Young is subletting my room until the end of August but the couch is incredibly soft so I'll use that. I'll also take a train up to San Francisco (Amtrak to Oakland) and stay with Claire Light a couple of days before I fly back to Malaysia.

Right now to relax my brain I'm going to listen to some music and play some Shanghai Mahjong.
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So, I had a pretty productive weekend! Maybe. Sort of.

Karen Lord, Tobias Buckell, and Karin Lowachee came to UCR! They came to Nalo's seminar, and then went to the library. There was a late afternoon panel, and I hung out afterwards with Nalo, Toby and Karen. Karen gently pointed out that my suggestion of Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne to play the main protagonists of The Best Of All Possible Worlds didn't work, and she had mentally cast Angel Coulby as Delarua already, which I was cool with. We talked about reviewers, and she was also annoyed at the John Clute review from a while back--which, incidentally, was also the same review article in which he missed the point of my SP3: Revolution essay.

(Karen is so cool, sob sob.)


OK, not actually as productive as it could have been. I was really underslept for some reason, so I went home early and napped. I don't really remember what I did, which is quickly becoming a theme of my life for days that are unmarked by an appointment.


I tried to do some writing! I did a little bit. I also went to listen to the bell tower recital, and Ma Yan came to join me! She's a visiting scholar, working with Dr. Kalu. I'd never had the opportunity to just hang out with her before this, so it was really nice that she came out. After belltower recitals, it's unlocked for visitors, so we went up. Afterwards, we walked to the Botanic Gardens, since she'd never seen them before, and then went to dinner.

Busy Cafe has been bought over my Pho Vinam, which makes me sad! The crispy panfried noodle recipe for Pho Vinam is WAY SALTIER and almost inedible. I HATE complaining about something like that, but the waiter caught my cringing face so I kinda fessed up. I got a slice of cake? Sigh. I'll really miss Busy Cafe... I guess it's really time to move on from Riverside!


Was super productive! Tempest and I wrote for most of the afternoon, then Marianne came to join us! I think I got about 2000 words done today! But now I'm stuck at the second part of the chapter, trying to articulate the form of Eurocentrism that basically says, "so this thing which is super white is getting kind of boring! let's shake it up a bit" while completely ignoring WHY it was super white in the first place. I'm going to try researching around tomorrow and see what happens. If not, Mariam has a seminar on Tuesday--she's running for Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Equity Excellents (Yolanda is stepping down)--and I'll try got grab her afterwards to ask her.

Anyway, other news!

- I have been voluntold by the inestimable Nisi that I will be chairing the jury for the Carl Brandon Society Parallax and Kindred Awards, seasons 2012 & 2013! What does this mean I'm sure I do not know but I will figure it out, I'm sure. But there are a lot of books to judge, and the more the merrier, so if you want to join the jury, please sign up asap!

- The Sea Is Ours is now available in Southeast Asia!! The publisher and distributor, Gerak Budaya, is a favourite of mine; they publish a lot of local academic material, and distribute a ton of great leftist material. They're also a source for local socialist books, and a Malaysian socialist newspaper! So I"m really proud about this!

- I miscalculated and turns out I shan't be missing the first Friday of the new quarter after all! I can go to ICFA and AnomalyCon guilt-free! Now to figure out whether I can get to UC Berkeley for a SEAS conference, Diana's Wedding, and WisCon, similarly guilt-free.
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- I went shopping at 99 Ranch yesterday morning, followed by lunch with YL and Eric. Then I got home and passed out. Didn't get much work done, boo. I did get some stitching done though! All my patches have been sewn on successfully.

- Went to Kmart this morning. Meant to get new sheets, because mine are boring and grody, and two new pillows, and some other odds and ends. The bedsheet selection was awful, but I ended up buying... lot of clothes. Lots of tights, because I'd like to start wearing skirts more. And a lot of stuff from the Nicki Minaj line.

- Sorted out my wardrobe--gonna take a LOT of things to this year's WisCon clothing swap! I also pulled out the box of winter stuff, swapped it out for the summer stuff.

- Started a new embroidery project, a little firebird. I've got some really hard red material so it's hard to think of something that'll stand out on it. I'm not even sure I picked the right starting colour, and I'm sewing it onto the outline on paper right now, so we'll see. When it's done I can make it into a little coin purse. I wanted to do a frangipani but the fabric is so red, I wanted to do something bolder. I should think of something to write for the other side, though, but all I can think of right now is something pithy like "misandry 4 lyfe".

- I tried doing a bit of the "Deck of Cards Challenge" tonight. (Mine's Spades for Squarts, Clubs for Push-ups, Hearts for Russian Twists, and Diamonds for Crunches.) I'm no good with it, and only got through maybe 20 cards. I also figured out how to do squats without feeling that popping in my knee (it's only the right knee; it doesn't hurt, but it does feel and sound alarming). Then I played Solitaire :D
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Had been having a great run of sewing in the last few days: two bags, and a skirt. The bags I will give to auction when Con or Bust rolls around. Hopefully I can make a few more before it starts. I meant to make a vest tonight to match the skirt, had everything! Separating zip and all!

...... I sewed the zip on backwards. This after a series of other problems. I'm also just not as alert as I could be... been waking up after 7 hours of sleep, but feeling tired? like I could use more sleep, generally.

So after that teeth gnashing I set about re-arranging my room and I have more space now, and I've also put my table back together (it's an L shape, which I'd been using as separate pieces, but it wasn't optimal). However, the corner piece has a bar underneath that I can't seem to get on, and I suspect it's because it's meant to be more than a single person job. So I don't dare put my printer on there until my roommate returns home.

I'm also barking tired, but I really want to go to the temple tomorrow in LA Chinatown, but the most reasonable bus is at 8am, and I just don't feel like I can make it out anytime before 10am tomorrow. It's vaguely upsetting. I could try for the San Bernadino station transfer route, but the whole trip would take about 3 hours as a result (Riverside to LA Union Station direct is 1 hour 25 minutes). I'm a little peeved as a result. I'll sleep on it and see what happens tomorrow.
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Whew, yesterday was a full day with two students taking up almost five hours of my life. But I did get word from the Madison Concourse: they found my book and are mailing it back to me, yay!!!

I'm presenting on selfies and radicalism tomorrow, based on a Minh-Ha Pham article, which I think gives too much credit to short-lived portraiture projects rather than actual WOC-led selfie projects. I'm also debating extending my presentation to cover the other article which is on recycling clothes, thinking through clothing production as to re-shape attitudes towards clothing. I went through my fashion tag looking for appropriate articles and promptly forgot about it because I wanted to say Some Things about the difference between selfies and portraits.

We're having a little potluck tomorrow at class so I'm also making some fish pate.

Had a meeting with my adviser this afternoon, which was nice and chill and she reassured me about just sharpening my argument some more, at least to give me a stronger hold on my thesis than I currently do. I have to admit that this exercise is kind of lost on me but I'll give it a shot anyway. She was super nice to me and I asked her advice about students approaching me about problems I can't fix, and she even told me she might be interested in helping me throw a book party when THE SEA IS OURS comes out, as an event for the Southeast Asian Studies program that she's part of. (I'm in the Science Fiction program, but I've friends in the SEA studies program, and since I do do SEA stuff, they sort of count me as an honorary SEA studies person. It's sort of weird because I'm in a similar position with the MFA Creative Writing folks.)
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1) WisCon, yay. I am le tired from it, because while I love people there, performing that love takes so much out of me. Highlights include:
- Breakfast with roomies
- Seeing Regina again! Haven't seen her in years since she moved to Washington. She came to deliver an academic paper. I managed to drag her out to "How To Tell POC Apart".
- The panels I attended as audience were good!
- The panels I sat on were a mix of bad-weird and good.
- It was a super mellow WisCon, party-wise, but I did get Zora to sew in some pink mesh tubing into my hair for the Floomp.

2) I left a book in the nightstand drawer of the hotel room and have been calling housekeeping to see if they have found it. I think I got a call from them on Sunday but IDK??

3) For the first time my bank account has gone down to literal ZERO because of many unwise financial decisions and I wanted to roll around in embarrassment forever.

4) Thursday was the MFA science fiction group that Nalo put together because the regular SFTS group assumes that everyone's familiar with the canon (we're not always) or even the discourse of SF Studies, which alienates people who just like the stuff. Anyway, Nalo let us watch LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM which is about as horrible as one could expect, being a fantasy movie set in vague England starring a young Hugh Grant and young Peter Capaldi.

5) I'd offered to introduce Chinelo Onwualu to Nalo since the former is visiting LA for the next week. On Saturday she came in by bus, so I took her to Tio's so she could see the art, then to the Mission Inn for a tour, and then we hung out with Eric and Nalo in Back to the Grind for a while. The Art MFA students had an open studios day where they were inviting members of the public to check out their studios (which are new and shiny but kind of far from campus by several blocks), so we went with Angela. Then it was dinner with Nalo. Eric dropped me and Chinelo off at my place. Finished the evening with hanging out with Maurisa in my apartment, and the three of us watched Mark Reads "Pounded By The Gay Colour Changing Dress" (thanks, Pear) and yeah. Breakfast with Maurisa and Javier first thing the next morning, and Eric came to help see Chinelo off at the bus station. It was a great weekend. I slept the rest of Sunday away.

I really need to not perform so much affective labour.

6) I am very tired and looking forward to next week after I'm done grading so I can just check out off the Internet for a bit while I prep for my Summer Session teaching. This assumes that I will have enough students enrolled for the classes to go.

7) I sort of regret asking the origin of the "hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gal" which I kept seeing all over Tumblr because that song is stupidly catchy.

8) I went to the last Asian Pacific Student Program roundtable yesterday. A couple of the regulars are graduating, hooray for them! Another regular asked me about Asian Americans in SFF. The guy who usually leads the roundtable was super nice and thanked me for coming. They're mostly undergrads but they are SO SMART and the future looks so great with them in it, I'm looking forward to going back again this fall.

9) Had a really great conversation with my fashion theory prof about my dissertation project. Now to speak to my grad adviser about it.


Apr. 6th, 2015 09:15 pm
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So because of my friend Alicia I finally listened to "Monster," the one with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj and all the other dudes. And yeah, Nicki's verse is kind of... the only verse that sounds good? Like the other verses were okay but they're kind of underwhelming in comparison to Minaj's. Is that just me? (Alicia declares that Nicki's verse is the only one that matters, and I can see why!)

I've also been listening to a bunch of old 80's ballads and early 00's pop. And decided that Foreigner's "Until The End of Time" is kind of underrated and would like a romantic dance to it someday.

Youtubed a bunch of songs which are on the Caramel soundtrack too! Man, what a good movie, and what a great soundtrack. Sukkar Ya Banat is just the sweetest, even if I have no idea what it's saying (I DO know that the title means Caramel! Or Girl Sugar! However literal one wants to take it).
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- editing editing editing, tiny little edits this time, of formatting and making all the little apostrophes curly and junk

- I went for lunch with Chi at Green Burrito where we had burritos.

- Around 4pm, just as my laptop was dying, I went to the mini conference for one of the seminars.

- Food was had.

- I just cooked some bowtie pasta, some minced meat with wine. The bowtie pasta I mixed with some olive oil, and mixed it in, then added alfredo sauce and lots of cheese. I think I should have drained the wine or not put it in at all because it's pretty strong in the result!

I now have enough lunches for the next three days aw yiiisssss.

I'm going to give this pasta thing a go for the next while... my dad wants me to move away from rice because of the starch but I feel very much the need for some carbs to go with my meats. I'm pretty sure cheeses are not what he had in mind but oh well.

- It turns out that even if I sleep on my side I am prone to waking myself up by snorting in my sleep. This is... getting out of hand. I'm going to the doctor when I get back from Malaysia to talk about a referral to an anatomist, see if it's something in my nasal structure. (Bla bla bla lose weight bla bla) I'm totally going to try my mom's CPAP machine when I go home too.
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- I think... I'm done this prospectus draft. I just put together the bibliography for it and I'm going to re-read it tomorrow for smoothness then forward it to my dissertation chair.

- I also had a chat with Dr. BZ about my prospectus and she seemed so thrilled by it, she said, "I can already see it being published, it sounds so great" and I couldn't help but ask if she wanted to be on my dissertation committee. I'd wanted to finish the prospectus first then forward it but oh well. So I will do that. She's very committed to getting me to doing some fashion theory which I think will be fun... there's an English seminar in spring which will also be doing some fashion theory so I want to sit in on that too.

- I have a tab open to customink.com because I want a shirt that reads "When I grow up I wanna be just like Yuri Kochiyama".

- Today was an oddly full evening.
5pm I went to the Asian Pacific Student Programs office to join their roundtable. I met the moderator and he was so taken with my research he changed the topic to Asian representation in SF and literature. It's the last meeting of the quarter so apparently there are usually more people. So I'll try to keep going next quarter and see how it is. It was very nice to meet them though... Asian undergrads.
6pm Geoff Ryman's talk was really fun! He was reading some script he wrote about a cat that decided to follow his astronaut human to the rocketship, and it was a musical, so he was half-singing, and doing little dances, and it was wonderful. Wish I got to hang out some more.
7pm GSA meeting. The Israel BDAS team and a detractor both presented and it was a bit weirdly silent in the council room for a while. IDK how that is going to go. But voting is tomorrow so we'll see what the turnout is.
8pm went to a panel on Ferguson that was pulled together very last-minute, but it was really well-attended and intense. I don't even know when it ended.

- Generally I don't think I've been sleeping well due to nasal congestion. Not sure what I shall do... go back to using Nasonex? Flonase? Hmmm.... I'll pop to the pharmacy to see.
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- Almost done the SEAsteampunk manu!

- I made macaroni alfredo tonight. Minced meat, cheese. I have enough food for three meals.

- Somehow had a rousing discussion about LosCon on FB.

- My brother's ex, who I do not like, tried to send me a friend request. DO NOT WANT! I don't care how long it's been, STILL DO NOT WANT.
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Finished NaNo last night around 4am. I am about a third into the novel, maybe? I don't know. There's still a lot left to write though.

Woke up at maybe 10am? But didn't bother getting out of bed until noon.

All I did today was work on some embroidery, made fried catfish nuggets and mashed potatoes, and I'm baking cookies right now.

Tomorrow I'm going to do my best to get out to the train station by 6am for a 4-hour commute to the LosCon hotel which might not be so irritating if it wasn't for the many transfers. I have no idea what I am going to wear. I still don't really understand Southern California weather.

I saw a different cat from the calico tonight. This one is a dark gray, solid color. I've never seen it before. It came sniffing at the shelter I set up, looked up into my window at me, then walked away.

Today's embroidery progress. Trying to decide if I should take it with me tomorrow onto the train, or if I should just read a book. Got so many to catch up with...
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- Finished marking the unit exams today! On Sunday, I'll go over the pile again and do math and calculate the grades.

- I also got out to the NNWM write-in today!

- I then also attended the second half of the talk on Latin American SF. I didn't really understand what was going on but it was neat and I met folks and felt normal.

- In the evening, I went downtown by bus (caught it right on time! how neat!) to see EA play at Back to the Grind.

- While I was there, I also wrote more words. Promised myself, 30k tonight or bust! My final wordcount of the day is 31k.

- Had a minor crisis when I called my ride to confirm details for tomorrow only for her to tell me that she couldn't make it because she was now in LA being involved in some play. I really would have appreciated notice of that earlier! So I got another friend to come get me, but I feel bad because she lives out in Diamond Bar and has other commitments and aaaah. She very kindly re-arranged things for me, omg. Also, she realized that Clockwork Couture is not a regular bookstore, but like a clothing boutique, and Grant Imahara models some of their menswear so she's now super excited. Yay!

Then my previous ride called me again feeling bad and that she was coming back to Riverside and ??? Anyway, Rubato will get me to Burbank, and Maurisa will bring me home. I hope. We'll see how that works out XD

So I'm going to bed early tonight and getting a full night's sleep for tomorrow!
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- I let my temper and my depression get the better of me today. I ranted from 10am until 6pm and forgot to eat lunch.

There was a break sometime wherein I started playing grad adviser for one of the 2nd year grads who really wants to get her shit together and she knows what to do and I guess it's just hard for her to keep things together.

There was also a fire drill!

During which time I ran into the department chair and asked if I could use travel money from the department to attend SD Comics Fest this weekend. I think he said yes.

Tomorrow there will be an earthquake drill.

- I finished being angry and just ended up sad so I called up EA to ask him if I could have dinner with someone not from the Internet. He busted his knee falling off his bike, but said sure I could come over, so I went by Busy Cafe, went to his place and hung out for a few hours. We talked about comic books, teaching (he's teaching a class on Af-Am art).

- I've booked my tix for SD Comics Fest. PK has a birthday to attend on Saturday so she might not come with me after all. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow afternoon I'll book Travelodge for the night. Lisa has said she can come pick me up from the bus station and get me to the hotel, altho she can't stay the night. There's only the 8pm bus left. I should be okay. I think.

- My friend Skye just made a comparison between #GamerGate and #MooreAndMe. I hadn't thought of the latter in years. Damn.

- I hope my worms will be okay in the mail a few more days =(
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- made spot quizzes on the spot (haha)
- spoke to student who's also a creative writer, introduced her to several SFF authors, gave her brief rundown on publishing, convinced her to do NaNo
- graded spot quizzes
- hemmed my new trousers with a blind stitch hem
- bought lieutenant rank braids because i have a red shirt that looks just like a ST shirt and I don't want to get shit for being a Redshirt

- drink more water
- cook some actual food
- eat more fruit, them apples aren't gonna eat themselves
- get back to editing
- get back to reading research articles
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- Ho hum class today. Couldn't get the projector working and the command touchscreen wasn't turning on. Of course, once the IT dude gets in all he has to do is brush his fingers on the thing and it wakes up. Ugh!

- I had a shitty night last night. I kept waking up, or my sleep was so light that I might as well have been just dozing. I don't get it; I turned in early because I was tired? Then this afternoon I crashed into bed around 4pm and could not get up until 6-ish. It was a much sounder sleep.

- I also have been having issues when I walk to school. My calves keep tensing up and hurting and I'm not sure why. On the one hand, I think maybe it's because my legs aren't used to carrying my current body weight, but on the other, I've been walking back and forth to campus with no issue for the last two years and I can't have put on THAT much weight over the summer. I'm hoping this will go away in a while.

- HH and I went to Walmart (sigh) where I got some ZZquil, facewash, lots of Kleenex. I also got some Little Potatoes (they are kind of gosh darn cute). I'm hoping the Zzzquil will help me out in staying asleep.

- I'm thinking of getting more worms... Uncle Jim's has a sale going on for a 2lb packet of worms (that's around 2000 words). My bin has a lot more stuff since I put in last year's uncomposted cattails (which maybe was a bad idea?) and there will be a ton of leaves going in once I get around to raking them off the ground and planting the seeds. I've got a lot of other bugs in the worm bin which I think are competing with the worms for food, so I sort of want to just chase 'em away with an overabundance of red wrigglers (which, to me, are much cuter than most of the other bugs in there).

- Tomorrow looks to be a long day. Sigh.
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- I think p much all the stories have gone through a first round of edits! Gonna start the second round tomorrow.

- Chi is back in town! I missed her. She was still heavily jetlagged from her flight (got in yesterday).

- I scanned a lot of stuff in today! Which means I learned how to use the scanner at work. I can't use mine; it's too sensitive. There're some issues with the larger books, of course, but I'll figure that out.

- Nalo met with me for dinner and we talked about further things to suggest. She had more stuff for me to scan too. And loaned me a book of Ursula LeGuin non-fiction essays. I think that might be nice to balance off the non-fiction for the first class, and LeGuin is easy to read.

- I had difficulty waking up. Both this morning, and from my afternoon nap. It's a bit distressing, esp since I haven't been sleeping well at nights. I think it's because even though superficially I'm not jetlagged, my body doesn't realize that nighttime is actually nighttime, not daytime. ARGH. I don't really know how to fix it except to keep waking up earlier. I may try to refrain from napping in the afternoons for the next while.
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I got really bored and thus I am now on Facebook. I am kind of not seeing the big deal about it, tbh. I'll probably just use it for my dissertation research and chatting with friends but the bulk of my personal life blogging will still remains here on DW, and on Tumblr.

Today was a complete bust. I didn't even have breakfast. I walked outside a couple of times but that was it.

I, uh, found a funnel spider living on my dustpan if that counts as something interesting.

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