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So police came knocking at my door looking for my upstairs neighbour. Twice. The first time there were five of them, the second time it was just two of them. Both times, when I checked my peephole, whoever was knocking at my door had stepped away, so I thought it was just my imagination, and then they came waving at my window. WTF.

Anyway, the second time, the police officer was like, "have you seen your neighbour at all? Not at all? He hasn't even come back? Oh, okay then. Did you know there's an opossum on the stairs there?"


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For some reason I'm not a big fan of taking pictures, and then posting them. They kind of just languish on my hard drive as my personal records, not because I actually care about taking pictures for display.

So anyway, pictures under cut. Some of them I may have neglected to re-size before uploading. Whee! )

Next post will be a bit more boring, I think. Anyways.
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There was a cabaret show titled Steampunk Titanic, which didn't have too much to do with the Titanic, but it was a nice nautical theme to commemorate its sinking.

Pictures! )
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So in my anxiety to not miss the start of class today, I kind of left the house around like 7.30? And moseyed to MacDonald's to get some McMuffins and then catch a bus up to Ottawa St. I got to the shop at 8.20am -_- Cut for pictures )

In conversation with various other people, it turns out, there're bra makers all over North America who are graduates of their professional course (where they teach you how to do fittings and measure). Good idea, because it keeps them in business, but the course is $3700. If you can swing that, it's a job that pays for itself pretty easily I think. Wish I'd heard about this earlier... would've given me something to do over the last half a damn year I had nothing to do. If I decide I never want to have anything to do with academia, this might be a good option.

Also, husbands have totally taken that course to learn how to sew bras for their wives. So there's an option. That's a pretty sexy thing.

Anyways. Hope you like the pictures!


Apr. 13th, 2012 12:33 am
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So, after the failed skirt, Wilma told me that I was Doing Things Wrong, basically, making the seams too small, when Simplicity patterns call for a 5/8" seam, and I was giving 3/8" seams. And all that extra fabric adds up!

More pictures! )
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Which I have now!

nattering about the making of under cut ) It is big enough to accommodate all of the following: passports, notebook + pen, 2 pens, wallet, cellphone, tissues, umbrella, parasol, large water bottle, netbook (or 14" laptop, but I'm definitely in the market for a netbook atm, hopefully before May so I can really give this a whirl), toiletries, couple of books, plane boarding passes, letter-size papers. The idea is to have something easy to carry about and through airport security. Right now I have a belt with pockets (which is very steampunk! I love it, but it can get to be a pain) and a little sling-pouch that's not very strong for my passports and tickets. And I hate having to take my backpack on and off.

I'm really trying hard to travel light these days, so for my upcoming May trip, I plan on having just this, and a white rolling carry-on that my mom "loaned" me, for "overnight trips". Shyeah, right.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures! I'll post pictures of my bodices soon.
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This will be under a cut as well. If folks from WisCon don't feel comfy with these pics in public, just tell me and I will take them down.

Wheee! )


Jun. 7th, 2011 10:49 pm
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From NYC!

For pics from this year's SPWF, go here. Yes, I know a con report should be coming but my brain is not working.

Under a cut so I can natter as much as I please! )
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Fury of the Phoenix's cover:

I went looking through my portfolio, and I'm not even particularly proud of this image but I AM FEELING KIND OF STABBITY ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW:

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Check it out! James Ng sent me stuff!

And then as if that wasn't obnoxiously awesome enough...


*dances with joy*
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Yay! I made it work without sewing on a safety pin! And I can have it both ways if I want too!

See proof )

*sings "I'm So Pretty" and twirls around*
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This post is mainly broken off because it is yet another set of pictures. Please check out the beginning of the story first! If you note here at this Picasa folder, more shenanigans were had at the shoot, which did not involve Intrepid Girl Reporter! And I have no brainpower to put together a fairly disjointed shoot into a single coherent story with an actual complex plot, so.


When Girl Reporter got back to the office! )

Hope you enjoyed my shitty story-telling ability!
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Today I had a shoot, themed "film noir", which was VERY loosely interpreted. And so here starts a series of posts in which I describe the Adventures of Girl Reporter! Which didn't even come up until MUCH later in a very elaborate shot which hasn't seen processing and uploading yet, coordinated and shot by an ex-boss of mine. Anyway, I went looking through the web album of the organizer, who isn't in the habit of post-processing before uploading stuff, and let me tell you, these pictures BEGGED captioning.

Warning: post is VERY PICTURE HEAVY.

Also, I don't watch any film noir or detective stuff, and I just had some caramel popcorn, so the lines are all crack.

First, the Cast! )

Yeah, this is one whole ego trip and totally told only from my perspective, so most of these pictures will feature me because I have zero inclination to tell the other perspectives, but nonetheless!

Girl Reporter Spies Something! )

After this, our intrepid Girl Reporter was kicked out of the office to do some field work. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?
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I met up with a really nice photographer when I was back in Malaysia. We'd tried to set up a shoot last year, with no success, and this year was pretty hard too! Either I was sick, or had allergies, or he wasn't around, or he was busy, or I was busy, or something! Finally, we managed to make a last-minute ditch effort to shoot, and somehow he managed to get his friends, who all trickled in as time went by even though I said I wanted the shoot done by 9pm. All great guys though. It was cool because they spoke mostly Cantonese and Hokkien, so I got to practise speaking Cantonese with them. I'd like to shoot with them again next year.

Anyway, shots )

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