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I had enough sleep but still got out of bed only at 10am.

This sun setting thing at 7pm or something is throwing me off or something. I'm taking forever to wind down from the day so I sleep later, and wake up later.

Submitted just in time to Steam-Powered 2, and now to work on a paper for Queer and Trans Theory, due next Thursday. I started reading stuff today but it was SO DEPRESSING having to plow through all these cisgender writers writing about trans issues and.... a lot of stuff just seemed really problematic.

My paper is going to be on Virginia Woolf's Orlando. I'm not sure what exactly my argument is, but basically, I was really uncomfortable with the prof saying it has potential to be a trans text (and a couple times he did actually call it a trans text) but the thing is, I don't see it as a trans text? Not a transgender one, anyway. It has transgender themes, but not really a whole lot. It's really a book about writing. I personally hate this book. But then, I dislike a LOT of stuff I've had to read from the Modernist era. I see it as a lesbian text, and I see it as a trans-genre, satirical piece, but not a trans one. The fact that I can find just about NOTHING from the transgender/transsexual community on Orlando (besides Jan Morris' biography, and that was... I don't know, there was a lot of very gender-normative stuff in there) just tells me that it's not really a text that reflects trans experiences that much.

So... I think first I'll explore what kinds of transgender issues that Woolf DOES tackle, then go on to interrogate whether or not it pushes the limits enough in terms of how much work it does on queer issues (there's that bit where Orlando, now a woman, cross-dresses to look like a man and picks up) and then go into the implications of a cisperson writing a text which has a kind of a magical sex change trope attached to it.

I mean, I know in class I had a discussion about how it's almost like a piece of spec fic and SO THESE THINGS HAPPEN but I just am not comfortable with that IT'S SPEC FIC ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN stuff, even if it IS a piece of Modernist crap. I'm going to read stuff about language tomorrow, and then start outlining my paper. But right now I'm going to tackle the databases again. Blah.
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Zibblsnrt says:
so the form I had to fill out for the flu shot today made my day
Jha says:
Zibblsnrt says:
"Gender: ( ) Male ( ) Female ( ) Transgender ( ) Unknown" <- that's not smoething I expected to see on a Nova Scotian government form
Jha says:
.... that IS cool
Jha says:
this must be LJ'd
Zibblsnrt says:
Isn't it great?
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Not much to link to this week - I've been avoiding the internetz at large and I have a canker sore. I think I got it because it was really cold one night and I bit on my tongue while chattering my teeth.

So! On to the Linkfest:

I mentioned earlier this week the Vancouver Women's Health Collective opening a women-only pharmacy which excludes transwomen. For good measure, I shall re-link to a critique of it by Queen Emily, of Questioning Transphobia, currently guest-blogging at Feministe, in case you missed it. [ profile] gudbuytjane writes more on this.

amandaw points out how easily journalism makes a press release about rapists put the blame on the victims.

Fuck Politeness disses people who diss Harry Potter. I don't like HP myself, but my goodness, some people take their dislikes to the severe extremities.

"No" is not a mixed signal! The mind boggles at why we have to keep saying this.

[ profile] kiwi_grrl asks the question: why isn't the media paying anymore attention to Iran? Also, to people who think the hijab is oppressive, do the women in the pictures look oppressed to you?

Here are 66 panels from old DC comics which illustrate reasons why chicks cry.

At Racialicious, I was piqued by the discussion that Sandip Roy's essay on cultural artifacts created, and [ profile] divabat has an essay up on being a PoC in the burlesque scene, which is not so very different from being a PoC on the steampunk scene, except with more drama.

Now that my linkfest is done, I shall return to tending my canker sore.
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Not Victorian capitals but there you have it.

The Vancouver Women's Health Collective opened a new women-only clinic.

Sounds good so far! What's wrong with this?

The pharmacy doesn't serve all women, that's what's wrong. You see, apparently, to be a woman, you have to have been born a woman, lived your whole life as a woman, had specifically woman problems, and who the hell knows what else is essential to being a woman. Mercedes Allen gives a nice rundown on the pre-requisites of being a woman.

Queen Emily, guest-blogging at Feministe, takes on this issue, and rightly points out that there is no solid reasoning to exclude transwomen from receiving services at this women-only clinic. I also highly recommend reading the comments, as Holly within them point out the classism inherent in the reasoning as well.

More from [ profile] gudbuytjane

What a great idea, a women-only pharmacy!

Too bad it had to be tarnished with transphobia, and it had to start off excluding the most marginalized subset of women.
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It's a Sunday linkfest! Sorry for taking so long. I faceplanted yesterday and scrapped my knee for the first time in years. Not only that, but my knee is still a bit swollen. If I leave it alone for a long time, when I start moving again, it's sore. Oh well.

Onto the linkfest!

Over at the Acting Out Edition, I angst about some fat issues (nothing new for you folks!), and wondered whether the Body Shop would ever produce an American [flower] scent. It's also a steampunking triple-threat this time! A discussion on saying "the point is", a thought on Orientalism, and... a post you've already seen before. Also a 101 on a complicated theory on the rise of patriarchy alongside the idea of transcendent gods.

I also did a bit of RaceFail reading, and this correlation between a queer person's troubles with a PoC's troubles struck me as sensitive.

Here's a post called, "Don't Be That Guy!" which articulates the main attitudes that lead to douchebag behaviour. I found it quite affirming.

So, sometime last year, there was a huge deal in the liberal blogosphere about the role of men in feminism. Penny Red talks about the main problem, from the women bloggers' POV, which apparently most men bloggers do not understand.

Tracey of Unapologetically Female articulates common themes in commentary wrt to Hollywood sexism. These things are a pattern, phew!

It's a wonderful week of wonderful guest posts at Feministe! My favs:

amandaw from three rivers fog on dissability and being respectful.

Queen Emily on the difficulty of filling out forms as a transgender person.

Not a guest blog, but Holly points out that a grandpa has an agenda, sending his grandson to harass a transgender girl by following her into the washroom and calling her 'faggot'. He argued that his grandson should have the right to use the girls' washroom, if the transgender girl was allowed to.

Continuing the theme of transphobia, apparently the term "cis" is hostile terminology. Follow the drama at Questioning Transphobia! My favourite quote:

"Oh my God. I don’t get this at all. I mean, for a start there’s the whole “cisgendered people are the majority and hardly an oppressed group whose self-identification is an important part of staking out their place in the world” and then there’s “what the hell is insulting about “cis”?”"

I don't understand what's insulting about 'cis' either. Complaining that using "cis" as an insult is as expressed in this pic by gudbuytjane:

Renee of Womanist Musings has some strong posts on patronizing behaviour towards disabled people and Lynndie England being unable to find a job. If you don't remember who Lynddie England is, she's the women who was pictured torturing Abu Ghraib prisoners.

A discussion on how abuse doesn't always manifest in physical violence, and sometimes in pregnancy. h/t to Cara of the Curvature.

Into the geek realm! An old article on Geek Social Fallacies. I definitely have some form of GSF4 and GSF5.
[ profile] twice_immigrant has a very interesting thought on the Borg! In JournalFen, a big discussion on triggers, and on asking fanfic authours to put up a warning in case their fics featuring rape trigger someone. Apparently asking people to put up a trigger warning is damaging to their authourial integrity. Who knew.

On the Asian women carnival front, recently there was an intra-PoC discussion: colorblue responded to a carnival post, and there was dialogue between the two. oyceter felt the need to apologize in response to colorblue and here is the resultant discussion. It's hard to apologize the way these folks did (honestly, and being able to pinpoint what they're apologizing for) but it's a necessary lesson! In accordance to all this, ciderpress has refined further guidelines and articulated more clearly a vision for the carnival. A quote:

"We are not safe from each other. I think it is important to ensure we have communal space so that we have the ability to reach out and support rather than silence and suppress those among us who are particularly vulnerable. I think communal space is vital in dismantling privilege, our own as well as those of other people."

Very noble, very true, very hard for some people to swallow, but in the end, we can't cop out, even though it's so easy to ignore what's going on online, since we don't actually see or feel the hurt we inflict on others. My carnival is not affected by these new guidelines, but I'll do my best to follow them anyway. Call for submissions is still on!


Apr. 28th, 2009 10:41 pm
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little light's post on being trans during childhood.


This is how we internalize the lies. This is how we accept the yoke of oppression. By living in a world where the truth that we are beautiful and worthy and lovable is even more painful to accept than the lie that we are none of these things, because all sense of fairness or order vanishes when you look the truth in the eye. If we are beautiful, we are in a world that does not care about our beauty, and even grinds it in the mud. If we are strong, we are living in a world so heavy that it saps our strength until we are tired all the time. If we are ourselves, we are living in a world that systematically strips away our selfhood like roast chicken scraped from the bone.

Until we are strong enough to look this in the eye and fight it, to stand up and fight and make the part of the world we stand on more okay no matter how hard it is or what it takes--until we are so very strong that we remember we are strong, and beautiful, and true, worthy of no end of love, no matter what--it's just too much to bear. So we accept false stories instead, about how we're dirty and ugly and weak and unlovable. We have to. I had to.

I am writing this down because I know that in an hour, or a day, or a week, I will be listening to the lies again for a while. How else do you live?

Go read the whole thing.

via the 18th Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom & Autonomy hosted by the inimitable Renegade Evolution
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"Maddy" Just Might Work After All

A transwoman talks about how her transition affected her family (wife and kids).

Well, go on.

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