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Things I did not do:

- work on my dissertation
- finish the OPT application
- clean house
- call the computer repair center to see if they know any smartphone repair centers
- make a doctor's appointment for bloodtest
- fold the laundry

Things I managed to do:

- make an ophthalmologist appointment
- swim 12 laps
- clear my writing desk
- have a difficult FEELINGSTALK conversation about something that's been bugging me
- sweep the patio
- do laundry

I really need to learn how to watch the water filter, though, because I forgot about it while making my appointment and a lot of water spilled over, oops. The bright side of the new water filter is that it filters junk water out, and I use that to water my plants. I think the potatoes are a no-go now, but maybe next planting season!
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So there is this cutie at the grocery store. Last year I mostly encountered him at the cashier, and sometimes he would be the bag boy. I'm pretty sure he's way young, I peg him mid-20's at most. Still, he is pleasant to look at, and always, unfailingly friendly.

Javi was gonna do a drag performance in LA, and we were gonna leave at 4.30, so I got made up for the occasion. But he pulled out last minute, so he and Maurisa were cooking dinner instead. And they invited me over, and I went to the grocery store to get some stuff for the dinner. And who should be at the deli counter but cute bag boy. We exchanged a few pleasantries about summer, I got some potato salad.

I might have to go get mashed potatoes a bit more often.
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Dr. R: So who is it that keeps leaving their markings on the board everytime we come in?
Me: There's an introduction to calculus class in here before us.
Dr. R: Over the years I've noticed it's always the mathematicians who leave their markings and never clean them off for the next class. I don't know what it is, it's like they HAVE to make their mark somewhere.
Me: He took a really long time leaving today; I gave him five minutes past time and he was still lecturing.
Dr. R: Well then.
Me: He's at least really easy on the eyes.
Dr. R: I hope you didn't tell him that!
Me: Of course not.

..................................... for now, anyway.

ETA: Now considering ways to tell him I think he's cute in the brief minute between my coming into the lecture room and his leaving it.
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I am posting this because I like Josh's fuck-me shoes. Also, Cthulhu. Who, as wildunicornherd pointed out to me, looks more like an Ood.

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- The baby squirrels are doing well. They were really cold last night for some reason. I figured this out when they weren't their usual fussy and cranky selves. Picked them up before I went to sleep and found them so unnaturally cold, so I cuddled them under the comforter for the night. I did not crush them. But then I discovered one of them had pooped during the night, and the fussy one was fussing off to the side of my bed and when I reached out for it, I noticed it was a bit damp on the underside. Sat up to find pee. Ah well. At least it doesn't smell.

I can't find a caretaker for them, which bothers me, since I leave in a week for 16 days. That's two weeks! I'm going to buy them a cage and fill it with stuff so they can amuse themselves, making them low-maintenance. I tried to sucker Kasim into taking care of them while Erin is gone but he's a cat person for a reason.

Lots of people love seeing them though. There's something about two sleeping squirrels that makes people want to stare at them for very long minutes.

- My squirrels eat grapes almost exclusively at this point. I feel really bad about this. They're supposed to also be eating birdseed and stuff, but I'm guessing grapes are their favourite because they don't have very large teeth yet. Besides, grapes are tasty. And it is kind of hilarious to see them eat because they sort of straddle the grapes and sit on them like some sort of circus balancing act, and eat.

The fussy one has taken on a caramel-filled chocolate egg too. Messed up my table, but so worth it to watch. Caramel on its fingers and whiskers and all.

Erin very kindly bought kitten formula for me to feed them with, because it has protein and other good things like that. They've totally snubbed the bottle, so I'm going to try used teabags soaked in the formula.

- Also, I bought some barley and put it in a cloth bag, microwaved it, and now the squirrels happily sleep on it without needing to cuddle up on me. <3

- I have almost everything in for my late PhD application, except for my reference from Dr. Chakraborty! *crosses fingers* If the last two spots don't get filled at the end of the month, I have a shot of getting in. And I would really like to get in, because frankly, I don't really feel like another year looking for work that I'm not sure I can find a job to fill.

- Symposium on the 20th. Haven't even started work on the presentation. No more than ten minutes on our project. I'm probably just going to do stuff related to my proposal.

And the next day, academic panel at Steampunk World's Fair. Am analysing Peshawar Lancers for that. I think I have enough material. Oh man, ya'll, this is a terrible book.

- I'm looking for places to move out to because there's NO WAY I am staying in this here fucking basement apartment. Every place seems to be available for mid-May or June, though =/ There's this gorgeous, gorgeous place that I doubt I have a shot of getting into, but it's available only for June. My lease ends at the end of July. I'm going home for August, and coming back for September, on the off-chance I get into the PhD program. I don't know. I might just stay long enough to apply to various places, and then pack my shit up and go back to Malaysia for the year.

- Steampunk Bible signing in NYC on the 26th!

Date: 26th May
Time: 7pm
Venue: B&N Booksellers, 2289 Broadway

- So it turns out [livejournal.com profile] yiduiqie, [livejournal.com profile] qian and myself are in Steam-Powered 2!! This is significant! Because all three of us are Malaysians, and we are all in different continents! Isn't that nifty? What are the odds? Muahaha!

- I suck with boy stuff =(
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Sometimes I think about
your fingers
and all the secret
places they
could slip
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Wrote this last Wednesday. Can't think of anywhere to send it, so putting it here. It was originally titled "Unless You Say So" but I thought this was a much better title.

Unless You Ask )

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