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So my blood test results came back, and my blood sugar is down to 5.5, which is the normal range, so technically, I am not diabetic. I'm going to stay in the Metformin for as long as I can and see if I can quit eating so much sugary stuff (I had a slice of cheesecake tonight).

I called the Consulate-General of Malaysia today and it was a really easy phone call. The guy just took my email address down and sent me the necessary forms. I need to go get MORE passport photos and a money order (ugh) but it doesn't look hard to get to. I'll get those done on Friday, and go to the Consulate on Monday.

I also heard back from one of my other committee members! She rushed her reading, but she still had a lot of comments and said she's ready to sign off on the dissertation. Sounds like she really liked it, so, yay. The third committee member who had asked for a fall defense said she would be okay with moving ahead, but I've already filed for filing fee status, so I told her not to worry about it.

To celebrate, I went for a swim, and did 30 laps. Was almost not going to, because I REALLY needed to pee in the last few laps. Also, the hot water shut off.

I still have a lot of yawning, so tomorrow I shan't take the fluoxetine in the morning but at night. I also have what feels like a sore throat or a cold? That weird feeling at the back of the roof of the mouth like it's sort from sinus issues. Except I know I am not developing sinus issues. Apparently one of the side-effects of the antidepressant is flu-like?! WEIRDNESS.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Customs and Border Protection Deferred Inspection Site at Los Angeles, because I REALLY want to get my I-94 record corrected. It's been reading Aug 2015 even though I've exited and entered the States twice since. They have an email pilot program so I tried that, but I only get back their stupid auto-response, and I've emailed three times since and they haven't changed anything. It's weird because my travel history is showing up accurate. So I'm going to their office in person to see who I need to shake my finger at, and see if they'll fix it there and then. It could be a trip for nothing, for all I know, but it'll give me something to do.
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I have been yawning ALL. DAY. All day. I've also been waking up at like stupid o'clock for the last few days.

Saturday was the trip to Orange County for an international food fair with folks from my department. It was the most sociable I've been in months with department folks, so it was nice.

Sunday S. and I went to Chinatown for the Hungry Ghost Festival, and met up with Nilah and her friends there. We had lunch together, and then wandered a bit around Chinatown looking for the Bruce Lee statue. It used to be wrapped up, but it's now out! Then S. and I went to the Ripped Bodice, hung for a bit, and then to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is more of an art gallery featuring... strange artifacts and effects. It's quite cool, but a bit overwhelming. We then had dinner downtown in Riverside. Fun stuff.

Yesterday (Monday) I was really sleepy, but Alan and I did a 99 Ranch run. He's moving to Riverside, and I cooked dinner for us.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. I've apparently lost another 9 pounds. I feel slightly alarmed by this. I had some bloodwork done, so we'll see what the follow up is. Then I tried to do some writing on campus, but was yawning so heavily, I came home, had lunch, and just passed out for three hours. When I woke up, there was a Pokemon Go raid nearby for a legendary I hadn't been able to get out to yet.

Since then I've been reading in bed, still incredibly tired. I devoured a lot of longans and rambutans. IDK, overall I feel like garbage, physically. Mood's still the same. So, hopefully this is just the Fluoxetine happening.

Things I need to do:
- call the Consulate to ask about passport renewal
- look up health insurance options for folks on OPT
- clear my writing desk like jeez it's getting unreasonable in here
- take out the trash
- ask about my filing fee status
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Nothing much new to report aside from my brain's asinine refusal to produce new words and re-reading old ones instead.

I did apply for the Graywolf internship, sent it off this morning.

This morning I went to Coco's to work, had horrible bowel movements, at the tail end of which Jose called to see if I was down to join a Lugia raid, and of course I was. Four raids in, I've got a Lugia and another Articuno.

Latter half of the day, after a two hour nap (WHY) I started outlining the analysis for the final novel, which I'm excited about. I'm gonna sleep with the CPAP tonight and see if I can concentrate better tomorrow. The deadline looms. I'm vaguely terrified.

The walk up and down Blaine Street feels shorter, although I'm sure it is still taking me the same amount of time (I walked out around 8.30 and got back around 10; 1 and a half hours seems pretty normal for me on that stretch). This makes me wonder if I should try to up my game a little and do a little jog instead of brisk walking. It is kind of harder to play Pokemon Go while jogging though.

ETA: OH! My new phone arrived! I still can't get the SIM cards out of my Xiaomi because I don't have a pin strong enough (I don't really have any earring studs I'm willing to sacrifice) but it's here!

7.5 - 5.7

Jul. 24th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Well, I took a hydrocoxine last night, and it threw me for a loop in which I couldn't wake up early enough for my liking, and was really groggy. My body felt really heavy, and I'm still feeling the effects this afternoon. But! It was otherwise a decent day: my friend Jose texted me around 1pm about a Legendary raid, and there was a crowd of people when I got there! I feel I should have been a bit more sociable, but I was not trying to evade my dissertation today. And we defeated it! And I got the Articuno! Yay!

My doctor also had good news for me today: my blood sugar level, which had been at 7.5, way at the top of the Type 2 diabetes range, has scaled down to 5.7. My doctor is very impressed; he's never seen such a fast turnover before. If there ever was a moment for the Glow of Virtue, this was totally it. My bad cholesterol level is on the high end, but it's balanced out by the good cholesterol, so yay I guess. I'm hoping to knock the 5.7 down to 5 by the time I see him again in September. My insurance is until the 24th, so that's enough time for one more blood test.

I am considering buying weights, just a couple of dumbbells, for building arm strength. I'm going to sit on this for a while and see how I feel in a couple of weeks. I'm going to dig out some unused sheets and try using those as exercise mats, though. My brother uses a folded old blanket.

Not swimming today; the sky's too cloudy and I don't like swimming in a cold pool. I guess I SHOULD get used to that, though. It's so nice, so I lament not taking advantage of the cloudy sky to go for a morning hike. Maybe I can do that tomorrow!
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So, because I have no brainspace, I completely forgot to take down the address of the ophthalmologist I was supposed to go see, Googled last night, and took a Lyft to the wrong place. I had to take another Lyft, this time to the right place. It was a weird procedure. Lots of flashing lights and hooey eyedrops. On the bright side, the doctor says that my eyes look all right, no problems with the veins whatsoever.

On the not so bright side, my eyes are still dilated and my pee looks weird (because they have to inject dye into your bloodstream so that inspection of the back of the eye is possible). I have a headache as a result.

The eye specialist I went to was near Brockton Arcade so I meandered over to the pet supply store to have a look-see. I sighed at the dog collars, because I miss Puppergeist, and I regret giving him up.

I got home, had a couple of pieces of chicken, then went to campus for another doctor's visit. And I have to say, while I think Dr. Tran is a wonderful doctor otherwise, the first to take my complaints on concentration seriously enough that he suggested ADD as a possible problem (the diabetes was the first thing he felt capable of looking at), he was a bit too enthused about my weight loss for my comfort. OK, yeah, 15 pounds since I started (late April), but I don't know if that's such a huge accomplishment when my concentration is still shot to hell, and I could use all that time spent exercising and worrying about my food on the diss. Then again, the exercising and dieting is a decent way to procrastinate, I guess.

Anyway, I had to make calls and whatnot for a psychiatrist appointment, and the first available time is the end of August. EW! I need to defend by then! So, I'm kind of pissed that it's taken this long for this to even come up.

Tonight I'll be handwriting some of my dissertation, I think, because I just can't stare at the screen so much anymore. I've got a whole paragraph. It feels nice.

I also finished the sugar-free cookies I got last weekend, whoops.
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I had a birthday today. Managed to survive 31. It's weird; I remember when I was a teenager, I was so sure I would die by age 21. Every other year, I get really surprised at this time of year, that I managed to make this far.

The birthday wishes started rolling in "yesterday" (which is Today, by Asian standards), while I hung out with YL, helping her get settled by doing some Kmart shopping.

I had a shit night, though--for whatever reason, I simply couldn't go to sleep. I might have dozed off but it didn't feel like it. I also have an intense pain on my left shoulder/upper arm area, like something's been dislocated or pulled. I'm not sure what it is, or what about my posture is creating the problem, if it is indeed my posture. (It's a mysterious pain, much like how when I walk to campus, I get a mysterious cramp in my left calf.) It was bad enough that at some point I had to get an Advil in me, and I drank some Zzzquil for good measure. It was 2am when I last looked at the clock, and I'd set my alarm for 7am.

Eric and I were on the road by 8.30am, and stopped at a Denny's for breakfast. Got to Long Beach and parked and got to the actual convention center by 11am, but had to wait about 40 minutes in line just to get in, even with pre-reg.

I think I don't really like comic cons. They're too big, too busy, and I can barely chat with the artists. I did buy a lot, and I kind of regret stopping by the Jem booth. ($20 per issue of the Jem comic!!!!) I AM very pleased that there was a group converting retro cartoons from the master videos into DVDs (4 DVDs for $30); I got Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys!!! I'm so psyched about it. They also had Galtar and the Golden Lance, and were working on converting Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century :D

I also bought some little zines, comics, and a Goosebumps parody, and a little Cthulhu plushie. But there weren't very many panels I was interested in, so by around 3pm, Eric and I hit the road.

Part of taking these long breaks is good for me because now I'm actually MISSING my dissertation work and longing to get back to it. Having talked about what I'm trying to do, I think I'm going to bang out some words about it on Monday.

I'm really wiped, though, so I'm going to try to turn in as soon as possible and sleep in as much as I can tomorrow. No one wants to go train-riding with me so I'm going to stay home and read Chinese SF in translation instead :D
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So I had two wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and they're supposedly healing just fine today. I went in for 4.30, the doctor had me do an X-Ray which seemed quite a fuss, then extracted the top one, but spent some time on the bottom one.

The teeth had been chomping on the inside of my cheek a lot lately, with really painful results. I'd gone to a different dentist on Monday for some cleaning, and was told about needing surgery. I'd also booked an appointment with the first dentist for August 5 and was told they'd call if something opened up, and lo, something did, the next day.

There's still some swelling, but the sutures are holding and I seem to be fine. We had a blackout yesterday too, and I think I'm running a slight fever from that.

I got really mad though, because my dad made Nyonya inchi kabin last night and I couldn't eat it >:{ I couldn't eat all night! And I won't be able to eat much for the next few days. I'm going to bug someone to take me out for ice cream.

That said, I did get to read IBAN JOURNEY (which is actually a sequel to a previous book called IBAN DREAM) by a local writer. It has proofreading issues, a lot of very awkward language. Quite a bit of repetitiveness and wording that doesn't have to be there, so the editor did a really poor job, and these are micro issues.

There's a great deal of detail, mostly going in so that you understand this is an IBAN STORY about IBAN PEOPLE and look at all these IBAN THINGS THAT IBAN FOLK DO. Structurally, it resembles more of an origin myth, and is probably better suited as an oral performance than a written novel. The long drawn-out details aren't really terrible; it's a plus or a minus depending on what you're expecting out of a novel that's supposed to take you into a world that's rarely written about in fantasy--at the same time, it doesn't have the feel of a genre novel, more of a literary feel, and even so, like I said, the awkward language really takes away from it. There're a lot of words which feel too clinical for the story ("banana inflouresence"? do we call it that in regular language? IDK), which really jar me out of the story.

The character motivations are very simplistic, and clearly we're dealing with archetypes--so, great as an origin myth, not so great as an actual story. There are just some things which I know are supposed to be based on myth, but make no sense even within the setting. For example, apparently the protagonist was supposed to Do An Important Thing and he wasted time not Doing The Thing, and gets scolded by a spirit-god for it. But... there're no clues that he was supposed to Do Said Thing (he gets the Thing he Was Supposed To Get by sheer luck). So it's unclear to me, as the reader, why I'm supposed to think that the protagonist was making stupid decisions, when he was making perfectly fine decisions with all the integrity he can muster at the time.

The denouement was also not very satisfying--a bit too reliant on ex machina, so to speak, which allows Our Hero to live the rest of his life without complication. It kind of bugs me that it's quite unsatisfying because halfway through the novel, it changes premise from "plucky cursed hero sets off to find his place in the world" to "group of variously cursed people decide to start a community together", which is the sort of thing I like to see! But there's something about the structure of the novel that makes it feel too pat.

I can see why this is being lauded as a "unique novel" because of the Iban angle, and it certainly is a clunky first try at introducing lesser-seen cultural elements into a genre that isn't used to it. However, there is a definite lack of craft overall.
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- I went downtown to the Black History Month expo with [personal profile] crossedwires! It was fun, we had good food. Then we hung out, and in the later afternoon went to see Jupiter Ascending. It's so much better the second time around!

- My sinuses continue to be inflamed and so my Sunday and Monday were kind of annoying and miserable as a result.

- Today I got my students to read poetry out loud. I thought it was fun, hope they did. Later in the afternoon I braved the walk-ins. The doctor decided I had allergies, gave me a dose of Flonase and something else which is LIKE an anti-histamine but takes a different tack. He also gave me a couple bottles of Sinus Rinse. It's like a neti pot, but a bottle. I can microwave the bottle to warm up the water too!

I've just done it. It was kind of a weird experience but tbh I don't think my sinuses feel any better for it. I'll give it another go tomorrow evening too though, just to see if it gets better with time. I don't think I microwaved it long enough either.

- Spoke on the phone with [personal profile] dmp for a while today! So nice to chat with her. We don't do it enough.

- A Twitter buddy and I have been working on a Jupiter Ascending movie recap, and it's ready to go! We'll post it up tomorrow--she's got the first half and I got the second. It's long, VERY THOROUGH, and has much commentary from us.


Oct. 9th, 2014 07:30 pm
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Pap test results came back: "Negative with High Risk of HPV 16/46"

Which means yet ANOTHER colposcopy.

I have not had a normal Pap smear since 2012.

It has been two years since that summer of one-night-stands and I'm getting kinda mad at it all.
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Dear self,

We had an appropriate amount of sleep last night--we went to bed at midnight, and woke up at almost 8am. However, the body felt ragged and awful so we went back to sleep again and woke up at 9, on the side, breathing out one sinus. And we still felt like sandy-eyed crap we went back and got up only at 11.

This is untenable and must stop. It's like when lying on the back we can't breathe because we have inherited Mom's awful facial anatomy. Lying on the side doesn't help because our sinus is reacting to something overtime. Either way the nose is working only at half capacity, making us need more sleep as a result, and poor quality sleep at that. Nightmares result.

Let's go see the doctor again for a referral to the anatomist.
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So I thought this whole vaccine thing was going to be a fucking cakewalk, waltzed into the health center and then the nurse is like, "no, we don't normally carry rabies vaccine, that's something you have to call in to tell us about. Front desk people don't know anything."

Sigh. I knew that I ought to have asked at least the pharmacy whether the center carried the vaccine, but LUCKILY! someone needed a pre-exposure shot, so they'd ordered a thing in. And this was fine until:

"what vaccine brand did they give you?"

What do you mean what fucking vaccine brand did they give me? I don't fucking know. The hospital didn't tell me. Does it even matter?

And of course to the nurse it does, and I understand her concern: if the vaccine brands aren't interchangeable, then I could get seriously screwed over.

So she starts calling. Novartis, manufacturer of the RabAvert vaccine, and then we tried the CDC. She ordered me to go get the leaflet of the thing they injected me with, so I dutifully went home to get it. I tried calling the pharmacist at the hospital about it but I stopped her from telling me what it was (and shouldn't have...) and said I'd call back. The nurse is pissed and frustrated. She asks the pharmacist and the pharmacist is like "we gave her the RIG" and wouldn't say anything ELSE. I KNOW they gave me RIG, rabies vaccine, and tetanus vaccine. I kinda wish I'd offered to talk to the pharmacist about it at that point.

I tried calling the emergency room but no one wanted to tell me anything. They forwarded me to Medical Records. Medical Records can't tell me anything because I'm not there to sign an authorization. They can't tell me anything over the phone.

What kind of jacked up country is this that simple things like finding out what medication I got over the phone can't be done because apparently people will take advantage of this crap to do... IDK awful things?

The nurse is.... either not high-ranking enough to warrant getting someone to fax things for her, OR she's at the end of her tether, so she tells me to get those records. So I duly take myself downtown to get the records from the hospital. Easy enough, but a long bus ride (30~ minutes) (no one was available to take me... I asked my classmate to tell the prof I'll probably be late to class. Very late). Friendly front-desk security guard. Twenty-cents per page. Sigh.

It's not the same vaccine =( It's Imovax, which is the other major vaccine brand. And no one can tell us if it's interchangeable. I ask Registration if there's a physician around who can just jab me with it and have done with it. No, there isn't, they only have the ER and it's insane right now; it's not a hospital with clinicians for that sort of thing.

Well, just fuck me with a stick of peanut butter, why don't you.

I call the nurse to let her know what the vaccine is. The other nurse answers, she was told to expect me. She was seeing some patients (the afternoon was busy, of course) but she found the Animal Service Department section that dealt with animal bites. She texted it to me so I could call. I did. The person was very nice, and she said she'd call me back after she consulted with the clinic. Five minutes, she said.

I only get a call from her when I'm finally back in my office some twenty minutes later. The nurse and the doctor nearby said, it'd be preferrable to have the brand I started with on hand, but in its absence, especially since I was on Day 3 and absolutely due for my next dose, the other brand was an acceptable alternative.


I text the nurse, "they said it's OK, can I come back now?"

And go to class. And get a call in the middle from the nurse saying she was there until 5. Awesome. The prof gives me permission to leave early.

She calls again at 4.25 because... she forgot the health center locks its doors at 4.30!! I skedaddle. I FINALLY get my fucking shot. I get back to class with two minutes left in the class and the prof was like "you didn't have to come back!"


I have to present on two short stories tomorrow, but I also have a class in the morning and the lecture's mid-term afterward, and I'm just really fucking tired and I don't want to do anything anymore right now. I think I'll lie down for an hour and then get cracking after an hour's nap or after I'm done crying or plucking out the white hairs I've gotten from today or something.

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