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Spent most of today sore and aching from last night's fever, which was pretty rough. I caught it because I was underdressed and walking home after dark. Followed by getting into a heated room. Could feel the heaty-ness rising over the evening, and by 7pm, it was full blown. Around 9pm, I think I went out into the hallway and I was shivering so much from the temp drop.

What followed was a miserable night of consistent waking up because I kept on sweating so much, so I had to wipe my face a lot. I was much better by morning, but still aching a lot.

I feel much better now, my forehead has cooled down significantly, my butt is still sore, but I went out to get cornflakes.
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- Been having a low-grade flu for the last week or so, lots of sneezing at night. Could be allergies too, but I'm feeling a tickling at the back of my throat.

- Yesterday, went to campus with Mary and Leen to do some work. The anthology I'm currently reading is a slow slog, but I'm getting used to making scribbles in the margins.

Then I went to Ten Ren's for Maurisa's birthday. I felt kind of, idk, outside my body for a while? Like I was not quite there.... a fishbowl sort of feeling. I wasn't feel great. Maurisa and I went to Rite Aid afterwards so I could buy a bunch of allergy pills.

I couldn't sleep for HOURS. I blame the tea I had at dinner.

- This morning I got up at a reasonable hour, did laundry, and cleaned the kettle. This is a big deal because the kettle had a LOT of calcium buildup (roommate uses tap water for boiling). I used up most of the white vinegar in the house, but the kettle is mostly clean now! The spout area is still a bit grimy; I don't really know how to fix THAT.

I made pork rib soup. Went to the grocery store and got some sausage and chicken meat. Now I have lunch for the next couple of weeks, I think. I also marinated four thigh, each in a different ziplock bag of their own, with different marinade mixes! Yay food! When I want dinner, I'll just pull one down from the freezer. I think this will work out OK.

- I received big news that will be announced tomorrow. Can't wait :D :D :D
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I have some definite sick. Yesterday it was a horrible sore throat that felt like someone rubbed gravel all over my throat. If I didn't drink water every few minutes it just felt worse. But I could at least somewhat function? Then it evolved into sniffles.

Today I have a full-on headcold and I'm not sure how much of that is attributable to the Nyquil I took making me feel woozy. And my parents are coming in tonight.

I felt so good when I touched down the other day too! I was up and about! I was underslept, but definitely not SICK. So yeah, I'm not happy with this turn of events. Body, get your crap together.
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I think I've discovered one major factor for my sinus issues this winter--the tree outside my apartment drizzles down these fuzzy green cattails and the powder gets everywhere. I swept and couldn't stop sneezing for fifteen minutes. Generally my sinuses require the steroid power of Flounase which is deeply aggravating as I do not like squirting anything up my nose on any regular basis. But I guess I'll have to stick to it because otherwise I won't breathe properly, and I'm feeling really cranky as a result. I might even start looking for my own oxygen machine (mum is looking for one because she has such severe snoring issues from blocked passageways).


I have a severe muscle ache in my neck. Not sure where the hell it comes from. Advil helps and I have been using the camphor oil liberally all day.


I planned on making bak kut teh today and asked a friend if he wanted to have some because he was interested last time I told him about it. He was all for it, and reminded me it was his birthday today too. So I also baked a cake. Used frosting for the first time! It was a four-layer chocolate cake and it had gold and silver sprinkles and I even had birthday candles for him :D He was very pleased and that made me happy. His roomie came too, and they loved the bak kut teh soup, which means we all have to go to 99 Ranch together sometime to get more of the spice mix. It was a marvelous time, although it demonstrated to me that I definitely need to get a dining table.


As a result of points i and iii above, I've decided that I'm definitely going to try to move out, as much as I love my current place. It's not financially feasible, nor socially feasible. A colleague from Vietnam is due to return this fall, and she and I get along OK, so I'm going to ask her if she'd be interested in rooming with me. I know I saw some four-bedroom houses in this area, so I'll be on the lookout. I have a preference for rooming with Asians, or at least other POC, so fingers crossed.
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So I thought this whole vaccine thing was going to be a fucking cakewalk, waltzed into the health center and then the nurse is like, "no, we don't normally carry rabies vaccine, that's something you have to call in to tell us about. Front desk people don't know anything."

Sigh. I knew that I ought to have asked at least the pharmacy whether the center carried the vaccine, but LUCKILY! someone needed a pre-exposure shot, so they'd ordered a thing in. And this was fine until:

"what vaccine brand did they give you?"

What do you mean what fucking vaccine brand did they give me? I don't fucking know. The hospital didn't tell me. Does it even matter?

And of course to the nurse it does, and I understand her concern: if the vaccine brands aren't interchangeable, then I could get seriously screwed over.

So she starts calling. Novartis, manufacturer of the RabAvert vaccine, and then we tried the CDC. She ordered me to go get the leaflet of the thing they injected me with, so I dutifully went home to get it. I tried calling the pharmacist at the hospital about it but I stopped her from telling me what it was (and shouldn't have...) and said I'd call back. The nurse is pissed and frustrated. She asks the pharmacist and the pharmacist is like "we gave her the RIG" and wouldn't say anything ELSE. I KNOW they gave me RIG, rabies vaccine, and tetanus vaccine. I kinda wish I'd offered to talk to the pharmacist about it at that point.

I tried calling the emergency room but no one wanted to tell me anything. They forwarded me to Medical Records. Medical Records can't tell me anything because I'm not there to sign an authorization. They can't tell me anything over the phone.

What kind of jacked up country is this that simple things like finding out what medication I got over the phone can't be done because apparently people will take advantage of this crap to do... IDK awful things?

The nurse is.... either not high-ranking enough to warrant getting someone to fax things for her, OR she's at the end of her tether, so she tells me to get those records. So I duly take myself downtown to get the records from the hospital. Easy enough, but a long bus ride (30~ minutes) (no one was available to take me... I asked my classmate to tell the prof I'll probably be late to class. Very late). Friendly front-desk security guard. Twenty-cents per page. Sigh.

It's not the same vaccine =( It's Imovax, which is the other major vaccine brand. And no one can tell us if it's interchangeable. I ask Registration if there's a physician around who can just jab me with it and have done with it. No, there isn't, they only have the ER and it's insane right now; it's not a hospital with clinicians for that sort of thing.

Well, just fuck me with a stick of peanut butter, why don't you.

I call the nurse to let her know what the vaccine is. The other nurse answers, she was told to expect me. She was seeing some patients (the afternoon was busy, of course) but she found the Animal Service Department section that dealt with animal bites. She texted it to me so I could call. I did. The person was very nice, and she said she'd call me back after she consulted with the clinic. Five minutes, she said.

I only get a call from her when I'm finally back in my office some twenty minutes later. The nurse and the doctor nearby said, it'd be preferrable to have the brand I started with on hand, but in its absence, especially since I was on Day 3 and absolutely due for my next dose, the other brand was an acceptable alternative.


I text the nurse, "they said it's OK, can I come back now?"

And go to class. And get a call in the middle from the nurse saying she was there until 5. Awesome. The prof gives me permission to leave early.

She calls again at 4.25 because... she forgot the health center locks its doors at 4.30!! I skedaddle. I FINALLY get my fucking shot. I get back to class with two minutes left in the class and the prof was like "you didn't have to come back!"


I have to present on two short stories tomorrow, but I also have a class in the morning and the lecture's mid-term afterward, and I'm just really fucking tired and I don't want to do anything anymore right now. I think I'll lie down for an hour and then get cracking after an hour's nap or after I'm done crying or plucking out the white hairs I've gotten from today or something.
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So this afternoon I went to the Health Center and had to wait a whole hour just for the very nice lady gynae to tell me that I had to undergo ANOTHER colposcopy because my Pap came out abnormal AGAIN and when I got home I was just so BURNED by the fucking sun, I basically sat down for like ten minutes being all like THE WEATHER IS FIRED

I am glad to have found out today that I'm not the only one who feels completely uninspired by SoCal weather and landscape tho

I made a bit more progress reading the academic antho though!

So last night the Internet went bananas after Wendy Davis' filibuster.

An article talking about how the SCOTUS decision yesterday will affect Wendy Davis' campaign

Mizuno's Wave Rider Running Shoes have been getting some amusing reviews as a result of the filibuster

Turns out despite setting out new Voter ID laws, Texas is still subject to preclearance under section 3 of the VRA

Obama visits the Door Of No Return in Senegal

A T-shirt from Magical Misandry, which reads "No Sympathy For Sexual Abusers" and I would totally get one if the shirt wasn't produced by American Apparel

SH reprints Judith Berman's 2001 essay "Science Fiction Without the Future" which is all about how old white fans bitch and moan about how science fiction was better in the good old days.

Colonialism for Dummies: A Story About Chickens To Help Explain Canadian History
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So today I managed to keep patchy kitty indoors all day and went out to deal with some health insurance stuff. I also rearranged my bookshelves! I have fewer books than I thought. With everything more neat, I can put up the fuu with a good conscience. Gotta vacuum first tho.

My Pap came back with abnormal results AGAIN but I'm hoping this won't mean another colposcopy. Sigh.

= Patchy kitty is very respectful of my sleeping time, it seems. She doesn't come into my bedroom whenever I'm sleeping in it, despite a wide-open door. This doesn't mean she doesn't take the chance of sleeping in my bed, but she def knows she's not supposed to be there because when I see her in it she jumps off. She doesn't like being on laps and she tolerates being held for a couple of minutes, so sleeping with patchy kitty is obviously not going to be A Thing, and I am OK with that. Mostly, she lies down maybe a feet or two away from my chair while I'm at the computer.
- The bad thing is I can't leave the door open because other cats make her nervous still, and I don't think she realizes that other cats aren't allowed in this apartment against her wishes, so she runs out instead. So I'll have to wait awhile before I I can have my door open again. In the meantime, I open the windows, and the orange tabby comes yowling at it for food sometimes.
- Patchy kitty also appears to be much more inordinately fond of wet cat food than dry cat food. Which to me is just another reason to make sure she gets re-homed properly. (Or at least out of here.)
- Her wounds are healing quite nicely even without my intervention! They're scabbing over well, so I apply neospirin when I can get her to sit still, but in general I don't think she needs my help at all. I think she just needs a break from getting chased by the other feral cats, since she's not feral enough to defend herself.

Anyways, enough about patchy kitty.

So I don't know why Comment Is Free is a thing I subscribed to on my new Old Reader account, especially when articles like this one exist and this is a lot of commentary on a man's private life with no real relevance to the world except that he runs a very big media corp?

A Defense of Kanye's Vanity: The Politics of Black Self Love -- I thought this was really interesting.

Neuroscientists have possibly identified how fibromyalgia works! Articles from Yahoo, NDJ World, Medical New Today and News Medical.
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Good idea: Go see Dr. G about a reading list for postcolonial theory and talk about his class on aesthetics in the fall. We talked a bit about grouping some readings for a historical overview of postcolonial theory: beginning with some anti-colonial works, then the theory move in the 80's, and some stuff on how imperialism looks like in the present moment. He's also going to look for some Malaysian-specific stuff for me. I'm also considering Jessica Langer's Very Expensive Academic textbook on postcolonialism in SF. Dr. G also told me about how he found some British theorists talking about something very similar to neoliberalism in the 90's in relation to the Thatcher years, except they called it "enterprise culture" (and apparently made a lot of Star Trek jokes, and this was hilarious because I was wearing my Enterprise skirt).

Nice idea: Hang around and help Chi by giving her students an "exam" while she had her own quals. I also dropped in on a visiting prof who just got an appointment at Northwestern U so I congratulated her on it, and then dropped in another prof who was a Twitter friend before I knew her as a prof and we had a fun conversation about sewing machines and magazines and movies.

Bad idea: Come home feeling exhausted and overheated; turn on the fan and then nap in a slightly damp shirt. Woke up with a chill as a result and in order to not make myelf miserable, am wearing my long-sleeved, long pantsed jammies.

But still, I have read and mastered a bit more Bakhtin and almost feel ready to do the analysis assignment the prof assigned us! So that is nice.
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Went to the doctor yesterday. Sleep study center is in Loma Linda. Sigh. Anyway. I thought the fever had subsided but it came back in full force. Today I went to the bank, which was nice. But my cough refuses to go away. So I think I'm stuck with this a while more. Frustrating, because I can't really concentrate on my readings like this.

One more week of school. I don't even have to write final papers. Come on, self, hang in there.
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Got them this mornings:

PEANUT (F13) IGE 1.12
WHEAT (F4) IGE 0.99
WALNUT (F256) IGE 0.68
SOYBEAN (F14) IGE 0.74
SHRIMP (F24) IGE 3.14
SCALLOP (F338) IGE 0.48
CLAM (F207) IGE 0.42

OAK (T7) IGE 1.16

And before anyone freaks out over dermathofofpanjasbwerwjkhdv, it's just dust mites, which would explain a hella lot. I don't understand why people tell me carpeted places are better when clearly they are the bane of my existence. I guess over spring break I should look into getting a steam cleaner.


Mar. 19th, 2013 11:38 pm
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Got started on my ETST paper. The exegesis are coming along. I should be done with them by tomorrow. I hope. My Kristeva one is really fun :D It was a good productive day. Overall, I am feeling pleased with myself, despite still feeling overly fatigued when I get home and slightly overwhelmed still.

I got to see the doctor about my sniffles, and she prescribed me a nasal spray, so we'll see how that works. She says the inside of my nose is def swollen tho. She also told me that California is the worst place for allergies... I don't know anything about that, but when I got allergies in Canada, they usually manifested in hives. I think I would rather be ugly than sneezing and unable to function as a result. Then she sent me for a blood test to see about allergies. The nurse was slightly incompetent at finding my veins. Hopefully it will work out.

Dr. HM stopped by my office to ask me what I'd like to do in the SEA Lit seminar he's teaching next quarter. I'm in it. Apparently so are three other students, although I have no clue who. Chichi tells me that apparently Dr. HM complained about it, saying it'd be more fun if it was just me XD He's so great; I always have a good time chatting with him, and despite not doing any science fiction, he's super supportive of my work. It's very weird because he's very text-based, and I'm very theoretical. Still, he seems far more on board with what I'm trying to do, and not as concerned with making me write towards an academic career.

I proctored two students who couldn't make Thursday's final today (that was when I got started on my paper). Before we got started, I had a good chat with one of them, who's a student of mine. She's very quiet in class, but outside of it, pretty smart! We had a great conversation about race and racism, and it makes me wonder why she's a pre-business major, when she was obviously so much more interested in Ethnic Studies classes. Oh well. She hugged me before she left. I hope she does well.

So, the grey tabby that has been visiting me also has a ginger tabby friend (I call them Grey and Tabby respectively). The other night while I was giving Grey some treats, I offered some to Tabby. Tabby is so super-skittish, any sudden moves scare him away. So it's been hard getting close to him. However, this time, he came close enough that I could toss some treats his way and he didn't run. And then he came close enough to eat treats out of my hand. Yesterday he did it again and he let me scratch him behind the ears. He is REALLY DIRTY though... He's starting to look into my window when he passes through my garden too. Progress! This is the first time I've really made progress with an animal like this.

I just wish my compost heap showed the same progress. Gotta remember to be patient with composting... it takes time for things to break down but they will...
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I am STILL sneezing and sniffling.
I suspect the visitations of a neighbourhood cat are not helping. But REALLY, this sneezing SHOULD be done by now! It is getting old. At least I'm somewhat caught up on reading. My brain refused to work last weekend, which was very frustrating, but I stuck it out.

The stress isn't helping either. I am convinced that the quarter system is what drives students here crazy. And keeping me sick. Everytime I go home I'm just exhausted, although that could be the sick.

I'm not caught up on my exegesis for my feminist theory class as a result of the sickness last week and the brain-not-working last weekend. Which sucks because I really should be doing them every week. I owe exegesis for:
- Butler's Precarious Life
- Cheah Pheng's thing on Spivak
- Spivak's Can The Subaltern Speak?
- Kristeva's thing on abjection

I also have a 20-page paper due at the end of March and BLEH.

I'm thinking very hard about what to do next quarter. I'm signed up for a Philosophy of Science course and a SEAsian Lit class. The latter is more for the fact that Dr. M is going to be on my exam committee so I feel I ought to take a class with him. Should be fun; he's a really chill sort of prof. But then what to take for my third graduate class? Go to Anthro and get my Social Science req done? Or do a self-directed studies? I'm thinking of trying to have my Ethnic Studies class counted as a Social Science, and I might take the second part of the class next quarter if I feel I have brainspace. It'll be fun. If I can handle this quarter with a shit-ton of grading to do, teaching, AND 12 grad credits, I should be fine next quarter.

For my religious studies seminar I decided to write on Chinese pai shen practices. Not sure what on, exactly, but maybe altars? I'm going to the library tomorrow and we'll see what kind of material i have to work with. I'm also conducting some email interviews with Malaysian-Chinese or Singaporean Chinese folk who would be willing to talk about their religious practices too.

Gah! Gotta get my WisCon membership too. And think about what cons, if any, I'm going to attend this year. I really want to do Salt City Steam Fest and GearCon but haven't said anything to the con chairs. I also might be working on revising my MRP in summer? And there's a book review Dr. L wants me to do for SF Studies too.

Too much thinking! Must sleep.
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My long week of sick has not ended, and I was laid out on Monday when I could have spent it writing a paper proposal. Still stuck on it, of course, but I'm now also behind on other things, especially since I had to grade response papers, AND since Dr. S has foot injury issues, we had some worries about what would happen.

She'd asked me to deliver a presentation on Journey to the West prior to her injury but she was really hoping to be there for it. So we had to have a camera, and I don't know, I found the tech easy but apparently people get confused by it.

Day of my lecture, I THOUGHT I was feeling better, but my head was getting stuffy by noon, so I ran over to the health center to get myself some super strong cold meds, and was feeling OK by lecture time. Delivered it, and finished it a little before 3 (lecture goes until 3.30) and I think I managed to cover a lot! I started with a bit of historical background and how Journey to the West fits in our course, then talked about the three major philosophies, then a bit about the original document the story is based on (which they correctly identified as travel writing), then broke down the novel and introduced the characters. Finished with a brief explanation of what vernacular novels are and did a quick review. Then after reminding the students about stuff they should keep mind of for their upcoming mid-term next Tuesday, I told them to scram.

I'm going to do as much reading as possible this weekend to catch up and stay caught up, especially since there's another round of grading mid-terms coming up next week.
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Bleh. After yesterday's warmth, I thought I might see a repeat of it and wore a short-sleeved shirt.

Unfortunately, I was sneezing all day. Thought it was allergies, and when I went to lie down just now, I realized just how COLD I was. Like, anything becomes a shocker of how cold it is. I turned on my heater and took to microwaving my water. It's helping, and my forehead feel cool. I also put on a sweater.

Now I wonder if this might have something to do with the tiredness I've been feeling over the last few days, and not depression. I've been waking up with hives, and I thought it was from the cat, but that might be my system battling some illness.

Honestly, I've never been sick twice in such a short period of time. Not sure what to make of it.
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I can barely stay awake. I am so fatigued when out of bed, I just want to climb back into bed.
This is a problem because I haven't been able to do any work for the last couple of days and even while I try to do work, I can barely concentrate. Also, getting out of bed means my heart starts pumping so much. When I'm sitting up, though, there's kind of a veil over my consciousness, like I'm not entirely all here.

I don't really understand how this works. I don't think it's jetlag and I'm starting to be really troubled by it. I'm tempted to go by some Coca-cola to get a spurt of energy I need to do some fucking work done but I'm afraid it'll make it worse.

Sick update

Aug. 8th, 2011 04:06 am
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I have lost my voice due to hard coughing, but I am now snorting out / hacking up dark green gunk. Which means my body has processed and is excreting junk from my system.

Good work, immune system, good work.
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I've been doing this on Twitter, but today's letter seemed much longer than 140 characters.

Dear body,

Getting sick, menstruating, and losing weight all in one week? This is my unimpressed face, body: >:{ Get your shit together. We do not need our jeans hanging off our hips right now. It is really uncomfortable and very annoying. Also, get over the goddamn sniffles already. I know we are very proud of the fact that we are so quickly at the stage of snorting out green gunk, but we need to do better and stop creating mucus. And, we better not have a heavy flow during the World's Fair, or I will be very cross with you.

Annoyedly yours,
Your owner
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I am back from Bali.

I am also sick. With a sinus infection of some sort.

Which didn't stop me from meeting up with friends this afternoon and then shopping around for new glasses and a new luggage bag.

Tomorrow my dad expects me to go hiking with him. And I meet my BFF for the first time in like, two years or so.

I also have a rat in my room, although it may have escaped somehow.

I also discovered that there are civet cats in my housing area, a fact which has hitherto escaped me for the past ten years.

Now, to bed.

Picspams are forthcoming!


Feb. 8th, 2010 08:24 pm
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I went to see a physician today about my hives, since my family cannot get over the fact that once in a while I break out in a fit of rashes. I wanted to try acupuncture, but this physician treated my brother's acne, so my mum trusts him more.

He had a look and started asking if I drank a lot of tea or ate a lot of fruits and veggies, which I haven't in Canada, but I do drink a lot of chrysenthemum tea and soya bean milk here. He then asked if I eat a lot of salads in Canada, which I clearly don't. Either way, his diagnosis is that I eat too much cooling foods ... which are like, veggies and fruits and various teas. And I have a surfeit of Vitamin C.

Don't ask me how this works. But if anybody has any clue, please let me know, because I don't understand it, either.

I was given a set of black pills, red pills, and liquid.

Pics of my medicine under the cut. )

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