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For your perusal: a man playing "Over the Rainbow" on toy cats

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I am posting this because I like Josh's fuck-me shoes. Also, Cthulhu. Who, as wildunicornherd pointed out to me, looks more like an Ood.

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Still in a bad place.

However, I had a semi-decent day. Even if it started off with tutorials that could have gone better than they did. Still, I have two star pupils which makes everything better. Also, our Vox Populi talk, for which I handle food, went really well, and Queer and Trans Theory class went well too.

I'm kinda annoyed at this single status thing, or even general lack of offline best-friend, because I could use a good cuddle. I wonder if I could find Sean online to bitch him out? For breaking up with me, of course. Tryin' to fix what ain't broke nonsense.

Thanks for the e-hugs, though <3

On a different note, I love this song, and the general look of this video, but those chicks are damned distracting to look at, especially when it would be nice to have seen more of Shane Lynch (who was always my secret favourite) (he's still the bad boy, doin' the nude thing, which they all should have done):

Also, She-ra is gonna start playing on Toon Retro every Friday night!!!
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Half-naked Alexander Rybak is hot omg.

I, uh, guess I should qualify with this a video:


That's the Russian version of 5000 Letters. I cannot wait for the Russian version of his second album to come out, omg. <345678

Video Dump

Oct. 19th, 2010 10:27 pm
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RSAnimate - Changing Education Paradigms:

YAK Films challenging what we expect black youth to do when they congregate. I LOVE the pas de deux at 0:51 - 0:55:

Alexander Rybak's newest video, Europe Skies:

The Facebook Movie in One Minutes:

Sesame Street song "I Love My Hair"

This edited Rammstein video will never get old for me:

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Been going through my Tumblr looking for a link and realized there were some awesome vids I posted and never shared here.

So click on in )
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Cut to save your f-list )
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Went hiking at FRIM today with my dad, brother, Tua Khoo and Tua Kim. I got a leech at some point but didn't notice until it had dropped off and I was bleeding, quite profusely, because that's how leech bites work - their saliva prevents coagulation and stuff, so blood was getting all over between my toes and on my sandal and it was sticky and gooey. But I didn't pay much attention to it until much later, and when I finally took a closer look, I couldn't identify where the bite was because the in-between of my toes were all bloodied like my toes had killed something.

Then we went to the big pond in which there are a few arapaima fish. Because the pond is so murky in general, and the arapaima don't always surface, going to see them is kinda what I imagine whale-watching is like: waiting breathlessly for the big giant to appear, straining to see them in the water.

And now, back to writing. And to sooth me, Alexander Rybak.

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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] tariq_kamal

I don't understand much of it because it's in Kelantanese Malay, which has a pretty thick accent and is its own dialect, even, but it's nice to hear:

Here's another one, the basic gist if they're having a poetry (pantun) face-off.

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These amazing young men have reclaimed Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me". It's very similar to the original video, but the changes are very positive and lack the problematic messages of the original.


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Have you heard of The War of Internet Addiction? It's a movie that was made entirely in WoW (hence, zero budget), and it's about the Chinese authourities trying to control Internet use. You can find the movie on Youtube. There are subtitles. I watched a bit of it, but it's so filled with WoW jargon I didn't quite get it, so you might! This shit was bigger in China than Avatar was, if that piques your interest any.

Here's part 1:

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"I'm gonna go play ping pong now. You two can play too."

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Hoy boy in sailor suit, HOLLAAAAA.
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From Seth Grahame-Smith who did Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:


Feb. 25th, 2010 01:46 pm
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Bad casting choices aside, I just don't think A:TLA translates all that well to live-action format:

I mean, those effects? If A:TLA had been a book, sure, maybe they could have pulled it off. But in animation, the action flowed well. The physics made sense, BECAUSE IT WAS CLEARLY A CARTOON. But when it's on live-action format, suspending disbelief like this is so difficult.

This isn't like Star Trek suspension of disbelief. ST movies have only the option of improvement, because as scifi goes, things get bigger and better and flashier and shinier. When the Enterprise comes on the screen, it's breathtaking. Also because we know it's not real.... YET it could be and when it does become real, it can only be better.

This, though? It rings false, because in animation, it looks so good and elicits so much, so the live-action effort seems like it's trying to keep up as a result. Also, the animation had vibrant colours, and the dark colours of the movie just make it an entirely different animal altogether. Makes one wonder why they bothered at all, surely the budget could have been used for an original story, rather than an abridged story.
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Yes! I kid you not! There awas The Heroic Trio (HK title, int`l English title was Eastern Three Heroes) and the sequel, Heroic Trio 2: Executioners, aka Modern Day Wonder Heroes Legend.

The first movie is fair fantasy fare. The second movie was far more memorable for me, since I remember quite clearly Wonder Woman helping someone recover their stolen bagged water (this dystopian future has a water shortage). I also remember Anthony Wong`s masked character, and Wonder Woman being in prison for a while. She is so depressed over the loss of her family she refuses to eat. Then she notices that all the other prisoners and prison rats are dying after eating the bread. So she drinks the blood of live rats instead, and carves herself a new mask from a piece of metal lying around, and when that`s done, busts out of prison.

I also remember the ending, too.

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