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YES, Our Stories Matter: Encouragement and Support For Creators With Marginalized Identities
Friday, 4pm - 5.15pm, University C
Jaymee Goh (M), Riley, Alex Jennings, Mark Oshiro, Susan Simensky Bietila

Marginalization affects our success as creators, oppression impacts our ability to create and can grind us down. At the same time, encouragement can come in many ways, from reader comments to supporting each other as marginalized creators. Let's discuss issues like: Why do you keep creating? When do you know you've touched someone with your art? How do you recharge after a setback? How can we support each other within and between different marginalized groups? When it feels like the whole world is telling you that your story doesn't matter, where do you find the strength to pick up the pen?

The Downsides to Maker Culture
Sat, 9:00–10:15 pm, Conference 1
Georgie L. Schnobrich (M), Candra K. Gill, Jaymee Goh, Effie Seiberg

Maker culture as promoted by BoingBoing and others has a great deal of appeal to fans (robots, DIY, what's not to love?) but what are its underlying assumptions? Deb Chachra* declared that she is not a "Maker;" critiquing Maker culture as valuing certain forms of making over others (i.e. traditionally male forms of creativity like electronics vs. traditionally female forms like knitting) and which also values creation over other forms of contribution to society (like caregiving). Does it reinforce divisions based on class and entitlement as the ability to make also suggests that the maker has both the time and money to create? Does it indeed reinforce the idea that traditionally male roles are better? *See http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/01/why-i-am-not-a-maker/384767

Science Fiction in Translation
Sun, 10:00–11:15 am, Caucus
Jaymee Goh (M), Arrate Hidalgo, S. Qiouyi Lu

As Anglo SFF as a whole becomes more aware of the Rest Of The World, translation projects seem ready to see a boom. Let’s hear it from translators: how difficult is it to translate SFF concepts from one language to another? What trends are we noticing in what types of stories get translated, from which regions? What SF-nal influences are visible across borders? What can readers and editors do to increase the amount of translated fiction in the genre's magazines?

Asian Ancestresses
Sun, 1:00–2:15 pm, Conference 1
Jaymee Goh (M), Emily Jiang, Mary Anne Mohanraj

From Mulan, to Begum Nur Jahan, to Princess Shirin, to the Lady of Mount Ledang, the mythologies and histories of Asia are filled with women who tower large, rivaling the men of their times despite the unequal footing. How were their stories told to us when we were children? How did we find out more about them? What lessons can we take from their stories? And how do we re-tell them and partake in their legacies today?

Women Writing SFF, All Around The World!
Sun, 2:30–3:45 pm, Wisconsin
Jaymee Goh (M), Jackie Hatton, Arrate Hidalgo, Emily Jiang, Justine Larbalestier

A reading recommendation panel! What books would be of interest to WisCon members? Whether Anglophone, in translation, or in different languages, from Indigenous to diaspora works, let's share SFF we've read recently that encourages USian WisCon members to step out of our cultural bubbles.

Pronouns: she/her
Accepts hugs? Yes
Gives hugs? Yes
Takes afternoon naps
When not in panels, found at: POC Safer Space, and this year also at the San Juan 2017 table!
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So, I got my LosCon schedule! I'm on 6 items, which means I'm overscheduled. Oh well!

FRI 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Boston: Sino-SciFi and Techno-Orientalism Science fiction and fantasy has always been part of the cultural landscape of Eastern Asia. With Liu Cixin's THREE BODY PROBLEM finding fame abroad, what are the challenges of the Chinese science fiction writer and/or fan, at home and in the diaspora? What common influences do we share, and where do we diverge as our experience of Chineseness affect our work? Come hear about these issues from the mouths of Chinese writers of varying backgrounds. Jaymee Goh, Laurie Tom, Rafaela Yilun Fan

FRI 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm, Marquis 3 (DEMO ROOM), Atlanta: Where Does The Good Ship Heart Of Gold Go? Conceivably, anywhere. Bring some stuff for inspiration (e.g. Cards Against Humanity, but any prompting prop that can be shared will do), gather around, and based on what we get, write some quick flash fiction describing where the Heart of Gold goes to! Later we'll draw a nice galactic map and fill it in with her itinerary. Jaymee Goh

SAT 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Atlanta: Fans of Color: Across Experiences Fans come from various cultural backgrounds! Fans of color will discuss what being a fan of colour in the U.S. is like: how we got into SFF, what makes it difficult being a SFF fan, how we deal with problems specific to us. Jaymee Goh, Isabel Schechter, Eric Atkinson, Arturo Garcia, Gregg Castro

SAT 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, Atlanta: Octavia E. Butler and Emergent Strategy Session Octavia E. Butler's life and writing can be read as case studies with powerful strategies for adaptation, survival, and more. As people come together to discuss the impact of her work we can find meaningful connections between her writing and the speculative realities we wish to live in. Participants are invited to grow together through her work, exchange ideas and hear more about how her life inspired her work. Participants will leave with a new ways of approaching Octavia's work, being in community, and applying emergent strategies to their own lives and goals. Jaymee Goh, Ayana Jamieson

SAT 10:30 pm - 11:59 pm, Atlanta: Sexy vs Sexualized When does the depiction of a heroine stop being sexy and become sexualized? How would you dress you heroine for style and practicality? Jim Hines, Maria Alexander, Jaymee Goh, Martin Young, Rafaela Yilun Fan

SUN 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm, Atlanta: Liu Cixin's Three Body Problem This Chinese novel, translated by Ken Liu, is the first Asian novel to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel! This is THE panel to discuss it: how does it compare to Western novels? What are the differences of reading it in the original Chinese versus the translation? Jaymee Goh, Mingming Liu, Rafaela Yilun Fan

I pitched about four of these panels, and there are at least two other panels I pitched which I didn't end up on, but all my recommended people have got invites and so I'm stoked! My acquaintance Ajani Brown also pitched a BUNCH of panels and Q&A featuring local POC talent which will be so awesome. It's going to be a better LosCon than last year's, which was really really white and old.

Also, when I'm not paneling or napping, I'll be at Fan Table #9! For San Juan in 2017. And helping with the Vote SJ in KC party on Saturday night.
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Man, that was a super busy weekend:

Friday, had class from 1 to 2, then Eric, YL and I hit the road. We got to [personal profile] yeloson's place around 9pm, had pizza, chilled out, went to bed around midnight. It was good to catch up with yeloson--I suppose we could have shelled out more money for a less stressful drive out to Burlingame but at yeloson's we get physiotherapy advice, so it all works out.

Saturday, we had breakfast together, then yeloson bounced, and then the three remaining of us headed out to Burlingame, where I was on a panel with Bryan Worra, Nor Sanavongsay, Emily Jiang and zm quynh about SEAsian SFF. We had very few people in attendance (it was a 10am panel!) but it was still a good conversation. Balogun Ojetade was in attendance! So good to see him. Then it was off to the Non-European Steampunk panel with Bryan and Nor, where I met Heidi, a co-panelist, and Pat, a Native American writer. Heidi turned out to be mixed-Malaysian-Iban! So cool!

YL, Emily, Pat, Heidi and I went upstairs to my room to chill out for a bit... then I had ANOTHER panel, on Diversity in SF, with Balogun, Bradford, Gregg, and Thaddeus Howze! I got Thaddeus to sign my copy of MOTHERSHIP, which we're both in (his story is "Bludgeon," which is essentially an alien encounter story involving baseball, I highly recommend it). And Erica Mulkey, aka Unwoman, was in the audience!

Emily, YL and I had tea with Erica, and it was SO GOOD! I haven't sat down with Erica in YEARS and it was just so nice. We talked about the steampunk community, then about the SFF community. Erica is one of those WW who's very good at being a moderate AND being honest about the compromises she makes in order to make a living. We hung for two hours in the little grill diner, where Erica got progressively hungry because the place didn't serve gluten-free food.

YL had to nap, because she was so overwhelmed by the activity of the day, so Emily, Eric and I went to dinner with [personal profile] oyceter & partner!!!!

Aaaaahhh the weather was so nice and cool and such a relief after a scorching summer. We ate at a Chinese restaurant, went to get some dessert, and when Eric and I got back to the hotel room, we chilled.

Sunday, we got up, had breakfast at that grill, then I went to see Emily and zm be on a panel on dystopias, which was fun. Then Emily and I were on a panel with Bradford, where we proceeded to babble a lot XD Then I finished my con with a reading. After which there was a quick trip to the vendor hall, then protracted goodbyes. By the time we were on the road, it was 3pm, and we listened to Christopher Moore's Blood Sucking Fiends the whole trip. I slept some.

Like, damn. I'm STILL feeling tired from the trip. But I feel good overall and back to believing my dissertation is worth the pain, so back to work it is for me. Dr. ML wants me to work on the description of whiteness more, so I'm back to trying to figure out exactly what I mean there, and how to talk about it.
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1) WisCon, yay. I am le tired from it, because while I love people there, performing that love takes so much out of me. Highlights include:
- Breakfast with roomies
- Seeing Regina again! Haven't seen her in years since she moved to Washington. She came to deliver an academic paper. I managed to drag her out to "How To Tell POC Apart".
- The panels I attended as audience were good!
- The panels I sat on were a mix of bad-weird and good.
- It was a super mellow WisCon, party-wise, but I did get Zora to sew in some pink mesh tubing into my hair for the Floomp.

2) I left a book in the nightstand drawer of the hotel room and have been calling housekeeping to see if they have found it. I think I got a call from them on Sunday but IDK??

3) For the first time my bank account has gone down to literal ZERO because of many unwise financial decisions and I wanted to roll around in embarrassment forever.

4) Thursday was the MFA science fiction group that Nalo put together because the regular SFTS group assumes that everyone's familiar with the canon (we're not always) or even the discourse of SF Studies, which alienates people who just like the stuff. Anyway, Nalo let us watch LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM which is about as horrible as one could expect, being a fantasy movie set in vague England starring a young Hugh Grant and young Peter Capaldi.

5) I'd offered to introduce Chinelo Onwualu to Nalo since the former is visiting LA for the next week. On Saturday she came in by bus, so I took her to Tio's so she could see the art, then to the Mission Inn for a tour, and then we hung out with Eric and Nalo in Back to the Grind for a while. The Art MFA students had an open studios day where they were inviting members of the public to check out their studios (which are new and shiny but kind of far from campus by several blocks), so we went with Angela. Then it was dinner with Nalo. Eric dropped me and Chinelo off at my place. Finished the evening with hanging out with Maurisa in my apartment, and the three of us watched Mark Reads "Pounded By The Gay Colour Changing Dress" (thanks, Pear) and yeah. Breakfast with Maurisa and Javier first thing the next morning, and Eric came to help see Chinelo off at the bus station. It was a great weekend. I slept the rest of Sunday away.

I really need to not perform so much affective labour.

6) I am very tired and looking forward to next week after I'm done grading so I can just check out off the Internet for a bit while I prep for my Summer Session teaching. This assumes that I will have enough students enrolled for the classes to go.

7) I sort of regret asking the origin of the "hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gal" which I kept seeing all over Tumblr because that song is stupidly catchy.

8) I went to the last Asian Pacific Student Program roundtable yesterday. A couple of the regulars are graduating, hooray for them! Another regular asked me about Asian Americans in SFF. The guy who usually leads the roundtable was super nice and thanked me for coming. They're mostly undergrads but they are SO SMART and the future looks so great with them in it, I'm looking forward to going back again this fall.

9) Had a really great conversation with my fashion theory prof about my dissertation project. Now to speak to my grad adviser about it.
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This post is an invitation for all POC who used the WisCon POC Safer Space this year to check in with their experiences and feedback.

Usually at the POC Dinner I begin with a disclaimer that the POC Safer Space is a Safer Space, not a Safe Space, and usually we can't guarantee safety because POC aren't a monolith, and we're bound to have conflict. It is, however, a space designed for POC to find community and make connections with each other, especially face-to-face. The energy from this face-to-face can be stressful, but it can also be very healing to see, hear, and touch each other. I think I neglected to give this warning this year but oh well, hopefully y'all didn't have too-high, unmet expectations XP

So here're some guiding questions:

1) Did you use the Safer Space this year? With or without encouragement?
2) Were there particular reasons/ways you used the Safer Space?
3) Did you feel welcome at the Safer Space? Were there moments you didn't feel like you could use the Safer Space?

For those who had used the Safer Space before:
4) Did the furniture arrangements this year change your experience?
5) Did you have prior expectations from previous years that were not matched (either good or bad) this year?

For those who didn't use the Safer Space:
6) Did you know there was a POC Safer Space? Did you know where it is?
7) If you did know and didn't use it, was it just because you didn't feel the need to?


I have always seen the POC Safer Space as an ad hoc space, to be used as necessary according to context and circumstance. We've had breakout sessions, hangouts, cuddlepiles, meals in there. I've never seen the need for more structure in what happens in there, but who knows, maybe folks disagree and would like to see more scheduled events? If that is the case, I can certainly arrange some!

This year I had the beds in one room removed, and left the beds in the other, and thought that they saw about equal use. Clearing out the beds did help, I feel, in making the room easier to get around. (The one time I saw a breakout session in there, it was me needing the breakout session so I was a bit too upset to notice that the one person initiating the distribution of chairs around the room was a wheelchair user and I felt a little silly afterwards about that. Thanks, Lane, you are too cool for words.)

For beverages, we had one kettle and a microwave, and I invited folks to bring tea in for a teapotluck (hush, it's punny!), although I don't really know how well that went over. I do know the ConSuite was very grateful for the leftover tea we gave them! We also had a lot of soft drinks from the CBS party. There were plastic cups and cold water jugs, and Moondancer Drake had to request mugs. For next year I'll be more mindful about this. (It was $29/gallon of hot water, and I decided, fuck THAT.) (Tempest said we probably ought to look into one of those special kettles that boils water to specific temps, because too hot water ruins tea!)

I don't know if anyone else needed the Safer Space for breakout, but I definitely needed it after the #BridgingtheGap panel to process it. I tweeted it and a time, and folks actually came in response, which sort of made me feel really good. We had a conversation which helped me quite a bit, and discussed another thing that had happened. So that was two breakout sessions in one. If people aren't using the space for breakout, that's really a good sign, because it probably means less fuckery out in the general space that makes us feel unsafe to discuss our ish.

On the night of the Floomp, I found a group of folks in the Safer Space with radio and speakers (courtesy of Sheila!) because, well, the music at the Floomp wasn't the best :P So, getting away from yt ppl music seems to be a thing in the Safer Space!

Someone asked if they could have a party in the Safer Space, and I okay'd it because I saw no reason not to. However, they did ask me last minute (when I wasn't quite feeling "on") and turns out they had ordered in catering. If I had known this I might not have said yes... Tempest and I have agreed that we should have some procedure in place for folks to ask about having events in there which are something like personal parties, but open to all POC. I will think on this further! It might be great to have these things okay'd beforehand in order to spread the word. Also so I don't get surprised phone calls about that stuff. (I don't mind it, really; I was just very surprised, and I sort of don't like being surprised, it makes me worry.)

I saw someone had put up a sign on making it safer for LGBT POC, which sort of concerns me that some fuckery is going down that I didn't notice. I tend to assume that most POC at WisCon are QPOC to start with, but this year we introduced preferred pronoun stickers, so I can see mis-gendering being a thing. The new Genderqueer/Trans Lounge was right next door and I'll be checking in with them on how their first year went.

Tempest and I discussed the possibility of having more information on the Safer Space on the Carl Brandon Society website as well.

Anyway, those are my current thoughts. I love running the Safer Space and I don't think it's difficult, administratively-speaking, but to me it's an emotionally exhausting job, because I really want people to be comfortable and to use the space in a way that actually helps them feel safer and more connected to other POC. Now it could be I'm overthinking and overfretting, but even if it's something like "I thought it was all good" that would still be a big help to me!

Any suggestions, feedback, criticisms, whatever, are welcome! Comment screening is on for everything unless otherwise specified. Anonymous comments have been enabled for two weeks!
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Here's my schedule for this WisCon!

Bridging the Generation Gap at WisCon
Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm, Capitol A
One of WisCon's greatest strengths is its generational diversity. For one weekend a year, feminist fans of all ages come together to share their common interests, from today's teens and tweens all the way through millennials, Generation X, baby boomers, and beyond. But despite the close confines of the Concourse hotel, inter-generational mingling is sometimes limited, and divides over media popularity, waves of feminism, different reactions to "fails", and how to "do" fandom can sometimes split the community. How does the perspective on these things change if you're 70, 50, 30, 20? This panel seeks to interrogate how and why these divides happen, and how we might bridge those gaps so that WisCon-goers of all ages can learn from each other.
Fellow Panelists: Eileen Gunn (M), Pat Murphy, Orange Mike, Jackie M

Intersectionality Is Not a Crossroads, It's a Venn Diagram
Sat, 4:00–5:15 pm, Capitol B
We talk a lot about intersectionality these days, but the concept is often confused with a hierarchy of oppression. Let's talk about the origins of the word, and what is meant by it.
Fellow panelists: Victor Raymond (M), Moondancer Drake, Beth Plutchak

Identity outside the United States
Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm, Senate A
Most panels at WisCon are dominated by the perspective of those from the United States. How do people from other countries experience and talk about race, culture, ethnicity, and the other issues we regularly discuss?
Fellow panelists: SoosheBot (M), Alex Gurevich

Mulan Movie Marathon
Sun, 8:45 pm–Mon, 3:00 am, Conference 3
Most people are familiar with Disney's Mulan, and this movie marathon will screen multiple versions of the same story, based on the famous Ballad of Mulan! We will start on familiar ground with the Disney movie, then straight into Jingle Ma's tearjerker, and finish with the Shaw Brothers's adaptation of the Huangmei Opera version. If you ever wanted to know how Mulan is represented in China, come and see!
Note: WEAR YOUR COMFY JAMMIES! And bring Kleenex.
I'm also looking for someone who has a laptop that can read Region 3 DVDs with a VGA hookup.

On Hugs:
I am hug-friendly. I am also a hug-giver (especially for POC). If you ask for a hug, I will give you a full-body hug. If you don't like full-body hugs, you probably should not touch me =(

On Food:
I am a meat-eater. I have a lot of issues with food texture, thus cannot eat vegetables as a result. I do like vegetable soup though. I also love sweeties, and I rather liked the hot chocolate at Michaelangelo's, the last time I was there!

On Pronouns:
I am cisgender so don't worry on my account here =)
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- I met a lot of new people at ICFA and holy fuckstix I was so tired the whole time, and had to grade. The grading was fine, and it was really nice to decompress with my roommates in the suite area of the hotel room every evening to do so. I went to only two paper panels. Did two readings. E. Lily Yu bought me a drink!! I need to send her a thank-you email. She seems quite cool but we didn't get to talk much. Emily Jiang and I would talk until like 3am every night. I got to have quite a few one-on-ones I rarely do at these things.

- It turns out I get kind of annoyed by people who insist that I'm not an introvert, because holy jesus people need to be able to separate my public face from my private face and not assume they see both. I also get annoyed when people insist that all writers benefit from having some mental depression of some sort. It is unpleasant when that person happens to be a fellow international student.

- A lot of people were very supportive of my SEAsian SFF zine idea! Even fellow publishers... I met Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld and Jacob i-cant-remember-his-surname of Tachyon Publications. I always feel a bit weird talking to other folks about my idea because it feels like I might be stepping on someone else's turf and become competition. Maybe it's just paranoia from seeing how Malaysian business operate and feeling coldness from people who treat you like an upstart and have no sense of mentorship towards newer people.

- I took photos of a lot of Asians and posted them to Twitter, using the hashtag #NotRelated. A joke between me and Emily (we were with two other Chinese-Americans, who actually were sisters, getting food, and some lady walked up to us asking, "excuse me, but are you sisters?" and we were like WHUT). So, that was fun.

- Ted Chiang emailed me! Woooo.

- Had a nap after lunch yesterday. Gotta catch up on sleep, but then on I will be writing writing writing to make some deadlines. Had a fairly plot-driven dream about a boarding school that is built over a underwater cave system, four girls discovering that they can transform into mermaids, only to discover there's a vengeful water spirit living underneath pissed off at the pollution of the waters. I think the girls and their little brothers die, especially the little brothers, who were awful shitbags. I'm not sure though.

- Must write write write! Have three things I want to submit to, argh!
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Holy crap public transit luck was AWESOME this morning.

Got up at 4.45, headed out around 5-something. Had to RUN to catch the bus as it was arriving at the stop and I was still several feet away.

The driver wasn't going to the train station but he stopped by a staircase closer to the station than the next stop. I got up it, and went up, and didn't realize that the gate in front led to a closed, LOCKED park. So I wandered in it looking for an open gate, and realized I should have just turned at the top and climbed over the fence which is way lower. I disturbed a couple of homeless people sleeping by the staircase, oops!

When I got to the train station, THREE of the FOUR ticket machines were out of order, boo! But I got my ticket, and got on the 5.55 train, like, three minutes before it left. And I had a glorious, glorious snooze.

When I got to Union Station, I bought my Flyaway ticket, headed to the Flyaway platform, where it was JUST about to leave and the driver was making announcements. He let me on, so I barely had to wait :D

At the terminal, a very nice lady noticed I was looking lost and directed me where to go. And of course the hotel shuttle didn't take long. And so I was at the hotel at 8am, rather than the projected 9 or 10!! *chuffed*

There's not a lot in the programming that I'm interested in (left so early because I specifically wanted to catch a panel on racial stereotypes in spy novels), but I hope to be able to hang out with friends more and meet some new people to get to know. Maybe sell some books too... one can hope! And hopefully meet some other big names I should have met by now. Tim Powers is supposed to be here, and I didn't realize. Could've brought my copy of Anubis Gates for him to sign, aw!

I finished writing a draft of my story for CYBERPUNK MALAYSIA in the courtyard just now and came up to the lobby for actual WiFi and some hot chocolate. My roommate isn't here yet and check-in isn't until 3pm anyway, bah.

I'm still super underslept and really tired, but still pretty excited about how the day is shaping up :D
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Finished NaNo last night around 4am. I am about a third into the novel, maybe? I don't know. There's still a lot left to write though.

Woke up at maybe 10am? But didn't bother getting out of bed until noon.

All I did today was work on some embroidery, made fried catfish nuggets and mashed potatoes, and I'm baking cookies right now.

Tomorrow I'm going to do my best to get out to the train station by 6am for a 4-hour commute to the LosCon hotel which might not be so irritating if it wasn't for the many transfers. I have no idea what I am going to wear. I still don't really understand Southern California weather.

I saw a different cat from the calico tonight. This one is a dark gray, solid color. I've never seen it before. It came sniffing at the shelter I set up, looked up into my window at me, then walked away.

Today's embroidery progress. Trying to decide if I should take it with me tomorrow onto the train, or if I should just read a book. Got so many to catch up with...
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This weekend I really want to go to SD Comics Fest.

I'd like to head out on Thursday, so I can be there for the whole weekend. Which also means I ought to buy tickets.

Anyway. I don't have a place to stay and I really don't want to do the commute thing but I don't really want to stay at the hotel either which is $117 a night. I'm currently looking at the nearby Travelodge, which is $59 on Thurs and then $129 on Friday and Saturday (rounding it up to $99 a night).

Nobody's getting back to me about this though =/
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So, we did neither tea nor fish spa, but [personal profile] jolantru and I did attempt to do some work in the Esplanade library, which didn't work out too great because we couldn't get Internet! What is wrong with Singapore! How can you look so chrome-buffed hi-tech but have so few places with Wifi?!

Anyway, we then betook ourselves out to Books Actually, where we met @monkeygod who had to wait for us over an hour because we got distracted by cake and drinks. I bought some books, met the bookstore, then demanded to go to the Hainanese cafe nearby for lunch. [profile] troiyaumes came with her hubbie and friends to join us! Then came @halleluyang. While we hung out, a HUGE funeral procession came parading through, a really old-fashioned affair with three or four or five trucks bedecked in flowers, little girls in pink hanfus and tiny pink umbrellas, a troops of men wearing green and Stetsons (why? I don't know) and the coffin was hand-carried (usually they're in the back of the hearse) while relatives followed. And it must have been a big-name person, a sort of clan leader, because the route they covered for this parade was preeeeeeetty long.

@monkeygod shared with us some WorldCon news about where the next years' WorldCons will be (Spokane? Really? Kansas City? Even more really? And Beijing put in a bid) and I may have stared at him with increasing levels of alarm everytime he opened his mouth with a new sentence. We agreed that a SEAsian WorldCon would be best done in the Philippines, esp in Manila, where they actually know their shit and understand literary SFF. Malaysia and Singapore just doesn't have the manpower, we're too expensive, and there's not enough local interest.

It was a good lunch, and I feel we might have committed one of the Geek Social Fallacies by having so many people from two different friendship circles at the one table? I still enjoyed hanging out though.

Then @halleluyang, [personal profile] jolantru and I hung out in a hipster cafe nearby for further drinks.

My right spectacle lens fell off, not for the first time over the weekend, but this time for the worse, because the screw also fell off. Fortunately @halleluyang had some plasters on her, and [personal profile] jolantru got me a rubber band from the staff. So yeah.

The bus was really late which made me really nervous! I had a chat with a woman waiting for her fiance who was on the bus coming into Singapore. (It was an interesting conversation; her second marriage to a guy she's only met twice, he's already married and she feels it's better to be a second wife so she doesn't have to make the husband a very high priority compared to her first marriage. She also showed me a picture of her four kids. She seemed a really neat person.)

The bus ride in was fine. The only other person on the bus was a teacher at one of the USJ schools. I slept a bit.

Then I forgot my bag on the bus when getting off. My overnight bag! Not my backpack. I've got to go get it back from the bus station office now.
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I have finished reading all the stories sitting in the #SEAsteampunk inbox!!!! Yay!! I think we're still waiting on a couple more people but Joyce and I have agreed on a hard deadline of next week. Next Friday we'll send out rejections and let people know if we're still haggling over their stories. There're a few we disagree on, and a few which one likes but the other is not sure on, that sort of thing.

Tomorrow I shall dally to the bank, get some cash to spend at SDCC (and try to remain within that budget the whole weekend), then dally downtown, grab some lunch, and then go to the Greyhound station. I have a small bag of clothes and a backpack of promo material and book to take notes in. I'm going to wear ballet flats all weekend. Hope my feet don't hurt. San Diego weather is not non-sensical, right? Should I bring a sweater and socks? I shall bring a sweater and find some space for socks, that seems best. *rambles on*
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- My friend Jess from Seattle, who I've known since my days on ShinraOnline.com (that's 2001, wow, so much for online friendships not being real amirite) came to visit because apparently her last visit to California was filled with microaggressive people who did not understand social justice at all so she needed to visit me to clean her palate. We went out to eat a lot because she is a food blogger and thus that is what foodies do.

- While she was here, I decided to take advantage of the fact that she lives in Seattle to finish Nisi's new bra and have her deliver it. I'd been fiddling with the pattern on and off for a while now so this gave me a chance to really work it. The first one I made was 1) a bit too big (apparently this is a possible thing); 2) that terrible ordinary straps that fed into her shoulder grooves; 3) had the most worthless band for supporting large boobs possible as it is a standard band. THIS TIME, I adapted the band into the shape of a strapless bra, which included boning, and put boning in the lower cup, and finished it with padding in the shoulder strap. My bra teacher (or as she is affectionately known, the Fairy Bra Mother) told me that the pads used for push-up bras are really good fod re-distributing weight on the shoulders. So. The bra will be delivered on Wednesday and I have to wait for feedback now. If this works, I can re-do it into something much better (the boning was kind of sewn on quite simply and it could stand to be reinforced. With nicer top-stitching).

- In preparation for San Diego Comic Con, I find myself without a carry-on bag that I can carry on my shoulders. I usually have a little white roller-bag but I think I'm going to do a far bit of walking so I would rather not subject wheels to that. I was gonna make a new one, but I think I'll pass this time and just focus on packing *very very* light. I don't plan on attending any steampunk gatherings so I'll leave the magistrate costume at home (and it never gets recognized anyway but by people who've already seen it). I found the Greyhound station and it seems really cheap to get there and back, too. Still trying to decide if I want to return on Sunday (only one bus, at the same time as a panel on multicultural heroes =/) or Monday morning (which necessitates finding a place to stay and then getting a ride into town to the station).

Does anybody want anything from Comic Con?

- Also! on Friday evening! At Pokez Restaurant! We're trying to get together POC creators, and fans, for you know, socializing. It'll be fun!

- Five things make a post, so. Uhm. Would anybody like to buy a skirt from me? 35" waist, 18" long, green/blue paisley, four in-seam POCKETS and a lot of flare! I think it's my best work so far but my waist is only 32" as it turns out so this sits on my hips uncomfortable, and I didn't add belt loops because it would fold weirdly under a belt.
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I'll be on the following panels:

Cultural Appropriation: Non-Western Viewpoints (Sat 10am - 11.15am)
The recent cultural appropriation debates seemed to be very U.S. centered. This panel will seek to hear from people of non-dominant cultures (i.e., not mainstream US, Canada, Western Europe or Australia) and talk about CA from a more global perspective. This discussion may be more complicated when national lines may add to racial ones. Is it true that from the outside any culture is perceived as monolithic while inside it is much more fractured? What are the perspectives of people to whom Western culture is a colonizing influence?

Steampunk, Historical Fantasy and POC (Sat, 4pm - 5.15pm)
Period pieces with magic and anachronistic tech abound, but very few feature history from the perspective of People of Color. What happens when a marginalized group is erased from re-imagined history? We talk a lot about representation of POC in the future, what about POC in the past?

Recovering Worlds Beyond Whiteness (Mon, 10am - 11.15am)
In too many works of science fiction, the landscapes and characters reflect the assumption of white culture as the default. Many fantasy worlds reflect a distinctly Western European look and feel, with characters of color few and far between, and non-European-based civilizations that are a predictable mish-mash of stereotypes and Othering. How has this affected writers' ability to imagine and create worlds outside the boundaries of white culture? How has it affected the ability of fans to relate to and find interest in characters and stories that challenge rather than unconsciously reflect white-dominated narratives? How can we, as writers and readers, move beyond whiteness?

I also have the honour of being an "opening act" with ktempest​ for the GOH Hiromi Goto on Friday, 9pm!
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I was supposed to have been back last night but my flight from Madison got delayed and I missed my flight to Los Angeles as a result. Good thing is, I got to hang out with WisCon folks for a while and even shared a room with [livejournal.com profile] oyceter for the night!

Bad news is, I think I overexerted myself over the weekend because I really wanted to Meet All The People and Do All The Things and now I am le tired. I also have myself a cough and a sore throat, because hotel air conditioners are super dry and despite my best efforts to remain hydrated, it didn't quite work out.

I wore cute outfits and was very hyper and high-energy most of the weekend which was probably a bad idea. Either way, I had fun and enjoyed the reactions to my ruffly bra very much (Dr. Andrea Hairston insisted on a picture with me, I couldn't tell if Ted Chiang was amused or uncomfortable, the Japanese ladies were super scandalized every time they saw me, [livejournal.com profile] tithenai was all for molesting the ruffles and Ellen Kushner came walking past and peeped over her shoulder curiously and I wish someone had been there to take THAT pic).

I didn't have much time and really should have made time so I could have taken a proper breast mold for Nisi. I've only got one side but that's good enough to work with for now. I think. So that's my summer sewing project.

Also got to speak with Timmi about my book proposal, she likes it, I has a non-fiction summer project now.

I'm so excited at the prospect of summer holidays omg.

I'm going to go pass out now.

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