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The shoot last night went well! James (the male model) was very sporting. Unfortunately, the photographer completely missed the bit that said "bondage" and focused on "happy couple" so there were no handcuffs involved.

However, there IS raffia string. I don't care, I think this is hilarious. When I get some pics I will show you: this is how we SEAsian kids get up to kinky hijinks when we can't afford regular stuff. (Probably not really, but it's still hilarious.)

We also did a set on a flourescent pink chair that was there, and a couch set. The couch set is going to be really nifty, because there was this glass decorative... thing next to it, and James and I got Geoff to shoot us full-body-length on the couch through the glass. Since the camera is focused on the glass, you can't see exactly what's going on, but it definitely looks like two kids getting up to couch shenanigans.

Then there was also a set of silhouettes.

Also, James is pretty hot, and I wish I had a camera, because I would so take stock romance novel images with him. He's not buff enough but I don't care, he should be on one.

I also have some nifty shots from the night before last's shoot. Not much to say about it, since it's a pretty standard nude shoot, but anyways.

Here's a shot from last summer that I haven't seen until today when the photographer found me on Model Mayhem. Hatcha.
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All righty folks! I'm off to Singapore for the rest of the week. My itinerary:

7.45am - Bus to Singapore
6pm - Shoot with Alvin

Thursday: 4pm meet with James, 6pm shoot with James AND Geoff, on the happy-couple shoot I was talking about a while back.

Friday: Possible shoot in the morning, hanging with [livejournal.com profile] jolantru in the evening, assuming all goes well.

I'll be staying with my beh-de (Hainanese: uncle) in Tanjong Katong area this time, because my cousin in Bishan has a ton of things on. He's like, a million years old, and can actually speak Hainanese, so... I might ask him to teach me stuff. He and my dad both went to Hainan Island several years back, so, and he's lived through WWII, so. Yeah, I don't know where this is going. I'm going to bed now.
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Fury of the Phoenix's cover:

I went looking through my portfolio, and I'm not even particularly proud of this image but I AM FEELING KIND OF STABBITY ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW:

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So lately, I've been considering getting into makeup artistry.

This is partly sparked by the Makeup Party that [livejournal.com profile] sparkymonster hosted at WisCon where I found I really enjoy doing other people's makeup. I also tend to do my own makeup for my shoots, although for obvious reasons, I prefer being worked on, because professionals have actual kits with proper brushes and quality products. However, there are some who use pharmacy-grade products for certain things.

The problem with this is that one doesn't become an MUA as a mere hobby, unlike modeling, because you know, getting the kit together... that shit is expensive, and makeup has a shelf life. I doubt I want to do makeup artistry as an actual job, but I also know MUAs that do TF*s are in pretty high demand because they're so hard to get, especially good ones that are actually available.

But I also want a camera! Because I want to take pictures! And I think it would be awesome if I could do both makeup and camera-work.

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This post is mainly broken off because it is yet another set of pictures. Please check out the beginning of the story first! If you note here at this Picasa folder, more shenanigans were had at the shoot, which did not involve Intrepid Girl Reporter! And I have no brainpower to put together a fairly disjointed shoot into a single coherent story with an actual complex plot, so.


When Girl Reporter got back to the office! )

Hope you enjoyed my shitty story-telling ability!
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Today I had a shoot, themed "film noir", which was VERY loosely interpreted. And so here starts a series of posts in which I describe the Adventures of Girl Reporter! Which didn't even come up until MUCH later in a very elaborate shot which hasn't seen processing and uploading yet, coordinated and shot by an ex-boss of mine. Anyway, I went looking through the web album of the organizer, who isn't in the habit of post-processing before uploading stuff, and let me tell you, these pictures BEGGED captioning.

Warning: post is VERY PICTURE HEAVY.

Also, I don't watch any film noir or detective stuff, and I just had some caramel popcorn, so the lines are all crack.

First, the Cast! )

Yeah, this is one whole ego trip and totally told only from my perspective, so most of these pictures will feature me because I have zero inclination to tell the other perspectives, but nonetheless!

Girl Reporter Spies Something! )

After this, our intrepid Girl Reporter was kicked out of the office to do some field work. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?
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I met up with a really nice photographer when I was back in Malaysia. We'd tried to set up a shoot last year, with no success, and this year was pretty hard too! Either I was sick, or had allergies, or he wasn't around, or he was busy, or I was busy, or something! Finally, we managed to make a last-minute ditch effort to shoot, and somehow he managed to get his friends, who all trickled in as time went by even though I said I wanted the shoot done by 9pm. All great guys though. It was cool because they spoke mostly Cantonese and Hokkien, so I got to practise speaking Cantonese with them. I'd like to shoot with them again next year.

Anyway, shots )
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This is Stella Dean. She is 5'8" and weighs 225 lbs. I ran across her port one day while browsing the Model Mayhem forums. She does a wide range, from commercial gigs I wish I could do, to fine art nudes.

We've exchanged some messages, enough for me to add her to my friends list - she is as awesome in personality as she is in her pictures.

Anyway, because birds of a feather tend to flock together, I dug through her friends list and also found Kristen Crain, Darlene Rae, Gina Marie, Aly Lynn, and Tiff.

On the far side of the spectrum is a model who was really kind to me when I first started out, Kaitlin Lara, who gets a lot of flak for being as thin as she is. Here's an illustration of the kind of look she has.

At both ends of the spectrum, these women are all as healthy as the average person - neither Stella nor Kaitlin have any chronic conditions. Both get flak, or are ignored, for their size.

Both are real women.

Hope you enjoyed browsing.
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Got a new set of pics from Nick and Chad! Funnily came in my email as I was in my boss' office (he also does photography and in fact, you can find me on his port) telling him, "haven't gotten many yet!"
Picture heavy. )

Oh wow.

Oct. 11th, 2008 11:22 pm
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Today, I got my brows done for the first time in a while... I've been having trouble filling in my brows because they'd look overdone and too thick, and I didn't want to go to Sykea again, because I don't really like how my brows turn out after I leave... something about the way my brows look after that bugged me - too thin, a bit too unnatural. Granted, brow-shaping is rarely natural, but still.

So today, I went to Key Lime Pie to get my brows done in preparation for tomorrow and Monday's shoots.

And I LOVE it! I got a funky bump, probably in reaction to something she used, which was like a mosquito bite, but it's gone now, but the bottomline is, my brow is really nicely shaped now, and it looks *gasp* natural!

And it's $10 cheaper than going to Sykea! Yay!

While I'm still talking about making myself look beautiful, I stopped into Shopper's on Spring Garden the other day - holy crap!! The cosmetics section got way bigger and beautiful! They've brought in brands I've never been able to find in Halifax! SMASHBOX! Bare Minerals! OMG! I can tell I'm going to go broke in there someday. I asked about the renovations, and it'll apparently be all done by February. The pharmacy will be upstairs, and there'll be a glass elevator. Geez! Talk about a classy classy drugstore...
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There's a discussion on Model Mayhem about whether a photographer can reconcile taking nude photographer with being Christian. His girlfriend thinks nudity should be for intimate's viewing only, whereas he celebrates his art as honouring God by showing the temple that is the human body.

My favourite response:

Eve was naked, until a servant of the Devil tricked her into putting clothes on.
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Model Mayhem's Tyler interrupted my daily browsing of MM to bring to me this very important message.
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So, I'm actually getting paid work as a model, on occasion. Read more... )
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Now that I've got the angst out of my system for a bit, let's talk a bit about shoes.

A Shoe Story )

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