Sep. 28th, 2011 06:51 pm
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I have a working kitchen door! Turns out that the door was just stuck, because Vinh (previous tenant) never figured out how to open it, since it uses a skeleton key. OH MY GOD VINH. (I've been saying this a lot in the last month. I think I say it once every other day while trying to do something in the apartment.) The handymen will come by tomorrow to WD-40 my screen door, and install a new screen on my kitchen window.

I really need to teach myself to get to bed by 10 because I keep falling asleep at 2 and waking up at 10, which is bothering me, since I'm very much a morning person. As a result, I got very little done today. Sigh. So, I'm shutting down the computer early tonight and working only on reading stuff so I can finish this abstract for Fantastic Narratives by tomorrow, latest.

I also write to UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside, and to a prof at UoT about my project. (Riverside Comp Lit got back to me almost immediately, then the English department got in touch like five minutes later, since Riverside is thinking of cutting out the Science Fiction track for the Comp Lit PhD, and grad advisor in the English dept invited me to apply there too.) I'll write to UC Davis as soon as I can figure out which advisor to write to, because they have five of them. I also have to check out UBC and NYU and I think I'll be good to go to start studying for the GREs.

I've rearranged my bedroom a bit, so I can set up a table for my NEW SEWING MACHINE! I've only looked at the main parts for now and will be snatching bits of time to study the machine and manual. So shiny!

Also, bought my tickets to San Francisco and Seattle. And, yikes. When I checked it just a week ago, the whole three-leg-trip was only $619, and now it's $744. DAMMIT! Shoulda bought my tickets then =/ Oh well.

OK. Work.

So, like

Mar. 10th, 2010 10:48 pm
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I've signed up with SuperTemp, although I really don't want to work.

[ profile] deepad managed to wrangle me into registering for WisCon and applying for Con or Bust.

My dad has a friend in Wisconsin, about an hour away from Madison, who said I can bum off her for a while in between cons. Although maybe I can fit more stops in, because hanging out with [ profile] deepad would be bomb, and she offered!

James Ng emailed me to show me his new artwork! It was so supernice of him to remember me ^^ We've been exchanging emails about random things, and I keep ranting to him about media representation of Asians in North America. He also asked if I could distribute prints of his work at Steampunk World's Fair, and of course, I can.

Speaking of Steampunk World's Fair, [ profile] dmp and I have an AWESOME crew for our roundtable on Social Issues in Steampunk! Emilie Bush (authour of Chenda and the Airship Brofman which is an epic scifi, mom of two, feminist), PurpleZoe (authour of Wonderdark which is unabashedly AfroSteam/FaeryPunk, another mom, and African-American), Whisper Merlot (of the S.S. Icarus, an organizer of SPWF who actually lives a steampunk life on the road in a bus!), Lucretia Dearfour (also of the S. S. Icarus, Ay-Leen's beloved, transgendered woman), and and and and Jake von Slatt (who runs the Steampunk Workshop, a dude and dad). Between all these fine folks, we would cover race, gender, class, with no small amount of politics and history and how it affects steampunk and what we do. Can I just say, OMG SO AWESOME! I mean, how often will you get such a wide range of folks on short notice? I feel so lucky to know these people, and they are certainly very fine people indeed!

Thanks to Jake von Slatt, my steampunk blog, Silver Goggles, has had a new surge of visitors and followers, which is both awesome and unnerving at the same time.

Also, Steampunk Magazine cross-posted my most recent post, Countering Victorientalism to their blog. It's causing a kerfuffle. I'm really glad, though, for all the support that's been rallying from all corners (hi [ profile] shweta_narayan and [ profile] connikins!) even while I want to wring the neck of a certain editor. Not SPM's editor, though, she's awesome.

And and and check out the new table of contents for Steampunk Reloaded! I am so excited to be a part of it, even if only for a paragraph.

OK, nerdy non-fiction stuff aside, my novel, Sugar Melts is done done done and ready to be beta-read! For those who don't know yet, I've geared it towards the YA market, and it is an equatorial fantasy, written in the Eddingsian world-building tradition. That's how I'm pitching it, anyway. I've got to look for agents who're interested in "world fiction", and we'll wait to see how long it'll take for me to be told that "Asian fantasies do not sell".

I've got a story that needs to be written, a short one, I hope, but it's kinda epic in scale? So, yeah. Hrm. But it needs to get written, because it works off a theme I've been mulling over for a while now with regards to Chinese steampunk. Of course there's another story I sort of want to get started on, featuring a character I've had in mind now, who is.... not exactly a very admirable person but I want to write her anyway.

Lastly, would anybody be interested in seeing Wish Making, the story I wrote for Fantasy Magazine, on here? It means I wouldn't be able to sell it anywhere else, but what the hell, I wrote it specifically for Fantasy Magazine, and maybe you fine people can tell me what markets would like my writing. (I'm terrible at selling stuff, you notice that?)
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I got terminated from my job. Before anybody else asks, the marketing department had to go through some re-shuffling, and my position was terminated, they had to let me go. I've got a month's pay and no other job prospects.

I'm surprised because I thought my boss had called me in to give me something else to do.

At the same time I'm not surprised because I'd already said, I don't quite enjoy marketing and the 9-5 was a trial for me, and besides, things were quieting down in the department, leaving me to twiddle my thumbs.

They were really nice about it. I'm upset, not because I loved that particular job, but because I really liked working for those people. It's nice to be surrounded by functional people daily.

Before I left, my boss said to me, "You're a great writer, Jaymee. Find something that has to do with that."

I don't think she really got how much being in the company was good for my soul. Even if I was getting hard hit towards the end. I'm glad I got the chance to work there, and bummed, because the next job I have? probably wouldn't be as good.

Because I get too whiney and self-piteous, I am now going to calculate my privilege, to make myself realize that I can get through this and figure out wtf to do next:

- I still have monies. Assuming I'm not a moron and a spendthrift for the next while, it should last me for the next eight months.

- I do not have any life-threatening diseases and/or conditions that I have to deal with very badly. As such, I will ensure I DO NOT GET SICK.

- Assuming shit does down, I can go home. I always have that choice.

Now to get my shit in order, I will be doing the following to keep me busy:

- Write my novel.

- Work on grad apps. Not like I have anything distracting me now.

- Work on blog posts for and my regular blog.

- Find some modeling gigs. (Yeah, like that's going to keep me afloat!)

- Find my fucking gloves from Milan which ought to be in this apartment somewhere but are not showing up. Which translates into, clean this fucking house.

'Scuse me, I need to get to work.
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So like, this month, I was going to do the novel writing thing right? Jazz Fest, pfft, I only need 16 hours to be considered a full volunteer. I was gonna write one chapter a night, steadily, all the way until mid-August, then revise, and register for SIWC.

Oh nooooooooo. No, pride and academic nerdiness dictated that I commit to revising Intersection of Race and Steampunk for an anthology, due August 10. I predict several evening hours spent in the Killam library, as I won't be able to borrow books out of uni libraries without a student ID. But that's okay, it's grad school work in something that interests me without the actual grad school tuition fees!

And not only that, but I'm stage-managing. Four shifts. Each of them six hours, and a possible two more hours (which I hope not, because Dinuk Wijeratne is performing that night and he's a genius so I don't want to have to miss a minute). I don't know why I'm stage-managing so many shifts. Jazz Fest is only one week, thankfully. I'll be lucky if I come out of this without my brain seeping out of my ears.

So. I may have to take a break from the internetz for a while.


Jun. 4th, 2009 09:15 pm
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Since shared joy is double joy:

Happy Birthday, [ profile] _juju_! Rest up, we're jogging for two rounds around the North Common on Sunday! :P

Congrats, [ profile] divabat on winning 3rd place in the New Talent category for Cabaret Burlesque!

Also, today I had a brainfart and was really bored so I wrote an outline for this year's NaNovel. It's a little fantasy story I've been thinking about for the past year. It got a bit more complicated than I initially thought it would be.

And I forgot there were a couple other kingdoms on the map I initially drew as well. Oh well. I think I'll have to redraw the map though.

I'm seriously tired from all that brainstorming, and I did it while hungry too. When I got home I had to drag myself t the microwave to heat up a Bagelful (those things are AMAZING OMG and the batch I bought has chives in the creamcheese YUM)) and somehow catnap while munching before I headed downtown to [ profile] _juju_'s thing. So I'm going to just listen to music and re-draw this map and somehow make it work.

p.s. I've decided to set the continent around the Equator so I don't have to fuck with writing the four seasons. It's going to be awesome.
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I know this because the black ants are back!
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Uh, I probably never mentioned it here though. Anyways, I was looking for some new nifty thing to do while waiting for the ground to thaw out so I can grow shit, and lo, vermicomposting! INDOORS!

Did you know that there's a Worm Farm in Nova Scotia? I didn't! But now I do, and I ordered a half-pound of worms last week or so, and now they're here! WHEEEEEEEE! I'll take pictures when I can find my camera. By the time summer rolls around I'll have potting soil! Yay!
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The worst bit is, I didn't really realize it.

I got on the bus as usual, and went to the first couple of empty seats I saw. There was a handbag between the seats, which confused me a bit but no one was sitting there so I did. I kept glancing at it, wondering who it belonged to - and a big part of me itched to open it and find an ID (which is what I've done with a wallet I found in the past; finding the ID and then just taking it to the address on it), but it was in the bus, and obviously not mine, so I decided I'd just take it to the bus driver as I was getting off the bus.

Then the bus stopped at Lacewood and these two guys behind me got up and just - filched it.

I was... confused. And shocked. And decided to give benefit of doubt to those two guys.

But after a minute or two of this, I started recording down the number of the bus and figuring out who to report it to. The bus driver? But he's busy driving. Metro Transit? Maybe the owner had phoned in and they'd appreciate knowing. Also, I have the card of a policeman (whose wife ran for mayor last year) and I thought I'd email him to ask for standard procedure.

While I was busy composing the email in my head, the bus driver got a call, and asked the rest of the bus to check whether there was a handbag anywhere on the floor or something.

And I just felt... rotten. I said there was one next to me, but at Lacewood two guys had taken it. Before I got off the bus, I went up to the seat closest to the driver to explain, and I said, "These two guys just snatched it really quickly as they walked off the bus."

"You're kidding!"

"I'm not! I'm sorry."

"Naw, it's not your fault."

And somehow it didn't make me feel better.

=( I failz.


Mar. 7th, 2009 09:10 pm
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So I had A Moment today. I also had one yesterday, and I meant to write about it but I forgot, so when I had another Moment today, I figured I should.

When I have a Moment, it's really just a few seconds in my life that I realize, "gosh, that's really beautiful".

The first one was yesterday. These days my life's a bit of the doldrums of my going to work, then coming home, and then I watch a bit of TV, and then read blogs, or both at the same time, and RP, and go to bed. Sundays I go write at the Chase. Today I did some reading there. So, I was actually feeling a bit in the doldrums, and was on the bus home, and just looked out. It was snowing, and I just caught a sudden frame of the bus doors, looking out at a house, and there was just this big fat fluffy clump of snowflakes floating down. So peacefully. It was exactly the kind of snow one envisions from cartoons and from pictures. It wasn't exactly very special, it just so happened to call in the right place at the right time and I just so happened to be at the right angle at the time.

And I thought "Wow, that was... amazing." And I thought that I don't actually hate winter as much as I say I do. I just dislike the ice a great deal, but I do like snow a lot.

Today was just a few minutes ago, actually. I'd gone downtown to have cheesecake with Alicia (a habit we're trying to develop) at Stonehaven, which, alas, is no longer there. We caught a bus up to Quinpool, went to Video Difference where I rented the second season of She-Ra and City of Ember (and next time I'm renting Fantastic Planet, Wizards and Barberella. Barbarella has Jane Fonda starring as a heroine. In outer fucking space.)

While walking home, I stopped just a foot away from the steps of my doorway. Because it occurred to me that while there's yellow light across my doorway from the streetlamps, there's also that white glow coming from the moon. To be sure I went up to it and stood here and there to check out my shadow. Yeap, moonlight.

And I thought, "wow, moonlight shines on me."

The last time I had a moment like that was when I was living on Spring Garden, and my window faced east. I was on the 14th floor, so high enough to not get lights from streetlamps. And every so often, I would sit up and admire the moonlight on my blanket.

It's, you know. A Moment. Where you just sit and think, "I really like being alive."
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The plane flight was long and evil. I say evil because it was turbulent most of the way. I've never had as turbulent a trip as this one.

I will have no Internet until next Monday. I'm not sure how I'll manage without it... probably live here at the Paperchase Cafe with my laptop.

When I got back last night, MY MAILBOX WAS MISSING. Which explained the email I got from Scotiabank asking me what my address is.... I fucking freaked out, I won't lie. I was like MY MAILBOX IS MISSING MY INTERNET IS NOT HERE MY PHONE DOESNT WORK BECAUSE I HAS NO SIM CARD AND ARRGH.

and turns out JuJu stole my mailbox. JUJU!!!!!!!

I need to clean the house, but I'm feeling lazy. Two months of it not being warm means that although I left the heater on full last night all night, it still won't warm up. I dunno. I work all day so I can't leave it on, but at the same time, it takes forever just to warm up in there. Maybe I should just get a space heater for the few hours I'm home during the weekdays and leave the heater on for the weekends. We'll see how I feel about it.

My nose is raw from sniffling all through the flights too. I'm not sure why. I did, however, have an insane breakdown last night after getting back.
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Lots of things to talk about.

What shall I talk about first?

- Insane Singaporean Education System
- Modeling
- On Traveling
- Bintan, Indonesia (AKA, the really fucking cheap place)
- Staying with my Cousin (and the resultant differences from last time I stayed there)
- The books I read (and well, still finishing the Book of Saladin by Tariq Ali, which, if I may say, is a darling read.)

Take a vote, efferybuddy!
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Roy and I cooked dinner for a few relatives and friends (lamb, cabonara pasta, mashed potatoes), Dad and Mum went downtown to a dinner they'd already committed to. Our guests were: one old friend, an awesome aunt + her friend, two cousins from my dad's side, one cousin from my mum's side.

Around 10pm the aunt and friend went home, and we young folks started watching Stardust. Then we stopped for a short while to get up to the roof to watch fireworks from Sunway Pyramid.

Cheapskate, cosy, awesome.

Happy New Year, everybody!!


Nov. 22nd, 2008 05:15 pm
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Obligatory OMG SNOW! post.

Woke up to see one foot of snow and opened my door and was tickled to see it.

Went out around 2pm to return the She-Ra DVDs and get Vol. 2 of Season 1.

FIRST SNOW ANGEL OF THE YEAR FTW! And I had fun tromping through the snow at my doorstop. Hee.

I may be going out tonight for cheesecake, but I can't call GoTime to check when buses are running. Because the snow fucked up the buses. Oh well.
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This was part of my conversation with the owner of Fashionably Dead, which is a new store that opened on Blowers St a month or so ago. I stopped in there because --

Wait, rewind to YESTERDAY.

Good times. )
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In RenEv's latest post on the SWOP East (Sex Workers Outreach Project) conference in Chicago, she mentioned meeting Rene of Stepping Stone, which is Halifax's program and safe place for sex workers. Sex workers can drop in the house during the mornings for free food and to mingle, as well as to attend workshops on various things like legal assistance, housing and cool stuff. In the evenings, the staff take boxes full of food downtown and walk around talking to the street workers who haven't had a chance to get to the free food in the morning and networking among the local sex workers.

I've been aware of Stepping Stone since earlier this year but it was incredibly hard to get information on it.

Oddly enough, it was reading RenEv's blog regularly that inspired me to find out more about sex workers' rights and organizations supporting them here in Halifax, and thusly to Stepping Stone. A complete fluke led me to the house itself to do yardwork, but I'd kept my eye out, and attended one of their events to meet people.

There, I met Rene, introduced by Holly, who I've known from the SMU Women's Center. She is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. So well-meaning, so sweet, so earnest and so kind.

And yeah, Ren, most Haligonian Canadians are really that nice...

I'm still feeling kind of weirded out by it. In a good way, though.
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There are a lot of stories going around about people being mean and cruel and selfish, and while it's true that there're people like that, I think we tend to focus more on the bad than the good. I'm not sure what the reason for this phenomenom... I guess it never comes up in conversation to talk about the good things that happen to us - it sounds more like bragging. But when it comes to complaints, everybody wants to share the misery. The more pathetic you are, the more sympathy you get. The happier your life is, it seems, the more people ignore you - I guess people who lead happy lives aren't all that interesting? Is that why we like to watch TV?

Anyway, I was thinking of an encounter I had in the States. The JFK airport is easily one of the worst airports I've ever passed through, because when Sam and I arrived, it was dead in the night, nothing was open, and we had to spend several hours before anything opened so we could catch the next flight. Call me spoiled by KLIA, but if I have to stay overnight at an airport, I don't want to have to take a bus to a hotel, I should be able to sleep at the airport comfortably and have easy access to some food. Seriously, not even a single 24-hour MacDonald's in a USA airport?

Our luggage had been left behind at Hong Kong since there wasn't enough time in between flights for our baggage to go through, so they came into Halifax at the next flight.... after customs had rifled through AND stolen several items. Sam lost her entire hard drive, several electronic items, and a new backpack. I lost jewellery. It was really hard on us, especially considering how much crap we get going into the States with sour-looking officials staring hard at our passports and junk.

We bitched about it a great deal.

But it wasn't all bad. Sam and I found a corner to spend the night in, which was close to some custodial closets, I imagine, and we huddled against our carry-on bags for comfort.

There was a black man in a maroon uniform who passed us a couple of times, and everytime he passed by I'd try to give him a smile. He never smiled back, and frankly, he was pretty scary to look at... stereotypical strong, silent, not thuggish but dangerous. He walked with a stiff gait and his back was straight like he was all business. I was kinda afraid he'd turn us out of our corner.

A couple of hours after we'd settled into the corner, he passed by again, this time carrying several blankets. As he passed by our corner, he stopped, and without saying a single work, held out two blankets. He didn't even turn to us, just stood there and stuck out his arm with the blankets. Barely even turned his head, kinda more looked at us out the corner of his eye.

I said thanks, and then he just walked away.

And that was it. Just one kind person giving me two blankets because we were shivering in the corner, in the country notorious for rude people.

What's the big deal? one might ask. Kindness is a big deal. Good-heartedness is a big deal.

We make big deals out of shitty jobs, shitty people, awful situations, but we forget to remember and be thankful for the good things that happen to us. Why are problems so much more important than resolutions?

I hope I never forget him. We are all heroes in moments of life, and he was the hero of a moment in mine.
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When I first moved to this building, I was told by the super at the time, Joyce, tht caged animals were fine. Therefore guinea pigs, hamsters and the like were okay. Not bird, not bunnies. So I had a hamster, and that was cool. Joyce was an elderly-ish lady, maybe about sixty or so. The current super, Laura, is about the same age.

When I moved in, I said to my roommate, Read more... )
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Just writing right now to say that that was probably one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I've been placed into positions where I meet completely different people just by virtue of being in the right place at the right time, but this is one events where I'm ridiculously pleased with everything, except the awkward conversation, but I'm not going to sweat over it.

First, after work, I went to get my ticket. Then, [ profile] lovely_lici called me up, telling me she was headed over to the HSC to get her blazer, and since I put in my order earlier than she did, it meant my blazer would be done earlier than 4pm, too. We spent some time shopping.

When I got back, I napped from 3.30 - 4.30 and as soon as I woke up, I flew t the bathroom, put on my pink shirt (courtesy of Smartset), my Fairweather blazer, pantyhose (courtesy of Shopper's... more on this later) and skirt and proceeded to very methodically put on makeup - foundation, concealer, blush (bought a new brush for this) and eyeshadow (champagne from Elianto).

Met up with Alicia and we walked together to the reception.

In the order of who I met through the evening and actually talked to:

- Jeff Lohnes (Outgoing VP Internal)
- Mike Keating
- Mitch Gillingwater (Incoming SMUSA Prez)
- Michael Duck, CEO of SureShot Dispensing. His company produces all the dispensing machines for Tim Horton's.
- A CEO from Pepsi. I can't remember his name for the life of me, but I remember that his education background is in History, and he comes from New Jersey.
- Pamela Scott Crace - Editor of Progress Magazine. I knew about her beforehand and as we were headed in, I zeroed in and introduced myself to her. And, YAY, she's ALSO an English Hons. student!! So much for me being out of place for being an Arts student.
- Neville Gilroy - Publisher (and founder) of Progress Magazine. I sat in between him and Pamela during the dinner. He's kinda cantankerous. I liked him a great deal.
- Linda Kuga Pikulin - CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group, Canada division. She was our keynote speaker, and after the dinner, I went to her to congradulate her on a gret speech. I'm going to her breakfast tomorrow morning!! For a very formal business dinner, I must say, her suit was SO SHINEY, it was FABULOUS!
- Paul O'Hearn - president of the SMU Alumni Association. I went to him to introduce myself, and to ask him for help in getting alumni who were involved with SMUDS to get in touch with us for our 100 Years of Drama @ SMU year. He was really interested, and his entire face just lit up from it.

I'm terrifically, terrifically excitable right now and I'm going right to bed because I want to be on time for Linda's special announcement!
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I've spoken time and again about the concept of impersonality in R. W. Emerson's writings to my professor, who finds the concept fascinating, and he has tried time and again to impress on us the importance of impersonality, coupled with the risks of getting too involved. Essentially, the key of impersonality is to become so selfless that the self can encompass anything - everything can be appreciated and loved equally because it all has inherent goodness.

There're, of course, several points where this simply is incommensurable - if you want to be impersonal, then how alive are you? The contemplative life has always been comparable to death - a state of complete stillness to comprehend the cosmos. It's an extremely Buddhistic concept, which I never reconciled myself with.

I don't believe the concept of impersonality helps make a person become a human being - if anything, it lends itself to the concepts of post-humanism with its question of "what is human? Can we be completely impersonal and still be human?" My simple answer is no. Human nature likes to find out about things, it likes to change things in its environment, it likes to experiment, and it doesn't just "let things be", because if we did that, we wouldn't really be any much different than animals.

Impersonality, I believe, also leads to the huge post-modern problem of alienation. We see this all the time, especially with the burgeoning technological advances we make. We don't have to go to the bank and see a real bank teller anymore, because we can do it online. We don't babysit our own kids, we make them sit in front of the television. We don't go out and make friends, we make them online.

Don't get me wrong, the Internet is wonderful. It helped me grow up as a person because I met so many types of people that I never would have met otherwise. But for some, it becomes a dependency because they become too afraid to go out and see who's in their immediate vicinity, and partake of emotional bonds safely behind a screen. (This doesn't include people who become very emotionally bonded to their online friends.) But do we really partake of life if we remain faceless beings behind a screen?

That, in itself, is a form of impersonality - we don't necessarily participate in other people's lives, we just sit back and observe. We oftimes don't pass judgement, because we're not there.

Simply put, impersonality can lead to alienation, a highly uncomfortable human state. There're people who achieve impersonality and are perfectly content with it (I won't say happy, because the word "happy" implies a certain extreme). They're content to just sit back and do nothing, and let the world unfold itself. But I don't think, for most part, that all humans are capable of this.

Alienation is a problem of mine and I know a lot of other people share this too. That is why, I think, it's a dangerous thing to tout impersonality as a good thing. So here's a song that depicts my sense of alienation - David Bowie's Space Oddity.

Ground control to Major Tom
Ground control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

Ground control to Major Tom
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may God's love be with you

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
Four, three, two, one, liftoff

This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare

This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do

Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell me wife I love her very much, she knows

Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you....

Here am I floating round my tin can
Far above the moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do.
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I don't know if I mentioned it on this LJ. A few weeks ago, a SMU alumni came to make a short presentation in my Romantic Movement class on a business dinner that the Alumni hold every year.

Essentially, it's a dinner where the SMU Alumni Association invite business CEOs and clients from all over North America to discuss leadership skills, management strategies and ideas. Each table has two students and six CEOs, Read more... )

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