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So this afternoon I went to the Health Center and had to wait a whole hour just for the very nice lady gynae to tell me that I had to undergo ANOTHER colposcopy because my Pap came out abnormal AGAIN and when I got home I was just so BURNED by the fucking sun, I basically sat down for like ten minutes being all like THE WEATHER IS FIRED

I am glad to have found out today that I'm not the only one who feels completely uninspired by SoCal weather and landscape tho

I made a bit more progress reading the academic antho though!

So last night the Internet went bananas after Wendy Davis' filibuster.

An article talking about how the SCOTUS decision yesterday will affect Wendy Davis' campaign

Mizuno's Wave Rider Running Shoes have been getting some amusing reviews as a result of the filibuster

Turns out despite setting out new Voter ID laws, Texas is still subject to preclearance under section 3 of the VRA

Obama visits the Door Of No Return in Senegal

A T-shirt from Magical Misandry, which reads "No Sympathy For Sexual Abusers" and I would totally get one if the shirt wasn't produced by American Apparel

SH reprints Judith Berman's 2001 essay "Science Fiction Without the Future" which is all about how old white fans bitch and moan about how science fiction was better in the good old days.

Colonialism for Dummies: A Story About Chickens To Help Explain Canadian History
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So today I managed to keep patchy kitty indoors all day and went out to deal with some health insurance stuff. I also rearranged my bookshelves! I have fewer books than I thought. With everything more neat, I can put up the fuu with a good conscience. Gotta vacuum first tho.

My Pap came back with abnormal results AGAIN but I'm hoping this won't mean another colposcopy. Sigh.

= Patchy kitty is very respectful of my sleeping time, it seems. She doesn't come into my bedroom whenever I'm sleeping in it, despite a wide-open door. This doesn't mean she doesn't take the chance of sleeping in my bed, but she def knows she's not supposed to be there because when I see her in it she jumps off. She doesn't like being on laps and she tolerates being held for a couple of minutes, so sleeping with patchy kitty is obviously not going to be A Thing, and I am OK with that. Mostly, she lies down maybe a feet or two away from my chair while I'm at the computer.
- The bad thing is I can't leave the door open because other cats make her nervous still, and I don't think she realizes that other cats aren't allowed in this apartment against her wishes, so she runs out instead. So I'll have to wait awhile before I I can have my door open again. In the meantime, I open the windows, and the orange tabby comes yowling at it for food sometimes.
- Patchy kitty also appears to be much more inordinately fond of wet cat food than dry cat food. Which to me is just another reason to make sure she gets re-homed properly. (Or at least out of here.)
- Her wounds are healing quite nicely even without my intervention! They're scabbing over well, so I apply neospirin when I can get her to sit still, but in general I don't think she needs my help at all. I think she just needs a break from getting chased by the other feral cats, since she's not feral enough to defend herself.

Anyways, enough about patchy kitty.

So I don't know why Comment Is Free is a thing I subscribed to on my new Old Reader account, especially when articles like this one exist and this is a lot of commentary on a man's private life with no real relevance to the world except that he runs a very big media corp?

A Defense of Kanye's Vanity: The Politics of Black Self Love -- I thought this was really interesting.

Neuroscientists have possibly identified how fibromyalgia works! Articles from Yahoo, NDJ World, Medical New Today and News Medical.
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Got an email from Dr. L today reminding reviewers for SF Studies that reviews are due Aug 1. AUGH! I thought it was due end of August! So I've read the first three essays in the antho I'm s'posed to review, plus read the introduction and all. It's Steaming Into a Victorian Future and it's not bad so far.

I woke up late, though, so I didn't get out to the insurance office to ask questions like I wanted. Oh well. In the email I got my copy of Dark Matter and instructions for my sleep test! I like mail very much.

The patchy kitty that has been making itself comfortable in my apartment has popped abscesses. I don't know how long they've been there; I saw the gray tabby chase her off the other day and it sounded vicious. The wounds seem to be healing well, but I don't want to take any chances in her getting bullied again, so I'm keeping her indoors for now. I'll put her in the bathroom tonight and get a litter box and other cat supplies tomorrow, plus some peroxide and polysporin for her wounds. My allergies are not happy but whatever. I'll just wash my hands a lot and limit picking her up.

Anyways, links.

Do Unpaid Internships Lead To Jobs? Not For College Students

Ellen Oh on why being a POC author sucks sometimes. A nice change from Cindy Pon's ridiculous behaviour towards fans the other day.

Kickstarter's apology. I thought it sounded great but the more I re-read it, the less I like it.

Wikipedia's List of names in English with non-intuitive pronunciations WHAT ENGLISH HOW WHY and white people make fun of non-white names?!
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A Cognitive Defense of Stimming (or why Quet Hands makes math harder)

Brain study shows body clocks of depressed people are altered at cell level

I started a Watch2gether room for sewing tutorials and all the episodes of the first season of the Great British Sewing Bee, and I called it the Sewcial Justice room (we have a tag on Tumblr called that).

I moved stuff from my bedroom to my living room just so I can see how much wallspace I've got. I want to get shelves so I can just not have stuff on the floor. Also, more organization.

I also seem to have acquired another cat, a very very needy one who won't let me take a step without running to rub herself against my leg. Whenever she's in my apartment it gets kinda awkward trying to just walk cross my living room.

Tomorrow I'll hop over to JoAnn to use up my coupons, and then finally get to some reading, I hope.
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Continuing the vein of the SFWA Bulletin ish, Ann Aguirre has a story about recent sexism in SFF. Delilah Dawson, a steampunk writer, recounts her encounter with an author GOH at some convention. I asked her who it was, she said John Ringo, and who the fuck is John Ringo? Anyway, he's a misogynistic asshole.

Here''s a response to the What Kind Of Asian Are You video. Apparently the guy who made the video just PRETENDS to be a white guy adopted by Japanese people?

N.K. Jemisin posted her GOH speech at CONtinuum! And from there I had to look up the 2006 thing about Slush Bombs... Rose Fox compiled a pretty good list of links and of course there's a post about it at The Angry Black Woman.
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So I am down with con crud (spent the day taking it easy, now it's full blown, bleh) but anyways.

Henry Morgentaler, fierce fighter for women's abortion rights in Canada, died, age 90

This couple dressed the same for 35 years. I want love like that.

Porn of real-life couples.

I will try to post panel reports soon!
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The real Cosmarxpolitan: ideology and the new socialist woman in Communist women’s magazines

Being More Human. This is written by the futurist side of the duo that wrote Vintage Tomorrows, a book on steampunk that I'm in.

Geek Social Fallacies. I somehow pulled it up to talk about steampunk conventions and our con culture that's terrified of calling shit behaviour out.

DIY Aquaphonics System. I don't know why I was looking at this.

Which Plastics are Safe to use as Containers to Grow Food? Because this is apparently a thing. I have lots of milk bottles so I wanted to be sure.

A list of fast-growing vegetables.

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