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I have a TON of links for you this weekend, dear readers!

First, a great deal of abuse has been hurled at Lou Jing, a Shanghai girl who participated in a reality show, Let's Go! Oriental Angels -- because she is half-black and it shows. ChinaGeeks (which I think I'll have to add to my blogroll) has a discussion on the appalling racism Lou Jing faced. Here is a video interview with Lou Jing. Thank goodness for transcripts. (h/t [livejournal.com profile] jolantru for tweeting)

Harper's "Canada Has No History of Colonialism" Fail
Recently, at the G20 summit, Canadian PM Stephen Harper went on record talking about how wonderful Canada is, how other countries would like to be Canada, and also, Canada "has no history of colonialism". D: Whut? Canada's history is based on colonialism. Shit, some Canadian institutions still run on old colonial practices. Click for the Racialicious open thread on this fail.

"Straight Allies Bitching about Oppression of New Lambda Awards Restrictions" Fail
Yes, there is an award given out for fiction featuring GLBTQ characters and issues. I never knew this until recently. Anyway, restrictions were suddenly imposed on this year's Lamba Literary Foundation award - only authours identifying as GLBTQ could win them. Now, this came somewhere in the middle of the whole thing so understandably, it was upsetting. But how upsetting is this to straight "allies"? Upsetting enough to compare the new restrictions to lynching, segregation, hate crimes, et al. Here's a further explanation on why this kerfuffle is made of Fail. For further reactions, please check out this linkspam

The "Free Roman Polanski" Fail
Surely you must have heard about this by now, but allow me to summarize for those who haven't. In 1977, Roman Polanski, famous Hollywood director, during the filming of Chinatown, asked a 13-year-old girl to come over to a friend's house for a photoshoot. During which time, he plied her with champagne, fed her a quaalude, then proceeded to rape her over her protestations. He was arrested, pled guilty to the charges of rape, spent 40-odd days in jail, and then fled America before he was sentenced. Due to stupid international laws regarding criminals and stuff, he couldn't be arrested in France where he's been in all this while. Recently, at a film festival in Switzerland - one country which said would extridite him if he got there - he was arrested. Huge outcry followed, with a lot of Fail, with some nonsensical bullshit defending Polanski like Whoopi Goldberg's "it's rape, but it's not rape-rape." (This, in particular, burned, because I'm a huge fan of Goldberg's. A petition to free Polanski was drawn up with big-name Hollywood actors signing it.

So, here're transcripts from the 1977 guilty plea, Polanski's own reaction over the media circus surrounding his arrest, which clearly demonstrates his lack of remorse, and a link to Google Books on further lack of remorse from Polanski.

Here's an editorial on the whole affair. Melissa McEwan nicely encapsulates the whole things at Comment Is Free on why the outcry from Hollywood is telling of the rape culture perpetuated. Kate Harding has a reminder for them: Polanski raped a child. There was a movie-documentary made about Polanski's arrest, which has been pointed out to be unashamed rape apologia. One of the lawyers interviewd for the movie has admitted to lying on camera. His reason? He was told it would air in France, not America. Polanski also had promised to pay $500k to his victim in a 1993 settlement, but never did.

The response has been RAEG-ful: here is a list of people who have signed the petition to free Polanski. Names included: Natalie Portman, Tilda Swinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Monica Belucci, Terry Gilliam, Guillermo del Toro. Here's a link listing people who're on record saying they don't support Polanski. Their awesome names include: Luc Besson, Neil Gaiman, Lisa Kudrow, Bill Maher (wtf?) and Jay Smooth. And of course, Eve Ensler. Chris Rock, as misogynistic as some of his acts can be, can still be coherent about the fact that this act was rape. Filmmaker Allison Anders, who I'd never heard of until now, has a guest-post on how art is not enough to justify Polanski's crime.

From the blogosphere? little light has a little puzzle activity time over at Feministe for people unconvinced that Polanski should be charged for rape. Lauren tackles the "GET OVER IT" sentiment - namely, how we can't "just get over it". Jennifer Kesler of the Hathor Legacy reminds is that the point of this trial is to judge his actions, not whether he was an amazing artist. She also has something to say about the "it's rape, but not rape-rape" nonsense. Talullah Mankiller tackles Roman Polanski's claim that his victim looked older than she was (but he knew she was still 13, just a couple of weeks away from 14, as if that makes a difference, and still raped her anyway).

When the victim came out saying she wanted to put it to rest, all of Polanski's defenders started co-opting her words. Melissa McEwan points out, his defenders are pretending to give a shit about the victim when all they want to do is protect the rapist. Finally, an article from Kate Harding comparing the reactions to Dakota Fanning's involvement in a rape scene in the movie Hounddog, for which she, her parents and the filmmaker were shamed for depicting a young girl on the big screen in a sexual assault scene -- and how suddenly, when Polanski actually, physically raped a child, everyone comes to Polanski's defense:

In many cases, there's overlap between two of the most common defenses of him: "He only pled guilty to sex with a minor, not non-consensual sex," and "We should listen to what the victim says -- she doesn't want him prosecuted!" We should listen to what the victim says now, as a 45-year-old woman, when it fits with the narrative that Polanski's already suffered enough and shouldn't endure further indignities. But what about listening to what the victim said then, at 13? What about listening to her testimony that she said no, that she asked him to stop, as he raped her orally, vaginally and anally? Some people are making very curious arguments about when, exactly, it's important to listen to the victim.

And when I consider that alongside people's refusal to listen to what Dakota Fanning said at 13 about her decision to play the lead in "Hounddog," her reasons for doing it, her distinct lack of traumatization, and her pride in providing a voice for actual victims, I can only conclude that as a society, we're just not much interested in listening to 13-year-old girls' thoughts on what they do with their own bodies, and what's done to them.

It really rings true, what Melissa McEwan wrote and I'll paraphrase here: there's only one Roman Polanski, and thirteen-year-old girls are a dime a dozen.
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Evil may be borne out by smart, cunning, intelligent people, but cruelty is born of flat-out stupidity. It comes from a place of ignorance.

h/t [livejournal.com profile] kiwi_grrl
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This is the POTUS.

And the P stands for Puppy.

And the President, too.

Here's a version with a caption.

via Hoyden About Town
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So like I promised, here's an analysis of President Barack Obama's speech at the Inauguration Ceremony, and while I can't say these are true for all his speeches, there is a pattern to this particular speech which makes it very powerful, and you should be able to find it in most charismatic speeches through the ages.

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Especially for those who want to be nerdy nerdy types with me.

But first, a clip of new USA President(!) Barack Obama dancing with First Lady(!!) Michelle at the Inauguration Ball:

All together now! Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!
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Shakeville has a whole slew of videos and transcripts. LOL @ Prz O messing up a little =D But he does it with such equanamity!

But I said I'd post the video and transcript of Rev. Lowery's benediction when it was up, and sure enough, it is. Well, it was a while back, but I was, you know, sleeping.

Transcript below the cut )

I don't know if I've ever read a more moving prayer than this one. Heck, I don't know if I've ever seen a more moving ending to a prayer. He was even inclusive of red, yellow, brown. Blub. Blub. Blub. Say what one will of religion, that is one institution that brings out the spirituality in people, fer realz, and Rev. Lowery's prayer does its best.


Jan. 20th, 2009 01:52 pm
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Rev. Joseph E. Lowery's benediction was utterly mindblowing. I'll post a video and transcript when I can. At Hoyden, someone mentioned that maybe it was strategic to have the invocation done by Rick Warren, because then he was TOTALLY OVERSHADOWED by Rev. Lowery.

And now that that's over, I suddenly crave Michelle Obama shortbread.

Also, transcript of Obama's Inaugural Address is already up at Shakesville.
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From an English major with some interest in linguistics and grammar and rhetoric.

Obama's speeches tend toward parallel structures in how he arranges his sentences. Not only that, but they're sometimes triple phrases too.

Will elaborate more when I get the time. Or if anybody asks.
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I watched the "We Are One" concert on HBO and it was neat! Best acts were "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee" by Josh Groban and Heather Headley (with the Washington DC Gay Men Chorus backing them up - a historical first, mind you!) and "You'll Never Walk Alone" sung by Renee Fleming and the US Naval Glee Club.

I'll be watching the live feed here (the only feed which works fine despite my shitty connection) and I've got the TV on to CNN, but it's in the next room. BBC, NYTimes, MSNBC and other news sites also have live feeds, although they haven't begun yet. CNN live coverage began at 6pm (Malaysian time) and will keep going on until 6am.

Live blogging is happening at Pandagon, hosted by Auguste with a Hulu feed and Hoyden About Town with a feed from C-Span. Hoyden bloggers will mostly not be there because, well, it IS really late at night for them since they're Aussies and most of them are working parents with, you know, lives the next day XD It's fun, though, live blogging. Join in!

Also, if you like, take a picture of your shoes and post it in solidatory with the "Iraqi shoe-thrower" to say BYE BYE BUSH!! I wish I got a picture of my sandals, but I didn't, so I'll link to the Shoes of the Feministe Crew instead!
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Here's my full response to the AP reporter. You can find the article here.

The reporter was initially attracted to my blog by way of this post.

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Thoughts, criticisms, comments?
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So last night I was writing to an AP reporter who wanted some commentary from me on how Obama winning would affect other countries, especially mine. I answered the best I could, because in no way can I speak for my country, especially since our racial politics are much different than America's.

This morning while at work I had it open to CNN's page waiting for the state ballot initiatives come in. The numbers weren't looking good. But not all the precincts had reported in, so I was willing to give Americans the benefit of the doubt. Surely they wouldn't allow personal "ew yucks" to make them vote away the rights of others. That would betray the fundamental core of American values.

But they did. Oh god they did. They used their democracy, that ideology meant to bring out the best in people, to hurt others, their own neighbours, and possibly their own kin, their own fellow Americans. They made their message to homosexual Americans clear: you're not human enough in my eyes to have this right to marry.

Right now, my heart aches for my LGBTi friends in America who have essentially been told that they're not human enough to deserve the basic right to marry and have children to have, hold and raise.

From Feministe's Thomas:

Today is a day of both triumphs and disasters. When we went to bed last night, We were not saved, if maybe a little more than We had been the day before. And this morning We are more broken than We were when We went to bed. But today as yesterday, We fail, and We fall short, and We do the wrong thing, and our country is broken. So I’m not celebrating. And that the ways We fail often benefit me personally isn’t a comfort — it’s a rebuke of my complicity. Every day I benefit from it I cheat people who’ve never wronged me; who I’ve never met.

I’m going downstairs now to the drugstore near my office, and I’m going to get some black electrical tape, and I’m going to wear it over my wedding band, and I’m going to tell people that what happened is wrong. I need to do whatever I can to fix this, so that when my kids are old enough to ask, I have a better answer than “No We Can’t.”

This morning, while watching CTV News, one of the reporters asked, "are the Secret Service taking extra measures to protect president elect Obama?"

It reminded me of the cold hard truth that Obama may be the first black president in U.S. history, but that in no way renders racism null and void. That it was the collective votes of all persons of colour (white, yellow, black, brown, etc) getting together to vote, and whether or not we like it, there still is a demographic of racist white people who will do everything they can to hold others down.

From Tim Wise, guest-blogging at Racialicious:

And so it is back to work. Oh yes, we can savor the moment for a while, for a few days, perhaps a week. But well before inauguration day we will need to be back on the job, in the community, in the streets, where democracy is made, demanding equity and justice in places where it hasn’t been seen in decades, if ever. Because for all the talk of hope and change, there is nothing–absolutely, positively nothing–about real change that is inevitable. And hope, absent real pressure and forward motion to actualize one’s dreams, is sterile and even dangerous. Hope, absent commitment is the enemy of change, capable of translating to a giving away of one’s agency, to a relinquishing of the need to do more than just show up every few years and push a button or pull a lever.

This means hooking up now with the grass roots organizations in the communities where we live, prioritizing their struggles, joining and serving with their constituents, following leaders grounded in the community who are accountable not to Barack Obama, but the people who helped elect him. Let Obama follow, while the people lead, in other words.

For we who are white it means going back into our white spaces and challenging our brothers and sisters, parents, neighbors, colleagues and friends–and ourselves–on the racial biases that still too often permeate their and our lives, and making sure they know that the success of one man of color does not equate to the eradication of systemic racial inequity.

So are we ready for the heavy lifting? This was, after all, merely the warmup exercise, somewhat akin to stretching before a really long run. Or perhaps it was the first lap, but either way, now the baton has been handed to you, to us. We must not, cannot, afford to drop it. There is too much at stake.

The reporter last night asked me how this would reflect on racial polity in Malaysia - would it inspire it? Would Obama's presidency inspire Malaysians to look at their politics and identify the racism within? My answer was more complex than he probably wanted, but for more, this election was more than race - it was about the civil right of women to claim control of their bodies, and it was about the civil rights of LGBTi to be able to partake in an institution that comforts, consoles, and inspires many.

Frankly? In Malaysia, we haven't even STARTED to talk about either of those yet. We don't talk about abortion rights - we don't even want to acknowledge the existance of sexuality. We don't want to talk about gay rights - we prefer to mock Anwar Ibrahim's indiscretions, as if anal sex was a dirty little secret that we should all point and laugh at. We're hardly fucking touching these issues, and frankly? These are the two issues which are more dear to me than the issue of race in Malaysia. And I'm sure f-listers of mine are frustrated with Malaysia's glossing over of other issues important to them, too.

But America, we are watching, and your petty squabbles lead the way for the rest of us. I'm going to take the lessons I learnt from watching arguments on Feministe, Feministing, Pandagon and Shakesville, take them home to Malaysia, and set about trying to educate away the racism, sexism and homophobia of those unlucky enough to cross me. America is a huge country and all these people are connected through various communities, grassroot organizations, campaigns, and other whatnot that amounts to so many teaspons working their way through the large pile of oppression that has been building for centuries.

If any of my fellow Malaysians are reading this blog, I want to hear from you: would you bother wielding a teaspoon with me to clean our own waterworks? Or is it too hard, and we should just move away to places which would appreciate us more? And for good measure: Did Obama's win affect you at all?
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Now that we've got Obama into the White House, let's have a look at the local ballot measures, in particular Proposition 8 (in California, banning gay marriage) and Measure 11 (South Dakota, limiting abortion).

So far, it looks like



YES TO BANNING GAY MARRIAGE (yes, Arizona and California and Florida)


YES TO LIMITING ABORTION (South Dakota, leaning towards No in California)

NO TO HIRING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (fuck you too, Arizona, why won't anyone remember that white people were once illegal immigrants, too??)

Not all the precincts have reported in yet, but still, this is mind-boggling!
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Electoral Votes, according to the BBC, 12.10am -4GMT

McCain: 145
Obama: 297
270 needed to win.




NO TO 8!

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It's live-blogging commentary with the Feministe ladies tonight!
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As Paris Hilton sings, "Get your little butt out there and vote!" There're those of us sitting on the Canadian sidelines cheering your rights to reproductive justice, equal pay and equal rights to marriage onward!

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From Bitch Phd:

So we have a "No on 8" sign in our yard, naturally, and our neighborhood has mostly older kids rather than younger ones.

Every. Group. Of teenage trick-or-treaters that came by? Said "I LOVE YOUR SIGN! NO ON 8!"

Mr. B. would ask them if they were old enough to vote yet, and none of them were. But it gives one hope for the future.

I also notice that someone's idea of a holiday prank was pulling the "Yes on 8" sign in our neighbors' yard. Snerk.

Please, please please please don't let Prop 8 pass.
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There aren't any official lyrics out there, so Rachel Hills of Musings of an Inappropriate Woman transcribed them for us!

Paris for President
At the Palms chilling with martini
Paris for President
Your commander in bikini

Let me tell you about my policies
To stop the playa hating on USA
Incentivise nuclear non-proliferation
And ratify Kyoto today

You can ride in the motorcade
In a hybrid pink escalade

Paris for President
And not another old dude cliche
Paris for President
You can get married if you’re straight or if you’re gay

If you’re gonna put lipstick on a pig
Make sure the shade matches her skintone
You can trust me with my finger on the button
“Nuclear” is a vocabulary don’t

Trading in the cabinet
For a walk in closet – hey! (Hey!)

Paris for President
America should put me in charge
Paris for President
Look at Bush, it can’t be that hard

Simon Cowell, he might be a little mean
But when those oldies kick the bucket
I’ll put him on the Court Supreme
Then I’ll paint the White House pink and move Camp David to Maui

Paris for President
A proponent of clean energy
Paris for President
The real maverick in DC

Waterboarding is torture
And global warming is totally not hot
I’ll make a department called the fashion police
Boost the economy with all the new jobs

Make over Lady Liberty
In Donna, Tommy, and Calvin Klein

Paris for President
Get your cute little butt out there and vote
Paris for President
Dispensing beauty tips and hope

Paris for President
Paris for President
Paris for President

I’m Paris Hilton and I approve this message

Someone tell April Showers to perform this at the next pageant!

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