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- Kept reading this racist novel yesterday, did lecture, and went to JJ's for a chat in the evening. She's the new scifi librarian and totally awesome. I feel pretty confident that use of the Eaton Collection will be all the more better with her on the course.

- Today I guess I spent most of it checked out. Went to the Qing Ming ceremony at Olivewood again. When I got home, I did some digging around in my garden. Using some new fertilizing stuff, and re-planted some stuff. The chives are not doing great so I moved them into the basil planter which is only half full.

My potato box is coming apart at the seams, so I dug up the plant closest to the break in order to move it. Alas, even though the stem is technically supposed to grow roots when buried, this hasn't actually happened, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I didn't pack in the soil? Maybe that's it. Anyway, that one potato plant had TWO potato! I harvested my first baby potatoes!

I of course immediately took pictures and cooked them. They were delicious. I even had two store-bought potatoes for comparison and I think my homegrown potatoes were definitely chewier and more flavourful. I shall have to figure out how to take advantage of this wonderful discovery. I might have to buy a whole new planter for this endeavor. The baby russets are growing and they should go into the dirt sometime (I've put the most eager one directly into the ground, just to see what happens).

I gave Mary some dill, and I also harvested some oregano (Mexican) so it would stop encroaching on the poor Syrian. I'll take some dill, the oregano, and parsley over to JJ tomorrow, because I have a lot of the stuff already.

Tomorrow Mary and I will hit up the Plant Sale, and then to Big Lots because we're gonna need more crap.
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Went to the Gardens Plant Sale today! Got:
- parsley
- St. John's wort
- English thyme
- curry plant
- Mexican oregano
- Syrian oregano
- English lavender
- penstemon
- 10 packets of wildflower seeds

Then Eric and I went to Home Depot and I bought dirt for the first time.

Instead of planting into the ground like I did last time, and wasting time amending the soil which is really poor and the future resident probably won't even appreciate anyway, I'm using the boxes JC used for moving. They're Lowe's boxes, and Large (I thought they were medium for some reason), so they stand pretty tall on the ground. I filled them up to three-quarters with dirt. I've also got a smaller box just for chives.

From Home Deport I also got two varieties of basil, and they're in the same box. Another large box has got some onions from Home Depot too (three varieties for $4).

The thyme, curry, and parley are in the same box, and the oreganos are also sharing a box. Apparently St. John's wort does okay with crappy soil and it's a groundcover, so I've stuck it in the ground, with the lavender and the penstemon. We'll see how well they do there.

I have two more boxes left. One I want to use for potatoes, and I just ordered some seed potatoes from Peaceful Valley. Another, I'm not sure if I want to use it for composting (my outdoor worm bin is falling apart; the cover has shattered) or for mints, because mints are awesome, and also they spread like mad so it's best to grow them in a planter.

I'm going back tomorrow to get a currant bush for the corner of the garden, and a maidenhair fern for my office. Might try some mini-roses too. But I'll be tossing the wildflower seeds after mixing them in between the boxes and we'll see what takes. Right now there's some sort of thing growing at the edges of my garden, which I THINK is mallow, but I'm not sure. They grew around the plastic sheeting on the ground (meant to hold down weeds) so they give a nice edge to the garden. I'm hoping they grow some flowers though.

I tried to harvest my worm bin tonight too, but it's giving me trouble for some reason... everything's clumping together despite having had a chance to dry out. The worms are also unhappy and I can't really find a good reason for it... there's no bad smell, there's enough moisture. IDK. I'm thinking of getting a Worm Factory to make things easier, but to be honest, I sort of don't generate enough garbage for that. Hmm.
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- Today I got to campus around 9.30 and wrote about two more pages of stuff for my prospectus! I feel very proud of this. Then I made it out to sit on the balcony of the grad student lounge, which I think is an optimal spot for listening to the noontime Monday recitals of the UCR Bell tower. I wrote a couple more pages there and ate lunch.

When I went back to my office, I got stuck trying to figure out what next? I've already identified the problem and given a brief rundown of steampunk community history, now how to articulate what I want to do next in a way that makes sense, is rigorous and doesn't sound like I'm spreading myself too wide? How to account for marketability factors, consumer culture, utopian enterprise and lack of political rigor all at once?

- At some point I gave up and wrote about 600 words of a story for [personal profile] qian's anthology instead. I'm very surprised that I'm thinking of an actual plot.

- I ran into a friend while walking home and we chatted a bit which was cool. She was excited to hear about the Clockwork Couture signing, and offered to drive me! Road trip yay! (Burbank is like two hours away, ahaha ugh.)

- I messed around at home for a bit, then went to do a spot of shopping. I bought myself a plant mister, some wine glasses, and some more hummingbird drink. The mister I just put together... it's a 2 gallon thing like my watering can and it works okay, I guess? I can see how it is a huge benefit over the watering can because the water is definitely not compacting the soil at all now. On the other hand, it takes foreverrrrrrr. Like, I think I could practically sit in a lawn chair, read in one hand and just spray with the other. I might even finish a couple of short stories before I even get to a quarter of a gallon. The nozzle part is also vaguely phallic so while I was spraying that one spot, it felt like a lot of dick waving. It's ridiculous. I shall do this lawn chair thing this weekend, just to see how long it takes for me to finish spraying a gallon.

- I also checked on the worm bin... I guess the worms really don't like lemongrass! They're also taking their own sweet time eating their bedding. The peat moss they came in is kind of mixing up the whole mess--not a bad thing, but it makes them hard to find. I do hope they're surviving (the few I saw were definitely alive) and eating well. What worries me is that most of them seem to be at the bottom of the bin, and worms are supposed to be surface feeders. It's all good; that's more time for me to collect more material for feeding them.

I did use the mister on the bin though, just to dampen the bedding on top. Hee hee.
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Woke up SORE this morning! My arms, thighs and calves! From all that digging yesterday! (Have a little rant I made yesterday with pictures on the digging adventures.) I went to the plant sale again and bought two things of chives, another mini-rose (I've decided to perform a terrarium experiment with one mini-rose), more wildflower seeds, some bulbs, and a pot of what I think is a kind of penstemon. It's supposed to bloom throughout summer which will be good for the hummingbirds since I'm so freaking inconsistent with the feeder. I also got two more air plants for my own apartment; one's hanging right by my door and the other is on the fence, jammed between two branches of a root I found. I planted the penstemon by the currant and the bulbs by the aloe veras.

I repotted the mini-roses and the chives then began to clear my patio of all the junk that's prevented me from keeping it clear, namely the pieces of tape from boxes I've tried mulching. I also threw away some of the little pots. The basil has gone woody and I'm really impressed by how long it's lasted; the parsley is gone, and the oregano for covered by leaves before it could establish itself so it's gone now. I just took off one of its main three stems, just to see how it would react. The sprig is currently hanging from my kitchen light switch right now, drying.

My soil is still hydrophobic as fuck and I don't really know how to fix that. Apparently soapy water helps so I tried some, but I don't think it's helping. Apparently misting the ground, rather than watering with a watering can, is also good, because that means the water goes down gently. Water that just kind of unceremoniously pours on compacts the earth, preventing it from trickling down. Mixing in organic material is supposed to help but I think the composting process makes the whole thing clump together and it doesn't help. We shall see. I do think I'm done working the soil of this one particular patch and I'm ready to just give it a shot growing something on there. As soon as it gets cold enough, I think at the end of December, I'll strew the wildflower seeds across the patch and let them fight it out. It'll also rain around that time too so that will help.

Out of curiousity I decided to clear a little spot next to my standing lamp on the ground. There's a woven bottle holder there too.

I found... er, at least three live spiders, and around six or eight balls of spider silk, which I'm pretty sure held spider eggs. SIGH. This would account for the number of baby spiders I've been finding around my apartment since getting back in September. I also moved a thing that's been there since I first moved in and woo-ee I really do need to get my carpet floor shampoo'd at some point. I took the bottle holder out for washing and the spiders scuttled out and i had to flick them off me. Then I decided to wash off my patio and like two of three bugs, decided to scuttle out of the leaves TOWARDS MY DOOR and I was like UHM NOPE and flushed them back down again.

(There is, inexplicably, a rain spout next to my door and I kept thinking of the Eensy Weensy Spider Climbing Up The Spout song very unhappily.

But I have a clear patio now!
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I took out some money just for this day. I'm going back tomorrow for some more, I've got my eye on herbs, but this time, I really wanted some stuff for my patio garden which always looks so sadly barren. This year, I purposefully chose plants that are drought-tolerant. The corner of my garden which I've planted hibiscus in before is dug up for some trench composting, but I also would like a flowering plant there.

I selected a red currant plant. I don't really know it very well, but if it is what I think it is, it should be pretty great in spring! If it flowers, that is. It's also good for butterflies, and hopefully bees and hummingbirds. (I was very tempted by a flowering rosemary that had a bee on it.)

I also bought a very large aloe vera... I think there're three of them in the one pot! And it was going for just three dollars! The last time I bought one it was five dollars, for a very small plant, at Home Depot. I'm still deciding where to put this one.

I also got another air plant, which I hope I will not overwater this time. I'll bring it to my office tomorrow morning and mount it on my cork board again. This time, I'll hang it upside down to prevent the base from rotting like my ionantha last year! Among all of them, apparently this is the one that does best indoors.

For another office plant, because I seem to be spending so much time there, I bought myself a mini-rose! It's a Redwood Empire and I'm hoping it will be okay as an indoor plant. Probably not since roses need a lot of direct sun but we'll see what happens.

- Painted Daisy
- Tidy Tips
- Bird's eye gilia
- globe gilia
- Dwarf California poppy
- Baby blue eyes
- Blazing Star
- Mountain phlox
- Golden lupine
- desert marigold

All of them are supposed to be Californian native plants and they all need to be sown at the same time. The plan is to wait an appropriately cold time of the year. The spot I've got planned for them has been dug up a couple of times already for trench composting of dry leaves, so I'll gently rake it out and toss them and leave them to it. They're wildflowers, they can't be that hard. The last time I tried this the seedlings didn't take because .... I don't know whether it was snails or the soil was weird and they couldn't get rooted enough. Anyway, we'll see!
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Ach. There's a fresh falling of dead leaves on my garden so I thought I'd dig up a new hole and bury them. Then out of curiousity, I thought I'd dig up a site I've used for trench composting before. To my surprise, where I'm digging is still extremely difficult to dig up... it feels like I'm hitting stone. The earth IS darker than before but there isn't really any sign of mulching. Chances are I just don't know how to recognize it (and my dad doesn't really do composting so much as he does "toss everything into a heap and leave it alone" kind of terra preta composting so I have no experience for reference) but I thought that it would be a lot less difficult to dig, and it shouldn't feel like I'm hitting stone or very hard clay.

In many ways I'm doing work that one might do in a long-term garden, which I feel I shouldn't be doing since I'm only going to be here a short while more. It is very frustrating, though, because I would like to see more flowers and the such in my garden throughout the year. So I am trying to prepare the ground for the impending sowing (which can't happen until late November, I think, because my god it is October but still 30'c out why??? I'm guessing a previous tenant also laid down some woodchippy stuff as a kind of mulch to keep weeds down or water in but frankly all it's doing is get in my way. I want to harvest them to grow orchids or something but I don't even know how to do that.

I've got to figure out a site to bury the incoming cattails which the tree outside my place is going to rain down in just a few weeks, too. I think I'll pick a corner this time, where the hibiscus used to grow.

I've yet to ask Dr. LR for a cutting of roses from her garden--she grows some big beautiful ones and apparently they're really low-maintenance and don't like a lot of water once they're established. Maybe next week when it's classtime. I'm also going to see if I can get some mini-roses at the Botanic Gardens plant sale too.

Gonna also start a new worm bin, but an indoor one this time, to keep the other bugs out. There're a few in the bin outside, and I thought there were more but I guess not. At least the tree stump of the palm I decimated back in 2012 is almost gone. I'm thinking of taking advantage of the fall sale at Uncle Jim's, and add half of it to the outdoor bin. OR I could just keep them all indoors and leave the outdoor bin alone, use it for planting veggies in the spring when everything's finally composted.
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Yesterday from around 10am to 3pm, I was on a Peer Panel for the orientation for Masters level international students. Practically none of them were in Humanities, which made me wish I went to the PhD one too. It was pretty fun. My co-panelist was an Environmental Toxicology PhD from Zimbabwe and we covered a pretty huge range of topics.

I also tried using my new Asus Transformer in bed last night and it worked out pretty great! But I feel really bad at how many fingerprints I left on the thing at the end of the night.

This morning I went with HH to Best BUy so I could get a new micro-USB adapter for my ASUS, because I am kind of over using plug converters when getting local adapters is so much cheaper than it used to be. I need to clear my table, write a letter, go see the doctor (and the apologize for making an appointment for a Pap and having to tell her that my period JUST started).

I also need to figure out what to do about my garden. It's covered by a lot of leaves right now which are never going to mulch properly in this weather. I found my earthworms, but they're using their humus as bedding right now, so I'll have to fix that tonight. I think I also just need more earthworms, speed up production.
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- Had a meeting with my committee chair yesterday, which went well! She really likes my new headnote and wants me to revise the last paragraph--I took my friend's advice a bit too seriously, she thought, and rather than look at the fields I'm studying, I should look at the fields I'm researching (which in this case is steampunk and Malaysian studies) (she really liked the parallel I drew between the formation of whiteness and the discourse of "bangsa Malaysia").

- Joe came over last night and I made fried pork chops and mashed potatoes. They were still bloody on the inside but Joe didn't mind and liked it anyway (said they were better than the fried pork he normally gets at our favourite cafe, even, whee). I'll have to nuke the pieces next time before frying, so they're cooked on the inside too.

We talked about professors, his potential committee (he's in first year) and the fact that he gets three years to work for his quals (compared to my two). Which sounds great at first? But then we compared funding packages and he has to pay NRT, which, uh, yikes. He has to pay $17/k per year! And this despite the fact that he receives less than $8k total than I do. Compared to him, I practically get a free ride! What on earth.

But then, I was told very early on, a school that gives you a great deal of funding is a school that clearly values you, and I guess I did the right thing in sticking to Comp Lit, rather than trying for English. There're a LOT of grads in English which could be a good thing in getting some things done, but I think there's something to be said about a smaller dept that thus has more money to spread around.

Then we talked a bit about where we want to move to. Preferrably, I'd like to stay close to the university, but he wants to move further away. Canyon Crest, which is kind of the next neighbourhood over, is kind of a good compromise. There's a "towne center" with quaint shops and cafes and restaurants, even a bar with the occasional concert which is cool. We also have similar tastes in apartment choices, and we'll probably go over there to check out potential places to live in a bit. We initially picked a place that seemed out of the way, but it is kind of... far from any bus stop and the grocery store.

Our priorities seem to have worked together really well. He's been warned that I bake at irregular hours, expect him to help me eat stuff, and I will most likely have earthworms. (Earthworms are a pretty important part of my life, these days. I'm thinking a small wastebasket lined with a mesh bag this time; food goes into the mesh bag, worm castings will fall out into the wastebasket proper, and at some point, I can temporarily lift the bag into a different basket and clear out the castings.) He's gone most of June and I'll be gone mid-July to mid-August, so... we'll have to figure out how to coordinate moving around. I'll probably start putting my stuff in storage after quals and move out when I go home, and then when I get back I can bum off living with someone else for a couple of weeks until the lease starts. But who knows? Maybe we'll find a landlord who will let us move in a bit earlier for no extra charge.

- As we ate, I said, "oh, if your parents ask, I'm the lesbian." And he laughed and laughed. But he's the one who's not out to his parents, whereas I think my parents have an inkling that I'm queer and they should therefore not be surprised if I shack up with a woman instead (as long as I get kids, anyway).

- I'm gonna finish reading a section of my Cultural Studies list and finish off the last of my PoCo readings, and write a reading report for Dr. G. Also revise the last paragraph of my headnote. Once I'm done the PoCo list, really, I can move onto the SF list, which I've read half of but need to re-read and also get started on the non-fiction. (In retrospect, I should have put the SF non-fiction reading onto my PoCo list in lieu of the queer and women's studies section, since they are far more relevant. I might still be able to do this.)

- I'm not too keen on moving but I would really like to save money. This will be the first time in almost ten years that I've lived with a roommate, and a roommate who's a friend, too. Fortunately we're not as close as MF and I were, and I think J has a lot fewer hangups about tidiness and clealiness. Probably helps that we're not both in our early 20's (I think he's a couple years younger). It'll probably be a lot of fun? It'll be like living with a younger brother, except I've never had a younger brother and I've never even lived just me and my own actual elder brother.

- I'm going to till the soil of my current patio a bit more and bury the organic material that's been dropping in and hopefully that will help the next occupant plant better. Maybe. It's a lot of clay soil. From the threads I've been reading it takes at least two years of amendment before results happen. I've definitely been working on and off on this patch for two years now so maybe it will help.

- Also, something is sprouting at the corner of my garden. I'm not sure what, but it looks suspiciously like the squash plant I planted last year, but in a different place. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the squash has come back to liiiiiiiiiiife! (It grew to be a real monster last year, taking over half my patio! We'll see what this one does!!)
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I gotta stop doing this to myself. Yesterday was out because I had to do a seminar, had a meeting with Dr. HM, and then had an evening meeting with the SF reading group followed by a convivial hanging out at the bar. And then today was Latino SF Day, which was a full day thing and I'm so tired right now. Two days of reading, off the books. Bah bah bah.

I got to meet Ernest Hogan, who is in the Mothership antho with me, and Rudy Garcia. Also Jesus Trevino! He spoke about his involvement with the Chicano Rights Movement and how he leveraged his position as a really good director to get more Chicanos behind the camera and in the production side of things, which is super-important. (There's nothing like a well-established writer you've only just met asking you for an autograph. It still weirds me out a lot!)

But yeah, got home and was wiped.

I re-wrote my headnote at last though, which is a long time coming. I have no idea how this exam is going to go. Should write a reading a report for Dr. G and catch up with him at some point. At this rate, I really want to go to tomorrow's transformative pedagogy workshop but might have to give that a pass =(

Also, I managed to kill my air plant ~_~ I guess I overwatered, because I was poking at the dried-out leaves. The rest of it is still bright green and silver which indicates health, but... the roots fell off! And the inside of the plant felt kind of damp (it's looking black and almost moldy). I don't know. Maybe it's not quite that dead? We'll see.
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I bought a new small shovel yesterday to facilitate digging up a part of my garden, and my arms are noodle-y as a result. I think I have to do it again next week too--there're a lot more leaves. The problem is that there's a lot of little woodchip mulch so I have to sort them out because I don't want to accidentally bury them. Unfortunately I don't know where to put them for now.

The neat thing is, I figured out a way to harvest the worm castings in the corner of the garden! I bought a mesh pen holder. The holes are small enough that worms won't get sifted through (even the baby worms) (although certainly worms can push themselves through if they want to; one of them did.... since the hole is so small it was wiped clean of dirt, bringing to mind the image of a striving penis) and it also leaves behind other rocks and stuff that I don't really want... I managed to harvest half a bucket of very clean castings to use as soil amendment for the hole I dug.

I THINK my daffodils are growing back? I can't tell for sure--haven't looked to closely, but it would be nice if at least one bulb came back and gave me some daffodils!

I was going to take a walk this morning but I stayed up late to read Susan Forward's book on Toxic Parents. It was a good book, very helpful. I think I might send it along to my brother and dad just to see what happens.

Also, used my crockpot for the first time ever yesterday! Last night. I forgot that crockpots are used for food that take forever to cook. So I started at 5pm, and got impatient, started another thing of pork rib soup, and today I have more pork rib and beef stew. Nom! It's enough to last me for days, I think. And it didn't blow up despite my leaving it on all night! Which I guess is the point; I'm just so nervous around cooking things. Anyway... yay!


Dec. 17th, 2013 12:15 am
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So for the first time in a while I decided to tend to my compost bags. I bought mesh bags a while back to put the leaves in--I figured, aeration is an important thing in composting, so I thought a mesh bag would help with the aeration. (The bags are actually meant for laundry.) The blue bag has is a finer mesh, and has been going since September. The white one has bigger holes, which concerned me a bit because I knew bugs would get in there (I have nothing against bugs of course but I turn the bags over occasionally so the bugs get everywhere).

Well, turns out that the larger mesh bag is composting about the same rate as the blue one because... worms get in there. The mesh is large enough that they're living right under it and have been clambering into the bag to munch. I suspect it also makes it useful high ground during the rainy season that the earthworms have someplace to clamber to where they can still nom but without the drowning problem. The castings fall down to the ground, really beautiful castings too. It's mixing with the regular dirt and all the other stuff they're either not eating or haven't eaten.

So I figured, ok, I'm better at this now, and clearly I've got SOME worms, so I shredded all the paper that's supposed to go into recycling to make a LOT of bedding (IIRC, one needs about six inches, but I never really made that much the last time I tried vermicomposting). I have a bin that's supposed to be for composting but lack of aeration meant it wasn't really that useful as a compost bin. Anyway, dug some worms up, I think I even found a couple of eggs, and dumped them onto the bedding, and stuck some leaves in there. I really don't have enough worms for a bin that big, sadly--a bucket alone ought to have some 200 worms to make short work of the compost. Still, I'll give them some time to populate the bin; give 'em a couple of months and see what happens.

I also dug up some castings, sorted the worms out and used it for the seedlings that have been growing in the small pots that I've got on my fence. They've been at seedling stage FOREVER. They're finally showing signs of a true leaf but urrggghhh I don't know what their problem is. So I put more soil around their bases to help them stand up. I guess I'll transplant them at the end of the month, once I've got the beds properly set up.

I also started a bag of potatoes using some shoots growing in my cupboard. I figure, with a plastic bag, I can keep adding more and more dirt, which is supposed to help the stems grow roots. They sprouted out really happily, very nice green shoots, but they kinda... broke in my hands? I'm not sure what's going to happen now. Anyway!

Tomorrow I plan on even more cleaning! Been exhausted all day (so it turns out, moderating #NotYourAsianSidekick is a WHOLE DIFFERENT BEAST from #steampunkchat; for starters, my job was to keep it going and I decided to draw the trolls out of it) so I did laundry instead (finally changed my sheets... holy crap I am filthy or something). But tomorrow it will be even more intense: tidying up the kitchen and the bathroom, clearing my floor, vacuuming even more intensely. Then I'll go to campus and do the same to my desk.

I'll have an actual holiday at some point.
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I haven't been posting because



- I've had to go out to get some chores done, which is fine, I now have cleaners, food, bills paid, office keys, cookies

- I've also been for a swim once this week, gonna do it again tomorrow


- I had a nightmare this afternoon--first my parents and I were attending a funeral of a relative, and inexplicably in the same neighbourhood there was a Halloween party, and people mistook our funeral for a Halloween thing, to the extent where I had to yell, "WHO'S HERE FOR [relative's Chinese title}?? YOU CAN STAY. WHO'S HERE FOR A HALLOWEEN PARTY? WELL GET OUT" and then suddenly I was a panel about cultural appropriation with Nisi and a couple others but they didn't even get to take their seats because the room was so small the panel seats were so close to the audience some audience members thought it would be OK to just sit there and some dude from the back just wanted to show off his video (HE BROUGHT HIS OWN PROJECTOR) and then people just kept filing out after that it was terrible and I hated it.

- I goofed and thought WisCon38 would be the first year to have two WOC guests when in fact it was WisCon34 and I'm still rolling around in shame.


- met one of the new grads today, a guy from Szechuan. Cool guy. I showed him around to places he didn't know about despite having wandered the campus already. There are just some places which you got to be told about.

- There is a new kitty on the block that I'm trying to get to trust. It's super skittish, but I think it's definitely owner-less and gone feral as a result, because of the way it eats the food I set out for it.

- I also saw a baby possum! OK not like a baby but like it's definitely younger, half the size of the possum I normally see.


- I have to put up some door mesh, I know it's a bit late in the season but I like having my door open at night and all these fucking bugs keep coming in.

- Bryan Thao came over with his partner the other day, and their two dogs, just to give me some company, and they got me to Home Depot where I could get some new plants!

- Of my old plants, the Spanish lavender and squash have survived my absence. The chives are uneven; I think because one of the was more in the shade than the other, so one bunch is more lush, while the other has just one stalk left, oops. The lemongrass, I think, lives, since it doesn't come up easily, but it has fallen over so I'm not sure how well rooted it is. The basil is definitely quite dead, as is the hibiscus, which I think is caused by the squash somehow having been blown over it, blocking it from getting sunlight?

- My new plants are: 4 different types of lavender, only one of which is differentiated from the others as English lavender, but I suspect one of them as a French lavender; I also have a new parsley, a new Greek basil, lemon thyme, AND oregano! I also have an ornamental grass that I want to use to line a corner of the patio where I notice everytime I water, some soil runs off since my patio is on a higher level. I figure the ornamental grass will help hold the soil from running off too much. But that involves unpotting and THEN separating the grass bunches and I can't be arsed to do that right now. But if done right, I will have grass framing a new hibiscus plant!

- Something grew in my compost pile, a lychee seed! I transplanted it but I don't think it like it much. I may put it back?

- I also got a mesh laundry bag to put all the leaves in. The idea is that since it's mesh it will aerate better. Also, it's got a drawstring and I can roll it around. It needs more green material, alas, which I am bad at generating since I don't consumer vegetables much.

- I fixed my luggage bag! The side handle gave way but I screwed it back on just fine. I think I might even be able to fix the other broken things on my bag but that can wait.

- My table and floor are still a terrible mess and I need to really clear them so I can feel alive. Also my kitchen. I'm going to wrap every goddamn thing on the stove with aluminium foil! Should have done that from the start; learned it from the Chinese girls upstairs.


- I bought myself a new floppy hat! it has white, beige and black stripes and I am pleased. I have yet to wear it out though.

- I kinda want to watch Sleepy Hollow and do the thing where I enjoy a season unfolding with other people but turns out the Fox website does not like it if you don't keep the tab active and go to another tab when adverts are on. Also, I can't pause because then some weird static ad comes up and the unpause button doesn't work anymore. Maybe it's my browser but I can't stand it. It's OK though, I guess I will simply watch the pertinent GIF sets come up on Tumblr.

- Uhm. I napped for like three and a half hours today and I think that was too long because I've been groggy all evening.


- Last few days have been intense online with the campaigning to help Roshini Muniam. Despite a heart-in-mouth scare, we somehow pulled through and Roshini won this part of the contest by like 30k votes. Hopefully that's enough to push her through to space camp in Florida!

- This just happened on OKCupid and I think you will find it amusing.
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Well actually there was no real swimming because the pool was too cold. Anyway, E came over yesterday and we made smoothies in my big blender. The recipe said one cup yogurt, and so I stuck that in, but I don't think I've ever use yogurt as a base anymore because holy crap, that was a super-filling smoothie! It was also my first time buying berries: black, rasp and straw ones. The color really dominates everything else! Usually I see orange but yesterday and today my smoothies have a light pink/purple hue to it.

After that E and I hung out in the pool and found one of the hot tubs had a jacuzzi jet going but no heat, so we hung out in it for a while. Then we went to the UCR Community Garden to check their event out, and it was fun! There was a lovely lady there who was hosting the vermicomposting table. She's part of the UUCR too! So she gave me her email in case I want to get in touch with her for more worms, which I definitely do.

But wow, after dinner, when I got home, it was maybe 7.30? And I just about passed out until like 9 or so. And then I tired-reblogged stuff from the following tags: tapir, sewing, garden, gardening, urban gardening, guerilla gardening, victory garden

I am especially fond of this find in the tag: someone painting milk bottles and setting them up with plants around the city. I hate the fact that my compound doesn't have a recycling program (just one for mixed paper, and that's right at the postbox since we get so much flyers) and since I don't have a car, I can't take my bottles out for recycling regularly. But re-using them for plants is a much better idea! And painting them so they become more attractive... I smell a summer project in the air. I guess I better invest in a drill.

I've also been learning about seedbombing and how guerrilla gardeners have been using them. The reclamation of space, however small, really makes a difference. I may try to persuade my dad to do some of it with me when I next go home. He's had some luck with random gardening in the new house so he might be down for some public gardening.

Anyway, I have new pictures of my garden up on my Tumblr if you're interested.
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Got to campus early to help TX with her diss section which was due at noon. Then I went to the Botanic Gardens plant sale!! I brought a grocery bag because a) it would limit how many plants I'd buy since I was probably walking home with them and b) no awkward walking around with plant in hand.

Turns out many of the pots for the plants I wanted, herbs, were very tiny! It was bigger flowering bushes that would have REALLY limited my yield.

I bought:
- two kinds of chives: regular and garlic. One flowers in spring and the other in fall, and apparently the flowers are edible. I'm pretty sure once I transplant them I will have no idea what they are anymore. I'm thinking of not putting them in the ground, but in a new, larger pot. I'll set that on the wall so my neighbour can help herself to some if she wants.
- an little oregano, now right next to my parsley
- a curly-leaf parsley planted in the same plot as my Italian parsley. (The Italian Parsley is now flowering or something so I've got to do something about it.)
- a squash, because I couldn't resist it, even though one of my classmates said she's giving me one of her squash seedlings. I planted it next to the garlic, and the other one can go to the other side of the garlic since that's where it's sunniest;
- a Spanish lavender, which I've planted closer to the flower row. Once that starts thriving, I'll go get an English and a French one so I can have a variety of lavenders.

There were also delta maidenhair ferns available! And birds' nests!! I got super-nostalgic when I saw them.... my family had a delta maidenhair when I was growing up. Not that I knew what it was called, of course, but I recognized the leaves immediately. Am contemplating it, but it looks fussy. If I had a bigger bottle, I'd make a terrarium with it, which is an idea... I'm going back tomorrow for a talk on vegetable gardening, and may buy one if it's still there.

At this rate I'm going to need a planter or more for all the things I want!!
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Monday. What did I do on Monday? I can't remember. Maybe I cleaned a little bit. I know there was some back and forth with Dr. S about the final grades.

EDIT: I remember now! I filed my federal taxes. And spent time complaining about it on Tumblr as I did so. I also worried about whether I needed to do state taxes. (As it turns out, no, I don't, because I didn't make more than $15k. I wonder if I should do it anyway, just to get the hang of it.) I also called my dad at night. He didn't know it was me!!! =(

Tuesday, I spent the day with Chi. We went to Canyon Crest Towne Center, where I sent off my brother's stuff at last. We then wandered around looking for the shoe repair store, but the shoe guy told me he couldn't fix my shoes =( I think they're really gone. It still wasn't a wasted trip; Canyon Crest is a really nice place. There were a couple of places that were closed down, which made me really sad, but it gave me the idea of creating a workshop that people could come and rent tools and a place to work in. Then they wouldn't have to have more space or buy tools which they wouldn't otherwise use. It'd be like a sewing cafe. And every so often, there'd be a workshop for various things like gardening or woodworking or fixing lights, little life skills like that.

After that we had lunch at Busy Cafe, and went to my place where I taught her how to bake cake! She'd never done it before. I didn't have vanilla though. I think it makes a difference. Now that I've baked two cakes without vanilla, it seems to me that without the vanilla the cake doesn't rise. She also perused my books. She needs to read stuff on feminist theory, so I loaned her some of my stuff. We then went to campus. I returned books and cleaned out my desk a little. I've got to go back and get the rest of the stuff though.

Wednesday.... I went to San Diego! E and Ak came to get me in the morning and we drove to Dumpling Inn. After that we bought some cake and put it into a cooler, then went to the zoo! We covered almost everything... we didn't get to the reptiles or the petting zoo, but we hit pretty much every else. Except the pandas. I developed a headache from the sunstroke, but drinking a bit of water staved it off. We took the cakes out, and I had brought along my picnic mat, and we basically picnicked on the side of the road XD Then we drove to get onion rings for snacks, and since we had time, I got them to take me to a pet supplies store. I was hoping for a pet store with some actual animals but whatever. There was also a Jo-Ann nearby, so we spent some time there too. I have some red elastic which I'm going to put in the back of my planned dress.

We finished the day with Little Sheep Hot Pot which was pretty fucking amazing. Then we had to do the long drive home. By this time I was pretty sure that getting into a car right after eating a lot of food that involves drinking a lot of fluids is a bad idea but whatever. This happened.

I'm tidying up my apartment today, in preparation for the new quarter and also because I need to vacuum and minimize dust mites (aka DERMATOPHAGOIDES FARINAE). I'm also going to K-mart to buy some more dirt. I'm going to see if I can persuade anybody to take me to Home Depot or something so I can buy more dirt.

I'm also thinking about taking up pulping paper and making my own little recycled notebooks. That way I'll be less distressed about the amount of printing I have to do and the fact that there is no paper recycling center that's easy for me to get to. We'll see though.

I also really want a big floppy hat to replace the one I lost =(
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The daffodils are done blooming, I think but it looks like the freesia have decided to take a turn... about half the plants, despite being flattened, have flower buds! Can't wait to see how they turn out. The row of garlic is also coming along. The aloe vera is still.... I don't even know! It's splotchy and whatnot. Maybe sticking it into the ground wasn't the best idea... I should have a planter for succulents alone. F came over to cut some parsley the other day for herself, so yay! And the hibiscus has some tiny new leaves budding. I had a dead pomegranate so I thought I would try planting its seeds in an egg carton to see what happens. So far nothing. Gotta plant the carrots and spring onions soon. I'm just mad at the compost heap taking so long!!

The hummingbird seed mix is ready to go... once the freesia blooms, I'll spread it across the patch with the bulbs. Same with the desert flower and Californian seed mix. Might even try spreading it on the ground a little beyond my patio too, because I'm not a fan of the creeper stuff there.
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For some reason I'm not a big fan of taking pictures, and then posting them. They kind of just languish on my hard drive as my personal records, not because I actually care about taking pictures for display.

So anyway, pictures under cut. Some of them I may have neglected to re-size before uploading. Whee! )

Next post will be a bit more boring, I think. Anyways.

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