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Apr. 8th, 2019 11:16 pm
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I am filing 2018 taxes and doing it without the help of GLACIER for the first time ever.

I thought I could use the 1040NR-EZ, which is a simnplified form, but turns out, because if I want to do some itemized deductions (like travel, and a new work computer) then I have to use the main 1040-NR which is way more than I understand. =/ I'm gonna see if I can get off work early tomorrow to go to H&R Block because I really don't want to pay the wrong amount.

That is how my Sunday went: walking to Staples to print things out, and trying to finagle the forms most of the afternoon.

Today I spent most of it at work... I'm working on editing a novella right now, and there was a last-minute newsletter to cook up, so I got home late (which I almost never do! I just really wanted to make sure this got off to the writer), and then spent the rest of the evening glaring at the forms.

I really don't want to mess this up, so either I ask my manager for some help tomorrow, or time off, because I am flying off to LA on Wednesday for a workshop on Thursday/Friday, and there just won't be time for them anymore before the due date.
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I had dim sum with [personal profile] yeloson yesterday, and afterwards, wasn't sure what I was going to do: it was raining, and I had an idea of going to downtown San Francisco to read and catch Pokemon. But with the rain, what do?! And I didn't want to just go home.

So I got into the first Bart train I encountered, which happened to be a Warm Springs train, and considered getting off at the next stop, but thought, "I have never ridden a train to its end before and back for no reason other than because I can!"

The ride to Warm Springs was cute! A huge chunk of the ride is aboveground, which made it totally worthwhile. There were lakes, and also between Union City and Fremont there were hills with houses on a row on them, which was very picturesque. Most of the landscapes all suburbs so it's not that interesting, but it's OK, because the old BART carriages have cushy seats, and I spent most of the time reading. I crossed the platform, to the other train, which happened to be a San Francisco train, and rode it all the way back up, and got off at the Embarcadero.

Walked around a bit, did some raids, went to the Hyatt to read some more, then I thought I'd go see the seals, but was sidetracked by a raid, which led me past a shoestore, and I saw a really nice pair of shoes I wanted to try! It had this shiny pleather, like shimmery crocodile skin, very glamourous but also understated. But they didn't fit! Still got another pair of shoes: perfectly easy to slip on for when I need a quick trip to the grocery store, but also classy enough to look professional.

I did a couple more raids, then it was 5, so I thought I'd go home, but it was also the opening day for some ballgame? So, uh, the line to the Bart was backed up all the way to the entrance, and I thought, never mind!

Went to the bus station, found I'd missed the bus by about five minutes, and texted [personal profile] oyceter to see if she was up for a bit of hanging out. We did a raid, it was so nice to see her after so long!!

I got home, got a small pizza from Domino's.

It was an expensive day, I need to do better. But otherwise, it was a good day. Maybe the next time I have a free day like that, I'll go on all the train lines and write on the train.
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I fell sick and started playing this game because I was sad I couldn't go out to play Pokemon Go. I downloaded it at 2pm. Next thing I knew, it was 10pm. So, some thoughts in case anyone else plays too:

- super pretty! I like how sharp they look even when zooming in. It's deceptively simple, but the shading on the everything is really cute and cool.
- when double tapping, there IS a little effect that indicates whether a dragon has been called to harvest, which I only just noticed, and it's really neat.

This game is a demonic trifecta of things I love in different games-- i) cute animal collection; ii) match-3; iii) time-based turns. Which means for a long time I was doing a LOT of waiting around to get back to it. Also iv) gambler's luck. Like being in a casino. Except no chance of real money, and cute animals instead.

The puzzle levels are interesting enough to keep interest, but not so hard that I want to give up on everything. I've also been taking advantage of Youtube walkthroughs for the harder challenges, because there are just some things I miss easily. But it's stimulating enough that I'll keep trying the puzzle levels.

There are things you can do in this game which require in-game currency, called dragon gems, and quests that can be skipped with use of the gems if it's too expensive to go on with the actual quests. There are also "chests" that players can only unlock with gems, no workaround. Getting the gems for free in-game is pretty random. So I've just been dropped a bit of cash. They do have an option of a $4 for a whole month of getting 25 gems a day, which is a pretty cute thing--it keeps you coming back to make sure you didn't miss a day.I prefer the bulk purchases, and most everything is good enough that I'm fairly happy to drop monies on the game to keep it going.

There isn't much of one? It's an older game so friends who have played it have given up on it long ago, and other friends who do continue to play it aren't heavily invested like I am. You can visit other people's camps in the game, and send each other gifts (5 a day). The gambling aspect means you'll occasionally get cool stuff from other people's gifts, which is incentive to "make friends." Otherwise though, there's not much of a community in this game.

I'm weirdly saddened by this. It's a very absorbing sort of game so I feel bad that I have to play it away from others. It is a nice game to play in bed though.


Mar. 9th, 2019 12:01 am
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So the cough persists. It's annoying and my manager is getting full-blown Jewish Mom on me about it, so I'll be making calls around health centers to see if there's a place which will take my dumb uninsured butt in and have a look at it. I don't think it's an infection? I feel that if it's an infection then it should hurt? But it's also Not. Going. Away. I thought taking Mucinex would fix the problem, and it alleviated it a bit, but I still needed NyQuil to stay asleep (and NyQuil hangovers, whoof, not fun, I felt like I was about to leave my falling body a few times during work).

I've been sleeping without the heater on to see if that works, but it just makes me feel cold first thing in the morning. At the same time, breathing in the warm air seems to irritate my throat, so, ???

But it's okay enough that I've been going to work anyway. I've been slushing a lot and it feels great! Still haven't heard back from DHS about my visa, but I have the paperwork that says it's been submitted.


I've been bleeding around the gums, so this evening I brushed my teeth and flossed, then gargled with salt water until the bleeding stopped. Flossing is weird! Afterwards I keep wanting to press my tongue against the gaps between my teeth, and I think that's when I've done a good job. I think I'll do the salt gargle every time I floss, and moving forward, I shall try to floss at least once a week.

In the interest of self-care, I randomly bought a couple of Aveeno hand masks, because the backs of my hands were starting to feel flaky, and why the heck not. They go on like gloves, and have a tissue layer inside with the lotions or whatever the formula is. There's a tab at the wrist to tighten the whole thing and keep it in place. I could keep working on the computer as a result, and even use the phone to a limited degree.

The idea is that in ten minutes, the concoction inside soaks into your skin, and after pulling out your hands, you don't wash them off, but keep massaging the excess into your hands. So... it felt a little bit sticky and goopy, but I kept at it and didn't wash my hands until it was all completely dry. That was about 5 days ago, and my hands feel GREAT still. I usually apply lotion by squeezing a bit onto the backs of my hands, and rubbing the backs of my hands together. I figure this one time I can just give myself a few minutes to soak in the stuff instead, and I'm kinda basking in the results.

I've also been trying the Sabbatical Beauty Sakekasu mask. Unlike the clay masks I've been using, the texture is kind of grainy, and it's still not quite clear to me what full coverage is supposed to look like with this. It also tingled a bit the first time using it, so I almost thought it wasn't going to work out, just like the other masks I've tried. But the second time I used it, it didn't have the same feeling. I'm trying to lessen the redness in my cheeks, which hasn't been the case so far, but my skin definitely feels a LOT softer and smoother. Like, I can't stop touching my face XD

My morning routine so far is, face wash, witch hazel toner, serum. The Botanics serum is pretty nice, a little halfway through the bottle after a month of consistent use (well, mostly... I didn't use it when I was sick). I really want to use the sleeping mask, but until I finish the serum, it seems like overkill, so I can wait until it's all done and I've given my skin time to adjust to being off the serum.

I guess I should add "skincare" to my list of interests in my profile! XD

still sick

Feb. 28th, 2019 11:23 am
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The fever went away, the sneezing stopped, but I've been having the devil of the time trying to deal with this cough. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday to be sure, but yesterday I had some real cabin fever so I trekked into the city to work.

It's one of those irritating coughs where if I'm sitting upright, I feel better, but if I'm laying down, my throat gets irritated a LOT, so I end up hacking a lung. It's super disruptive to my sleep; I've been getting four hours the last few nights, which is really not ideal.

Yesterday I brought home the work Kindle so I can do some MOBI checks from home, which don't need me to be in the office. I should have brought some slush. But I don't think I could handle the commute in right now.

I'm really annoyed and upset at this. I want to say I can't remember being this sick, but I can, and those were easier to deal with because being in school, my schedule was irregular, I lived close to the university, so nipping off home to tend to my sick wasn't hard.

But now I have some work to do, so I'm not playing phone games all day. I downloaded Merge Dragons and it is the very devil! It's the sort of game I would have enjoyed keeping in the background of a computer but maybe let's not go down that garden path. I did try Bejewelled Blitz but the whole timer thing is really not for me... I like endless Bejewelled for a reason (I think I kept one game going for almost a week back in undergrad?).

So onto being of use.
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I have spent the last two days sick in a way that I have very rarely been, so rarely in fact, that I was completely blindsided by how long-lasting or how intense the symptoms are.

On Tuesday I started feeling an itchy throat, and when I got home, it blew up into a fever and chills, where I couldn't even sit on the toilet without it feeling TOO COLD MY BONES ARE SHIVERING. I had to line the toilet seat with long thick socks in order to sit on it T^T This feels both silly and genius. I wore double layers and huddled under my covers.

Which meant Wednesday I had to skip out going into Locus which I didn't even think about until Fran texted me about lunch (free lunch for the staff on deadline days) and I had to text back very miserably that I could barely move. And I really couldn't, I was actually aching a lot of the day, which I am really really not used to! My brain was having some sort of shrieking WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THIS?? reaction and not processing anything very well as a result. Wednesday was a wash.

Yesterday was... not as much of a wash? But while my skin was cool, my throat seemed to have taken on the brunt of the aching/burning. It reminded me of the time I had strep throat, honestly, but of course I'm not going to the fucking doctor just yet because it is Day 1, and also, I am uninsured. And again, something I'm completely unused to dealing with? What's also very new is my TONGUE feels like it was burned, too, like I scalded it and it won't get better. It was only much later towards the end of the day that I remembered that there is a whole hand of ginger in the kitchen.

Today is the first day I feel capable of getting out of the house, but also because I feel the air in my room is probably not conducive to my getting better.

I'm vaguely aghast at myself because in the past I have always had some medicines on hand to deal with whatever comes up, from fever reducers to cold and cough syrups to throat lozenges, and it took me forever to remember that Advil is a thing, ON MY DESK. I can't believe myself! When did I forget to be an adult?!

I am feeling better enough to get my butt out to the pharmacy and stock up on the relevant medications, and hopefully tomorrow.

On the plus side I DID do some remote slushing (boo! Tachyon is working on a cool new anthology and I want to be at the office formatting files!!!) and I got to binge-watch Oremonogatari!!! and Ristorante Paradisio.

Oremonogatari!!! is.... ridiculously cute. Like, super sweet, but also super wholesome, about high schoolers Takeo and Rinko falling in love. Takeo is a giant of a dude who is popular with guys for his sportsmanship, and his bff Suna is the typical "hot cool dude" popular among the girls for being, well, hot and cool, and Takeo spends the first two episodes after he saves Rinko from a groper thinking that she is interested in Suna. Which culminates in Suna rolling his eyes and telling Takeo straight, "yea I said she's a nice girl bc she's the first one you've been interested in that didn't talk smack about you but also she's coming to cry at me for you rejecting her so hide under my bed while I get her to confess her feelings for you." After watching dudes being awful on social media, it's nice to see some media where dudes are just... nice to each other, and good to each other, and not horrible to women because they hate women. Even the one misogynist dude doesn't direct his misogyny at Rinko; he mocks Takeo for being "weak". When Takeo starts reading girly manga in order to figure out why Rinko is acting weird around him, all his guy friends pile their own girly manga recs on his table with nary a hint of embarrassment. It's just.... sickeningly cute, I cringe a lot, I laughed a lot, but also I felt my blood sugars rebalancing themselves a lot watching it. The drama is sometimes a little bit extra, but that makes sense, because they're teenagers, and teenagers have big feelings, and I remember having big feelings, and these are good big feelings that don't lead to people being hurt, so it's nice to watch them unfold.

Ristorante Paradisio is a "sexy ojiisan" series, about a young woman who goes to Rome to look for her mom, a busy divorce lawyer who basically abandoned her to marry a restaurateur. And the restaurant in Rome where she finds her mom is staffed by older men, mostly over 50 who wear spectacles, because that is apparently a thing her mom is into. And the protagonist of course develops a crush on one of the waiters who has been nursing feelings for his ex-wife. There is a lot to like, especially once the series stops focusing on Nicoletta's crush on Claudio and instead of her journey as an apprentice chef, and lets the focus drift on the various histories of the restaurant staff.

So that's two anime off my list that I've been taking forever to finish. Should try to finish Hinamatsuri next.
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Today's Guest List:
- [personal profile] yeloson!
- Julia!
- Carmen!
- [personal profile] oyceter + Randy!
- [personal profile] ladyjax + Shirley!
- Fran!
- Housemates Becca & Yoshi!

Today's meal:
- coconut milk rice (rice + coconut milk + ginger + bay leaf)
- pork rib soup (spare ribs + bak kut teh herbs Dad got from China + lotus root + napa cabbage)
- inchi kabin (coconut cream + [curry + cumin + coriander + fennel + clove + cinnamon + chili + black pepper] powder marinade, double-fried)
- roast chicken (marinaded with sweet soy paste + light soy sauce + curry powder + rice vinegar) + veggies (napa cabbagge + baby bok choi + carrots)
+ assorted desserts

This is the first time I've cooked for guests in this house (I've cooked for a potluck, but never had a bunch of people over), and in my old place I never used to host more than 6 people at a time. At Clarion I cooked for the whole class plus guests, but today was the first time I've cooked for this many people by myself. Shirley is a professional chef and she approved, everybody ate a lot, so I think I done good, despite all of the leftovers! I had expected two more (Jia Ling couldn't make it because she had a fever). I have no cooking to do for the whole of next week, basically.
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but lately when I hit up my Reading page, I really want to read the readmores on people's posts, but their journal themes have really really tiny text (I'm having trouble with anything under point 11 or so) and trying to embiggen them (hitting Ctrl+scrolling) makes the text look awkward because of the theme layout.

It's definitely making me think about my own theme layout and wondering if clicking through to the readmores on my posts leads to difficulty in reading, so please, let me know if you have trouble reading text on my layout! I'm thinking I gotta change the font to something with a serif, but the san serif font I'm using right now is much easier on my eyes when I hit up my reading page. Hrmm... I'll have to think about this some more.
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I finished another non-fiction book yesterday! It was about the Yuan and Ming dynasties, their similarities and environmental concerns. It was very interesting, and I learned about another great vernacular novel (the only ones I knew of was Journey to the West and Dreamm of the Red Chamber), Plum in the Golden Vase, which is apparently super pornographic! I went looking for a translation and apparently it exists in SEVERAL VOLUMES because ugh. But I also found this review which honestly makes me want to read the book even more:
The Roy translation is well over 3,000 pages long, if you include the index and notes. So the arrival of a full translation of the Chin Ping Mei is a bit of good news-bad news situation: There’s a masterpiece out there finally, but it might take you a year to read it.

Taking a year is at least worth thinking about. The working legend of its creation is that the author, Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng, the Scoffing Scholar of Lanling, wrote it to revenge the murder of his father, sending the manuscript to the murderer with poison rubbed into the corners. The victim couldn’t put the book down and died after finishing it in a single sitting.


I have two or three more books I need to get back to the library and have decided I will avoid being on my main computer until I finish them. So, have been trying to read as much as I can while not on my phone.

Still have not gone back to the gym. On Sunday, I did eat a whole pint of ice cream, the result of which was, I woke up at 1am, 2am, 3am, and 5am on Monday morning, with anxiety and an accelerated heartrate, which was very not cool, and decided to sleep until it was time to go to work, and even then, I considered not going in. I decided to go in anyway and texted my boss, warning her that I looked like a mopey trash panda, and she offered to let me work at home.

And just, have not been feeling any better. I took work home yesterday, and today I checked myself out in the mirror, and I looked significantly less like a trash panda than before. Drinking lots of water and sleeping 9 hours really helps! Still not up to cooking, and have been eating mediocre Chinese food instead, which I guess all told is not too terrible.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be up to going to the gym. I'm trying out this new menstrual cup, my first one ever, and I'm trying to figure out how I feel about it.
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urrgggghhh I thought I was getting better and everything, sent off two overdue things, made some porridge this brunch.

But then I couldn't do anything the rest of the day. I didn't even read a book! I have so many books but my brain can only process short things, so really I've been perusing Ask A Manager archives, which is very entertaining.

For dinner I just couldn't even muster the desire to heat up any of my instant frozen food (of which I have a lot... I have dino nuggets!!!) and went to the mediocre Chinese place nearby for fried rice and spare rib bits. My appetite has been ravenous, as if my body was like FUCK ALL THIS INTERMITTENT FASTING and is clawing back all the ten pounds I've worked so hard to lose, and well, okay then! If it means I get better sooner?! Just, idk, chill???

but it's coo, it's cool, i guess i'll just go hunt down an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's tomorrow and eat that sucker too

woof, sick

Jan. 24th, 2019 08:44 pm
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So, I was not feeling up to swimming on Tuesday morning, and when I went yesterday morning, I was feeling pretty weak and could not make it past 18 laps, rather than my usual 22. Went to Locus to help check changes as they put together the final magazine, then went to Shooting Star with Fran, and ate so much, but I was feeling weirdly ravenous.

Today, after a day of sniffling and sneezing, and on the bus ride downtown to the SPCA pop-up cat cafe, I came to the conclusion that I'm just... sick. Like, I've got a cold or something. Which might explain why, for the last couple of days, despite having the heater on all night and usually waking up sweating, I've been waking up with a chill.

I'm still working tomorrow but instead of waking up at 5 to swim, I'll take a nice hot bath tonight and go to bed early.

It's interesting; lately I've been showering at the gym instead of at night right before bed, so some days I don't even shower because I'm going to be in a shower first thing in the morning anyway!! But maybe the shower before bed makes a difference to my constitution?? Maybe my body doesn't like putting on cold pajamas? WHO KNOWS I AM SICK REGARDLESS so rather than avoid eating as I've been doing in my sad quest to lose more weight, I'm going to eat all the fucking carbs I can get.
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- Fran and I went out to the Embarcadero for Feebas Research stuff. It was a really interesting challenge, keeping track of Pokestops and carefully aiming Pokeballs. I usually throw carelessly because I always throw curveballs, so always get that 50XP for it and it adds up.

We then drove out of downtown before the Women's March got underway to the Pokemon Gym near my work, because I'd scored an Exclusive Raid pass out there, and invited Fran on it. Deoxys-Attack is soloable, so we took it down with little trouble, and then finished off the rest of the Feebas event. I got my shiny Feebas some 10 minutes before the end of the event! Gah.

- We then headed to Udupi Palace in the Mission. Claire texted us a few minutes before our scheduled meet-up time (2.30pm) because she had forgotten about the March and her Lyft was stuck as a result. Eric had arrived in SF a little earlier but had gone to meet Maurisa at the Black Comics Art Festival Youth Day stuff, and they also mis-timed their departure and were stuck in traffic. So... I'd been hoping to have said hi and eaten and be done by 4pm, but ended up hanging out way longer. And after a good meal we went to Dandelion Chocolates, too. So Fran and I only left way after!


- I went swimming.

- I then spent most of the day working on edits, and meant to do a final pass, but caught a few things I missed. I hadn't realized how bad my eyestrain is that I missed such blatant stuff. Had to miss BCAF stuff at the SFPL as a result, which I now wish I hadn't, because Rebecca Roanhorse was an interview spotlight, argh!

- In the evening, I headed over to the city for dinner with the SF in SF guests. I'd also invited Eric, but didn't realize there'd be so many people crammed around a table, and also how many white folks there'd be. Of course there're a few Jewish folks, but otherwise Eric, Bill Campbell, and I were the only visible POC at the table.

Eric dipped out after dinner, and Bill and I hung around in a pub waiting for some of the BCAF folks to come hang out. I left around 8pm.


- 9am POC brunch! I organized this because when I lived in Riverside, and Eric and I would come up for BCAF, I wanted to see all my POC fandom friends. I don't have to worry about this now, of course, but Eric was driving in from out of town so I thought I'd organize one anyway. We went to Mo'z Cafe a few blocks from Yerba Buena, and it was GOOD. Had the crabcake florentine, and that kept me going ALL DAY.

- It was great to see the usual suspects at BCAF and also be able to chat with folks as usual about their stuff. At some point I began working the Rosarium table for Bill. The writer for Super Sikh was also there, so I had to re-organize the table a little bit so folks could talk to her while I continued shilling the rest of the merchandise.

It was a bit deflating to see people pass on our stuff simply because they were there for the comics (like literally walked away as soon as I told them many of the books were anthologies or collections), but there were folks who were still excited to see some of the stuff we had and willing to give it a try. No more copies of The Sea Is Ours by the end of the day! (Not that there were that many to start with.)

- Since Bill was staying with Rina and Jacob, and I was helping him close out, I got to tag along to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Then Rina gave me a ride to the Bart.


- I had every intention of going to swim today, but at 4.30am (a full half hour before my 5am alarm) I woke up and rolled around a bit. When my alarm DID go off, I just.... ran out of can. I could not. I had no can left. So I set another alarm for 7am and just did a lot of deep meditative breathing. Which led to going in and out of some lucid dreaming.

I'll go tomorrow morning.


Jan. 22nd, 2019 06:30 pm
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A bit late, but here goes two weeks of things I read:

Deadline Feb 28: Association of Research Libraries (ARL)/Society of American Archivists (SAA) Mosaic Program II is looking specifically for applicants from racially-underrepresented groups

Late but useful, a professor I TA'd for posted her framework for first-day-of-class introductions. Rather than asking "where are you from" she asks, "where do you know from?" As in, how do you trace your genealogy of knowledge, how do you learn things. Needless to say, I'm still thunderstruck by this, and wish I'd gotten a chance to use it. Maybe in a future workshop I will!

A list of People of Color in Publishing open to conference speaking invitations.

Still mulling this Electric Literature article on the decline in author incomes because on one hand, okay sure it's not just Amazon's fault, but it also sort of blames consumer entitlement?

The Choose Your Own Adventure book publisher sued Netflix over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and well, CYOA has always been trademarked. I didn't watch the episode so I don't know if the exact phrase was used, but my friend Magpie was also similarly told, and thus their book Beneath the Clock Tower is not a "Choose Your Own Adventure" but "An Adventure of Your Choosing."

Microsoft sued guy whose business is recycling computers for infringing on their copyright

Rahel Aima on how global finance and art are intertwined leading to art being stored in tax-free storage in freeports, and then to moving exhibitions using these storage lockers as exhibit spaces

On not feeling the obligation to read racist books (via [personal profile] brithistorian

LA Review of Books had this interesting research by Laura McGrath on lists of "comparable titles" in publishing and how they skew white

91% of Americans living in Mexico are undocumented. As in, "illegal immigrants."

Forward Magazine asking why the pro-Israel right-wingers are so threatened by black Jews

A blind girl and her family work out a way for blind Jews to participate in an ancient bar mitzvah tradition

A memoir essay on growing up with a genetic mutation that causes advanced puberty

The origin of the term "Mandarin" to refer to Chinese officials and the language AND IT IS MALAY WHOA

Medieval medical scholar Katherine Park debunks the myth that dissections were taboo in medieval Europe

Someone read 20,000 Yelp reviews, and found 7% of them, some 1,500, talk about authenticity, which is really a trap for non-white restaurant owners and a sign of white supremacy in action

Turns out the sugar pills on birth control strips aren't necessary and were there just because of the Pope's naysaying

K. Tempest Bradford on how not everyone notices or can skip the missing stair. It's a nice change from the old "how did you not KNOW? EVERYONE knows about this problematic dude" discourse.

20 years after publishing Speak, a novel about the aftermath of sexual assault, the author reflects on things that young boys still don't understand

Why some books have "A Novel" on the cover (which sort of boil down to "convention and clarity"

Some articles on Marie Kondo because, well, just because:

BookRiot: No, Marie Kondo does not want you to throw away all your books

Hypable: Marie Kondo isn't coming for your books; you're just being xenophobic

The Lily: The hidden feminist message of Marie Kondo's tidying movement (which kinda seems to be, girl, sometimes you just gotta throw the whole man away)

Refinery29: Marie Kondo Has A Reasonable Response To Your Reasonable Criticisms

Finally, some cool Twitter threads I read:

@cartoonkate shared some panels from her biographical graphic novel (biographic novel? graphic biography? comix bio?) about Doctor Rosa Luxemburg

@sbarolo on the 9 different types of Reply Guys who repeat the same unhelpful comments with a Bingo chart!

@LifeInFiction on the relationship between book marketing and book blogging, after some yelling was done about book bloggers selling ARCs and talk of NEVER GIVING AWAY ARCS EVERY AGAIN!!!!

@a9ri pointing out how even a major news outlet like the BBC can do stupid disingenuous things like use a tweet by a person with only 9 followers as some weighty "other side of the argument"

Whoof. I should really try not to have such a backlog.


Jan. 19th, 2019 09:38 pm
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Thursday swimming was one of those annoying days when I had to share my lane, and of course as I finished, the pool was emptying.

More fascinating was, there was a dude in the lane over who was like, super hardcore and all? When he got out, the guy I shared my lane with moved over, and then a woman came in and share my lane. And the hardcore swimmer dude just kinda hung off to the side. I wasn't paying too much attention, and I noticed a striking smell of soap, and was like ??? And at first I thought it was the woman next to me, since the smell started only when she came in.

But later I looked off to the side, and saw the first dude had wrapped his towel around himself, and I was like "... why is he still here??" and realized he was actually changing! Which means the soap smell was him having an actual SHOWER in the poolside shower?? With his swim trunks on. And I watched in horrified fascination as I kept coming up for air as he put on his clothes and shoes, and finally left with all his crap (there was a LOT so given the tiny locker sizes I guess I understand?) and I'm still pretty O_O about the whole thing.


I worked from home Thursday! This mostly meant a lot of reading. I printed off 100 pages of a manuscript, and there was a printout of a whole novel. This means I got to nap in the afternoon, and even attempted some reading and writing in the evening, and it was so much easier to do that when I'm not tired from my commute?? Who knew?

I AM worried about the necessity of naps in the afternoons. It's not that it makes me sleep less in the nights; in fact, I go to bed earlier when I nap in the afternoons, like my body remembers it should go to sleep at a reasonable time if I've had sleep during the day.


Yesterday I needed to go to the post office (and of course the one closest to me is closed), and decided to try one of the Lime Scooters.

I found it quite difficult to adjust the speed I really wanted.
It was not clear to me where I needed to be?
I walked it here and there anyway in front of cars.
There were crosswalks where I slowed down, and was worried that if I went too fast, I wouldn't be able to see a car coming and slow down appropriately.
My arms hurt >:{

Also it cost me $7 for 3.3km / 45 minutes!!! I paused every so often, so maybe that was the problem? STILL, I could have just used that money for a freaking Lyft. Or just walked. Definitely walking would have been better, considering that being on the scooter did't even count towards Pokemon Go.


Today Fran and I hit up the Embarcadero for Pokemon Go's Feebas research. We did maybe 25 - 30 research quests? She got a Shiny early, but I got a 100% IV one.

We left downtown around 1pm to miss the Women's March mess, and headed up to the gym near my workplace where I got an Ex Raid invite. Did that, and with 15 minutes to spare we walked around trying to make the most of the Feebas research. I got my Shiny with those 15 minutes left to spare! Then I got a second 100% IV Feebas! So, I'm pretty satisfied with today.

We went to Udupi Palace. Claire forgot about the Women's March and her Lyft got her in late. Maurisa also forgot about the Women's March and was at the BCAF Youth Day, and she and Eric were trapped in traffic for almost one and a half hours past our original meeting time.

I have thus come to the conclusion that most of my friends are just going to need earlier meetup times if I want them on time, haha.

But we had a great time anyway; I haven't seen Eric since before I moved out, and while we didn't get to catch up as much as I hoped, we did still get to chat, and we'll hang out again tomorrow. We went to have dessert at Dandelion Chocolate before heading home. I am sure I have totally ruined any weight loss progress I have made in the last week.

I'm very tired now and tried to wind down but now I realize I should have packed my swimming gear earlier and slept earlier to get to the gym by 8am. Hopefully I can still do that!
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My relationship to my books )


Theda's 5000 books )


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I sometimes still hear my father's voice, see his questioning frown, whenever I pick some things up: "do you need this? Are you going to read this more than once?"

Am I going to need this in the future?

Am I going to wear this for anything other than special occasions?

Am I going to use this on a regular basis?

Do I already have something like this?

Can I jury-rig something like this?

Can I just make this at home?

It's a bit paralysing, and it took me a long time to give myself permission to just buy the goddamn thing.

KinMari is not a revolutionary, radical tidying system. This is freaking common sense!


White Supremacists on KonMari )


on KonMari being woo-woo )
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The good news is:

- My manager and boss talked about giving me one more day a week at the office! Which I could also use for slush reading, which means remotely working. Since I'm getting more into editorial, I get to be first reader, which I'm pretty excited about.

- New Suns got a Starred Review in Publishers Weekly! And I'm mentioned in it!

The bad news is:

- Gigi Gonzales, who I graduated with, and walked the commencement stage with in 2017, passed away just the other day, reportedly of cancer. I knew she'd been having health issues, which I thought was either exacerbated or caused by grad school, but I had no idea it was this bad.

I was never really close to her, but we would occasionally hang out and chat. She had to commute in from San Diego. She took an auntie-esque interest in my personal life.

I'm very glad that she finished her dissertation and that we got to walk the stage together. (My adviser was on her committee, and hooded her, because her adviser, Henk, wasn't into ceremony so didn't attend commencement.)

And I'd just written to the department admin chiding him about the website not having been updated with our dissertations. I'm going to figure out how to strongly word a request that the Dissertations page needs to be updated ASAP, if only in Gigi's memory.

*shuffles off to bed*
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After what seems like forever, I finished my first non-fiction book of the year! The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao by Ian Johnson was a lovely series of essays, using the Chinese lunar and agricultural calendar to break up the sections. It covered a wide range of religions and similar practices: Daoism, Buddhism, qigong, Christianity. It's a really lovely portrait of the struggle that a society has in trying to regain it ethical and social bearings after the Cultural Revolution.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend once. Her mother said she didn't think mainlander Chinese were "real" Chinese, because the Cultural Revolution had stamped out so many practices and beliefs, and "real Chinese would never have let that go." And it's interesting to read this book, some 9 years after that conversation, which I think shows that no, these practices and beliefs weren't let go. They're truncated, like a three-day funeral process becoming one when handled by urbanized children, and young people aren't as good at the craft as their elders were, but they are living things that change regardless.

I also really loved the language in the book--Johnson knows how to write a lovely sentence and there were several really nice paragraphs that I wanted to take quote.

Other things I've read recently:

NYT on the Kiini Bikini lawsuit, about how the fashion designer who has a rep for taking anyone copying her design to court herself filched the design from a woman while holidaying.

A visit to a GLITTER FACTORY, there are so many great moments in this.

A sensitive answer about how to gently talk to young people about their attitudes. I really liked the framing of puberty and the attitudes associated with it as a symptom of overwhelming feelings, and how the time period is about learning how to deal with it, and the challenge is to deal with it without being antagonizing towards the people one loves.

An important observation on the racial dot map.

Obituary of Zura Karuhimbi, who saved dozens of people during the Rwandan genocide using her reputation as a witch.

A librarian on media literacy, political memes, and the value of librarians.

A new term / meme in China that roughly translates to "poor ugly" and how people using it to express their, uh, millennial mood, I guess.

A look at the bonkers process of Facebook moderation.

Piece on how Vietnamese food in America is essentially trying to remain the same as it was in the 1970s. A symptom of diaspora nostalgia than it is about living culture.

Tiara had a really good take on the hot takes on Marie Kondo's new show.

The Atlantic on "Instagram Husbands".
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So, I got SOME editing done in the morning, then headed into the city to meet with my attorney. We're almost there! I need a couple more letters and bits of whatnot, mostly online evidence of my, uh, extraordinary ability. And this is how I found out that the UCR Comp Lit website, despite its redesign is, as usual, un-updated in a couple of sections, such as the Dissertations section, which should have had the last two years listed. I guess we're chopped liver.

I meant to go up to the Ma Tsu Temple afterwards, but realized that I had 1) no cash for donations and 2) no joss paper to pray with. How the hell am I supposed to show up at temple without any donations OR prayer money? Damn! I don't even know why I forgot about it... I saw joss paper for sale at the Chinese grocery by Gourmet Delight last weekend, too!

Instead, I went to the ferry building for some food, and meandered to the Hyatt for some writing. I did pretty good, I think--finished a chapter of my novel and started a new one. I need to focus a bit more, but my attention keeps wandering. Very irritating.

When I came home I updated a bunch of online sites, like my GoodReads, Amazon author profile, my website, and my blogspot. I'm fiddling with a new business card as well. So far I've got two designs: this one I like for the grayscale look, but this one is probably cleaner, if less memorable. I've been using the Silver Goggles steampunk postcolonialist one since 2012, and I only have maybe ten of them left, so it's time for a re-design. I really like the idea of lines at the back that's for notes; I've seen people have fields like "where we met" and "what we talked about" for further context, which seems like a great idea. And which probably also never get filled, haha, but it's a nice thought!

And suddenly it's almost freaking midnight ~_~

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