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It is the 11th of October, 2017. I am officially a doctor.
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So since swimming is untenable for the next while, I decided I would go back to the Deck of Cards Challenge. It's been a while since I tried them, because I gave up doing crunches and Russian Twists and couldn't figure out a good replacement. But I settled on some reps which I think are working out great for me, especially since they work on upper arm muscles:

Spades: squats
Clubs: push-ups (knee push-ups now, which is MUCH better)
Hearts: leg lifts (thanks to [personal profile] oracne!)
Diamonds: shoulder taps

I did 16 yesterday, and managed another 16 today. I'm going to stick to 16 until I feel stronger. But it's a strong start, to be honest, because I used to give out at around 8. But 16 is enough to really get my heart pumping and I'm sweating, geez. The insides of my upper arms are sore, and I find that if I put my hands flat on the floor, my right wrist gets a stabby pain, which is definitely not normal, but I'm not sure what causes it. Fisting my hands helps with that. Could just be my wrist muscles aren't worth a damn, not with how much punishment they get from computer work.

I DID cheat a little: after shuffling the deck, I arranged the cards so I'd get one of each suit with every four cards I pull out. But that means varying up stuff which makes it easier to stick to 16 cards. I'm going to keep at it every day until I can get through the full deck.

I'm a bit at a loss of when to do the challenge though. I've been aiming for the mornings, but I only eat a bowl of cereal in the mornings, so I don't feel particularly energized afterwards. On the other hand, I don't know that I could fall asleep afterwards. I suppose it doesn't matter what time of day, ultimately, but I just wanted to set a schedule for myself.
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So, I signed the TA contract, uploaded it, and waited for my student account balance to change... and it didn't. So it turns out, after asking around, that 6th year international students pay tuition AND non-resident tuition regardless of financial aid, and filing fee status is the only way to be exempt.

I emailed Grad Div about whether I'd have to re-petition to be on filing fee status should it come down to that, and also texted the prof about it. She called me, and we talked it over, and she seems keen to keep me as her TA. She's emailed the department chair, the dean of Grad Div, and some other admin people, and I guess going to look for a way to get my tuition waivered regardless because it's just not a well-known thing. I don't have a lot of hope for that but I'm holding out SOME optimism because I would love to TA for this class. But if it comes down to it, I can't justifying paying $10,000 to TA for a 10-week class, when I'm defending in Week 2. And that includes health insurance too, which was another solid reason to accept the TAship and get the fee waiver.

=/ Very unhappy with how this is shaking out. Fingers crossed that it works out.
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I don't really know what I did with my day after my morning walk and lunch... I answered some emails?? I read half a book?? I tried making a scrunchie?? IDK IDK IDK it was not successful I used the wrong kind of fabric... scrunchie fabric must also be elastic, not just the elastic core! Too bad... it's so cute! Maybe I can make some fabric jewelry?

Had a bit of a scare with a notice from the Registrar's office stating that because I didn't pay my fees (I did, but it was filing fee status stuff) I was de-registered. I had to get myself registered again and make sure I got my contract for my TAship, and that'll process my fee remission. I am hoping that this will also include non-resident tuition, because that would be $10000 and it would suck. Once that is done I can apply for program extension for my I-20 and then get down to the business of applying for OPT.

I DID get a dissertation defense date: October 11, 3pm - 5pm. The same day as a department party. Hoo boy. I also got comments from Dr. Brevik-Zender, so tomorrow I feel pretty confident about starting a bit more revisions. I'd like to incorporate the comments about including neoliberalism as a framework which informs the discourse of steampunk, although that involves... learning how to talk about neoliberalism. I sort of understand how to talk about it as an overarching ideology but most of what I read about it tends to get wrapped up in talking about economics and government, whereas I need to gear my discussion of it towards how it affects discourses of individual choices and masks institutional frameworks as freedom. I also need to tighten some of my analysis to make sure I'm not doing a lot of summary.

I have stomach issues again. The only culprit I can think of is the rice I ate, and the cookies I got from the store. I've eaten these cookies before with no issue, but that was WAY before the Metformin, so....... maybe my body just hates certain kinds of sugars now?? I may never return to eating cookies with impunity??

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive??
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Yesterday I went into Box Springs again. There's a fence between Box Springs and Islander Park on Linden, the wall of which is the pipe through which I usually scootch. But this time I wanted to see if I could find the other end of the fence which the Metrolink put up which cuts off easy access from Big Springs Road to the "C" trail. It took me a while, but eventually I found a trail that winds out near the intersection of Watkins and Mount Vernon, right into the parking lot of the Riverside STEM Academy, which I hadn't even realized was a thing.

I was pretty pooped afterwards though. I meant to go back out to do a raid after lunch, but thought I'd lay down for a twenty minute nap which turned into two and a half hours. Ooops.

What I did get started on which was semi-productive was fixing up my jeans. The smallest pair of jeans from several years ago (probably when I first moved here) fit, but it had gaping holes in the inner thigh area (as one does). It was really comfy and I didn't feel like giving it up, so I basically double-patched it: inside and outside. That's some reinforcement in the places which get the most friction, and hopefully this will hold up. I think it'll work out well.

Today I spent puzzling out how to alter my jacket sleeves. I think I undid my stitches on the left sleeve about 8 times trying to make it lay down right. Finally I gave up on the idea of it looking perfect, since it's not going to be visible anyway, and having it so the outer layer lay down okay. I think I did all right. I'm actually not entirely sure where the sleeve should end, but when my arm is relaxed at the side, the sleeve comes up to the wrist, which I think looks professional.

I got frustrated about halfway through, and went out for lunch to Pho Vinam. I think I ate too much, though. I probably didn't need to eat half the meat on the plate, and should have just tried for a third instead. I was yawning the rest of the day, and had to lay down for a while, but I otherwise persevered, and I now have proper jacket sleeves. The right sleeve took about 5 tries. SIGH. On the bright side, I think I can say that my slip stitch is improving.

I dug around my fabric stash looking for jeans material, which I could have SWORN I had somewhere, because I wanted to patch the other two pairs of old jeans (they don't fit well, but they can't be easily pulled off my hips either). I decided to use some fancy embroidered scrap to patch the inner thighs of one of my jeans instead. I feel they're fairly visible to anybody staring at my butt, but maybe this will give me manic pixie dream girl vibes.

I'm still not caught up with Night Vale (which I can only listen to when my hands are otherwise occupied by crafts) and frankly I should really vacuum my bedroom.

Tomorrow if I wake up early enough, I'll definitely try for another 5k walk. The mornings have been amazingly foggy so I don't want to lose that opportunity.

I did, however, find the book in which I had started re-writing my steampunk romance novel, so I'm gonna see what I can puzzle out of it tomorrow. Maybe I'll go downtown and do some writing? At least least get re-acquainted with this second draft of the novel.
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This morning around 9am, it was nice and cloudy, so I went for a long walk up Blaine, into Box Springs, and then into the pipe connecting Box Springs park to the Islander park. I'm sure there has to be an easier way around but I couldn't be bothered. It was nice, though.

Then I got home and, uh, slept. I mean, I had lunch, but then slept. I meant to sleep an hour? But instead of waking up at 2, I woke up at 4.30 =/ I frittered the rest of the day away, until I decided to clear my desk a little and do some sewing. I wanted to alter the sleeves of my new jacket, but realized I didn't know how, so I decided to work on something else which I'll wear more immediately.

I had three pairs of jeans which I'd grown too big for laying around. Two of them have already been taken to the seamstress back home for patching, and the smallest pair just... has a couple of giant holes that I couldn't even begin to fix. I patched this smallest pair tonight. It, uh, sits. Snugly. The other two pairs also fit but not as snugly.

Which means my current pair of jeans, which I've been holding up with a belt, is just too big. I can pull it off my hips without the belt. So. Sigh.

Which ALSO means that upon fitting, my only dress pants also fall off my hips pretty easily, which means I have no pocketed dress pants for teaching =/

I generally try not to hang onto old clothes very much unless they're very unique pieces. Not since leaving Halifax, whereupon I discovered I had pants from the size 0 to 14, in the same closet. I can now fit into some older clothes, which is nice, I guess? Like a really goth jacket, and one of my first sweaters (which has since been designated the sweater upon which I sew patches). But also means I have to go replace some perfectly good clothing.

I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Also, I found a small nick on an inner piece of my sewing machine, which I'm sure is responsible for the top thread fraying on me despite using a new needles. So I've got to find a Singer machine maintenance place somewhere in Riverside so I can get that attended to. It's past time for servicing the machine anyway!
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So my blood test results came back, and my blood sugar is down to 5.5, which is the normal range, so technically, I am not diabetic. I'm going to stay in the Metformin for as long as I can and see if I can quit eating so much sugary stuff (I had a slice of cheesecake tonight).

I called the Consulate-General of Malaysia today and it was a really easy phone call. The guy just took my email address down and sent me the necessary forms. I need to go get MORE passport photos and a money order (ugh) but it doesn't look hard to get to. I'll get those done on Friday, and go to the Consulate on Monday.

I also heard back from one of my other committee members! She rushed her reading, but she still had a lot of comments and said she's ready to sign off on the dissertation. Sounds like she really liked it, so, yay. The third committee member who had asked for a fall defense said she would be okay with moving ahead, but I've already filed for filing fee status, so I told her not to worry about it.

To celebrate, I went for a swim, and did 30 laps. Was almost not going to, because I REALLY needed to pee in the last few laps. Also, the hot water shut off.

I still have a lot of yawning, so tomorrow I shan't take the fluoxetine in the morning but at night. I also have what feels like a sore throat or a cold? That weird feeling at the back of the roof of the mouth like it's sort from sinus issues. Except I know I am not developing sinus issues. Apparently one of the side-effects of the antidepressant is flu-like?! WEIRDNESS.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Customs and Border Protection Deferred Inspection Site at Los Angeles, because I REALLY want to get my I-94 record corrected. It's been reading Aug 2015 even though I've exited and entered the States twice since. They have an email pilot program so I tried that, but I only get back their stupid auto-response, and I've emailed three times since and they haven't changed anything. It's weird because my travel history is showing up accurate. So I'm going to their office in person to see who I need to shake my finger at, and see if they'll fix it there and then. It could be a trip for nothing, for all I know, but it'll give me something to do.
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I have been yawning ALL. DAY. All day. I've also been waking up at like stupid o'clock for the last few days.

Saturday was the trip to Orange County for an international food fair with folks from my department. It was the most sociable I've been in months with department folks, so it was nice.

Sunday S. and I went to Chinatown for the Hungry Ghost Festival, and met up with Nilah and her friends there. We had lunch together, and then wandered a bit around Chinatown looking for the Bruce Lee statue. It used to be wrapped up, but it's now out! Then S. and I went to the Ripped Bodice, hung for a bit, and then to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is more of an art gallery featuring... strange artifacts and effects. It's quite cool, but a bit overwhelming. We then had dinner downtown in Riverside. Fun stuff.

Yesterday (Monday) I was really sleepy, but Alan and I did a 99 Ranch run. He's moving to Riverside, and I cooked dinner for us.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. I've apparently lost another 9 pounds. I feel slightly alarmed by this. I had some bloodwork done, so we'll see what the follow up is. Then I tried to do some writing on campus, but was yawning so heavily, I came home, had lunch, and just passed out for three hours. When I woke up, there was a Pokemon Go raid nearby for a legendary I hadn't been able to get out to yet.

Since then I've been reading in bed, still incredibly tired. I devoured a lot of longans and rambutans. IDK, overall I feel like garbage, physically. Mood's still the same. So, hopefully this is just the Fluoxetine happening.

Things I need to do:
- call the Consulate to ask about passport renewal
- look up health insurance options for folks on OPT
- clear my writing desk like jeez it's getting unreasonable in here
- take out the trash
- ask about my filing fee status
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I did it! I did 28 laps today! Four sets of 7 laps, instead of 4 of 6 plus 3.

I got nothing else done besides write a bit more of a short story (will try to finish tonight; this weekend's going to be busy) and moan about not being able to go out and get the latest Pokemon Go legendary and also flail over the fact that Lightspeed Magazine's latest issue is out, and my story in it is the cover story??? And the illustration for it is also now in the masthead???

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So there WAS a heatwave and it got up to 44'C. I was about to call a Lyft, but saw that the day was suddenly cloudy! So I walked really quickly to school to get Dr. ML's signature. Had a good catch-up chat with her, and we'll go for lunch in a couple of weeks.

AND IT WAS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I contemplated going swimming in the rain too, but there was a lot of lightning, so I decided to swim later. I DID sit right outside my door in a picnic chair watching the rain fall and writing a story, which was really good.

I tried to swim around 8.30, but the pool was frankly filthy... LOTS of pine needles on the surface, and lots of dead bugs. I DID try! I got four laps in. It's such a shame because the water was the perfect temperature, but I kept on swimming under all that flotilla and the dirt at the bottom kept swirling and I kept worrying I'd swallow an insect carcass everytime I came up for air and it was the creepiest four laps I've ever swum. And I've swum at night before! But I couldn't this time, it just felt like too much horror movie vibes in the water.

It's 44'c again today, UGH, just as the new Pokemon Legendaries are released. I'm contemplating going to campus and staying in the library there in case a raid pops up there...
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So, UGH. Today was around 43'c and the admin assistant found out I CAN apply for filing fee status, but I need to submit paperwork by Friday. This means FOUR signatures, by Friday. And my OPT I-20 was ready anyway so I went in to pick it up, but I also needed two passport photographs.

And I had this choice between walking to Walgreens for a passport photo, or meandering over to the sportsfield to see if there were bikes available, or taking a Lyft.

I took the Lyft. Because I stepped outside and decided FUCK. EVERYTHING.

I also took a Lyft to campus, and home, and despite all that, I had to walk across campus anyway to get to the international student center and the health center.

The international student adviser seems to think it's a good thing to go on filing fee status and I can send in my OPT application for a EAD card that'll start in December... I can send it 90 days before my program end date, or 60 days after. Either way, he said, my card wouldn't come in before December at this point, so it just makes better use of my time to go on filing fee status. BLARGH.

I went over to the health center to get a prescription for fluoxetine, which I got from the psychiatrist this morning. And that was a good appointment, actually. I thought I was downplaying everything and I WAS trying to be all "It's not as bad as it could be!" and relating to her all my coping mechanisms, and she was like "You are REALLY anxious and depressed and we should attend to that."

When I got home, I was.... SO. EXHAUSTED. I should have eaten something salty at that point, but I didn't think of it, and napped instead. I really did want to go for a swim, but the idea was just so overwhelming, so in the end, I didn't, breaking my ambition of swimming every single day of this heatwave.

Then again, I went swimming yesterday, and I was thirsty. IN THE POOL. So, maybe it was for the best.

I'm going to get one more signature tomorrow which means having to go out of the house again (SIGH I should have asked if there was a good time to go over IN THE MORNING I will be more careful next time).

Anyway. New drugs!
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I went to Chinatown yesterday, and had lunch with Susannah. But I found that the Ripped Bodice, which I had planned on going to after the temple to kill my afternoon, is closed on Mondays, and I'm not sure why I hadn't thought to check. So I went to the Chinatown public library instead to write. I took a 5pm train home, and had dinner with My.

I tried to swim, but some rowdy kids were in the pool taking up most of the length, so I had to swim the width of it. I dive when I first push off to the ground, and push myself up from there, and I guess it's the equivalent of doing push-ups underwater? Anyway I did it so much that some muscles in my arms felt tired in a way I never felt before. It was not very satisfying to swim such short laps, though.

Today I went to campus in the morning to do some website work only to find that there's a new website manager so I didn't even have to do anything. I came home and read.

I got through Charles De Lint's Promises to Keep and I finally read the PJ Confidential anthology. The de Lint book was okay, not the kind of book I'd pick up normally, had its moments. The PJ book, though, was atrocious. I think I liked only four stories in it, and out of those only one of them I could definitively say was well-written. The rest were middling or just too short to do their material justice. So, meh.

I swam around 6pm, after the sun had started to set, so that saved me from having to put on sunscreen. Tomorrow I'll try to read some more. I also have a psychiatrist appointment which I'm pretty excited about.
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So, I did go swimming this afternoon. I've promised myself I'll swim every day this week because of the HEAT WAVE WHICH IS SO UNREASONABLE. I tried using the swimcap, and I thought I had it on right (and I tied a ponytail too, to help it) but it popped off during a lap early on, so I was like, fuck it, and left my ponytail floating free. It was hella dry after, but I conditioned it, so it's better now. (Didn't shampoo. My first time doing this.)

I read two things today: a queer witch anthology and a short-ish novel. I'm also trying to make my way through Rainbow Islands. I'll try to finish it tomorrow on the train.

Tomorrow I'm going to LA Chinatown to escape the heat and put some food out for hungry ghosts. I might return next week for the actual single-day festival... I'll try and see if I can find someone who speaks English and can tell me whether they're doing anything. Then I'll take the Metro trains out to Culver City and go to the romance novel shop, which is apparently really close to the train stop!! Fingers crossed that I'll find it, and get back in time for a later train. (I usually take the first train out of Union Station, so this will be new.)

It's about an hour to and from Culver City each way so I'm kind of nervous about that. I've never tried taking the Metro so far before--I've definitely taken the bus pretty far. I feel a bit silly that I've never done this. But there's a first time for everything!
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Went over to Aviya's today to do some world-saving on Eldritch Horror. We finished in three and a half hours. I ate a whole packet of Baked Lays. I do not feel the need to eat dinner after this.

When I got home, it was hella hot.... 32'C after sundown!!! And we're expecting a heatwave, so temperatures of 40+ in the next week. I plan on swimming every single week. But since it was still so warm, I decided to head to the pool at 8pm, and swam until 9-ish. Got to 27 laps this time, and I feel I might have been able to do more. I will try again in a couple of days to go to 30 laps. I will also try to swim every single day and -- sigh -- give the swim cap another shot. Even if my hair gets damp maybe I don't have to wash it?? Blah.

I also need to do some shopping for... clothes that fit. Specifically shorts that fit. A lot of my shorts no longer fit snugly around the hips the way they should. So they hang, and my butt looks weird as a result. My silhouette doesn't look right anymore wearing these things. It is desperately shallow, and theoretically I can wear all these things still, but honestly their pockets are not even worthwhile putting up with their ugliness! The shirts I have a reasonable amount that I look good in, so they can stay, but I need good shorts. I'll have a bunch to bring to the WisCon Clothing Swap, at least.

And while I'm shopping, I might as well invest in some sort of bathrobe, because I am spending a lot of time loafing around naked in my bedroom after my post-swim bath, mostly because my hair is wet so I don't want it on clothes I'm going to wear out or sleep in. I'm considering making out, using the obnoxious amounts of silk-like material I've got in my stash, but the patterns I'm finding seem to call for terry. I might as well just go for it anyway though. It's not like the pattern cares, and I'm not wearing it out!
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So, I bought myself a new swim cap and goggles and they got here just before the heat wave next week, which is great, because I'd like to swim every day during that heat wave.

The thing about the swim cap is I haven't figured out how to put it on without a weird bubble on the top of my head. Whenever I dived, I felt I had to do extra to swim because my heat was FLOATING and refusing to come underwater with me. I probably just need more practice, and I'll figure it out eventually.

The other thing is that my hair gets wet anyway. I know the point of the swim cap is to avoid chlorine damage, not to keep the hair completely dry, but this is still super annoying! It makes me wonder what a "bad hair day" from swimming is supposed to be like.

I ran a bit more the other night.

Yesterday my shoulders were hurting a lot, so instead of exercising I walked down Spruce St to get a Thai massage. Not that I didn't try to exercise; I went to the exercise room, and more than half the equipment were out of order, and I was looking at that weights machine thing, couldn't figure it out, so left.

Overall, I think I need to take the at-home exercise with the pushups and leg lifts a bit more seriously, because I'm plateauing at 24 laps in swimming, and my arms are getting tired in a way that I don't think they should be. I'm also starting to feel, I don't know, soft? I'm not sure how to describe it.
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After a week of radio silence, I sent my adviser an email, with a new email thread, asking about a new timeline and feedback on my diss and whether I can submit my diss for format review.

She got back to me and said she really liked my fourth chapter, that I basically delivered more than expected, and the dissertation's finally ready to be sent to the rest of my committee. So of course this meant I stayed up until 4am, checking footnotes and making sure everything looked okay so I could save it as a PDF for submission.

Today I went to campus specifically to shut down the office computer and send my diss along, asking if they could let me know whether there was feedback I'd need more than a month to address. Either way, I FINALLY submitted my diss for format review. ProQuest was an arcane thing which made me feel like I was being hoodwinked somehow. I could pay nothing and just let my diss be searchable on engine, or I could pay $95 and have my diss be distributed on more media and this latter option is called "Open Access"??? That's fucked up. And the whole thing about CC licenses, gah, IDK, in the end I went with no licenses, and no copyright purchase, because I just couldn't deal. I'm hoping I don't regret it and get to go back and change some things.

Anyway, format review!! It's one of the very latter stages of dissertating so.... I'm kind of shaken up about it.

I also meant to turn in my office key (and other keys) but Vonnie wasn't around, and I would rather give them to her directly and thank her for being so cool about letting me keep the office way past my time.

I saw Aviya in her office and chatted with her a while, and Soonyoung was doing her third written exam so I walked with her afterwards. Then I came across JJ and walked home with her too. I went to Starbucks to write some fanfic (delayed Strange Magic Week prompts) and spin some Pokestops.

After dinner, I armed myself with shoes and my Pokemon Go Plus, and did my evening thing. Every time there was a long stretch, I'd break into a short jog. At first, I did it up to a count of 20, then I was doing 30s, and 40. I can't really tell what a full second looks like, and didn't want to overdo it by running a full five minutes when I don't even know what that looks like.

It was good! I think I definitely pushed myself a little without burning myself to exhaustion. I stopped to check the pokegyms, but otherwise did not stop at all. Gosh it's so nice to be able to keep going with minimal stopping?? And STILL catch pokemon? I am digging it.

Gonna *try* to sleep earlier tonight.
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Well that's another day gone by lost to Pokemon Go.

I woke up late again and struggled to think of what to eat for about two hours straight. It's not that I don't have anything in the house to eat--I have a lot of food... I just couldn't decide what to eat. I groused about it on Facebook but this started a barrage of suggestions on what to eat and of course people are suggesting foods I can't eat and I just.... I give up. On the plus side I have learned that hardboiled eggs last forever in the fridge, and that egg salad is a thing I can make myself.

Anyway, I was going to go to Target right after lunch but instead joined a couple of raids around the university with the couple of people I met yesterday. They wandered off after the second raid and I stayed behind to chat with a couple of people who had just arrived, and had also just moved to Riverside.

I took a Lyft to Target because I cannot be bothered to take the 40-min bus ride. Found Pokemon Go Plus tucked away in the corner, and continued to shop for some other stuff.

Got home, set up Pokemon Go Plus, and then went for a swim.

There were a LOT of people in the pool today. At one point, I had just lifted my head out of the water for a breath of air. In general I keep my head low so I can duck it under right away, but today, as I did that, a kid jumped into the pool.... and inadvertantly shoved water into my mouth. WHO KNEW CHILDREN COULD BE A MENACE IN THIS WAY.

Nonetheless, I achieved my 4 sets of 6 laps and skedaddled out of there immediately. I can definitely feel the consequences of slacking off though; my arms were burning by the time I hit the last few laps. I'm going to have to figure out an alternate exercise during fall and winter because I hiiiiighly doubt I'll be braving the pool when the temperatures go down.

I went shopping for groceries. I bought sugar-free stuff! Blackberry jam and brownie mix! Also sucralose. I, uh, made a mistake of buying a box of small packets of sucralose, when I really wanted to buy just the granulated stuff for baking. I have no idea what to do with all these sweeteners now. I also bought more extract when I had bottles of the stuff already, whoops. I'm pretty excited about the sugar-free brownie mix... will try making it tomorrow and see how it is. I also got more canned foodstuffs like sardines (SARDINES!) and tuna. I bought bread, too. Sourdough bread. I saw some gluten-free baking flour, too, so I'll get some of that next time once I've figured out baking with sucralose.

I'm really liking the Pokemon Go Plus doohickey. I'll go to campus tomorrow and walk around a bit to replenish my Pokeballs, and then see if I'm up for a run at some point.
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So today was going to be a bit more productive. I absolutely meant to go to campus and finish clearing my office, bring home some stuff, and then turn in keys. And swim in the afternoon.

Instead, turns out the Pokemon Worlds Championship in Anaheim was happening so Niantic released Kangaskhans and Unowns in downtown Anaheim. Someone in the Pokemon Go Riverside FB group was offering to drive folks out. This is how I ended up in a car with three white Americans who did normal things like listen to metal music and go to baseball games on the road to Anaheim... a young couple and a dude who's probably closer my age, possibly older, jumping in even later than I did.

We parked in the convention center around 2.30-ish? and walked around trying to catch things until maybe 6.30. There was a lot of walking. We left around 7-ish, stopped by In-and-Out on the way, and yeah.

So. Got a lot of walking done!
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Man I need to get to bed earlier tonight. I went to bed last night at 2, woke up at 10am, which is enough sleep, but by the time I got going, it was afternoon, blergh.

I took a Lyft over to Cellar Door Books, and picked up some books. Linda, the owner, asked me for help getting Latin@ YA and I was like "UH" and had to rack my brain for some names, and asked Twitter. Went to KFC to have lunch, and remembered about WNDB's resources, so I went back to the bookstore.

Anyway, because I was so helpful, Linda told me I was welcome to any of the ARCs in the back room, so I went round the back, and picked up Justina Ireland's Dread Nation, which I'm pretty excited about.

I walked to campus to pick up some more books and clear out my mailbox. Vonnie and I spoke a little--I guess the weight loss is SUPER visible to some people. IDK, I think I look mostly the same.

Walked home with my tea set and water filter, and tomorrow I'll grab the kettle, and then have to figure out how I'm bringing home the posters.

I went to swim later than usual--5pm. Did 4 sets of 6 again, and it got cold again, so I sat in the hot tub again. IDK, I'm not a fan of it. I bought a swim cap and new goggles last night and wish I'd thought about it sooner. I should have also bought a lap counter, too, now that I think of it. But as September rolls in, it will probably get colder? So I'll be at the pool less, probably. I'm gonna see if I can push my laps up to 30 before fall officially gets here, because that would be nice as a personal best. Then I gotta figure out what to do next.

I went to MacDonald's again tonight, this time with a coupon for a Happy Meal. I actually liked it! Four nuggets, half a small fries (SO SMOL!), a chocolate milk, a thing of yogurt (yogurt!!!) and I was actually quite full after. I think that might have been the combo of the yogurt and the milk. I had tummy issues after, which I'll chalk up to the milk, so next time I'll get it with the small orange juice and see how my stomach plays with that, and hopefully it's not the yogurt.

I was thinking of walking to campus to put away some books I'd strewn across a table which was not mine, because Brittany has office hours tomorrow (I think?) so I really shouldn't have all that stuff there. But I thought I'd go home and try to get some sleep early instead, and try waking up earlier.

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