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oh, my heart, you are not okay
you are not okay
lock yourself up again
that was safer
also less disruptive to
other daily operations

oh, stop making promises
that are not yours to make
i know that is what hope is:
crowns out of starlight
and petals dried in summer heat
blown away in the morning wind

you are too hungry to be exposed
one temptation and you are lost
if i do not cage you sooner
you will devour everything
and i do not care
to ingest more poison
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I am scared of your hugs
because they offer the
happy illusion that
I am
possibly precious.
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A still
hurts hearts:
the empty
air there
silence for
an age.
The death
of day's breath
lays sullen
in the bricks
and I catch
kisses there.
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Coconut, coconut,
where are you going?
Up and down and
bobbing and floating?
"East and west
and south and north,
until I come
to somewehere warm."

Coconut, coconut,
what are you seeing?
Out on the ocean
where life is teeming?
"Fish and water
and coral and salt,
clouds touching earth
and stars that fall."

Coconut, coconut,
where are you resting?
Roots come down and
shoots all growing?
"Someplace that
the tides have brought me,
warm and open,
and soft and sandy."

Coconut, coconut,
how are you doing?
Tree trunk tall and
palm leaves flowing?
"Bliss in breezes,
sunrise come early,
Setting my young
to the high tide's mercy."

Coconut, coconut,
where are you going?
Up and down and
bobbling and floating?
"East and west
and south and north,
until I come
to somewhere warm."
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I did! From 12pm today I took prompts.

See, for my Queer and Trans Theory class, the remaining 5% is a creative writing assignment, and we can pretty much do whatever. And I was out of inspiration today, having used it all on writing papers for two weeks. So I asked Tumblr for prompts, since I have a lot of queer and trans* followers on there, and if I'm going to be writing poetry on queer and trans themes, I ought to be writing for them.

becoming ash

dancing on my castaway dreams

interstitial stories + qipao (this one was kinda tough)

pore (a prompt from the inimitable Jaded16 even!)

I don't think any of them really speak to trans* themes specifically though =/ Oh well.
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Vinh and I were complaining about not getting laid and suddenly he just burst out, "This city is COCKLESS! That's the problem with Hamilton, it's just cockless!"

I don't think it actually is (there are some perfectly good cocks in this department alone. I just can't access them) but you know.

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Sometimes I think about
your fingers
and all the secret
places they
could slip
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Wrote this last Wednesday. Can't think of anywhere to send it, so putting it here. It was originally titled "Unless You Say So" but I thought this was a much better title.

Unless You Ask )
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there will be
a pop quiz on
this Thursday.

are advised to
keep it short

and textbooks
are highly [re-]
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Once, I wrote challyzatb a little ficlet about lesbian pirates that knit.

Today, I write her a haiku.

Tufts all over deck.
The Captain, Amara, frowns.
Omi’s still knitting.
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I actually wrote this three years ago, and used it for the 2008 Joyce Marshall Hsia Memorial Poetry Prize competition. I don't have it in my computer, so I thought I'd post it here.

Raindrop )
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Shakeville has a whole slew of videos and transcripts. LOL @ Prz O messing up a little =D But he does it with such equanamity!

But I said I'd post the video and transcript of Rev. Lowery's benediction when it was up, and sure enough, it is. Well, it was a while back, but I was, you know, sleeping.

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I don't know if I've ever read a more moving prayer than this one. Heck, I don't know if I've ever seen a more moving ending to a prayer. He was even inclusive of red, yellow, brown. Blub. Blub. Blub. Say what one will of religion, that is one institution that brings out the spirituality in people, fer realz, and Rev. Lowery's prayer does its best.


Apr. 11th, 2008 04:41 pm
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Got a letter from the English department today. This year, I actually DIDN'T miss the deadline for the Joyce Marshall Hsia Memorial Poetry Prize contest.

And I placed SECOND! Yay me!

In digging around Google Docs, I found some really good poetry I wished I'd submitted, but I'd forgotten about their existence for a really long while. Maybe, just maybe I could've placed first, but oh well, second is good! Not bad since I got Honourable Mention a few years back!
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Title: Daffodils
Genre: Freeverse
Theme: nature
Comments: Because everybody needs to write a poem about daffodils. Also, some fashion houses and labels rhyme. Just sayin'.

Daffodils )
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Title: Why We Do Not Make Mountains Out Of Molehills
Genre: free-verse
Theme: new horizons, change, youth
Comments: I got into an argument with a friend of my dad's, and I was exercising all my rhetoric in trying to communicate why I didn't like what he said. I'm not sure what it is about some people, but they accuse me of using too-hard language. Even short sentences didn't work. Anyway, after a lot of thinking which went frome thing to another, I wondered if I was 'making a mountain out of a molehill', as they say, and I thought, 'but what's wrong with that? The only reason why we don't do that is because the poor moles would get lost.'

Why We Do Not Make Mountains Out Of Molehills )
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Title: Monsoon Memories
Genre: Narrative in haiku form (albeit bad haiku form)
Theme: Remembrance, rain.
Comments: There's actually a huge backstory to this, which I'll post if there's sufficient interest. Suffice to say, the image of rain corresponds to a particular romance in my life, which I recalled when Sketch called me back to mod Writer's Block again. I was started to see this particular person still posting here, and it led me to write this. Again, it corresponds to something else between us back then. Possibly the torrid romance of my internet adolescence.

Monsoon Memories )
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Title: Moments of a Mosque
Genre: modernized ghazal
Theme: Several - religion, moments, multi-culturalism.
Comments: This is actually a poem I wrote for my poetry class. A ghazal is traditionally a love poem, but modern writers use the form and not the theme - the form being that it consists of several two-line stanzas, and certain words are repeated at the end of every stanza. They have to seem disconnected from each other, but when the poem as a whole is looked at, it should look unified. I don't know if I accomplished that though. Also, the poet is supposed to somehow incorporate their name into the last line.

Most Malaysians will know what I'm talking about here. When I handed this in, I also had to include an explanation for some stuff in here so my prof would get it.

Moments of a Mosque )
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Title: The Maybe Mood
Genre: Found poem - a found poem being a non-poetic text that is transformed by use of enjambment and whatnot into a poem.
Theme: Tutorial.
Comments: This is actually a grammar tutorial written by my co-worker, on "Verb Mood". He describes the various types of moods that can be used in an essay. Most of this will be on the subjunctive, which is a type of writing that's seen a lot in older writing, and in Latin they talk about it a lot, but you rarely see it in standard essays today because it's a kind of mood which promotes "possibility" and thus, doesn't make for a strong essay.

The Maybe Mood )

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