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So since swimming is untenable for the next while, I decided I would go back to the Deck of Cards Challenge. It's been a while since I tried them, because I gave up doing crunches and Russian Twists and couldn't figure out a good replacement. But I settled on some reps which I think are working out great for me, especially since they work on upper arm muscles:

Spades: squats
Clubs: push-ups (knee push-ups now, which is MUCH better)
Hearts: leg lifts (thanks to [personal profile] oracne!)
Diamonds: shoulder taps

I did 16 yesterday, and managed another 16 today. I'm going to stick to 16 until I feel stronger. But it's a strong start, to be honest, because I used to give out at around 8. But 16 is enough to really get my heart pumping and I'm sweating, geez. The insides of my upper arms are sore, and I find that if I put my hands flat on the floor, my right wrist gets a stabby pain, which is definitely not normal, but I'm not sure what causes it. Fisting my hands helps with that. Could just be my wrist muscles aren't worth a damn, not with how much punishment they get from computer work.

I DID cheat a little: after shuffling the deck, I arranged the cards so I'd get one of each suit with every four cards I pull out. But that means varying up stuff which makes it easier to stick to 16 cards. I'm going to keep at it every day until I can get through the full deck.

I'm a bit at a loss of when to do the challenge though. I've been aiming for the mornings, but I only eat a bowl of cereal in the mornings, so I don't feel particularly energized afterwards. On the other hand, I don't know that I could fall asleep afterwards. I suppose it doesn't matter what time of day, ultimately, but I just wanted to set a schedule for myself.
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So my blood test results came back, and my blood sugar is down to 5.5, which is the normal range, so technically, I am not diabetic. I'm going to stay in the Metformin for as long as I can and see if I can quit eating so much sugary stuff (I had a slice of cheesecake tonight).

I called the Consulate-General of Malaysia today and it was a really easy phone call. The guy just took my email address down and sent me the necessary forms. I need to go get MORE passport photos and a money order (ugh) but it doesn't look hard to get to. I'll get those done on Friday, and go to the Consulate on Monday.

I also heard back from one of my other committee members! She rushed her reading, but she still had a lot of comments and said she's ready to sign off on the dissertation. Sounds like she really liked it, so, yay. The third committee member who had asked for a fall defense said she would be okay with moving ahead, but I've already filed for filing fee status, so I told her not to worry about it.

To celebrate, I went for a swim, and did 30 laps. Was almost not going to, because I REALLY needed to pee in the last few laps. Also, the hot water shut off.

I still have a lot of yawning, so tomorrow I shan't take the fluoxetine in the morning but at night. I also have what feels like a sore throat or a cold? That weird feeling at the back of the roof of the mouth like it's sort from sinus issues. Except I know I am not developing sinus issues. Apparently one of the side-effects of the antidepressant is flu-like?! WEIRDNESS.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Customs and Border Protection Deferred Inspection Site at Los Angeles, because I REALLY want to get my I-94 record corrected. It's been reading Aug 2015 even though I've exited and entered the States twice since. They have an email pilot program so I tried that, but I only get back their stupid auto-response, and I've emailed three times since and they haven't changed anything. It's weird because my travel history is showing up accurate. So I'm going to their office in person to see who I need to shake my finger at, and see if they'll fix it there and then. It could be a trip for nothing, for all I know, but it'll give me something to do.
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So there WAS a heatwave and it got up to 44'C. I was about to call a Lyft, but saw that the day was suddenly cloudy! So I walked really quickly to school to get Dr. ML's signature. Had a good catch-up chat with her, and we'll go for lunch in a couple of weeks.

AND IT WAS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT WAS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I contemplated going swimming in the rain too, but there was a lot of lightning, so I decided to swim later. I DID sit right outside my door in a picnic chair watching the rain fall and writing a story, which was really good.

I tried to swim around 8.30, but the pool was frankly filthy... LOTS of pine needles on the surface, and lots of dead bugs. I DID try! I got four laps in. It's such a shame because the water was the perfect temperature, but I kept on swimming under all that flotilla and the dirt at the bottom kept swirling and I kept worrying I'd swallow an insect carcass everytime I came up for air and it was the creepiest four laps I've ever swum. And I've swum at night before! But I couldn't this time, it just felt like too much horror movie vibes in the water.

It's 44'c again today, UGH, just as the new Pokemon Legendaries are released. I'm contemplating going to campus and staying in the library there in case a raid pops up there...
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I went to Chinatown yesterday, and had lunch with Susannah. But I found that the Ripped Bodice, which I had planned on going to after the temple to kill my afternoon, is closed on Mondays, and I'm not sure why I hadn't thought to check. So I went to the Chinatown public library instead to write. I took a 5pm train home, and had dinner with My.

I tried to swim, but some rowdy kids were in the pool taking up most of the length, so I had to swim the width of it. I dive when I first push off to the ground, and push myself up from there, and I guess it's the equivalent of doing push-ups underwater? Anyway I did it so much that some muscles in my arms felt tired in a way I never felt before. It was not very satisfying to swim such short laps, though.

Today I went to campus in the morning to do some website work only to find that there's a new website manager so I didn't even have to do anything. I came home and read.

I got through Charles De Lint's Promises to Keep and I finally read the PJ Confidential anthology. The de Lint book was okay, not the kind of book I'd pick up normally, had its moments. The PJ book, though, was atrocious. I think I liked only four stories in it, and out of those only one of them I could definitively say was well-written. The rest were middling or just too short to do their material justice. So, meh.

I swam around 6pm, after the sun had started to set, so that saved me from having to put on sunscreen. Tomorrow I'll try to read some more. I also have a psychiatrist appointment which I'm pretty excited about.
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So, I did go swimming this afternoon. I've promised myself I'll swim every day this week because of the HEAT WAVE WHICH IS SO UNREASONABLE. I tried using the swimcap, and I thought I had it on right (and I tied a ponytail too, to help it) but it popped off during a lap early on, so I was like, fuck it, and left my ponytail floating free. It was hella dry after, but I conditioned it, so it's better now. (Didn't shampoo. My first time doing this.)

I read two things today: a queer witch anthology and a short-ish novel. I'm also trying to make my way through Rainbow Islands. I'll try to finish it tomorrow on the train.

Tomorrow I'm going to LA Chinatown to escape the heat and put some food out for hungry ghosts. I might return next week for the actual single-day festival... I'll try and see if I can find someone who speaks English and can tell me whether they're doing anything. Then I'll take the Metro trains out to Culver City and go to the romance novel shop, which is apparently really close to the train stop!! Fingers crossed that I'll find it, and get back in time for a later train. (I usually take the first train out of Union Station, so this will be new.)

It's about an hour to and from Culver City each way so I'm kind of nervous about that. I've never tried taking the Metro so far before--I've definitely taken the bus pretty far. I feel a bit silly that I've never done this. But there's a first time for everything!
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Went over to Aviya's today to do some world-saving on Eldritch Horror. We finished in three and a half hours. I ate a whole packet of Baked Lays. I do not feel the need to eat dinner after this.

When I got home, it was hella hot.... 32'C after sundown!!! And we're expecting a heatwave, so temperatures of 40+ in the next week. I plan on swimming every single week. But since it was still so warm, I decided to head to the pool at 8pm, and swam until 9-ish. Got to 27 laps this time, and I feel I might have been able to do more. I will try again in a couple of days to go to 30 laps. I will also try to swim every single day and -- sigh -- give the swim cap another shot. Even if my hair gets damp maybe I don't have to wash it?? Blah.

I also need to do some shopping for... clothes that fit. Specifically shorts that fit. A lot of my shorts no longer fit snugly around the hips the way they should. So they hang, and my butt looks weird as a result. My silhouette doesn't look right anymore wearing these things. It is desperately shallow, and theoretically I can wear all these things still, but honestly their pockets are not even worthwhile putting up with their ugliness! The shirts I have a reasonable amount that I look good in, so they can stay, but I need good shorts. I'll have a bunch to bring to the WisCon Clothing Swap, at least.

And while I'm shopping, I might as well invest in some sort of bathrobe, because I am spending a lot of time loafing around naked in my bedroom after my post-swim bath, mostly because my hair is wet so I don't want it on clothes I'm going to wear out or sleep in. I'm considering making out, using the obnoxious amounts of silk-like material I've got in my stash, but the patterns I'm finding seem to call for terry. I might as well just go for it anyway though. It's not like the pattern cares, and I'm not wearing it out!
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So, I bought myself a new swim cap and goggles and they got here just before the heat wave next week, which is great, because I'd like to swim every day during that heat wave.

The thing about the swim cap is I haven't figured out how to put it on without a weird bubble on the top of my head. Whenever I dived, I felt I had to do extra to swim because my heat was FLOATING and refusing to come underwater with me. I probably just need more practice, and I'll figure it out eventually.

The other thing is that my hair gets wet anyway. I know the point of the swim cap is to avoid chlorine damage, not to keep the hair completely dry, but this is still super annoying! It makes me wonder what a "bad hair day" from swimming is supposed to be like.

I ran a bit more the other night.

Yesterday my shoulders were hurting a lot, so instead of exercising I walked down Spruce St to get a Thai massage. Not that I didn't try to exercise; I went to the exercise room, and more than half the equipment were out of order, and I was looking at that weights machine thing, couldn't figure it out, so left.

Overall, I think I need to take the at-home exercise with the pushups and leg lifts a bit more seriously, because I'm plateauing at 24 laps in swimming, and my arms are getting tired in a way that I don't think they should be. I'm also starting to feel, I don't know, soft? I'm not sure how to describe it.
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After a week of radio silence, I sent my adviser an email, with a new email thread, asking about a new timeline and feedback on my diss and whether I can submit my diss for format review.

She got back to me and said she really liked my fourth chapter, that I basically delivered more than expected, and the dissertation's finally ready to be sent to the rest of my committee. So of course this meant I stayed up until 4am, checking footnotes and making sure everything looked okay so I could save it as a PDF for submission.

Today I went to campus specifically to shut down the office computer and send my diss along, asking if they could let me know whether there was feedback I'd need more than a month to address. Either way, I FINALLY submitted my diss for format review. ProQuest was an arcane thing which made me feel like I was being hoodwinked somehow. I could pay nothing and just let my diss be searchable on engine, or I could pay $95 and have my diss be distributed on more media and this latter option is called "Open Access"??? That's fucked up. And the whole thing about CC licenses, gah, IDK, in the end I went with no licenses, and no copyright purchase, because I just couldn't deal. I'm hoping I don't regret it and get to go back and change some things.

Anyway, format review!! It's one of the very latter stages of dissertating so.... I'm kind of shaken up about it.

I also meant to turn in my office key (and other keys) but Vonnie wasn't around, and I would rather give them to her directly and thank her for being so cool about letting me keep the office way past my time.

I saw Aviya in her office and chatted with her a while, and Soonyoung was doing her third written exam so I walked with her afterwards. Then I came across JJ and walked home with her too. I went to Starbucks to write some fanfic (delayed Strange Magic Week prompts) and spin some Pokestops.

After dinner, I armed myself with shoes and my Pokemon Go Plus, and did my evening thing. Every time there was a long stretch, I'd break into a short jog. At first, I did it up to a count of 20, then I was doing 30s, and 40. I can't really tell what a full second looks like, and didn't want to overdo it by running a full five minutes when I don't even know what that looks like.

It was good! I think I definitely pushed myself a little without burning myself to exhaustion. I stopped to check the pokegyms, but otherwise did not stop at all. Gosh it's so nice to be able to keep going with minimal stopping?? And STILL catch pokemon? I am digging it.

Gonna *try* to sleep earlier tonight.
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So today was going to be a bit more productive. I absolutely meant to go to campus and finish clearing my office, bring home some stuff, and then turn in keys. And swim in the afternoon.

Instead, turns out the Pokemon Worlds Championship in Anaheim was happening so Niantic released Kangaskhans and Unowns in downtown Anaheim. Someone in the Pokemon Go Riverside FB group was offering to drive folks out. This is how I ended up in a car with three white Americans who did normal things like listen to metal music and go to baseball games on the road to Anaheim... a young couple and a dude who's probably closer my age, possibly older, jumping in even later than I did.

We parked in the convention center around 2.30-ish? and walked around trying to catch things until maybe 6.30. There was a lot of walking. We left around 7-ish, stopped by In-and-Out on the way, and yeah.

So. Got a lot of walking done!
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Man I need to get to bed earlier tonight. I went to bed last night at 2, woke up at 10am, which is enough sleep, but by the time I got going, it was afternoon, blergh.

I took a Lyft over to Cellar Door Books, and picked up some books. Linda, the owner, asked me for help getting Latin@ YA and I was like "UH" and had to rack my brain for some names, and asked Twitter. Went to KFC to have lunch, and remembered about WNDB's resources, so I went back to the bookstore.

Anyway, because I was so helpful, Linda told me I was welcome to any of the ARCs in the back room, so I went round the back, and picked up Justina Ireland's Dread Nation, which I'm pretty excited about.

I walked to campus to pick up some more books and clear out my mailbox. Vonnie and I spoke a little--I guess the weight loss is SUPER visible to some people. IDK, I think I look mostly the same.

Walked home with my tea set and water filter, and tomorrow I'll grab the kettle, and then have to figure out how I'm bringing home the posters.

I went to swim later than usual--5pm. Did 4 sets of 6 again, and it got cold again, so I sat in the hot tub again. IDK, I'm not a fan of it. I bought a swim cap and new goggles last night and wish I'd thought about it sooner. I should have also bought a lap counter, too, now that I think of it. But as September rolls in, it will probably get colder? So I'll be at the pool less, probably. I'm gonna see if I can push my laps up to 30 before fall officially gets here, because that would be nice as a personal best. Then I gotta figure out what to do next.

I went to MacDonald's again tonight, this time with a coupon for a Happy Meal. I actually liked it! Four nuggets, half a small fries (SO SMOL!), a chocolate milk, a thing of yogurt (yogurt!!!) and I was actually quite full after. I think that might have been the combo of the yogurt and the milk. I had tummy issues after, which I'll chalk up to the milk, so next time I'll get it with the small orange juice and see how my stomach plays with that, and hopefully it's not the yogurt.

I was thinking of walking to campus to put away some books I'd strewn across a table which was not mine, because Brittany has office hours tomorrow (I think?) so I really shouldn't have all that stuff there. But I thought I'd go home and try to get some sleep early instead, and try waking up earlier.
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So I've been reading in bed, on my phone. That's going pretty okay.

Today, I went to campus, and joined a Moltres raid on the way there. On the way back home, Lewis texted me, saying he was done teaching, so I told him I'd be down to go raiding some more if he had a car. He does, so, we go downtown, we join a Lugia raid, then move over to a Zapdos raid. We wander around spinning stops, come across a couple who had raided with us, and decide to head down to Jurupa Valley for a Moltres. We have to hang out a while, because people are taking time to get there, but with 8 people, we get the Moltres. Then as a group, we head out to an Articuno raid, where we join another group, and make it a raid of 19 people.

I got 4 out of 5 legendaries. Pretty good streak thus far. Lewis finally has a couple of legendaries in his 'dex, too.

When I got home, I decide, well, the sun's going down, but the water might still be warm, so I head out for a swim (this is around 6.40pm). And, well, not only is the sun going down, but the air is WINDY, and the temperature's dipped under 30'c, so the water is warmer, and just, brrrrr.... it's cold enough that I decide to do three sets of 6 laps, which brings my personal best up to 24 laps. Someone else also swam, he came in later, but left earlier. I was gonna skedaddle home right after getting out of the water but it was SO COLD I leapt into the hot tub nearby instead to warm up. It's kinda awkward being in a hot tub with someone else there who you're not talking to!!!

So, yay personal best, but, dammit, my dinner is so fucking late as a result =/ I really must get my day moving earlier so I can eat at actual meal times.
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Today I did a rare thing: I had rice porridge for the first time in a while, with some spam, and for dinner I went to McDonald's, about two blocks away. Apparently it's been there a while and got refurbished? IDK. I tried out the touchscreen menu thing and ordered food without talking to anybody. This is how I found out that it is possible to get only FOUR pieces of chicken nuggets, not the 10 on the main menu, not the 6 I grew up with. So that is what I did. I also treated myself to a chocolate milkshake, but alas, it was too sweet to be really satisfactory.

It was also really cold inside, where the cushioned seats were, so bleh. I went to sit outside on the patio for a while and that was nice, but blah, the seats were not comfy. So much for trying to get some book reading or writing done.

I really should try to get out to campus tomorrow, maybe do a hike (and see if I can get a clipping of my favourite rosebush while I'm out there). I need to clear out my office some more too.

Still no work from my adviser on the state of my dissertation. I hope it's not because it's too much garbage to wade through.

I'm otherwise feeling pleased because I finally finished reading a couple of back issues laying in my e-reader, and am now going to read the August Lightspeed issue. I'm a bit tired from staring at the screen a lot and should try to figure out some better reading habits. But the rest of my room is overwhelming (or boring) to look at (I keep thinking I need more containers or whatever). I don't like looking out the window because it's so fucking bright. Gaaahhh IDK.

Last night Emily called me because I felt particularly moody and we chatted for several hours as we took our respective walks. I have discovered it is possible to run Pokemon Go while on the phone in this way.

I swam 18 laps today in under an hour! I feel ready to try for 21 next time ^^
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There are still some citations that I can't seem to find page number for, and the footnotes are going to be messy until the final round because I cannot be arsed to fix it when I know I'm going to have to do it AGAIN after the next round of edits. I re-read the conclusion and it was not as rubbishy as I thought, so I fixed it up some more. I got through re-reading and editing the fourth chapter too, and hopefully it won't need to many edits. (Splitting it off to make it my next book project will probably be the thing, anyway.) Dr. ML says she'll get it back to me on Monday, so that's half a week I've got to take a break and do OTHER things besides my dissertation.

Then I went to campus and cleaned up my desk a bit, and pulled down my posters. I brought home some books, sorted some papers. There's a small thing of stationery I'll take to the big TA office. I should have my office cleared out by the weekend.

I've been eating sandwiches for lunch: sourdough bread, with spreadable ham and some cheese. It's been really nice! The grill is working great even though it's broken and I have to hold it together with an elastic headband. Still have some lasagna left, but the other night I had some shallow-fried fish, and that was nice.

I went for a walk tonight, and for a couple of stretches I jogged a bit. I didn't stretch beforehand, which I think may have made the jogs a bad idea. I'm trying to see if I can get this usual 5k walk down to 1 hour from the 1 and a half hours. It just takes so long! I did forget that jogging/running makes me sweat like my forehead is leaking all over my face and I should have worn a headband. Next time *shakes fist* IIRC I also used to run with a towel, too, especially when running in Malaysia. (I don't recall having to do that in Halifax.) I wasn't as winded for the brief spurts I did do, though, so that's something, I think.

Maybe I'll ask someone if they want to go to the trampoline park.
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I looked into getting a SPI Belt, and hopefully one will arrive in a few days. Maybe I'll go to a Target and buy a Pokemon Go Plus; the battery seems to run about a month with intense use, and since I'll only be using it for exercise, it might be worth it.

I meant to get to campus earlier, but there was a Lugia raid across my house so I went to join it. I did make a sandwich, though, with the spreadable ham and cheese. Wrapped it in wax paper and took it with me to campus, and I ate it, and it was delicious.

I wrote 7 pages of conclusion, am aiming for the whole 12 before I go to bed tonight. I just don't know what else to say. I took another break at 4-ish to join another Articuno raid by the Psychology building.

I got home around 6.40, fried some fish, and then went walking at 7.30-ish (coulda been 7.40; either way I was back at 9pm). It was still a little light out so I could walk all the way to Box Springs Mountain Reserve, although, the nice thing is, there is a streetlight there now so it felt less creepy.

But really, one and a half hours walking is just not doing it for me anymore, it takes SO LONG!!!! It IS about 5km, though, so maybe I'll make 5k running my next exercise goal? I just want to be able to not have to take so long going up the hill and back.

15 to 18

Jul. 29th, 2017 09:34 pm
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I got zero writing done in the morning. I had such visions of waking up early to go to campus and working until afternoon. I even dug out my sandwich grill to bring a lunch to school.

Alas, I tossed and turned when I turned in at 12.30am with horrid depressive anxious thoughts, had a crying fit, and who knows what time I actually slept, but waking up at 6am was not happening. And then I was so tired I frittered the morning away.

I went to have lunch with YL, her last day here in the States for who knows how long. Had like, five mozza sticks. Afterwards, I went to Starbucks to work, and finished my fourth chapter, so yay. I twiddled with pagination and footnotes before going home. I'm at 188 pages, out of the targeted 200! So now, a 12-page conclusion, sigh.

I swam 18 laps today. Wasn't going to, but I was at 15, and then decided, what the heck, let's up it to 18. I think I still did it within the 40 minutes I was in the pool for. My arms and knees were a bit hurty but that might not be from the swimming. My arms have been hurting a lot lately because of the computer work.

Stuff came in the mail today: my graduation pin which I'd left in the rental gown (the clip part is busted); the SUNVAULT anthology (gave it to YL since she hadn't received her copy); and red lacy Bandalettes! I like 'em, they're super cute, even with shorts. I may need more short shorts just for an excuse to wear them, ha.

In my Forest app, I unlocked a new tree, the gingko tree, which is one of the more attractive trees in the app thus far. I've been using Forest a lot. I find I'm most productive away from the computer with social media. I'm going to handwrite some conclusion-esque things and see how that goes.
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So, pretty productive day! I went to Starbucks around 9.30am, and hung out there until 12.30pm. I think it really helped to be outside the house in a public space surrounded by people. I got a lot of writing done, and the chapter end is in sight. Was hoping to be done with it by tonight, but my afternoon nap stretched longer than expected.

I went for my evening walk at 7pm instead of the usual 9pm. By the time I got to the top of Blaine St., it was still light enough that I could walk all the way to Box Springs Mountain Reserve, which I usually don't get to, because it's not very well-lit at night so it looks vaguely scary. (I get a lot of flak for walking in the evenings after sunset because girl and all that but I still do have SOME sense of self-preservation.) The mountain was really nicely lit up by the sunset, too, which I rarely look at. I really ought to look into running up there, though, because hour-and-a-half walks are just... too long.

On the way home, I ran into Jose from Hispanic Studies, and we chatted a bit while I petted his dog. It surprises people, turns out, that I have diabetes, because to most people I seem to live a really active and healthy life. Which, I guess, yeah, compared to most grad students I know, I kinda do. But I'm not really THAT outgoing.

Anyway, maybe sugar is NOT the problem, because at Starbucks I treated myself to a whoopie pie with no ill effects. Then what was my problem at Coco's? The french fries? IDK.
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Success! I broke a machine needle, but I finally pried the SIM card slot out of my Xiaomi phone! And transferred my stuff over into the new Samsung. I'm not a fan of the UI--it's too chunky for my liking, but the other alternative were too-small icons. Argh! I'm also not crazy about being forced to have a page specifically for contacts. I've been messing with the arrangements of apps, but there are so many decisions to be made. So I've been working instead on restoring access to my stuff and trying to remember and reset passwords left right center. But! New phone! I bought a bunch of phone cases to celebrate.

I also did a lot of grocery-shopping: bought bone-in chicken and fish. I usually parcel out the chicken into individual ziplock bags, marinating them individually (and with a different mixture of stuff) and freezing them so it's easier to cook just ONE piece of chicken at a time. I decided I'd try to do the same with fish as well. This means leaving the fish to dry for a bit, so now my kitchen smells like raw fish. Hopefully it'll pay off. I bought a bunch of Good Thins and flatbread crackers, apparently Spam now has a BACON flavour, and also some spreadable ham, because I've never seen it before. Also garlic sourdough, which I regret because it's really salty. I made some beef stroganoff and used that to make lasagna (with alfredo sauce, and refried beans, and cheese), so I have meals for the next six days.

There was a bit of stroganoff left, so I put it on two slices of bread. I got weirdly full after eating one piece, though? And I had a cherry. I didn't get hungry again until 4 or 5pm. I don't know, this is weird.

No stomach troubles today. I really do think stomach troubles come when I consume some outright sugary stuff.

I also got 15 (maybe 16, I lost count at some point) laps in. I think I swam faster this time? I'll keep to 15 when I swim this Saturday, and next week I'll up the ante to 18. I need to do a bit more strength training though. Tomorrow I'll pop into the exercise room of my complex and check out the machines that they've brought in since I was last in there (which was something like two years ago). I'm thinking of getting like an arm band or waist band for my phone so I can jog with it, and apparently Pokemon Go Plus can be had now and is not some magic treasure anymore. So, I don't know, I'll look into that, maybe.

This has taken me away from dissertating. I am a bad grad student. But I did manage to get out to the University Village concert and get some writing done. Perhaps that is what I'll do tomorrow; find some outdoors and be there and write. I did also start formatting my dissertation for submission. I only have one section left to write, and got started on it, then it's conclusion, and MAYBE I'll have time to see what my advisor said about the introduction and chapter 2.

7.5 - 5.7

Jul. 24th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Well, I took a hydrocoxine last night, and it threw me for a loop in which I couldn't wake up early enough for my liking, and was really groggy. My body felt really heavy, and I'm still feeling the effects this afternoon. But! It was otherwise a decent day: my friend Jose texted me around 1pm about a Legendary raid, and there was a crowd of people when I got there! I feel I should have been a bit more sociable, but I was not trying to evade my dissertation today. And we defeated it! And I got the Articuno! Yay!

My doctor also had good news for me today: my blood sugar level, which had been at 7.5, way at the top of the Type 2 diabetes range, has scaled down to 5.7. My doctor is very impressed; he's never seen such a fast turnover before. If there ever was a moment for the Glow of Virtue, this was totally it. My bad cholesterol level is on the high end, but it's balanced out by the good cholesterol, so yay I guess. I'm hoping to knock the 5.7 down to 5 by the time I see him again in September. My insurance is until the 24th, so that's enough time for one more blood test.

I am considering buying weights, just a couple of dumbbells, for building arm strength. I'm going to sit on this for a while and see how I feel in a couple of weeks. I'm going to dig out some unused sheets and try using those as exercise mats, though. My brother uses a folded old blanket.

Not swimming today; the sky's too cloudy and I don't like swimming in a cold pool. I guess I SHOULD get used to that, though. It's so nice, so I lament not taking advantage of the cloudy sky to go for a morning hike. Maybe I can do that tomorrow!
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My phone died overnight, having refused to charge without being babysat, so I decided, once it was charging merrily without my overnight but taking too long for my liking, that I would go to campus and do work without the phone. This turned out to be a very good thing indeed, because I wasn't tempted to watch it all the time. I've also logged out of most social media on my work computer, so that was nice too. Emily Jiang checked in with me around 11.30 for some writing, and that was nice too.

I still can't focus on the screen, it seems, so I switched to handwriting some paragraphs instead. This helped quite a bit. Except for some sentences here and there, I'm starting work on a new section, articulating the concept of minor literature in relation to multicultural steampunk.

I ate at the Getaway, taking laptop and writing book and pencil and eraser with me. Had a couple of slices of a pizza, packed the rest, got back to my office, and coughed up a couple more paragraphs. Then I went home.

Swam 16 laps today. Was gonna stick to 15, but thought I could push on just once more. I'm feeling, as [personal profile] oracne calls it, the Glow of Virtue, which I promptly ruined by eating a sponge cake. I finished my remaining sausages, too. I haven't heard back about the results of my blood test from yesterday, but I assume I'll hear back by the end of the week, and if there's anything big, the doctor will call me (which is what he did last time). But I'm really crossing my fingers that my blood sugar levels have dropped.

I have been very good and did not text anybody today.

I submitted a poem. It's been a while since I wrote a poem I felt good about, so that's nice. It might be a bit too sentimental, IDK, I like its tweeness, but maybe it's too schmoopy? Oh well.

I'm gonna try to make it to campus tomorrow for some more writing by hand, and I think I will leave the phone home again so I don't get anxious around it. Until my mini-USB port replacement comes, I'll use it as little as possible so I don't keep freaking out over recharging it and possibly aggravating the problem even more.
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Yesterday after a long day of doing nothing and feeling terrible about it, I went to check out the University Village free concerts. I'd wanted to sit upstairs on the balcony overlooking the concert, but a security guard told me I couldn't, new management, so sorry, bla bla bla.

I did a lot of paperwork today. I scanned and printed (using the Sproul Hall printers for the first time ever) and sent my OPT application forms off to the international student center so they can nod and approve of it and tell me that yes, I can send it off to immigration.

Lindsay came to get me and we went for lunch at Best Thai. Been a while since I ate there. We then went to look for dessert- she wanted boba tea, and I wanted something sugar-free. Turns out that the store her students had recommended her and the store we Googled for sugar-free desserts were in the same plaza, conveniently.

The dessert place is called The Thinnery, and it bills itself as a sugar-free bakery, specifically for diabetics, and folks with heart conditions, weight watchers and just plain ol' folks watching their sugar, I guess. There was only one man working there--the only one left of his family doing the business (out of 31 years!) and he'd been cleaned out earlier, so I had to wait a bit to get the chocolate mousse brownie I wanted. It was very good. There were also sugar-free cookies, and I got those too (which also turned out to be very good). And a heat-damaged box of chocolates for half-price so I ganked that too.

Lindsay and I decided to go to Ontario Mills for some shopping. I'd been thinking about how most of my clothes fit but not well. I'd been staying away from close-sitting clothing for years because I have weird body issues (also because grad school left me with no energy to care about my appearance beyond professional), but these days I kind of crave short shorts, close fitting, with pockets, things I can wear to go for my long walks with.

We went to Uniqlo first, and I ended up with two pairs of gym shorts, a pair of dressier shorts that almost matched the one I wore into the store except one size down, a long skirt with POCKETS, and a bra. Not shabby. We also stopped by a store with the CUTEST makeup brushes and I just... couldn't... not buy a set. I don't even use makeup that often, but I really want to? I shall make an attempt. Of course I say that every couple of years...

We spent a LONG time in that mall.

I wanted to go swimming, but there were just too many people in the poo, and my period is still going, so I'm going to try tomorrow. But I also decided to try organizing my makeup basket. I think I have been successful but it also means I have to organize, like, everything else around it. I'm now sneezing because I've been touching things that have not been handled in a long time. I had to throw out a bunch of things, like a foundation that was the only really waterproof stuff I'd found, super useful when I did a lot of water shoots around Halifax. But now it just looks weird and ashy on me, so it needed to go. I should test a bunch of the eyeshadow too, though, but my face feels raw from all that testing the foundation and washing it off and raw so I don't feel like it.

Lindsay also remarked on how visible the weight I've lost is. I hadn't really been paying attention to it, since I'm more focused on learning to just eat less and get more movement in. Ideally I'd also be working towards a more toned body but my metabolism and lifestyle and general genetics do not incline my body that way, so oh well. But it got me wondering about how much I've lost since I started the diet and exercise thing in May. So I started pulling out things to wear that I haven't in a long time because the last time I tried, they were really uncomfortable to wear, or I couldn't button it up, or something.

Turns out it's enough that I can fit a BUNCH of old things I thought I'd have to give away. A Lip Service goth jacket I haven't worn in five years can now be buttoned up. It's still suuuuuper snug, especially on the upper arms (because goths always have thin arms I guess) but I can squish most of myself in now. I'm really impressed. My favourite gray skirt which had been too tight for a couple of years now sits comfortably around my waist again, which is really nice. Who knows what else I'll achieve. Hopefully not the need to buy a new wardrobe, though. There are still things I'd like to give away; I'll have things to bring to next WisCon's clothing swap.

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