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So I was reading about this TV series called Supah Ninjas which has an As-Am cast and I got super-excited about it but was deflated when someone else told me that it's basically a rehash of Jake Long, complete with white love interest and black sidekick so I thought, well, I could totally think up a better show.

And this is what I thought up )

Seems cool, I think.

Well all that needs to be done in a shit ton of research.
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I was trying to nap, right, and for some reason I start thinking this:

Tsai Kim is so below-average, her killer thought no one would miss her when he kidnapped and buried her. But Tsai Kim is a descendant in a long line of [sorcerers/magicians/people prone to seeking immortality/magic-wielders/charm makers/folk with magic in them anyway], so when he buries her in the wrong--in this case, the right--kind of earth, she comes back to life, angry and hungry for vengeance.

Tsai Kim's powers are contingent on her finding revenge, but vengeance is a poor reason to live. Can she both seek justice and reclaim her life?

I don't write urban fantasies. I don't even read the genre. So I blame [livejournal.com profile] yeloson for talking about Shinto vampires the other day and I was totally reading Derrida last night.
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So this morning I woke up at 5.30am, and a good thing too, because I forgot to set my alarm? And I have a 9.30 class. Anyways, I had this terrific epic dream. I have no idea who I was but I know I was trying to escape from like this super maximum security place where I and a lot of other people were being forced to live, and I figured out a way out? Except it involved climbing out of windows and crawling on roofs and things like that to get to the cliff-side. And there was a captain dude who was on our side! And he was supposed to help us! But in order to avoid scrutiny after I clattered on the roof for a bit I clambered down to the street to take part in a lesbian festival! Which was really just like, an open mic night, where there were a lot of lesbians (I do not know how I knew they were lesbians!). HOWEVER, there was another captain dude who was like, evil and stuff! And he stalked me and good captain dude down, so we split up to avoid notice, but not too far from each other, so fortunately for us the festival took place around a giant tree in the middle of this town square, and I went to hang with two freedom fighter friends of mine on one side of the tree who were listening to the lesbian festival open mic concert too! And we were talking all sotto voce about how we were going to organize our escape with all the other prisoners when we heard a whinny on the other side of the tree! And we were like "that's good captain dude's horse! He can't do anything without her!" So we ran to the other side, but the horse was dead and good captain dude was nowhere to be seen! And bad captain dude was all like "ARE YOU OKAY?" with a creepy Jared Loughner smile and dragged me back to some palace or station or something where he promised me good captain dude was being attended to and I got locked in some room and had to make my way out.

This is where I woke up at 5.30am, and since my alarm was ste for 7am, I figured I should try to finish the dream! Which I sort of did! What happened was after an excruciating session of playing dumb and cutesy for bad captain dude who was interrogating me in as nice a way as possible, I was rescued by Benjamin Sisko! Yes! Of DS 9! I don't even care that much for DS9. However! I and everybody else in the resistance movement managed to get free with a spaceship and all (as it turns out, magic kingdom by the sea was actually a space station) and just as we were about to leave, Sisko was all like GO AHEAD I'M GOING BACK and I was like WHAT WHY and he said he was going to rescue good captain dude. And the space station exploded and stuff, but he DID rescue good captain dude! And I think there was some slash stuff going on because I woke up feeling jealous and shit.

So. This thing has been preying on my mind ALL DAY and I think it could mutate into a semi-decent story.

Dreams are so weird.
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I've been considering what to do for my MA project. I asked my supervisor-to-be and the head of the English department if it's okay for me to incorporate creative writing into my project, and they like the idea. I'm gonna copy-paste what I wrote sometime last month about this on Silver Goggles:

Step 1: Identify postcolonial approaches on / readings of fiction.

Step 2: Attempt reading of primary texts using postcolonial approaches.

Step 3: Apply postcolonial approach to a new primary text, i.e., explore through some creative writing how a postcolonial approach might look like with the steampunk aesthetic.

I'm guessing I'll try to identify different schools of postcolonialism, and dedicated one chapter and particular readings to each, and then execute the approach I used at the end of the chapter. So it'll be an evolving story, of sorts. I haven't decided yet what the story will be, and likely, I won't know until I actually start the writing. But it'll probably follow my usual MO of exploring a particular setting and certain characters.

So, I have two choices right now:
Cut for thinky thoughts )
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I'll be working on editing Sugar Melts on the way home, or I may wait for comments from [livejournal.com profile] caitlin_chan and [livejournal.com profile] tariq_kamal (they're both very different reading audiences. Caitlin is slightly more familiar with my writing, Tariq knows the geography I'm talking about. Kinda. LoL) before editing, and I know the first six chapters, I'm going to edit the shit out of them. Re-write them, even. Anyway, no matter what, I should still think about my next project, because I'm going to go squirrely if I don't have something on the go next. I have a short fiction that needs to be typed, and the Steampunk Magazine essay on race (which is so hard to write because I end up ranting so much). But I'm talking next novel-length story.

I miss writing Princess Jussy, but her stories never come to me to warrant novel-length. I mean, pulp-fiction stuff around 30k words at most, but even then, not really. So much fun to write though. Maybe I'll just write them for fun and throw them on a site for free. I would like to write more Amara and Omi, but it feels like I can't get their stories out before Jussy's. Although I do have a great hunting story of them before they got into piracy percolating in my brain.

I really want to write a Charity Bright story. She never took off in RP, but I love her. I love the concept of her. She's complete fluff, but in a good way. I've been writing some Charity stuff for a bit and I like the stuff I've come up with: a loyal daughter, a good employer, and a bit of a white-knight complex, what with the whole born-of-vampire thing she's got going for her. I want to write a story about her in which she disintegrates and then is completely distilled into the goodness that she innately is, but has to work to show. Charity has never left me. Most of my other RP characters have (the only other ones which haven't are Joline and Jakun) (although admittedly I used all my Transcendence characters for a NaNovel).

I also want to go back to my NaNo '09, but I don't think I could handle it right now. It was so painful writing it, I don't think I have the proper distance for it yet.

Decisions, decisions....
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Back, plot bunnies, back! Confound me no more!!

I just thought it would be a fine idea to write a story whimsically called, "Deathrays and Doom". Or rather, "Deathrays and DOOM."

I also just tweeted the following:

"Deathrays! Dirigibles! Dashing daredevil damsels! Dastardly deathtraps! Deadly dominions! Dreamy dramas! Diva demigoddesses!"

Oh MAN. (I had to check thesaurus.com for the last two.) This is actually sounding good.

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Salon Broadsheet has an article called "I Sunk Your Abortion Ship!"

As founder of the Dutch group Women on Waves, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts has faced more than her share of tough challenges. You see, her organization operated a ship called the Aurora, which docked off the shore of countries where abortion is illegal and invited women on board to terminate their pregnancies. Women on Waves was able to skirt national abortion bans by docking in international waters, where boats are subject to the laws of their home countries. Of course, Gomperts has faced everything from legal battles to death threats. When she arrived in Portugal in 2004, the government greeted her with a fleet of warships.

She's like a fucking REAL LIFE PIRATE VIGILANTE! Man, the lengths that people will go to prevent women from taking ownership of their own bodies. Warships? Wouldn't all that money be better spent on education programs and free birth control for all?

Tiara: ...WOW
I have heard about this abortion boat
but I never really realised it was real
me: ....
the Abortion Boat
Tiara: ha, sorry
me: That is BEGGING to be made into a novel
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So, I was thinking of the song Beyond Antares which is what Uhura sings in one of the TOS episodes and I wiki'd "Antares".

Apparently Antares means "against Ares".

I thought, "Airship Antares sounds like a great name for a band."

And then I thought, "a band of pirates!"

And I thought of an airship band of anti-war bandits? mercenaries? just flying around stopping wars, helping the peasantry empower themselves so they'll never be taken advantage and have to fight for some aristocrat.

Anyways, I can't really think of anything more concrete than that. If I ever started to steampunk crew, I'd probably call us that.

Meantime, here's Nichelle Nichols singing Beyond Antares. Her voice is absolutely divine:

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Tapirs. Yes. Tapirs are very cute. They're this weird mix between a rhino and a horse. They only stand 1 meter tall, and are about 2 meters long. Read more about tapirs at Wikipedia.

Really, all you need to know is that tapirs are ridiculously cute and sadly an endangered species because we keep cutting down forests where they live. Their babies are brown with white stripes AND spots!

Anyways. I have tapirs in the new novel I'm working on for NaNo '09. I was looking at my map and re-drawing it and working out the geography. I've decided to set it in a tropical climate, with mossy forests and canopy forests and terraced rice fields and giant paddy fields with buffalo, and rivers with crocodiles.

I'm very excited, and the research is amazing fun. Did you know the collective noun for crocodiles is "a bask of crocodiles"?

The tapirs I'm most familiar with are, obviously, the Malayan tapir, very distinctive because it has a white saddleback and everything else is black. Most other tapirs are brown. Mountain tapir have wooly hides! They live in the Andes, though, so that makes sense. Might they be related to the wooly mammoth somehow?!

At the same time, I also researched geography and learned about different rock formations (while trying to come up with a good name for a very high mountain range which blocks percipitation to the south-western part of the continent hence there's a big honking desert there.

Look at that. Look at how darn cute that snout is.

Tapirs have very short hair, you know. I wonder if I'll be allergic to them.

When tapirs sniff the air, they exhibit the flehmen response, meaning their mouth muscles get pulled back to bare their teeth. The result is that they look fucking pissed off! But they're actually shy and retiring creatures, preferring to duck under cover. However, if you DO piss them off, they will bite. Like most herbivores, I imagine.

In the world I'm building, there's kinda like a tradition or religion which revolves around.... confectionary. Yes. Confectionary is magic in this world! Or rather, most people manifest their magic through confectionary. Except for my protagonist, poor thing. She's the apprentice to the greatest chocolate witch (artisan) in the land and just can't get a hang of things. It's okay though.

No, she will not get a tapir companion. That's just too silly. She WILL however, ride tapirs! Because tapirs are sacred magical creatures in this world.

Speaking of tapis being sacred magical creatures, Japanophiles! Baku are mythical dream-eating creatures which sorta kinda look like tapir! Kinda, anyway. Old descriptions of it are weirder and involve "an elephant’s trunk, rhinoceros eyes, an ox tail, and tiger paws", but these days baku are depicted as tapir!

Did I mention that above this continent floats a Cotton Candy Cloud Kingdom? Oh yeah.

And did I mention tapirs are made of awesome cute? Oh yeah.
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Jha says:
Jha says:
EVAR, even
Caitlin says:
O rly?
Jha says:
Jha says:
Jha says:
Caitlin says:
Jha says:
Jha says:
imagine this!
Jha says:
Hermione kicking ass alongside Morgan and being Ancient Mai's protege
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Jha says:
and Harry would finally get laid by a NICE girl for once.
Caitlin says:
Jha says:
now THERE's a Harry/Hermione ship I could get on.
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Sorry, brain was going to the wrong Harry.
Caitlin says:
(Potter, not Dresden.)
Jha says:
Caitlin says:
Shaddap, I am sleep-deprived.
Jha says:
c'mon, you know Harry Dresden would be a FAR SUPERIOR PICK compared to ron fucking weasley
Caitlin says:
Jha says:
Jha says:
but he still wouldnt be allowed to watch.
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
But he'd be happy that Harry got himself a nice, smart girl who who would be able to follow along with whaTEVER CRAZINESS WAS GOING ON.
Caitlin says:
Oops, caps.
Caitlin says:
Jha says:
Jha says:
i mean, i like murphy, but she and harry are friends, and i really like them that way
Jha says:
and Hermione would get along with Bob. AND Murphy, I would think.
Caitlin says:
Caitlin says:
Yes she would.
Jha says:
Jha says:
Jha says:
Caitlin says:

And if you have not yet watched the Dresden Files series, you should. Because Paul Blackthorne is ridiculously hot, and his portrayal of Harry Dresden is gosh-darn-too-cute-for-words. So, they would make the prettiest magical babies.

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Yeap! I went looking through my old posts for this one introducing my cast of characters. It's all glossing over them, but in general is fairly accurate. And added a bit more too, to give you guys an idea of where I get my inspiration from.

clickums )
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... goes "Moon Hut of the She-Wolf Sister", coined by the inestimable RenEv.

Oh, and of course you guys should totally watch the videos in that link, too, because they're awesome.
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"This is awesome!"

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Charlie's Angels and Smurfs.
The story should use creepy interent fetishes as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Soul Calibur and Finding Nemo.
The story should use marriage as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Super Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy 5.
The story should use losing one's virginity as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining 4chan and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
The story should use furries as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Got this from Hoyden About Town.

NaNo 2008!

Sep. 21st, 2008 09:38 pm
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Yeap, I'm psyched for it already. I've been thinking all day (and wearing my ugly purple tortured-artist sweater) working on a couple of stories. One's an old idea I've had since I was a child, which is shaping up to be steampunk-ish (complete with dirigibles and stuff) but it's a bit of an epic, so I'm going to have to work on that for a while.

This other one is a reframe of the traditional Sleeping Beauty myth, wherein the idealistic prince doesn't give Beauty the True Love's First Kiss she needs to wake up, but argues with the Story Fairy about how Things Should Be. Story Fairy isn't happy, of course, but she only runs the stories, she doesn't run the people in it, haha.

For more story )

So I had a beginning and an end, but no middle. And I figure maybe a serial would be the best way to go about this, so I sat down, wrote out fifty slots in my Plot Bunny Book, and started filling in random slots with randomly generated titles. Some of them are purposefully generated in a random way in order to give me an idea of what the story needs to fulfil my Princess Checklist.

My Princess Checklist is currently as follows:
Click to see Checklist )

I have a series of stories that run the gamut of comedy to more serious themes. Each story will have 1,000 words (if it goes any longer I'll wrap up with a summary and move on) and at the end of the 50,000 I'll sit back and see which ones suck and which ones work, and develope the ones which work into longer works. I have cheesy titles like "Jussy & the City of Light" and weird ones like "Jussy & the Closet of Queen Mira", and ambitious ones like "Jussy on the Thorny Path Through Hell", and plain old comedic ones like "Jussy & the Lampshade Affair". Some of them are loosely based on myths I know; others are ideas I would like a character to encounter; some few are shamelessly ripped from Star Trek and the like.

Hopefully, I'll come away with my sanity intact, because the devil is truly in the details for this one. Even if I don't, this story will still end up with a middle.
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So I was reading about all these depressing historical theories which posit the shift from communal gender roles to the stifling patriarchy that engenders many of today's societies, particularly with the use of religion that gives a theological basis for "why women are bad".

Picking up from Milton's Paradise Lost thread, in which Adam willingly eats of the forbidden fruit after he realizes Eve's eaten it too... he does it because he loves her and is willing to take the fall with her, even though he knows it's wrong. I kinda want to explore that a bit more - there're plenty of stories where men and women hate each other for no good reason, and I want to read/write a story where love is good, and love is rewarded.

So anyway, Eve is preggers and she and Adam are freaked out and terrified, and they don't have anybody else, so I'll have the hard task of illustrating a very vulnerable moment between them, followed by tenderness, where Eve is angry at herself for not just what happened to her (being pregnant) but also to Adam, because they're both hungry and suffering and in pain (hiking up to their cave is no easy feat), and basically, Adam rises up and declares his love for her.

As a result of this, God is pleased, and sends Michael and Gabriel down to help Eve with the last of her pregnancy and the birth, imparting knowledge that Adam and Eve need to know if they're going to survive.

This obviously needs more thought, and I think it would be nice to have as a song too, but yeah.
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It was a pretty bad film, but it did give me a good idea for a fantasy short story. I was cooking up all sorts of scientific explanations for vampires and werewolves and the ecology of the human-vampire/werewolf food chain.

"There are no were-kangaroos, werewallabies, werewombats or werekoalas. I should slap you silly for thinking something like that."



Jan. 18th, 2007 11:33 pm
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I'm kinda fresh out of ideas for a short story, except for one I'm going to write for the next workshop of mine.

PROMPTS! Just give me a line, a word, an image, and I'll free-write you something.

Idea dump

Oct. 17th, 2006 11:23 am
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- People who lives in Glass Houses...

- The Fear of Judgement / the Fear of Passing Judgement

- The Man in the Mirror

- Jacob Fighting the Angel

- Honesty is REALLY the best Policy

- Underestimation: Pride is not all bad

- Nothing Worthwhile is Ever Easy

- Kwitcher Bitchin', DO Somethin'
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Not sure what genre this would be in, but I'll stick it in steampunk, although it's not very Victorian. Some bits of it are actually a little cyberpunk-ish, too, with the anarchy going on.

Summary )

The Subway People )

Free )

Sam )

Sarah )

The Frontier )

Plot & Themes )

I think this will make a pretty decent story, a novella at least. What do you guys think? Would this actually be worth reading, and thus, writing? Or should I shelve it for now?
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I suck.

Right now I'm working on a fic sequel of Aphra Behn's The Disappointment, and I've got the first half done. The second half is going to be cute in the "oh, hahaha! those silly teens who like each other but are too afraid to say so" sort of way.

But all of a sudden I got struck by a new story which will read like a series of shorts (drabbles maybe?), each containing some sort of lesson as it chronicles the life of a young prince who tries to conquer a country by force but ends up being its sultan by contrivance of the women of the court - who are really in charge but it's never really said. It's so racist and sexist. I must admit my readings of Fatima Mernissi and currently Zeyneb Hanoum's "A Turkish Woman's European Impressions" really show through in this story.

Since it's a series of condensed stories which read like little myths, it should be easier to write since I can write them out of order, print them out and keep them in an envelope until I think they're done and arrange them as I go along. We'll see. I'm having a lot of problems with WIPs currently.

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