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Yesterday I went into Box Springs again. There's a fence between Box Springs and Islander Park on Linden, the wall of which is the pipe through which I usually scootch. But this time I wanted to see if I could find the other end of the fence which the Metrolink put up which cuts off easy access from Big Springs Road to the "C" trail. It took me a while, but eventually I found a trail that winds out near the intersection of Watkins and Mount Vernon, right into the parking lot of the Riverside STEM Academy, which I hadn't even realized was a thing.

I was pretty pooped afterwards though. I meant to go back out to do a raid after lunch, but thought I'd lay down for a twenty minute nap which turned into two and a half hours. Ooops.

What I did get started on which was semi-productive was fixing up my jeans. The smallest pair of jeans from several years ago (probably when I first moved here) fit, but it had gaping holes in the inner thigh area (as one does). It was really comfy and I didn't feel like giving it up, so I basically double-patched it: inside and outside. That's some reinforcement in the places which get the most friction, and hopefully this will hold up. I think it'll work out well.

Today I spent puzzling out how to alter my jacket sleeves. I think I undid my stitches on the left sleeve about 8 times trying to make it lay down right. Finally I gave up on the idea of it looking perfect, since it's not going to be visible anyway, and having it so the outer layer lay down okay. I think I did all right. I'm actually not entirely sure where the sleeve should end, but when my arm is relaxed at the side, the sleeve comes up to the wrist, which I think looks professional.

I got frustrated about halfway through, and went out for lunch to Pho Vinam. I think I ate too much, though. I probably didn't need to eat half the meat on the plate, and should have just tried for a third instead. I was yawning the rest of the day, and had to lay down for a while, but I otherwise persevered, and I now have proper jacket sleeves. The right sleeve took about 5 tries. SIGH. On the bright side, I think I can say that my slip stitch is improving.

I dug around my fabric stash looking for jeans material, which I could have SWORN I had somewhere, because I wanted to patch the other two pairs of old jeans (they don't fit well, but they can't be easily pulled off my hips either). I decided to use some fancy embroidered scrap to patch the inner thighs of one of my jeans instead. I feel they're fairly visible to anybody staring at my butt, but maybe this will give me manic pixie dream girl vibes.

I'm still not caught up with Night Vale (which I can only listen to when my hands are otherwise occupied by crafts) and frankly I should really vacuum my bedroom.

Tomorrow if I wake up early enough, I'll definitely try for another 5k walk. The mornings have been amazingly foggy so I don't want to lose that opportunity.

I did, however, find the book in which I had started re-writing my steampunk romance novel, so I'm gonna see what I can puzzle out of it tomorrow. Maybe I'll go downtown and do some writing? At least least get re-acquainted with this second draft of the novel.
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- I went shopping at 99 Ranch yesterday morning, followed by lunch with YL and Eric. Then I got home and passed out. Didn't get much work done, boo. I did get some stitching done though! All my patches have been sewn on successfully.

- Went to Kmart this morning. Meant to get new sheets, because mine are boring and grody, and two new pillows, and some other odds and ends. The bedsheet selection was awful, but I ended up buying... lot of clothes. Lots of tights, because I'd like to start wearing skirts more. And a lot of stuff from the Nicki Minaj line.

- Sorted out my wardrobe--gonna take a LOT of things to this year's WisCon clothing swap! I also pulled out the box of winter stuff, swapped it out for the summer stuff.

- Started a new embroidery project, a little firebird. I've got some really hard red material so it's hard to think of something that'll stand out on it. I'm not even sure I picked the right starting colour, and I'm sewing it onto the outline on paper right now, so we'll see. When it's done I can make it into a little coin purse. I wanted to do a frangipani but the fabric is so red, I wanted to do something bolder. I should think of something to write for the other side, though, but all I can think of right now is something pithy like "misandry 4 lyfe".

- I tried doing a bit of the "Deck of Cards Challenge" tonight. (Mine's Spades for Squarts, Clubs for Push-ups, Hearts for Russian Twists, and Diamonds for Crunches.) I'm no good with it, and only got through maybe 20 cards. I also figured out how to do squats without feeling that popping in my knee (it's only the right knee; it doesn't hurt, but it does feel and sound alarming). Then I played Solitaire :D
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Was feeling really tired still today! I think my eyes will always get this way after wearing liquid liner. Also felt out of sorts and didn't want to go to campus, so I started embroidering a little hibiscus. First time using the 3-in hoop, and it's small and manageable enough that I managed to get the outlines of the petals and leaves done, as well as the flower pistils/stamen. I'm going to try to do a bit more with blending this time, we'll see... I think the center is a little too intense already, so I'll have to work with other lighter colours to off set it.

Took YL downtown to eat at Tio's today, and showed her around the Mission Inn. She's pretty enthralled by Riverside. I mean, I like Riverside, but I guess she found Santa Barbara's campus really isolating, so she's excited to be in a city where the downtown is more, uh, interesting.

Planning on hiking first thing tomorrow morning, then working in my office for a while. YL can probably figure her way out to Day St. (altho, I really want to go, to the JoAnn superstore... but I will resist until my paycheck comes in, at least).
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- Finished grading the exams today! All of them. They were painful. I haven't counted the grades yet but not sure if I should since there were a couple of questions which I'm not sure about. I might calculate them all anyway then hand it off to the prof for her to double-check if she wants.

- Starting my blouse today. Wow these are some big sleeves. I'll have to learn how to gather this time, oh dear. I've never made a blouse before so this should be interesting.

- Checked my worm bin today. Turns out just dumping a crapload of frozen stuff into the bin is not great--it went anaerobic and smelled really weird. I can't tell what the hell caused the smell... most of it seemed to come from the eggshells. There's some other stuff which I'm sure contributed to it, but I have no idea what. I removed pretty much everything that smelled remotely strange, and found a few dead worms as well, which makes me sad. Also one which I think would have developed protein poisoning (they get this weird "string of pearls" effect... because their bodies can't process the protein) and moved it to a safer side of the bin.

I'm not sure how much of it is just stuff that shouldn't have been in the bin in the first place, and how much of it is that there is kind of a profusion of stuff for it to breathe properly. I'll go poking around in a couple more days to find out.
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- This morning I found a calico kitty nomming on stuff I left outside. I've seen her before, and while she doesn't look incredibly underfed (unlike patchy kitty last year who was so thin I could see her ribcage) she ate with a gusto that I don't think she would have if she had an owner. She seems really skittish, although I think with time I could get her to trust me. We'll see.

- I wrote 2000 words this afternoon during the write-in.

- PK and I went to JoAnn's and I fretted about stuff. There's a 5-piece sewing roller which I'm tempted to get, and it'll be on sale in a couple of days, about $80 cheaper than it usually is. I bought some embroidery thread and an inordinate number of beads. Also some cheap fabric, which I think would make a great bra for Nisi when I finally figure out the pattern for her bra. I also went to the kids' craft aisle and got some alphabet beads. I want to make a necklace that says "FEMINAZGUL" because I think that will be amusing. Uhm. I used a $50 off for a >$150 purchse coupon. I suppose I really should stop doing that and use the stuff I buy.

- Dinner tonight was leftover chicken meat, mixed with alfredo sauce and cheese, and dinner rolls I forgot I had. I attempted some baked potatoes but apparently I am a failure and forgot to soak them first so they are pretty much ruined now. I'll do better next time.
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of course, now that my eyes are gummy from dryness because they're busy healing (left eye is doing okay, right eye is still blurry, and i'm not sure it's from the healing... i think that's just what i'm stuck with) my dad tells me he'd like me to do some sewing things for the new shop. i have to make one of those red banners... not a big deal, because it's just dealing wit raw edges and sewing on some hooks, but there are finer details i can't see, due to gummy eyes, AND an obstinately blurry right eye.

the maids pulled out my mom's janome machine. it looks so old it might as well be from the time of communists. it still works, but one of the plug pins just fell out from old age (i just took it apart... it's actually a transformer bit, which is interesting. so either i borrow my dad's friend's transformer which is a 2kg jury-rigged things, or i replace that little plug) so i am kind of aggravated right now. not to mention, there isn't a single good sharp scissors in the house, and about 95% of all the pins I've found are blunt.

a nice new pair of glasses giving me 20/20 vision would be real nice, about now.
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- My friend Jess from Seattle, who I've known since my days on ShinraOnline.com (that's 2001, wow, so much for online friendships not being real amirite) came to visit because apparently her last visit to California was filled with microaggressive people who did not understand social justice at all so she needed to visit me to clean her palate. We went out to eat a lot because she is a food blogger and thus that is what foodies do.

- While she was here, I decided to take advantage of the fact that she lives in Seattle to finish Nisi's new bra and have her deliver it. I'd been fiddling with the pattern on and off for a while now so this gave me a chance to really work it. The first one I made was 1) a bit too big (apparently this is a possible thing); 2) that terrible ordinary straps that fed into her shoulder grooves; 3) had the most worthless band for supporting large boobs possible as it is a standard band. THIS TIME, I adapted the band into the shape of a strapless bra, which included boning, and put boning in the lower cup, and finished it with padding in the shoulder strap. My bra teacher (or as she is affectionately known, the Fairy Bra Mother) told me that the pads used for push-up bras are really good fod re-distributing weight on the shoulders. So. The bra will be delivered on Wednesday and I have to wait for feedback now. If this works, I can re-do it into something much better (the boning was kind of sewn on quite simply and it could stand to be reinforced. With nicer top-stitching).

- In preparation for San Diego Comic Con, I find myself without a carry-on bag that I can carry on my shoulders. I usually have a little white roller-bag but I think I'm going to do a far bit of walking so I would rather not subject wheels to that. I was gonna make a new one, but I think I'll pass this time and just focus on packing *very very* light. I don't plan on attending any steampunk gatherings so I'll leave the magistrate costume at home (and it never gets recognized anyway but by people who've already seen it). I found the Greyhound station and it seems really cheap to get there and back, too. Still trying to decide if I want to return on Sunday (only one bus, at the same time as a panel on multicultural heroes =/) or Monday morning (which necessitates finding a place to stay and then getting a ride into town to the station).

Does anybody want anything from Comic Con?

- Also! on Friday evening! At Pokez Restaurant! We're trying to get together POC creators, and fans, for you know, socializing. It'll be fun!

- Five things make a post, so. Uhm. Would anybody like to buy a skirt from me? 35" waist, 18" long, green/blue paisley, four in-seam POCKETS and a lot of flare! I think it's my best work so far but my waist is only 32" as it turns out so this sits on my hips uncomfortable, and I didn't add belt loops because it would fold weirdly under a belt.
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- yesterday I baked a cake using the brown rice / white rice / tapioca flour / cornstarch mix I made. It tastes like tapioca, mostly. Which I don't know how to feel about. I think I'd like it better as a cookie.

- i made a sewing machine cover as well

- then I read David Eddings' Elenium for the first time ever. It is chockful of the usual racism and strange gender stereotypes. His usual cast of characters - the thief, the strange child, the sorceress, the "practical everyman" - were present. I don't care much for Sparhawk like I did for Garion, which might be on account of his age, but he's as old as Althalus and I think Althalus is more amusing. The Styricans as being less metropolitan but more civilized, in their own view, was really interesting, but it doesn't go very far since we only have one or two Styric characters. Of course there were some Laugh Out Loud lines and some philosophical passages. Also glad that his oeuvre includes marriages between immortal women and mortal men, partners of similar ages, because the Much Older Man + Aggressive Younger Woman thing kind of tweaks my nose a bit. They're easy books to read because of all that tho, very plot-driven. Definitely not the kind of stories I've been picking out for the SEAsteampunk antho at least XD
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- went with [personal profile] starlady to have some Viet food and then we attempted to raid the orange grove. It did not go well, because nothing was in reach.

- did some website stuff too.

- I went home and passed out until dinnertime.

- We went to Tio's Tacos for dinner, and I had a hard-shell taco and it was delicious. then while wandering around the compound admiring the sculptures, some dude came up to us and said "how are you? I'm a millionaire" and shook our hands and.... yeah I don't know either.

- there was also an attempt to find the wild donkeys that live at the hills behind my place. it did not succeed. I shall go another time, I guess.

- it was sad when [personal profile] starlady left! maybe she will be back to raid the Patten collection again ^^

- I patched all my jeans: three pairs, and had NO patches that really matched the jeans, of course. but still, the patching that needed to happen were in the crotch area, and if anybody notices, it's a clear sign that they are looking too closely at my ass. but boy, i really ought to lose some weight because those jeans are hella tight for no good reason.

- i also bought some jean material in case the iron-on patches didn't work out, and it looks like I have enough for a pair of shorts! I also now have more blue threads than I probably will ever know what to do with them. But jeans need special threads though... hmm...

Geez, it's 2am already O_o;;
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I got out of bed before 10am to work some more on my skirt, and around 2.30pm tore away from it to head to campus, where I met with PK and [personal profile] starlady to go downtown to the Mission Inn tour! We then went to get cupcakes, and hung out at my place for a bit before going to Marlen's for dinner, where I overstuffed myself with tacos. I always underestimate tacos!

Anyway, while walking home, first, there was a creepy guy behind us who was either talking to us or to himself, which freaked PK out so much she asked us to slow down so he could pass us. Then just as we thought we were safe, someone threw an egg from a car and hit PK on the side of her head. I thought it was a fucking litterbug throwing their juice out of their car and hitting someone, but no, dudes were lobbing eggs out onto the sidewalks. Awful end to what was a pretty good evening otherwise.

I got home and finished the skirt waistband and attached some hooks and eyes (might re-do those in the future, we'll see how I feel about it) and good thing I measured the waistband one inch longer than initially planned because the way I made the skirt, I underestimated how much for the waistband. I don't do shaped waistbands, and work with straight ones, so it can get a bit weird. I might try shaping my skirt segments next time. Anyway, some pictures of it!
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I started work on a pair of shorts last night, and this morning I got up early (as in, 9am) to catch a bus out to the new JoAnn store in Riverside Plaza. I've been there before, with friends, to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen, but had no idea how close it was to my bus route. Cool beans! Got myself some notions and of course new patterns (a pattern for a newsboy hat!!!!). After that I popped over to Staples to drop off a cartridge and stopped by their copy center to get some Carl Brandon fliers for SDCC. The woman at the station gave me two options, regular paper for .98 or a nicer, thicker paper for 1.18, and I was whining about how broke I was, and she said she could get me the thicker version for the same price of the regular. :D Yay!

So I got home and started to sew in earnest now that I had a zipper (7 inches was still too long) and while I was pinning the waist band I took a break to call Karen Lord, who's in Riverside on vacation. I volunteered to take her to the Eaton collection. We spoke for about an hour (she is One Of My People!).

Anyway I finished the shorts! It's made out of cotton... one of the "African fabrics" that I bought in Toronto. And I played the Saber Rider theme song copious times while making it. I am an adult, yes. Now to decide what to make next. Either a skirt or a bra. Probably a bra, I've been wearing the same two exercise bras for months now.

Also a last-minute request for a thing for THE SEA IS OURS promo at SDCC got us this beautiful picture!!!!! This isn't a final picture, just a promo. I really wanted something for SDCC but the publisher didn't have anything appropriate so I was like "hrm, a couple of artists just emailed me, I shall ping one of them" and ta-daaaa.
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I left Dr. HM a copy of The Last Unicorn in his mailbox a few weeks ago, because since we were talking about voices in novels ala Bakhtin, I thought he might find that a good novel to read. He responded by leaving a copy of The Complete Stories of JG Ballard in my mailbox! I can't bloody reading his handwriting but I THINK the post-it says "Jaymee yg baik" XDDDD

Had a meeting with the former VP of the dept GSA, which I am now president of, to go over the Constitution and other things. Then she and I went to JoAnn. She didn't have much time to spare, but she wanted to get a cover for a seat cushion. I just wanted to get a magnetic pin bowl and some red cotton jersey for underwear. She scored really awesomely; a beautiful chenille fabric she was super happy with, AND it was halfoff, and since she only needed half a quarter, it was even cheaper.

I went a bit mat and bought a bunch of 4 inch zips, and going to make a few little purses with the fun fabric I've got. I bought some remnants because remnants are fun--red swimwear and bridal lining lolol. I also got a pencil marking set and elastic which the packaging says is for lingerie. I'm going to give a try! The stretch cotton I got is also 40% modal which is reaally nice for underwear lining, so I'm quite happy with my spree this time!

Quite happy, quite happy indeed. I really ought to make more friends in the area who can sew.
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A Cognitive Defense of Stimming (or why Quet Hands makes math harder)

Brain study shows body clocks of depressed people are altered at cell level

I started a Watch2gether room for sewing tutorials and all the episodes of the first season of the Great British Sewing Bee, and I called it the Sewcial Justice room (we have a tag on Tumblr called that).

I moved stuff from my bedroom to my living room just so I can see how much wallspace I've got. I want to get shelves so I can just not have stuff on the floor. Also, more organization.

I also seem to have acquired another cat, a very very needy one who won't let me take a step without running to rub herself against my leg. Whenever she's in my apartment it gets kinda awkward trying to just walk cross my living room.

Tomorrow I'll hop over to JoAnn to use up my coupons, and then finally get to some reading, I hope.


Jun. 17th, 2013 11:11 pm
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Made my first pair of panties since taking the class last year, and it turned out rather well, I think!

Here are some pics of the process on Tumblr:
Gusset sewn in, still no elastics (I actually tried sewing it on last night and it went wrong)
Photos of elastic, elastic pinned in for the first round of sewing, then after it's folded over again with a straight stitch and the side seams
Finished product! With butts!

Am so glad the elastics came in when they did because my oven had a meltdown and I was freaking out and had to calm down by resolutely telling myself, "keep calm and finish the underwear" which I worked on while the workman was making his way over to my place with a replacement burner.
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In my quest to make Nisi a bra that fits, I have finished a tester bra! It is unsightly imperfect: I used print cotton and forgot to pre-shrink it, I used white thread on dark brown all over the place, the cloth part of the straps aren't long enough, and the elastic of the straps, well, there are two sizes. I tend to buy bra findings in a kit, like so, and I initially cut the elastic in the kit in half. But I think that is too small, so I had to root around for another large kit and used the whole elastic, but now I think that is too large! Argh! Anyway. The next time will be better once I get back feedback.

Anyway. Now that that's done, I'll send it off and made a new one for myself. Then I'll get started on writing stuff.
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After a terrible day of waking up late and then not being able to do anything due to a migraine and attempting to rest but just, everything was bleh. It was a bleh kind of day.

So in the end I gave up the whole idea of reading and pulled out my table and started fixing my skirt! Turns out I still had to install a zipper, but with the elastic in place, it fits a lot better. I haven't bothered hemming it, since it already looks so busy, so no one will notice, so yay!

And while I had my sewing machine out, I started making a cloth pad! A matching set, even! (I haven't really bothered matching my pads... if it needs stuffing, I pick whatever happens to be handy.) So the day wasn't a total bust!

I also, for the first time in MONTHS, logged into Model Mayhem to read and respond to messages. I'm not really feeling up to modeling just yet, but it can't hurt to connect with local photographers.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive in terms of schoolwork.
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I wrote two poems in two days! What a surprise. I thought I was completely lacking in creative energy after that terrible quarter.

One is about women and moons and misandry, and the other is in response to a #diversitylit Twitter chat I had the misfortune to watch one day that decided to wring their hands about authenticity.

I tried to finish the skirt off with an elastic around the waist tonight; I thought it would be a simple matter. However, what happened was.... now the skirt is too tight. And I have no more fucks to give: school starts tomorrow and I really need to clear my tables. I cannot with this skirt anymore. I'll bring it with me to WisCon, to the Clothing Swap, where maybe it'll find a home that's not around my waist. Next time, I'll be more careful about measurements and putting things together, at the waist area especially. As in, next time I will measure things and not just draw around existing clothes.

This afternoon I had a meeting with the UCR Mellon SF group and got a lot of rehash of stuff that the older members had already told us. Basically we have to write a proposal about anything goddamn thing we want to have happen. And I was like, "yeah, Grace Dillon and Nisi Shawl." I also want to reach out to the sciences and agricultural college divisions too.
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Met up with Nalo today to hang out. She gave me a copy of SISTER MINE! ^_____________^ \(^o^)/ We bused to Day St, where I promptly forgot how to get to Jo-Ann and had to think a long time. Found it, of course, because it is not easy to stump me for long. I needed some ribbon for my dress, and she needed yarn. I also ended up buying some more fabric... to make cloth pads with :D Nalo said she might have green and yellow towel stuff that she could give me. And it's PERFECT because one of the fabrics I got is a set of Marvel characters XD I'm so excited! After finishing this dress I'll be drafting stuff for pads and experimenting with sizes and then I'll take them to WisCon with me.

We stopped into a home deco store because I needed some over the door hangers, since I'm a bit tired of my crap laying around on the floor.

Then we went into Michaels because, well, it's Michaels, and we are both craftsy people.

Since there wasn't much else we wanted to do, we headed to downtown Riverside to have some tacos at a very interesting restaurant she told me about, whose proprietor makes sculptures on his premises out of junk.

By the time I got home, it was 5.30, and I just about passed out.

I tried finishing my dress, but the elastics didn't work, and in the end, it just didn't fit well! =( I really underestimated how stretchy the fabric is. I'm still not sure what to do about it. I could go with the original plan of making a pinafore, or I could experiment with even more fabric (I still have a LOT of it left) and make a loose-fitting top with a split back that buttons at the top, and interesting sleeves using a trick Priscilla told me about.

Hmmmm, so many possibilities. Either way, I'll finish with the skirt first and then move from there.
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I've been meaning to make a dress out of this awful skulls fabric I bought a while back for $4/yard XD It's pretty metal. And I wanted to try my hand at making in-seam pockets. So this afternoon, I drafted the pattern using pre-existing stuff I made before (the front is going to be a halter-neck because it seems the easiest but still exciting pattern I've got custom-made) (the back has to change because I was thinking of hiding my bra strap under wide elastics) and started cutting around 6pm. By around midnight, I've got a skirt! It was a bit touch and go because I hadn't counted on how very stretchy the fabric is, and forgot to stabilize it. So this means a lot of pleating to make sure the whole thing goes around my waist properly. It's OK though; the ad hoc pleats made for a really awesome effect.

I forgot to get ribbon when I was last in Jo-Ann so I've got to get some before I can finish off this thing. I've got most of the top made--I'd like to have some peace of mind before I start sewing in the elastics though. I'm surprised my needle hasn't broken at all today, given how much material I'm expecting it to sew through!
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Monday. What did I do on Monday? I can't remember. Maybe I cleaned a little bit. I know there was some back and forth with Dr. S about the final grades.

EDIT: I remember now! I filed my federal taxes. And spent time complaining about it on Tumblr as I did so. I also worried about whether I needed to do state taxes. (As it turns out, no, I don't, because I didn't make more than $15k. I wonder if I should do it anyway, just to get the hang of it.) I also called my dad at night. He didn't know it was me!!! =(

Tuesday, I spent the day with Chi. We went to Canyon Crest Towne Center, where I sent off my brother's stuff at last. We then wandered around looking for the shoe repair store, but the shoe guy told me he couldn't fix my shoes =( I think they're really gone. It still wasn't a wasted trip; Canyon Crest is a really nice place. There were a couple of places that were closed down, which made me really sad, but it gave me the idea of creating a workshop that people could come and rent tools and a place to work in. Then they wouldn't have to have more space or buy tools which they wouldn't otherwise use. It'd be like a sewing cafe. And every so often, there'd be a workshop for various things like gardening or woodworking or fixing lights, little life skills like that.

After that we had lunch at Busy Cafe, and went to my place where I taught her how to bake cake! She'd never done it before. I didn't have vanilla though. I think it makes a difference. Now that I've baked two cakes without vanilla, it seems to me that without the vanilla the cake doesn't rise. She also perused my books. She needs to read stuff on feminist theory, so I loaned her some of my stuff. We then went to campus. I returned books and cleaned out my desk a little. I've got to go back and get the rest of the stuff though.

Wednesday.... I went to San Diego! E and Ak came to get me in the morning and we drove to Dumpling Inn. After that we bought some cake and put it into a cooler, then went to the zoo! We covered almost everything... we didn't get to the reptiles or the petting zoo, but we hit pretty much every else. Except the pandas. I developed a headache from the sunstroke, but drinking a bit of water staved it off. We took the cakes out, and I had brought along my picnic mat, and we basically picnicked on the side of the road XD Then we drove to get onion rings for snacks, and since we had time, I got them to take me to a pet supplies store. I was hoping for a pet store with some actual animals but whatever. There was also a Jo-Ann nearby, so we spent some time there too. I have some red elastic which I'm going to put in the back of my planned dress.

We finished the day with Little Sheep Hot Pot which was pretty fucking amazing. Then we had to do the long drive home. By this time I was pretty sure that getting into a car right after eating a lot of food that involves drinking a lot of fluids is a bad idea but whatever. This happened.

I'm tidying up my apartment today, in preparation for the new quarter and also because I need to vacuum and minimize dust mites (aka DERMATOPHAGOIDES FARINAE). I'm also going to K-mart to buy some more dirt. I'm going to see if I can persuade anybody to take me to Home Depot or something so I can buy more dirt.

I'm also thinking about taking up pulping paper and making my own little recycled notebooks. That way I'll be less distressed about the amount of printing I have to do and the fact that there is no paper recycling center that's easy for me to get to. We'll see though.

I also really want a big floppy hat to replace the one I lost =(

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