Apr. 26th, 2009

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So I finally started the Acting Out edition of this blog. Anybody who's interested in following it can add http://jhameia.blogspot.com/ to their blogrolls. For those of you who're just interested in a buncha things I wrote this week:

- Problems with Marriage
- Critiquing Glow magazine, May 2009. I get Glow magazine because I signed up for it with my Shoppers Optimum card, and I kinda like it.
- Race in Cartoons
- Random Story about my oldest teddy bear.
- Name issues, which tie in with language issues.
- One of my race issues. More as I go along.
- My ally issues.

Some of them will be recurring themes as I roll along. I has much issues.

And because I like to share, here are some other links:

From Shakesville

Guest blog series on Avatar: The Last Airbender! Parts one, two, three, and four.

Smart articulate guest post by a sophomore in high school (really!) about a run-in with Truth Crusaders and why we cannot take our current rights for granted.

Brief discussion about daddy-daughter dances and how easily they are turned skeevy in today's prevalence of "purity balls".

From Feministe:

piny talks about re-transitioning here and here (from what I understand, and my reading comprehension skills are failing me slightly these days, she transitioned into being a male, didn't want to remain male for whatever reason, and re-transitioned back). She also talks about non-trans people making trans jokes, and why that fucking sucks, particularly since they're often made by people who identify as progressive liberals. Look, if you're not gay or lesbian, words like "fag" and "dyke" are NOT yours to reclaim. If you're not trans, words like "tranny" are NOT yours to throw around for your amusement. These are words that have historically been used by those outside those groups to put down those within said groups. And no, "it's a fucking joke" doesn't matter. It still fucking hurts. So stop it. Comments like that are what continue to alienate LGBTQ folks from so-called safe, liberal, progressive spaces.

This follows up on the boycott of Feministe by transfolk who got sick and tired of cis privilege running rampant. The goss is here. I give kudos to Cara for acknowledging the fuck-up that goes on, but then, the forgiveness isn't mine to extend, not being trans myself.

At Pandagon, Amanda Marcotte discusses getting married while being feminist. Namely, how difficult it is. OK, Amanda Marcotte writes a fuckton and I wonder how much time she has on her hands to write that fuckton, just about everyday. I mean, shit.

Hugo Schwyzer (yes, I finally started reading him again) takes on how current standards means a man finds his best - and only - friend in his wife. There are problems with Dude Nation, ya'll.

[livejournal.com profile] miz_evolution wrote a fab and thought-provoking piece on objectification - there's being sexually objectified that's part and parcel of being a sex worker, and then there's being turned into an object for pity by anti-pornographers.

At figleaf's, well, this post made me laugh today. He also made a great post on the language newspapers have been using for a recent spate of mass killings (men killing their whole families for whatever reason).

At Racialicious:

Latoya Peterson highlights some quotes which reveal just how really fucking racist Hollywood is behind the screens.

Tami wrote about the "problem" with First Lady Michelle Obama. Mainly, that white people can't box her into neat little stereotypes of black women. Also, because her down-to-earth fashion tastes ignore the larger fashion designers. You know. Those haute couture types. Who're also white.

Jehanzab Dar wrote about reconciling with his Pakistani identity. I totally understand where he's coming from.

Trigger Warning: Fiqah's post on the helplessness of watching other women being abused.

Wendi Muse writes about the fashion industry. And the people who write up articles about fashion shows. Who have privilege issues. AFRICA IS A CONTINENT, NOT A COUNTRY. FFS.

And a little review on Secret Identities, an anthology of short comics starring Asian-American superheroes! I'm kinda psyched.
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h/t to Transgriot

On June 11, Dwight DeLee will go to trial for the murder of Lateisha Green, a 22-year-old MtF in transition. He shot her on November 11 in Syracuse, New York. He also shot her brother, Mark Cannon, 18 and gay.

As usual, newspapers are failing to Get It Right by referring to Lateisha as "Moses Cannon".

The DeLee family is trying to drum up sympathy by stating that he was set up, introducing his previous crime record, and that "six members of the DeLee family is already in jail".

Whilst I understand that PoC often unfairly suffer police brutality and get the short end of the legal system stick quite regularly, evidence points to the fact that DeLee was homophobic and transphobic. And it looks to be that the "trans panic" defense will once again be used.

More [excellent] coverage from here.

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