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At 9-ish, after HAUGHing at the weather, not wanting to go to campus because around lunch I'd have to leave the office to find food, I decided that I would go to Coco's, order a bacon and eggs flatbread, because I know I cannot finish it in one sitting, and just sit there for hours, feebly trying to finish it.

It took me 4 hours to get through the whole thing.

Against my better sense, I also ordered a slice of cheesecake pie. I did not manage to finish it, even after two more hours.

I should have ordered clam chowder instead, and maybe fries. Except I'm not sure the fries would have been any better.

I have ~1000 words for my fourth chapter, many of which was not even written today.

When I left, I left a huge-ass tip because I felt so bad for the wait staff because I was so anxious about my writing I avoided eye contact with them almost the whole time.

I DID want to swim today, and thought I would save it for sunset, because it was still going to be a heinous 33'c in the evening. But I wanted to catch a Pikachu wearing Ash's hat so I did my long walk instead. Maybe tomorrow when S. and I go to UCSD I'll hike down to Black's Beach and go for a swim in the ocean? Or maybe not, and go to the Geisel library and work instead (which I never did last year).

My smartphone is having issues charging itself. I'll plug it in, and it'll charge for some time, but then, arbitrarily, it'll decide to just.... not charge. Like the USB cord is in, it WAS charging, but at some point it just stops. It'll recognize when the USB has been unplugged when I pull it out, but otherwise I can't figure out what's going on with it. I wonder if it has to do with the weather, and it doesn't charge so well in intense temperatures. But my laptop is also taking forever to charge fully, despite these being perfectly decent (and new) wires. I'm not sure what's going on.
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exercise stuff )

food stuff )

water stuff )

Riverside weather is supposed to hit 42'C this weekend, which is FUCKING. HEINOUS. Luckily S. is back in California and up for a trip down to San Diego, and we're going to visit the new Clarion cohort, hang with Nalo, and cook bak kut teh for the potluck! I'd like to go back to Black's Beach sometime, and go swimming naked in the sea again, but maybe some other time. Lisa gets back soon and she's housesitting in Santa Ana, and I might try to join her for a week or so, just to escape the weather here. I'm also considering couch surfing in the Bay Area. Who knows. IDK. I just don't feel very productive here.
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- Been having a low-grade flu for the last week or so, lots of sneezing at night. Could be allergies too, but I'm feeling a tickling at the back of my throat.

- Yesterday, went to campus with Mary and Leen to do some work. The anthology I'm currently reading is a slow slog, but I'm getting used to making scribbles in the margins.

Then I went to Ten Ren's for Maurisa's birthday. I felt kind of, idk, outside my body for a while? Like I was not quite there.... a fishbowl sort of feeling. I wasn't feel great. Maurisa and I went to Rite Aid afterwards so I could buy a bunch of allergy pills.

I couldn't sleep for HOURS. I blame the tea I had at dinner.

- This morning I got up at a reasonable hour, did laundry, and cleaned the kettle. This is a big deal because the kettle had a LOT of calcium buildup (roommate uses tap water for boiling). I used up most of the white vinegar in the house, but the kettle is mostly clean now! The spout area is still a bit grimy; I don't really know how to fix THAT.

I made pork rib soup. Went to the grocery store and got some sausage and chicken meat. Now I have lunch for the next couple of weeks, I think. I also marinated four thigh, each in a different ziplock bag of their own, with different marinade mixes! Yay food! When I want dinner, I'll just pull one down from the freezer. I think this will work out OK.

- I received big news that will be announced tomorrow. Can't wait :D :D :D
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- editing editing editing, tiny little edits this time, of formatting and making all the little apostrophes curly and junk

- I went for lunch with Chi at Green Burrito where we had burritos.

- Around 4pm, just as my laptop was dying, I went to the mini conference for one of the seminars.

- Food was had.

- I just cooked some bowtie pasta, some minced meat with wine. The bowtie pasta I mixed with some olive oil, and mixed it in, then added alfredo sauce and lots of cheese. I think I should have drained the wine or not put it in at all because it's pretty strong in the result!

I now have enough lunches for the next three days aw yiiisssss.

I'm going to give this pasta thing a go for the next while... my dad wants me to move away from rice because of the starch but I feel very much the need for some carbs to go with my meats. I'm pretty sure cheeses are not what he had in mind but oh well.

- It turns out that even if I sleep on my side I am prone to waking myself up by snorting in my sleep. This is... getting out of hand. I'm going to the doctor when I get back from Malaysia to talk about a referral to an anatomist, see if it's something in my nasal structure. (Bla bla bla lose weight bla bla) I'm totally going to try my mom's CPAP machine when I go home too.
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- Almost done the SEAsteampunk manu!

- I made macaroni alfredo tonight. Minced meat, cheese. I have enough food for three meals.

- Somehow had a rousing discussion about LosCon on FB.

- My brother's ex, who I do not like, tried to send me a friend request. DO NOT WANT! I don't care how long it's been, STILL DO NOT WANT.
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- This morning I found a calico kitty nomming on stuff I left outside. I've seen her before, and while she doesn't look incredibly underfed (unlike patchy kitty last year who was so thin I could see her ribcage) she ate with a gusto that I don't think she would have if she had an owner. She seems really skittish, although I think with time I could get her to trust me. We'll see.

- I wrote 2000 words this afternoon during the write-in.

- PK and I went to JoAnn's and I fretted about stuff. There's a 5-piece sewing roller which I'm tempted to get, and it'll be on sale in a couple of days, about $80 cheaper than it usually is. I bought some embroidery thread and an inordinate number of beads. Also some cheap fabric, which I think would make a great bra for Nisi when I finally figure out the pattern for her bra. I also went to the kids' craft aisle and got some alphabet beads. I want to make a necklace that says "FEMINAZGUL" because I think that will be amusing. Uhm. I used a $50 off for a >$150 purchse coupon. I suppose I really should stop doing that and use the stuff I buy.

- Dinner tonight was leftover chicken meat, mixed with alfredo sauce and cheese, and dinner rolls I forgot I had. I attempted some baked potatoes but apparently I am a failure and forgot to soak them first so they are pretty much ruined now. I'll do better next time.
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I said to my friend Rubato yesterday, everything feels like it takes so long in Southern California. It's so exhausting. I wake up to do one thing and suddenly it feels like that's the only thing I can do all day. Part of it for me is the suburban sprawl. But I don't know, it feels strange, that I'm so unproductive here.

Anyway, the highlight of today! Was harvesting my worms' poop for the first time, officially! I've done it before, of course, as part of the outdoor adventure, but this is the first indoor one. Pictures of the process here. I distributed some of it in my garden, and have some leftover in a clear plastic tub. Because my bin was really damp, there were these little mites being part of the ecosystem, and they have been coming out of the dry castings, confusedly wandering along the walls of the plastic tub.

Rubato also drew me a Chinese steampunk earthworm mascot yesterday which appears to be becoming the theme of my life: blending all my hobbies together. I'll go to JoAnn's sometime to see what I can find for making a plush worm XD

My eyes are kind of sandy, and I think it's because I wore eyeliner yesterday. I've noticed this in the past where if I wear eye makeup for protracted periods of time, my eyes are super sandy the next day and it just feels like I'm sleepy although I'm probably not.

Anyway, I also did laundry, and it's exciting when I do laundry. Laundry is so great. Even better, when I got the laundry out of the dryer, I decided to pour it all on my bed and burrow under it, pulling my comforter on top to maintain the temperature. As one does, as an adult, right?

I had a very strange dream of being a butler-robot forced to accompany my mistress back in time to nurse her mother through her birth. Then giant robots attack and the baby escapes with the father, but I have to watch the mistress and mother die. And there is a causal loop occurring, and each time the deaths escalate in violence until my character tries to break the causal loop somehow. I don't know if it happened because I woke up because a crazy crab robot was trying to kill me and I noped out of the dream!

(Before that there was another dream about a sea captain who ignored this girl and her pet something on a raft, then on a boat, because she was some sort of bad omen, and then suddenly all the ships he and his crew came across were ghost ships, and his crew began mysteriously dying, until he finally decided to rescue the mystery girl, who then recruited him to go on some land-locked mission with her. I don't really know how this transitioned into the time travel giant robot explosions, sorry.)

I actually got out to the grocery store, which was fairly impressive. I actually have a whole chicken from my last trip to 99 Ranch which I'm going to put into the crock pot tomorrow, and I also bought some lasagna things... gonna try making lasagna sometime this week for the first time! The catfish nuggets I bought, though, smelled a little funky.
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I am thirty today! I was officially born at 9.27am (I saw my birth cert the other day for some reason) so it's been a while. Roy and I have been marinading things all day. I have a bucket of chicken sitting in Coca-cola because I thought it would be a good idea but now Roy wants me to re-marinade the chicken and use honey instead. He's going to start up the grill around 6pm and I have to figure out drinks and salad appetizers. Also plates. Haha. I have such trouble in a house where I know nothing of its contents.

I have a few Tumblr friends coming over, KKJ mates, an old schoolmate, a Twitter friend, and my little cousin (who is baking me cake!). Around a dozen of us. My brother's BBQing lamb, chicken wings, and I convinced him to try stingray.

Hopefully we'll have enough food (Roy thinks we've got too much) and hopefully everybody will get along (I am usually more discriminatory about who I choose to invite and have mix together) (but we are mostly all nerds so it should be fine).

Woo woo!

EDIT: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Party was great. Ray came earlier to drop off the cake because she couldn't make it. (She also brought her new car! It's tiny just like her!) The cake was marvellous. The company was marvellous. We played a round of Politico. It was great fun! Possibly because I won. It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures! For drinks I pulled out a really nice bowl and bought several things of juice and mixed them up, just because I could. (I used to do it with soda when I was younger.)

Stingray is also an amazing fish and I wish I had more of it.
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I got out of bed before 10am to work some more on my skirt, and around 2.30pm tore away from it to head to campus, where I met with PK and [personal profile] starlady to go downtown to the Mission Inn tour! We then went to get cupcakes, and hung out at my place for a bit before going to Marlen's for dinner, where I overstuffed myself with tacos. I always underestimate tacos!

Anyway, while walking home, first, there was a creepy guy behind us who was either talking to us or to himself, which freaked PK out so much she asked us to slow down so he could pass us. Then just as we thought we were safe, someone threw an egg from a car and hit PK on the side of her head. I thought it was a fucking litterbug throwing their juice out of their car and hitting someone, but no, dudes were lobbing eggs out onto the sidewalks. Awful end to what was a pretty good evening otherwise.

I got home and finished the skirt waistband and attached some hooks and eyes (might re-do those in the future, we'll see how I feel about it) and good thing I measured the waistband one inch longer than initially planned because the way I made the skirt, I underestimated how much for the waistband. I don't do shaped waistbands, and work with straight ones, so it can get a bit weird. I might try shaping my skirt segments next time. Anyway, some pictures of it!
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the back of my chair fell off. like, fell off and i cant fix it anymore. D: gonna have to start walking to campus to do work now.

I took a walk today! unfortunately where I live in Riverside is not very interesting, just houses and apartment complexes. =/ sigh. i miss living in a downtown area!

investigating multivitamin powder options. preferrably something with high folic acid content, since i always forget to take my pills. the protein powder smoothies in the morning seems to be working out for me, so time to look into this further. two scoops of the stuff help with the texture a lot. it's not like using a banana, but close enough!
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in the fridge:
- cookie dough, this time with Crisco instead of butter. apparently this gives a famous amos like texture. I'm not holding my breath but hey, there will also be peanut butter chips mixed in with my usual chocolate chips
- ragout made with the leftover (failed) bak kut teh with lamb pieces. except this ragout is even thicker because it will be made into krokets! i've got to buy breadcrumbs but i'm very much looking forward to this.

- ranajit guha's dominance and hegemony
- arjun appadurai's modernity at large

working on:
- Cheah Pheng's Spectrality of Nations

also read:
- holocaust for hire which is a silly captain america novel that a prof gave away (along with a bunch of comics). it is from the 70s, has a grumpy but comedic white nick fury, an italian mafia, and some journalist couple who start of hating each other but end the story in love in the most contrived way possible. the red skull has got hold of some sonic gun technology and is using it to level cities and plans on using a satellite to annihilate the world, and of course captain america must stop him. what never fails to baffle me about these kinds of plots is how the scientists who develop the science who happen to be on the good guys' side never seem to think through the consequences of their work as they develop it. it's such an easy read, and it's a very slender book, so i think i finished it in an hour or so.

- when she woke by Hillary Jordan. it's a scifi retelling of the scarlet letter, a dystopia in which criminals undergo "melachroming" which means their skin is literally tinted to mark the severity of their crime, and since the main character committed the crime of murder as she had an abortion (it's also a super fundie setting) she is sentenced to be a "red". it's still a pretty fucking racist world but there's only a couple of characters of color. the structure of the book is pretty straightforward with its five-act, and thru it a transformation of the MC's romantic love for her lover that forestalls a happy ending together. there's a "feminist" group that gets women who have been melachromed red for abortion out of the states into Canada, and helps provides abortions. it's generally a very fast read but idk, while it's def a condemnation of christian fundamentalism, with an exploration of how even a loving family can bring a child up believing some fucked up shit that only leads to tragedy, i don't think it goes far enough and at the end of the day it's still about the main character trying to get rid of the stigma of being a Red. It doesn't match up with the interesting work that scarlet letter does, but then I read it when i was very young and from what i understood of it, hester subverts the stigma of the scarlet letter, appropriating it and making it an emblem not of "adultery" but of "absolution" and she lives her life.

- MISTERI ANAK JAGUNG which i gather is about an indonesian migrant living in someplace called "urbana, america" and about two chapters in i kind of got bored. i'm still planning on finishing it! it just will take longer than i expected
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Third year in a row that I spent New Year's Day hanging out with Asian folks, eating Chinese food :D Last year it was with the inimitable [profile] bankuei and this year it was with my colleague TX.

Last night I went to Dr. LR's party which was a nice gathering of a few profs and we hung out and had snackies and chatted. At midnight we did a countdown, and sang Auld Lang Syne, and then I caught a ride home with the department chair.

This morning around 9, TX and I headed to the Hsi Lai temple to pray for good luck in the new year (she's job-hunting, I've got quals) and wandered around waiting for the chanting ceremony. Then we had lunch with a UCR alumnus who's now in law school, with her law school friend. (I don't know what makes a person want to pursue law school after a PhD.)

Then TX and I went shopping for stuff at 99 Ranch, and we planned for dinner. She'd cook a pork rib soup, and I'd steam a fish. I also managed to cook turmeric rice as well. It was a good dinner and we hung out and judged Asian dudes on Tumblr and stuff.

Long day, satisfying day. Tomorrow I go to campus and see how much work I can get done on quals reading before starting on reading for AFROFUTURISM!!
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I bought a new small shovel yesterday to facilitate digging up a part of my garden, and my arms are noodle-y as a result. I think I have to do it again next week too--there're a lot more leaves. The problem is that there's a lot of little woodchip mulch so I have to sort them out because I don't want to accidentally bury them. Unfortunately I don't know where to put them for now.

The neat thing is, I figured out a way to harvest the worm castings in the corner of the garden! I bought a mesh pen holder. The holes are small enough that worms won't get sifted through (even the baby worms) (although certainly worms can push themselves through if they want to; one of them did.... since the hole is so small it was wiped clean of dirt, bringing to mind the image of a striving penis) and it also leaves behind other rocks and stuff that I don't really want... I managed to harvest half a bucket of very clean castings to use as soil amendment for the hole I dug.

I THINK my daffodils are growing back? I can't tell for sure--haven't looked to closely, but it would be nice if at least one bulb came back and gave me some daffodils!

I was going to take a walk this morning but I stayed up late to read Susan Forward's book on Toxic Parents. It was a good book, very helpful. I think I might send it along to my brother and dad just to see what happens.

Also, used my crockpot for the first time ever yesterday! Last night. I forgot that crockpots are used for food that take forever to cook. So I started at 5pm, and got impatient, started another thing of pork rib soup, and today I have more pork rib and beef stew. Nom! It's enough to last me for days, I think. And it didn't blow up despite my leaving it on all night! Which I guess is the point; I'm just so nervous around cooking things. Anyway... yay!
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Well that was a slightly eventful day. I started using my new sandwich maker to make sandwiches to take to campus with me right? And puttered around and all that. Headed to campus and about halfway there, remembered the sandwich maker was still on so I half-ran home all terrified that my sandwiches were burned and my fire alarm isn't in (I have it unplugged because I ran out of batteries and forgot to get some more) and what if my apartment got smokey while I was gone??

The sandwiches weren't that bad--very nice golden brown in fact. So I rested and headed off to campus again to get MM a file from a database and tried to read but it wasn't happening, sigh. I don't know why my brain is currently so resistant to working right now.

Anyway, got home, had a strange dream.

I went on a cookie run and was about to settle down to eating some when I got an email from a colleague who is leaving tomorrow and somehow locked herself out of her office (our offices can't be unlocked; while I do prop my door open on a regular basis I bring my keys along just in case). She's generally very stressed (last stage of dissertating... and leaving to go on sabbatical in Taiwan so she also had to move out) and I figured she had no idea what to do.

So I went back to campus and ascertained that there's no 24-hour maintenance, and figured out that the UC PD is, in fact, campus security (I had many dealings with SMU campus security but they're not exactly what I would call a police department). I called and got an officer over, averting further stress, and hung around so my friend could finish her work not alone.

I've decided to use MapMyRun.com again this year, if only to persuade myself that things are really not as far as they seem to be here. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to register the walking routes in the Botanic Gardens, but it does register the major trails on the mountains, like the Big C and Two Trees. Two Trees is barely 2km from here, so I'll give it a whirl over the weekend and see if I can find it and wander on it for a bit.
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Yesterday I got a couple of folks into a chatroom with me to watch some movies. We got through The King of Beggars, Care Bears (the 1985 one), Phantom Tollbooth, and Cinderella (Rodgers and Hammerstein, the one with Brandy).

I also made myself some pork rib soup! Using the new Chinese herbs I bought from the store! It was delicious.... I hadn't realized just how much I missed their taste in my soup. I use the leftover soup to cook rice too. If I'm careful then the rice isn't too salty.

Today I got an email from Nalo, last minute invite to her "at home" and she sent it to a wrong address (people sometimes assume that Jaymee is my legal name and thus in addresses that assign first and last names in the username). So I got to hang out with her, and David and Dr. Latham. I've never hung out with Dr. L at close quarters before! It was nice hanging out with them for a while, and Dr. L gave me a ride home too. Everyone's moving to L.A.--Dr. L, Nalo, and a couple other profs.

Tomorrow TX and I will be heading to the grocery store again... I promised her steamed fish :D Very excited. But I need some equipment for it though, so I'll pick them up at the store. Whole catfish, nom.

I also found this terrific recipe for bak kut teh! Every other recipe I've found so far suggests getting bak kut teh pre-mixed spice packets, which I can't really find here, so I figured I'd find out what's in the packet and make it from scratch. I've got three out of the list there. I really appreciate how the recipe has the Chinese name, the pronunciation, the scientific name AND the English name. Gonna try it with the rest of the pork ribs I've got, and if it works, well, YAY, that is a food thing I know that my dad doesn't :P

At the rate I'm cooking it might be really worth my while to move out and find some roommates so I'm not stuck eating my food all the time!
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Hmmm.... I made a chicken and rice casserole using the directions on this jar of chicken gravy I got the other day. I replace the 2 cups cooked rice with one cup rice and one cup of couscous, and used some chicken sewers, and instead of cheddar cheese I use that Kraft Mexicana blend.

It's fairly decent tasting but it occurs to me that I have no basis for comparison on how these things really ought to be.

Do wish I'd remember the garlic powder though.

The smoothie did not last me through the whole evening, sadly =( Oh well! Tomorrow is a new day.
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So I do indeed have allergies and my shrink was like GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR and I now have to wait for a referral to an allergist so yeah. In the meantime, the nasal spray has been helping mightily!

I also changed my sheets and washed my pillows, while vacuuming. It was a good weekend. And thanks for the tip on fluffing pillows using the dryer, Kate! :O All those dollars wasted on getting new pillows because I didn't know how to get them back into shape...


To help with the allergies, I've gotten back into exercising. Since it's no longer ridiculously cold out, AND I have more time, it's been easy to pop to the exercise room to get in some cardio. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. But I never run, I just kind of do this fast walking. I notice if I go in during the late morning, afternoon, someone will be on the stairmaster, and that's where my best sweating happens. At some point I'll also start swimming again. Of course, one can't read while swimming the way one can on the treadmill.

I would really like to make it a habit of hiking in the Botanic Gardens but it feels really far, especially since the sun is coming up so fast nowadays. I think I'll give it another go this weekend though, and see.


I got myself a blender! Two actually; one for personal use and one which has a dispenser for parties and I do intend to have parties. So far I've been making stuff with apples and oranges since I still have stuff left over, but tonight I also made stuff with grapes, carrots and celery. (Well, not in plural, I added ONE carrot stick and ONE celery stick). Still, I am eating greens! :O Kinda. I've also put in Yakult but next time I'll try for some actual yogurt... it's hard to find plain yogurt though.

This is the blender I bought. The idea is that you can blend and then take the thing with you, but the travel lid is, imo, kinda flimsy so I don't really trust carrying it on my backpack. I'll have to find another way of carrying my blends with me. I seem to take FOREVER to finish one 400ml cup but it's pretty filling, so this might be a good thing for me to bring to my afternoon class which always happens around lunchtime so I get really hungry about halfway thru.

I'm very excited about the possibilities! :D On Munira's suggestion, I've put some fruit in the freezer instead of using ice, for tomorrow's smoothie. I don't really like ice much in my drinks, so freezing the fruit makes a lot of sense. I'm adding banana and grapes to the thing too, and vanilla ice-cream really helps, even just a couple of teaspoon scoops.


I think I am oversleeping? I got a good 8 hours of sleep last night (after a full day of not sleeping), but today, after class, going to the bank and doing a bit of work in the cafe, I came home and zonked out for about two hours. And it's barely 11 and I'm getting sleepy again. It's also not good for producing any output. I can't seem to put my finger on it. The shrink and doctor say it's due to allergies, which OK, but STILL.

This means more strategies for getting more energy! I guess I'll take my doc's advice and get some Zyrtec-D to help with the allergies. It really does seem my most active is in the morning though.

This means, no Tumblr in the morning?!?! It's gotten to the point where I have to actually shut down the computer in order to not be distracted. Of course this doesn't help when I have work to do that requires a computer. Still, it's been nice having the computer off. Welp.
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Monday. What did I do on Monday? I can't remember. Maybe I cleaned a little bit. I know there was some back and forth with Dr. S about the final grades.

EDIT: I remember now! I filed my federal taxes. And spent time complaining about it on Tumblr as I did so. I also worried about whether I needed to do state taxes. (As it turns out, no, I don't, because I didn't make more than $15k. I wonder if I should do it anyway, just to get the hang of it.) I also called my dad at night. He didn't know it was me!!! =(

Tuesday, I spent the day with Chi. We went to Canyon Crest Towne Center, where I sent off my brother's stuff at last. We then wandered around looking for the shoe repair store, but the shoe guy told me he couldn't fix my shoes =( I think they're really gone. It still wasn't a wasted trip; Canyon Crest is a really nice place. There were a couple of places that were closed down, which made me really sad, but it gave me the idea of creating a workshop that people could come and rent tools and a place to work in. Then they wouldn't have to have more space or buy tools which they wouldn't otherwise use. It'd be like a sewing cafe. And every so often, there'd be a workshop for various things like gardening or woodworking or fixing lights, little life skills like that.

After that we had lunch at Busy Cafe, and went to my place where I taught her how to bake cake! She'd never done it before. I didn't have vanilla though. I think it makes a difference. Now that I've baked two cakes without vanilla, it seems to me that without the vanilla the cake doesn't rise. She also perused my books. She needs to read stuff on feminist theory, so I loaned her some of my stuff. We then went to campus. I returned books and cleaned out my desk a little. I've got to go back and get the rest of the stuff though.

Wednesday.... I went to San Diego! E and Ak came to get me in the morning and we drove to Dumpling Inn. After that we bought some cake and put it into a cooler, then went to the zoo! We covered almost everything... we didn't get to the reptiles or the petting zoo, but we hit pretty much every else. Except the pandas. I developed a headache from the sunstroke, but drinking a bit of water staved it off. We took the cakes out, and I had brought along my picnic mat, and we basically picnicked on the side of the road XD Then we drove to get onion rings for snacks, and since we had time, I got them to take me to a pet supplies store. I was hoping for a pet store with some actual animals but whatever. There was also a Jo-Ann nearby, so we spent some time there too. I have some red elastic which I'm going to put in the back of my planned dress.

We finished the day with Little Sheep Hot Pot which was pretty fucking amazing. Then we had to do the long drive home. By this time I was pretty sure that getting into a car right after eating a lot of food that involves drinking a lot of fluids is a bad idea but whatever. This happened.

I'm tidying up my apartment today, in preparation for the new quarter and also because I need to vacuum and minimize dust mites (aka DERMATOPHAGOIDES FARINAE). I'm also going to K-mart to buy some more dirt. I'm going to see if I can persuade anybody to take me to Home Depot or something so I can buy more dirt.

I'm also thinking about taking up pulping paper and making my own little recycled notebooks. That way I'll be less distressed about the amount of printing I have to do and the fact that there is no paper recycling center that's easy for me to get to. We'll see though.

I also really want a big floppy hat to replace the one I lost =(
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Well, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I did have a pretty good dinner.

Pilsbury Country Cookies. For the first time the can popped open without my needing to pry it open. Nommy, although kinda salty when mixed with my main course.

5 drumsticks browned in a skillet.

Mixed a can of cream of chicken with 3/4 can of water, some garlic powder (approx 1 teaspoon), sesame seed oil (approx 1/2 tablespoon), worchester sauce (2 quick shakes in), and light soya sauce (approx 1 teaspoon). (You might notice I don't really pay attention to exact measurements.) Whisked it up.

Once the chicken was browned, I poured in the mixture and left it cooking for a bit.

I should have taken the can's advice and used something boneless like breast meat (except I hate white meat), because the thing about using drumsticks is that it started bleeding into the mixture. I don't actually care much, but it looked a bit ghastly. Then I remembered that in normal soups (as in, chicken bone soup in the crockpot at home), I actually love that sort of stuff. So I quit worrying.

Once that was one, two piece of chicken, soup stuff, and three country biscuits.

Nomz. There's enough for a couple more meals.
jhameia: ME! (Sparklez for Efferyvun!)
Hey ya'll. I leave tonight at 9.45pm for Singapore. From there, I sleep over and leave tomorrow morning for Narita. From Narita, after a 3 1/2 hour stopover, I hie over to Chicago, and after another 4 hr stopover, get back to Halifax by 11.45pm, 21st Feb.

Hopefully, I won't have many issues getting some books onto the plane like I did coming home (I mean, wtf). TSA's site says there are no restrictions on what people can bring, so if someone tells me otherwise, I shall have to point out the website.

So, while I'm gone, here's a picspam of my last dinner here, as well as the lunch I just had:

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