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In an effort to manage my attention, I have:

- logged out of Facebook and Tumblr on my working laptop
- deleted Facebook and Twitter from my cellphone

So the only way I can get to Facebook and Tumblr is from my main computer. I can't handle scrolling FB on my phone because everything is out of order so I don't have a sense of when I stop, especially with non-stop scrolling.

But I'm still stuck on Strange Magic so I should probably also log out of Youtube on my work laptop too.

In general trying to manage my temptations have not actually worked in keeping me working, because something else always comes up.

Today I had to see a friend off to the hospital after spending hours helping her manage her developing anxiety disorder, so.... here's hoping this is one more thing off my chest. (Yes it distracted me but I think not helping her would not have been good for me either.)

Still, a bit a day! Just a bit a day. I can do this.

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