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There are no Xiaomi service centers in the US. Sigh. I got instructions for backing up and factory resets, which I'm not sure is the solution because that sounds like a software issue? Anyway I backed up the phone but I don't actually know what that means.

By some miracle, though, the phone charged overnight.

I was up until very late last night though, so the morning was a bust. I slept much of the afternoon, but when I woke up, I got started at a very good clip, and I think this section is almost finished. I'm working out some more argumentation re: minor literatures, but after this I think I'm ready for the next section. I'm also inserting images into my first chapter, which will hopefully add some pagecount.

Fingers crossed!

Also there is a Pokemon Go event right now and I am STOKED and dropped ten bucks for incubators MASS HATCH YAAAAYYYY

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Date: 2017-07-23 03:29 pm (UTC)
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I'm surprised there are no service centers here. Xiaomi is getting to be very well known to Android users. Any in Canada?

My LG has a backup utility. If you have things on there that might not go to the cloud (e.g music or documents), the utility will grab them otherwise you have to do it manually. If you use a 3rd party launcher (e.g Nova) back up your layout too. I back mine up to GoogleDrive. If something happens to my phone, I can restore the exact layout I had on the old one.

I thought you were going to get the J8? You should take a look at the OnePlus line too. They are very good for a reasonable cost.
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Date: 2017-07-23 04:26 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kn0tme
Does the new phone use the same sim as the old? I went from an LG G4 (mini sim) to an LG V20 (micro sim). It was not a big deal, because Best Buy gave me the new sim and I just called the carrier to activate, but it could be for you. I haven't actually seen a Xiaomi, so I don't know how the sim comes out. One phones where the battery isn't replaceable, there is usually a pin-hole to pry the sim tray out. That would have to be a very long or thick tray since it's dual sim though.

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